Corporate Social Media Strategy Planning

Does your Social Strategy bring in Business?


Social Media Marketing Services


You know that you need to start thinking about a Social Media strategy for your business.

You worry that it will take a lot of time and money.

You see other companies doing it, and wonder if they’re really getting the explosive results they claim.


“34% of all leads generated in 2013 come from inbound marketing sources”


This is where we come in.

Our custom Social Media Strategy Services start with an evaluation of your target market and your business objectives.   From there we move on to defining which platforms will be most effective for your goals, and build a strategy that includes design, content, and analytics.   We want you to be strategic,  focusing on where your customers are!  This evaluation can be done for your business objectives in general, or can be designed specifically for an upcoming launch or event.

Most importantly, we then develop a Conversational Marketing Strategy to begin the Social Media Conversations, keeping you and your business engaged with your tribe on a regular basis.   This will include services like:

You’ll learn how  posts can be scheduled in advance for consistency and efficiency.  You’ll learn how to include and engage your team in the conversations.  You’ll learn what a huge impact an organized social media strategy has on sales.


“Social media delivers 14% of all leads and 13% of all customers.”



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Every company is different, every company has a unique  voice.  Our Social Media services are custom designed to meet your unique requirements.

You’ve got the message.  You know who needs to hear it.  Lets start the conversation between us, and see if working together on your Social Media goals seems like a good fit.

Email to set up time to talk.  Suggest a few times that are good for you, and include links to your website and any Social Media platforms you’re currently managing.


“Customers average a total of 9,100 leads after 1.5 years of inbound marketing.”


*All statistics from HubSpots “2013 State of Inbound Marketing Annual Report”