Hi, I’m Karen and I'm a recovering
For me, entrepreneurship meant thinking I had to have the answers to everything.

I thought that in order to achieve my goals, I had to manage every aspect of my business myself.

You probably know the feeling...it's exhausting. Trying to grow a business in the early days isn't easy!

I know what it's like to sit at my desk wondering, was this the most compelling copy I could come up with? Was my sales page going to convert? 

I would lie awake at night thinking, 'how was I going to fill my programs? Is anyone even seeing my social media posts? Do I REALLY need to be on LinkedIn too?'

Despite all of my effort, it wasn’t sustainable. I was in 'new-business-overwhelm' and it was draining the life out of me…and my business.

BUT, the good news is that It doesn’t have to be like that!
After a particularly stressful year, I realized that I had it all wrong.

It wasn't more hours in a day that I needed, it was support from my peers: amazing like-minded business owners who were invested in their own success.

We've all heard that we are the sum of the five closest people around us...

So, can you imagine how incredible your business could be if you consistently connected with driven and successful entrepreneurs making it happen?

No wo/man is an island. We all need lifelines and win-win relationships.

Joining a group (and putting that front and center on your “Top Priority” list) is a start, which is why I've created the Triple Your Biz Club.

Support. Accountability. Coaching. Retreats. Strategy. Visibility. More time. Focused momentum. Improved productivity. Teamwork. Systems. Did I mention support? We’re going to get super practical, tactical and strategic.

  •  Say goodbye to being the best-kept secret in your industry.
  •  Step into your role as a leader. 
  •  Leverage your skills and uncover your most valuable unfair advantages.   
  •  Learn how to transform your personal brand into something irresistible to ideal clients and collaborators. 
  •  Grow your followers. (The more people who know who you are, the more you can magnetize.) 
  •  Turbo-boost your visibility. Be seen as an expert not just on SOCIAL media but in the ACTUAL media. 
  •  Stop making noise and start making money from LinkedIn and those other guys.  
Is it time to move from owner to CEO?
If you already know how to do all of the above and still have time for hobbies / dogs / family / travel, stop reading here. (In fact, dear unicorn, we wanna know all of your secrets of success.)
But if you understand the high cost of not seeking out an expert to light a path to profitability is at the expense of their own quality of life, we want you in our club.

The Rat Race will be just fine without you, thankyouverymuch.

Taking the fear of “you’re doing it wrong” along off the table.
Multi six- and seven-figure CEO's do not sit around on Facebook all day.

They are actually TALKING to people...real conversations, in person and on the phone.

There is nothing that will grow your business faster than a strong foundation of profitable relationships built on leveraging your personal brand on a digital platform.

I teach you how.

My three foundational pillars are the best no-brainer way to get your best clients saying “I want to know and work with her!”...and pay you for all you have to offer:

  •  Magnetize Your Personal Brand
  •  Monetize Your Digital Presence 
  •  Master the Lost Art of Relationship Marketing 

But you don’t have to take my word for it….
""...There's no question you need Karen!"
One week into her program and I am already recommending her to clients and friends. If trebling your visibility and connections is on your to-do list - you need Karen's expertise.
Natasha,  Brand Stylist
"... help you reach your target audience and get you more business."
This program has increased my connections tremendously in just a few weeks. If you put in the time, it will work for you too. I highly recommend Karen and her programs!
Annette, Event Producer
"...Packed with tips and tricks!"
Karen delivers true value, practical and useable strategy for those in business, whether small business owners, entrepreneurs, Realtors, or corporate executives! 
Naomi, Community Builder
Confidently Claim Your Skills, Your Gifts, and Your Power
Here's what you get in the Triple Your Biz Club
  • WEEKLY coaching calls. - Consistent accountability and support.  ($197 Value)Monthly 1-1 calls with Karen - We'll brainstorm together on whatever is happening in your business, every month ($197 Value)
  • Training overlay - You'll get access to the Triple Your Biz Club Training Vault ($197 Value)
  • Your questions answered - a 24/7 Facebook group ($197 Value)
  • Quarterly intensives/retreats -  We'll have a chance to dive deep together on a regular basis ($497 Value)
  • Monthly guest expert calls - We LOVE to bring in people smarter than us to teach in their specific zone of genius . BONUS - all previous guest expert trainings are in the Vault ($297 Value)
  • A PR focus - You'll get regular training, support and ideas to get more media attention on you and your business ($497 Value)
  •  Ongoing LinkedIn strategy, support, and training - You knew that was coming, right? ($497 Value) 
Total Value: $2576/month
The Triple Your Biz Club has a six month minimum, after that time your membership goes month to month. We know, we know, everyone always says “Hurry! Only a few spots left!.” But in this case, it’s true. These rates are secure until the end of January 2019 when open registration for the Triple Your Biz Club closes. 

