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Social Media vs Traditional Media – What’s Changing?


Social Media vs. Traditional Media, What’s Changing?

I think it’s safe to make the call that lately, social media has been replacing traditional media in more ways than ever before.

Take into account the latest US election. You can check out my last article on how social media won the election and shocked the world. But what else has social media won?

This latest election not only showed the world how social media dominated the polls, but also how traditional media sources like newspapers (which have been quickly transitioning to the digital world) even radio and television news are losing listeners and viewers to social media platforms. Here are a few ways on how social media is dominating and ways you can embrace the new shift to social media!

Information Comes to You!

Unlike television news, you can have to news come to you on your computer or smartphone, versus television where one has to actually sit down, turn on the TV and watch to hear about new stories.

Social media sites give you updated news on your feed in an instant, all you have to do is just scroll through. And even better, on social media you can subscribe to these news channels and have the news come straight to your phone in the form of a notification.

Encourage your audience to subscribe to your social channels. Provide them with incentives to subscribe and run frequent time-sensitive deals or offers. They’ll want to get the info for their favorites businesses first, and you’re rewarding them for doing so. Works out for both parties!

Live Streaming is Changing the Game

Facebook recently came out with a commercial, yes a commercial! You don’t often see social media sites advertising on TV, but this one encouraged the use of their new live streaming.

Have you gotten that notification on your

facebook app yet that says “so and so just went live!” Yep, that’s live streaming.

This feature can allow the normal person to just jump on Facebook and report about anything. People have used this feature to show all their Facebook users all kinds of things. I’ve seen reporters live across the world talking with communities and SHOWING what the communities and lives are like. We’re on the scene when news is HAPPENING, not just when it’s being reported.

Many of these news stories aren’t breaking through traditional news sources because of the turnaround of many articles. They’re breaking through viral videos and viral news, straight from the sources and the people involved, not secondary sources. And remember, news is subjective. It doesn’t always have to be about large scale things in the country and overseas and politics etc. Local events are considered news as well.

While the average person can use Facebook live for just about anything, businesses are finding creative ways to use this as well. From tutorials, to info sessions and for customer experience, people are tuning in to Facebook live streams left and right.  My realtor clients are showing sneak peeks of upcoming open houses on live stream. Restaurants are taking you into the kitchen to meet the chef. Photographers are taking you behind the scenes of their photo shoots!

Jump on this fast for your business, and be creative. People will tune in if you give them a good reason why.

Increase of Video Content

Typically, news shows last an entire hour, which mean if you want to hear the story about a certain subject, you either have to wait until the end or you might miss it right in the beginning.

This is why video content is taking over the news industry. People can easily go on to the Facebook site of a news channel, look at a headline, and choose whether or not they want to watch it. From there, you can get a news story that you actually want to watch in about 2 or 3 minutes.

Not only is video content good for spreading news, but this tags into Facebook live in which people can view the entire amount of time you spent live, after you finish recording!

So that’s great for your business on when you want to show your audience your “news”. If someone can’t catch you live at that moment, they’ll be able to see later in their own time.

Video content is also taking over the younger generations. If a news story is too long or takes too much of their time, they’ll tune out and not want to watch.

Faster is better as people”want it now”. Not many of us are sitting down and watching the news un-interrupted anymore, people are always moving and doing something. Getting shorter clips in the form of videos on your timeline is a more 21st century solution to the always-on-the-go generation.

If you have more to say that won’t make it into the shorter video, you can still direct them back to your site to read an entire article or watch a longer video in more detail.

How YOU can utilize the power of social sharing

Be good to your customers. Share info about how your business can help people, share events and activities that your customers and followers can benefit from. Interact with your customers on social, because it’ll show up on their pages as well and spread news about your business. It will also help you connect with your followers!

Listen to your followers, figure out what they want and deliver information they want to hear. Retweet sources about your niche and target audience. People visit and use your business because they want something from you, so give them information they need, for free. Social media is a very powerful tool for free advertising. If you give your audience what they want, they will give you want, which is a strong customer relationship, and business!

As always, double check your sources! And then double check them again. With the power of social media and people having their own voice to speak out, stories can be misleading, with wrong or un-reliable facts. Make sure whatever you share comes from a largely reliable, ethical source who fact checks.

Build connections. Networking with people who are educated about topics you support is a great way to bring exposure to your business. Work with them, gain from their knowledge, and give them something in return like a feature in your store, on your website, through social etc. Both of you gain coverage on social and a wider targeted audience.

Don’t do this INSTEAD of using traditional media. For that influential positioning, you’ve got to do both.

Comment below! Tell me how you are using social media and traditional media, I love hearing YOUR stories!

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