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6 Things You Never Want to Do on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very different social media site than most and there are plenty of practices used on Facebook and Twitter that don’t come across so well on a professional site like LinkedIn. Here’s six tips on what not to do on LinkedIn and how you can take the extra step to stand out on [...]

  If you have been a follower of mine you already know the absolute 3 must-haves your LinkedIn profile must...well... have! And because you are smart, like all my readers are, you have those filled out, primed and ready to go. Your Headline: maxed out using all characters available that describes who you are and [...]

  I do a lot of speaking about LinkedIn. I love to go to conferences and speak with groups who are just ready and willing to see social media change their business. During these breakout sessions I try to make my information “real” by doing some on-the-spot mini profile reviews as I am speaking. What [...]

Personal Branding and Why it Matters

  According to a study quoted by Forbes: “92 percent of children under the age of two already have a digital footprint.” And guess what?  So do YOU. You think, “Of course I do!” But be aware my friend, it’s not just Facebook that brands you, it’s who you are, and how you are perceived [...]