Social Media Quick Tip: Scheduling Facebook Posts

  Today, we’re taking a look at your Facebook fan page. I want to show you something that a lot of people know about, but if it’s something that you haven’t been using or you weren’t aware that it was available to you, it’s definitely something you want to know about. I’m going to show [...]

Weekly Social Media Quick Tip: LinkedIn URL

  Today we’re on LinkedIn and we’re going to customize your public profile URL. You click on your profile, under your pictures. It says your public profile URL. LinkedIn assigns you one when you sign up. It’s full of crazy letters and numbers, but if you look at mine, it’s Click on the pencil [...]

Weekly Social Media Quick Tip: LinkedIn Tagging

  I created this tip while I was at Steve Olsher’s Internet Prophets LIVE! event. Steve created a fabulous structured networking event where I met lots and lots of people, with loads of opportunities to connect further down the line, to further my business goals. That’s the whole purpose of networking. I’m going to show [...]

  I do a lot of speaking about LinkedIn. I love to go to conferences and speak with groups who are just ready and willing to see social media change their business. During these breakout sessions I try to make my information “real” by doing some on-the-spot mini profile reviews as I am speaking. What [...]

  Social media is a great place to grow your network. Plain and simple. It doesn’t get any easier to find, build and nurture a group of fans, followers, and future clients, but it does take some work. Today I want to share some quick ideas on how to build relationships online before you need [...]

Tweet With Me! My List of Twitter Tips from A to Z

  A 140 character message. It’s not a lot… and yet it is. B ios are short – make it count! Add a link to your opt-in freebie and collect sign-ups on every platform you can, including Twitter. C onnect with others in real time using a Twitter chat. Set a regular time and date [...]

  Endorsements… those fun little squares, so nicely filled with people’s faces. Those mind boggling emails you get telling you that someone you barely know endorsed you for something you KNOW they have no idea you have any talent in. Maybe you have done that too, I understand! It’s so easy to click, click, click, [...]

Business Speak is NOT a Language

  Are you afflicted with “Jargon Madness”? Yes, it’s a real disease and most of us have had a bout of it a few times in our business lives. It creeps in when we least expect it, when our defenses are down, auto-pilot is on and we revert to the easiest way we know to explain [...]

  So here you are: With your LinkedIn profile decked out like an expert, including photos and video, and a custom URL. Using LinkedIn features like a pro Engaging, posting, recommending others Regularly requesting connections You think, “What’s next? Maybe a LinkedIn ad?” “Yes!” I say. Stop flirting with the idea and let’s discuss some [...]

Easy LinkedIn Tip to Quick Profit

Unless you’re stalking your exes, let people know you’re interested in them! I’m talking about LinkedIn here. Letting people know that you’ve viewed their profile is a good thing. Viewing other people’s profiles on LinkedIn will make them interested in YOU, and maybe start an interest that leads to business: a business lead, a business [...]