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Focus on quality of your posts, over quantity

  You’ve seen my recommended posting schedule, so you know it’s important to post consistently. A major goal is to always stay top of mind!   Still, as a general rule of thumb of what and when to post, remember this:  Quality always beats quantity.   Customers buy from you when you provide value. Make [...]

  I talk a lot about LinkedIn and Twitter these days and have for awhile. One reason because they are two of my favorite platforms in regards to democracy, the easy ability to grow a following, and the reach they can provide you as a business owner. I realize though that some businesses are firmly [...]

  As a social media expert I feel it’s my job to be the bearer of… “less than ideal for busy entrepreneurs” news. Did you know that the new trend for consistent blogging is to be blogging 2-3 times a week? With blog posts from 600-2000 words each this can be a formidable task of [...]

Don’t Know What To Post? Read This Post TODAY!

  Picture this with me: You grab your morning coffee and fire up your computer for the day. You glance at your to-do list. It is long, but you are energized because, well, you are running your own business! And that in itself makes you want to dance a jig (when you’re not so tired [...]

Business Speak is NOT a Language

  Are you afflicted with “Jargon Madness”? Yes, it’s a real disease and most of us have had a bout of it a few times in our business lives. It creeps in when we least expect it, when our defenses are down, auto-pilot is on and we revert to the easiest way we know to explain [...]