Be a part of an incredible group making the leap from entrepreneur to CEO together by adopting a Growth Mindset with Karen Yankovich!
I mentioned our monthly guest experts - Meet some of the amazing people who already have training classes in the Vault!
Marsha Shandur
Tatum Woodroffe
Shonte' Jovan Taylor
Krista Martin
Jeanette Falotico
Jennifer Covington
Brandy Johnson
Christina Daves
Linda Ugelow
Paige Wilhide
Nicole Liloia
Deepshikha Sairam
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Triple Your Biz Club?
Triple Your Biz Club is a club for entrepreneurs and business owners that want to grow their business. In the club, members have access to weekly calls, a library of tools, in person trainings and so much more. Karen wants you to have everything you need to TRIPLE Your Biz in 2019!

How long is my membership?
We want you to see optimal results, so the Triple Your Biz Club has a six month minimum membership. You sign up for a minimum of 6 months with us and you gain full access to our trainings, monthly calls with Karen, extensive library of tools and a seat in our private members-only Facebook group. Your membership continues after that but can be cancelled at any time after the first six months.

What if I have a question?
You can post your questions in the Private Members-Only Facebook Group or ask in any of the trainings or weekly calls. You can also email our membership support at [email protected]

How do I update or change my billing information?
If you need to change or update your billing information, you may email [email protected]

How do I contact the Triple Your Biz Club support team?
If you would like to contact the Triple Your Biz Club support team, email [email protected] and they will be happy to answer your questions and assist you with your membership and help resolve any issues you might be having.

I work full time, my business is still a side hustle. Can this help me change that?
YES! We've got members who are in the very same place and they count on Karen and the TYBC community to carry them through all the sometimes-scary decisions. 

How is the Triple Your Biz Club different from other business mentoring programs?
The Triple Your Business Club isn't an information product. Sure, there's a library of courses, that's so you have access to cutting edge training on a variety of topics. The biggest value of the program is the personalized attention you get from Karen and the team. We provide feedback and strategy consistently, so you have a team you can count on as you build a profitable business.

I'm already too busy to keep up with my obligations. How do I find the time?
At Team Karen, we're all about simplification. Sure, digital marketing and social media can be time consuming and overwhelming. That's SO not OK with us. We work with you to create simple processes that can be easily implemented and maintained so that you can be spending your time doing what YOU love to be doing in your business.

When are the weekly calls scheduled?
Currently, the weekly calls are on Wednesdays at 1PM Eastern. They're hosted via zoom, and the recording goes up into the Facebook group and into the training Vault within a day or so. We totally want you live on the calls, but we get that you're busy! You'll have an opportunity to ask questions ahead of time in the Facebook group.

I'm not totally clear on my business idea. Is this a fit for me?
Maybe not. We want you to make the most out of your time with us, and dive right in to strategy and growing your profits. Ask us about private strategy sessions with Karen, you might want to start there!

I don't have a Facebook page. Can I still be a member?
To take full advantage of TYBC, you need to participate in the Facebook group. That's where all the action happens. We can assist you in setting up a secret facebook profile so that you can join us, and not use the platform publicly.
I'm IN! 
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