Doubting LinkedIn? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

  Even as much as I love LinkedIn, sometimes I too get a case of the “social media doubts”. I catch myself thinking: “Should I focus somewhere else more?” “I haven’t seen much traction in a few days, should I be doing something else?” “Is LinkedIn really for everyone?” And then lo and behold I [...]

30 Minutes Per Day On LinkedIn Equals More Clients

  I’ll admit it. I’m a LinkedIn Evangelist. Anyone who’s been reading my blog knows this. I don’t stop talking about LinkedIn. The reason? Because LinkedIn is where I find my high end clients. Yep those pesky elusive rascals that we all need to sustain our business. These amazing ideal clients that understand the need [...]

Eight Ways to Establish Yourself as an Expert on Twitter

  Last week I talked about how you can get started with Twitter, and how to manage your account. This week I want you to start using Twitter to declare your expert status! With Twitter you can reach people you might never have access to all over the world. You have conversations with people from [...]

Listen up ladies! We need LinkedIn.

  We’re rising in the work hierarchy, we’re breaking glass ceilings all over the world. We’re leaning in, we’re leaning out. Some of us, anyway. The reality is, as a gender, we’re still not as comfortable shouting our genius to the world as our male counterparts are. Ladies, we’re losing business because of this.   [...]