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I’m Karen Yankovich and I’m so excited
you’re here with me today.

Business has changed. In the past, the yellow pages, radio ads, or mailers may have been your ‘go to’ marketing tool, but now everyone is online. You probably know you need to join them, in fact you are probably already there, trying a little of this… and trying a little of that… Let me ask you: do you think you are getting the biggest bang for your buck? Are you actually using social media platforms to influence your bottom line?? Or are you thinking that it is all a big waste of time???

quoteWhat if I told you there was a way you could use social media to bring in new business and more profits all while having authentic and meaningful conversations to keep current customers coming back for more?

This is completely possible

But you need some core elements in place:

  • A clear and consistent online brand and presence wherever you are.
  • A custom marketing plan that speaks your language to your tribe.
  • A core system in place that allows you to gain leverage, maximize your presence, and minimize your effort and time online.

That’s where

I come in!

My official title is “Digital Strategist”.

(That probably says GEEK to you. )

And certainly, I do the geek-stuff, and I do it well. But what makes me different from all the other digital geeks out there is that I help you step away from all the noise and angst about social media, and help you focus on creating great relationships so that clients and customers flow to you because of your expertise and influence, not simply because you are out there ‘broadcasting’ online.

Business happens between two people who know, like, and trust each other.

Social media is the gateway to that personal relationship.

I built my multiple 6-figure business by learning how to blend high-touch relationship based marketing with practical business online savvy, and I bring that success to my clients as well. My mission is to empower entrepreneurs to build highly profitable businesses doing what they love, all while making an impact.

  • As a business consultant and strategist I understand social media so you don’t have to.
  • As a systems person I create super easy workable systems for your business so you can succeed online without me holding your hand.
  • As an entrepreneur I help business owners develop and maintain a cohesive, authentic and professional brand presence online to increase their profits.

This isn’t about your website colors and fonts, but about how you show up in the world, how you position your expertise, and about how you find the people who are influencers in your field and make them want to know you.

Social media isn’t just about your ideal clients, but your ideal partners. It’s about having influence and authority so people refer to you. It’s about help you to become the go-to person.

I’ve built my own highly successful business on:

  • authentic conversations
  • building strong networks and relationships
  • showcasing my expert status

And because of that, people who don’t even know me refer to me as the “LinkedIn Queen.”

I want to help YOU become the Queen (or King) or YOUR empire with a strategy that is easy, do-able, AND repeatable.

And most of all an online strategy that doesn’t devour your entire life so you can spend most of your time doing that thing YOU are passionate about.

I know the struggle of new business owners trying to wade through the technology side of online business marketing.

I understand the fear and overwhelm social media can cause – what busy business owner has the time to learn it all??

I totally get that you might feel alone and ready to give up.

But please don’t! I’m here to save your dream with my proven step-by-step formula for making money online, successful social media strategies to bring in consistent clients, and systems to make it all flow easily.

Oh and did I mention once I get to know you I will want you to hang out with me online! In my LinkedIn group or in my free Facebook Group, I never ever want you to feel like you have to go it alone again.

My business journey

It all started at New Jersey Bell (now you know how old I am!)

And I’ve been in the IT business ever since.  I have had these titles:

01. Customer Service / Sales Representative
02. Sales Manager
03. Account Manager
04. Marketing Manager
05. Administrator

06. Director of Sales and Marketing
07. Vice President
08. President
09. Owner
10. Consultant

I’ve been around the business block, a FEW times.

I’ve worked in corporate America, I’ve owned small businesses. I’ve been and entrepreneur and a solo-preneur. I’m an expert in online marketing because I LOVE this stuff. And I love teaching it to other people.

I also LOVE the beach and I love that being an entrepreneur affords me the ability to actually work from the beach, something in all the years of that corporate experience above I could only dream of.

And I want that dream for you too.

What I do now

I’ve found my sweet spot combining my business experience and talents and i love helping my clients find theirs.

Through workshops, one – one training, consulting and coaching I help my clients in a variety of ways.

I work with my clients to:

  • Create and use innovative lead generation strategies to uplevel their sales, attract more clients, and increase their revenue.
  • Develop a social media strategy that is custom designed just for them and their business.
  • Learn what is wasting their time. I create and install systems that will save time for their team and maximize money.
  • - Carolyn Monaco- Carolyn MonacoFounder, Monaco Associates

    "Karen was responsible for driving nearly 1/3 of the traffic to one of my client's websites via Twitter!"

    I recommend Karen Yankovich as a world-class social media maven. I have hired Karen for multiple projects and ongoing work since Jan. 2014. What I appreciate about her is that she brings a strategic, disciplined, collaborative mind to the table - then she gets to work online, delivering more followers and impact as promised. Re: results, Karen stands out in one case in particular where was responsible for driving nearly 1/3 of the traffic to one of my client's websites via Twitter...second only to Google/organic traffic. Meet, then hire, Karen to discover this for yourself. P.S. She's also fun.
    - Joyce Campbell- Joyce CampbellSmall Business Coach

    "In my first week, 9 people reached out [...] and 4 of these immediately became clients."

