Social media quick tip

Social Media Quick Tip: Periscope Channel

Periscope recently launched the ability to create your own Periscope channel. Now, I can direct people to which is so cool, right? When you direct people to this page, you can see the most recent posts that are still live. This is a post that I did right after the Periscope summit talking about [...]

Social Media Quick Tip: Twitter Ratios

  Today we’re looking at Twitter ratio limits. There’s a ratio between the number of people that you’re following and the number of followers that you have. Up until you’re following 2,000 people, the ratios don’t matter. Twitter will allow you to follow up to 2,000 people no matter how many people are following you [...]

Social Media Quick Tip: Your LinkedIn Headline

  Today we are looking at your LinkedIn headline. This is one of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile. It is what will show up if somebody Googles your name. If you put “Karen Yankovich” into a Google search, you will see my LinkedIn profile, and you’ll see my headline. You want to [...]

Social Media Quick Tip: Scheduling Facebook Posts

  Today, we’re taking a look at your Facebook fan page. I want to show you something that a lot of people know about, but if it’s something that you haven’t been using or you weren’t aware that it was available to you, it’s definitely something you want to know about. I’m going to show [...]

Weekly Social Media Quick Tip: Other Stuff in LinkedIn

  Today we are looking at all the other sections in LinkedIn. LinkedIn will make some recommendations for you on what sections they think you might want to add to your profile. This is the stuff that might make your LinkedIn profile stand out from someone else’s. Things like honors and awards. If you’re in [...]

Weekly Social Media Quick Tip: Facebook Video Playlists

  Today, we’re in Facebook. I want to show you how Facebook allows you to create video channels now with the videos that you upload. On Facebook, go to you to your video page. You can see that you can have a featured video, so I have a featured video here, but you can also [...]

  Today we are in Twitter and I want to show you a fairly new feature in Twitter. We’re going to go to my notifications. When you get a notification, if you want to respond to somebody, you have a couple of options. You can retweet, you can reply, you can just tweet at them, [...]

Weekly Social Media Quick Tip: LinkedIn URL

  Today we’re on LinkedIn and we’re going to customize your public profile URL. You click on your profile, under your pictures. It says your public profile URL. LinkedIn assigns you one when you sign up. It’s full of crazy letters and numbers, but if you look at mine, it’s Click on the pencil [...]

Weekly Social Media Quick Tip: Twitter Lists

    Today we’re looking at Twitter lists. I have lots and lots of Twitter lists. I have Twitter lists for people that are in New Jersey – which is where I live, social media of experts, B-schoolers (I’m a member of Marie Forleo’s B-school), my clients. I have one called potential clients. And they are all private. [...]

Welcome to the first in a new weekly series, Social Media Quick Tips. Each week there will be a video where I’ll be showing you useful tips that will help you make better use social media networks and platforms.   This week’s tip is a general tip. I wanted you to take a look at the [...]