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3 Things To Do FIRST For Linkedin Success!

Permission to Check Your Phone


I’m giving you permission to check your phone.
You’re on the treadmill.

You’re at the dog park.

You’re watching your kids’ baseball game.

You’re having lunch with friends.

You’re watching a movie with your significant other.

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3 Steps To Get Your Ideal Client To Send You A LinkedIn Connection Request

linkedin connection ideal customer

You’re growing your business. You’ve identified your ideal client avatar (ICA). LinkedIn is the tool to help you fill your growing business network with your ICA. And yes, you can get them to send YOU a LinkedIn connection request!

Last week I showed you how to proactively grow your LinkedIn network full of your ICA.

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Are You Proactively Growing Your LinkedIn Network?

Proactive LinkedIn Network

Are you reactive or proactive when growing your LinkedIn network?

When I first started to realize the power of LinkedIn, I was very reactive to growing my network. When people asked how I decided who I chose to connect to I quite boastfully said “Oh I don’t connect with people, they connect with me”. Good grief….

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