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How to Use LinkedIn to Prep for an Important Meeting


So, you’ve landed that meeting with an important prospect. Now what? Head on over to LinkedIn!

It’s time to prepare! You want to seem as informed and relatable as possible, just like you would for an interview! But how would you do that?

Use LinkedIn to prepare for the meeting. You have virtually everything that you need to know at your fingertips…

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How to Start Using LinkedIn for your Business

What are you waiting for? Get on LinkedIn and start growing your business!


You don’t need to be on every social site out there because let’s admit, it can be overwhelming. You need to be spending your time doing what you were born to do. Staying in your zone of genius.

And that is…

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13 Tips to Grow Your Business Connections


How do you build your business connections? This is where LinkedIn becomes your best friend and #1 tool. It is the ONLY social media site that lets you network on a business and professional level!

Follow these 13 tips and you are guaranteed to grow your business connections FAST!

  1. Complete Your Profile

LinkedIn has a feature that shows you parts of…

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