    In my first week, 9 people reached out asking for a Discovery Session - and 4 of these immediately became clients. That was a lot of business with not much effort! I'm now convinced that an active presence on LinkedIn is a must - and that Karen is the person to teach me how to do it. She knows this platform inside out, and teaches you simple and effective strategies to leverage it. I couldn't recommend her enough.
    - Susie Mordoh- Susie MordohFounder, Greater Than We

    "I highly recommend working with her!"

    Working with Karen has been an absolute pleasure. Not only is she super talented and an expert in her field, the way she connects to her audience in an easy going, conversational way is her true gift. She gives so much great information and continually exceeds my expectations that I highly recommend working with her!
    - Megan Tull- Megan TullLeadership Training Expert

    "We received amazing feedback from our attendees regarding Karen's presentation."

    I highly recommend Karen Yankovich as a speaker. She recently presented to our Texas Women in Business group and had our audience fully engaged with her incredible presentation on Profitable Social Media. One of Karen's greatest qualities is that she is 100% genuine and is easily able to connect with her audience. We received amazing feedback from our attendees regarding Karen's presentation.
    - Melissa Atwood, MLA, CPC- Melissa Atwood, MLA, CPCThe Houston Career Strategist

    "After completing Karen’s program [...], 8 new people connected with me interested in my Career Strategies and Job Search services"

    Karen is awesome, generous, and knowledgeable... she is a true LinkedIn guru! In Karen’s LinkedUp in 30 Challenge, she taught me LinkedIn’s best practices, how to optimize professional networking, and how to showcase my talent and skills. After completing Karen’s program and revamping my LinkedIn profile, 8 new people connected with me interested in my Career Strategies and Job Search services – all through my Alumi connections! They had seen my up-dated LinkedIn profile and wanted to work with me! Thank you Karen for helping me to move forward in building a business and a life I Love! I highly recommend Karen Yankovich and her LinkedIn programs.
    - Patti Riggs- Patti RiggsOffice Manager, Bookkeeper, HR Facilities Manager

    “Karen Yankovich was brilliant, engaging and informative.”

    In her 30 minute presentation to the Texas Women in Business, Karen Yankovich was brilliant, engaging and informative. I learned why to schedule and post to social media on a regular basis and was provided a recommended posting schedule. She also provided solid tips on how to use keywords in various social media profiles to increase search engine optimization. If I got all this and more in half an hour, I can only imagine how much knowledge would be gained if I spent a day with Karen. Well done!
    - Jenny Powers- Jenny PowersCSEP Founder, Running With Heels

    “No one has a more solid grasp of [social media] than Karen Yankovich.”

    When it comes to social media, no one has a more solid grasp of it than Karen Yankovich. While the rest of it are still trying to figure out all the new mediums popping up, Karen is already testing them out and paving the way for the rest of us. Luckily for us, she’s willing to take us along for the ride!
    – Christina Daves– Christina DavesSerial Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Speaker and Do-it-yourself Public Relations Expert

    “In TWO weeks I’ve added over 1,000 ENGAGED followers. WOW!“

    I recently started working with Karen to grow my Twitter reach and engagement. In TWO weeks I’ve added over 1,000 ENGAGED followers. WOW! I cannot say enough about the strategy Karen implemented for my company.
    - Jessica Kennedy- Jessica KennedyArt Consultant, Advisor, Curator

    "No doubt you inspired many women at the event."

    Unbelievable job the other week at the PA Women’s Conference! I had the pleasure of listening to one of your breakout sessions and it gave me a lot of insight into how I should present myself through social media. Thank you for all your hard work. I have no doubt you inspired many women at the event. Thank you again.
    - Phyllis Caputo- Phyllis CaputoSr. Regional Leader at Primerica Financial Services (PRI)

    “[…] unbelievable amount of knowledge and expertise!”

    I have been to countless Social Media seminars and nobody got me off my butt like Karen did to embrace Twitter, blogging etc. She has an unbelievable amount of knowledge and expertise, and I am so happy to have found her company!

Did I tell you that I’m from New Jersey?

In New Jersey, we don’t mess around

Your business will get it’s booty kicked, straight up. I expect you to bring your whole self to the business table and I will do the same. No excuses. No BS.

I will tell you what I think.

I will explore and establish your company’s voice online.

I will develop your social networks so they can easily be maintained.

I will position your company to engage with your customers in natural conversations that will lead to increased sales.

quote_whiteWhen you can position yourself as an expert in the eyes of your prospects, it allows you to price yourself higher than your competitors.

I will position your company to engage with your customers in natural conversations that will lead to increased sales.

Sound too good for you? Join me, won’t you?

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