Corporate Social Media Strategy Planning

Does your business have a LinkedIn Company Page?

If not, you’re losing business opportunities.



What if I told you that there was a way to use social media to bring in new business, AND have meaningful and profitable conversations with people who have already bought from you?

You know how much easier it is to sell when your prospects are in “socializing” mode.  You see this at trade shows and at corporate events.  You see it when you run into prospects out of their office environment.

I believe LinkedIn is the electronic version of socializing at a trade show.  When your prospects are active with their LinkedIn profile, they are ready to take in what you have to say.  They are listening to YOU.


With my help, using LinkedIn social media platform, you can pack your sales funnel, easily follow up on leads, optimize visibility of your company’s brand and products, and most of all connect with unlimited numbers of future customers in a way you never could before.


Take a look at the visual below, this is MY LinkedIn network, visually mapped.



My Corporate Package:




We create a Complete Solution for you and your company on LinkedIn. With my team you don’t have to outsource, research, investigate, search for or hire anyone to get this job done. During our consultation we assess exactly what talent you need. My team and I are a one-stop-shop for you in your busy corporate life.

Due to the custom design and set up of each program pricing is based on your company’s individual needs.  Special group pricing on personal strategy sessions for you and your team are also available.

Contact me at to set up a consultation for your business.