Inject a Little PR Into Your Social Media!

Social Media, the ultimate goal is to be seen, right? Being seen consistently, strategically,  is the path to consistently growing your business.   This week we’re going to talk a bit about injecting some PR into that path.   Here’s the definition of PR from PRSA (Public Relations Society of Ameria)“Public relations is a strategic [...]

The answer to the question I’m most asked is …..

The bad news: Great social media support is NOT for the faint of heart! The good news: Once you get a high end system in place, you will see massive growth in your business. I meet people at events all over the world, most of these events are geared to digital marketing. I get asked [...]

Are Your PR Efforts Tag-Teaming With Your Social Media? I’ve been working with a business partner for a while now and have seen great success. With her focus more in the PR domain, and mine in social media, we have been able to create program after successful program combining our individual expertise. More and more, [...]

What’s Your Social Media “Why”?

  We all know and love Simon Sinek for his inspiration in today’s business leadership world. His book “Start With Why” revolutionized entrepreneurs and big business alike. Personally, it inspired me to dig deep into my own business belief system and I find myself using and teaching a lot of ideas he talks about in [...]