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Marsha Shandur
Karen is a GENIUS. Within moments of talking to her, she had already given me AMAZING advice and direction. I went almost immediately from totally intimidated by LinkedIn, to feeling like I fully understand it, have several fantastic ideas on how to use it to bring in clients, and (most importantly) that using LinkedIn can be something I actively ENJOY!
Melissa Atwood
Karen is Awesome, Generous, and Knowledgeable...she is a true LinkedIn guru! In Karen’s LinkedIn Challenge, she taught me LinkedIn’s best practices, how to optimize professional networking, and how to showcase my talent and skills. After completing Karen’s program and revamping my LinkedIn profile, 8 new people connected with me interested in my Career Strategies and Job Search services – all through my Alumi connections! They had seen my up-dated LinkedIn profile and wanted to work with me! Thank you Karen for helping me to move forward in building a Business and a Life I Love! I highly recommend Karen Yankovich and her LinkedIn programs.
Jenny Powers
When it comes to social media, no one has a more solid grasp of it than Karen Yankovich. While the rest of it are still trying to figure out all the new mediums popping out, Karen is already testing them out and paving the way for the rest of us. Luckily for us, she's willing to take us along for the ride!
Steven Cawziwell
Karen has been such a pleasure to work with. After only working with her for a short period of time I confidently recommended her to my other clients. Anyone who is serious about a social media presence should reach out to Karen. I hope to be working with her for a very long time:) Thanks again Karen!
Mike Mahoney
If you are thinking about taking your first step into Social Media marketing Karen can help you make the first step a giant leap. During a recent meeting and subsequent webinar Karen provided a clear picture of how social media marketing works in the B2B world. She terrific at providing clear steps as to what to do, and provides supporting information the strategy behind each step.
Michelle Anastasio Festi
I love how everything is broken down into bite-sized chunks of learning. So excited to get through the rest of the module and get on our Q&A call Thursday.
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