Twitter Lists are Like Gold – Are You Using Them Right?

  So you’ve amassed a small army of followers on Twitter. Congratulations! I know this can sometimes be hard work, but with consistent effort you now see how it can pay off. And now you’re following a bunch of people. Your Twitter feed is starting to look like the mall at holiday time, packed with [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should be Publishing on LinkedIn

Have you heard the news? Or maybe you have already received an email that looks like this: Even if you haven’t yet seen an email like this in your inbox, this is great news for all of us: LinkedIn has decided to allow members, not just influencers, to publish “long-form” (essay type) posts to be [...]

  Last week I gave you a challenge and for those who accepted it, you should be right smack in the middle of it now! I trust you are still working hard at committing to 30 minutes a day to reach your pot of gold. How’s it going? Have you found your groups? Have you [...]