How to Start Using LinkedIn for your Business

What are you waiting for? Get on LinkedIn and start growing your business!   You don’t need to be on every social site out there because let’s admit, it can be overwhelming. You need to be spending your time doing what you were born to do. Staying in your zone of genius. And that is [...]

6 Things You Never Want to Do on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very different social media site than most and there are plenty of practices used on Facebook and Twitter that don’t come across so well on a professional site like LinkedIn. Here’s six tips on what not to do on LinkedIn and how you can take the extra step to stand out on [...]

  I love going to conferences – do you? I love the hustle and the bustle. I love meeting new people and making connections. And I really love the exposure the conference itself can give me as I tweet, post and write about the event. But often people miss out on a crucial first step [...]

  You want to know the secret reason my clients hire me? Sure you can guess the usual suspects: They don’t have enough time They want to grow their business and find new markets They are excited to showcase a launch or product But the secret reason? Because of a little bit of fear. Isn’t [...]

  As a busy business person I know you are hustling. Hustling aka working hard to connect in any way you can with those future clients and partnerships that will keep your business booming. And though I talk mostly about connecting online, it’s a fact that I live with too: a lot of great networking [...]

  Social media is a great place to grow your network. Plain and simple. It doesn’t get any easier to find, build and nurture a group of fans, followers, and future clients, but it does take some work. Today I want to share some quick ideas on how to build relationships online before you need [...]

Doubting LinkedIn? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

  Even as much as I love LinkedIn, sometimes I too get a case of the “social media doubts”. I catch myself thinking: “Should I focus somewhere else more?” “I haven’t seen much traction in a few days, should I be doing something else?” “Is LinkedIn really for everyone?” And then lo and behold I [...]

5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Company Pages Are A Must Do

  LinkedIn is the place for professionals and for that reason and more this platform is the perfect place for companies. Why? Because it is here companies can showcase who they are, what they do, what careers they offer and why they are in business without competing with the cutest baby picture of the day [...]

All LinkedIn profiles are not created equal. In my opinion there are 6 different “types” of LinkedIn profiles: Entrepreneurial Executive Job Seeker Networker Marketer Thought Leader Your profile can fall into multiple categories, of course, depending on the situation, time of year, and social media needs of you and your business, but for the most [...]

26 LinkedIn Must Dos from A to Z!

  Always be of service. Give endorsements, give recommendations, help others by answering questions in groups. Be comfortable with advanced search. Spend 5 minutes and take a look around. Click on Advanced Search next to the search bar. Find 2 (or more) people in your local area who are in your business niche. See if [...]