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There are 6 LinkedIn Profile “Types”. Which One are You?

  All LinkedIn profiles are not created equal. In my opinion there are 6 different “types” of LinkedIn profiles: Entrepreneurial Executive Job Seeker Networker Marketer Thought Leader Your profile can fall into multiple categories, of course, depending on the situation, time of year, and social media needs of you and your business, but for the [...]

26 LinkedIn Must Dos from A to Z!

  Always be of service. Give endorsements, give recommendations, help others by answering questions in groups. Be comfortable with advanced search. Spend 5 minutes and take a look around. Click on Advanced Search next to the search bar. Find 2 (or more) people in your local area who are in your business niche. See if [...]

Why Your Company Needs YOU to Have a LinkedIn Profile

  Lately a question has popped up in my groups and among people I connect with at the conferences I attend. The question has to do with LinkedIn. I give my spiel about how wonderful LinkedIn is and someone invariably asks: “But won’t my boss think I am job hunting if I’m updating my LinkedIn [...]