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Why I’m Pulling My B-School Email Campaign

I believe in B-School, and I’m grateful to Marie Forleo every day for creating the program that changed the way I looked at my business forever.

I’m such a fan that I was honored to be asked to be a B-School partner! As a partner I’m compensated to bring B-School to you. 

I created a campaign to introduce this program to MY friends and followers. I scheduled time to interview Marie so that my people would get a chance to ask her their questions.

I put together my BEST bonus package ever. Once B-School wraps up, it’s live and I’m digging deep into helping you take what you learn in B-School and rock the living daylights out of it with a strong social media plan.

I created a 10 part video series, with a plan to release one video per day from today until March 2nd when the cart closes. Every day I would send another email with another actionable social media tip. COOL stuff!

Then it happened. My email box got an onslaught of emails about B-School from Marie and all of the B-School partners. And it felt icky. 

It’s such a dilemma for me! I LOVE this program and I know it can help so many people! 

I took a look at my email campaign and considered pulling it. 

Then the Universe chimed in.

Every morning on Snapchat I pull a card from my good friend Susie Mordoh’s “Feel The Love” deck.

Here’s what I pulled yesterday.


So I’m pulling it.

YES I’m still a partner. YES I would love for you to be a part of the social media bonus. YES I’m still interviewing Marie and I want you to be there! YES I am still releasing the 10 part video series and I want you to see it!

But you know all of this already. You know how to find this information. You’re connected to me on my facebook page, on Twitter, on other social platforms where I’m sharing all this same information.

I’ll send one more email to remind my subscribers of the interview with Marie, I definitely want to remind you about that.

Then that’s it until March 2nd when the cart closes. No more emails specifically about B-School. I’m keeping this OUT of your inbox. 

Here’s how you can still get this information from me.

  1. Check out the first video in the 10 video series TODAY! CLICK HERE. Then subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss the rest.
  2. Register for the Q and A with Marie that’s scheduled for tomorrow at 5PM Eastern. CLICK HERE to get on the call.
  3. Check out my social media bonuses. I’d LOVE for you to be a part of my bonus. For real. It’s the best one yet.
  4. CLICK HERE to schedule a short 1-1 call with me if you’d like to talk through the pros and cons of B-School for YOU.
  5. Register for B-School on the bonus page so you don’t miss out on the deal, no extra fees!

That’s it. STILL seems like a lot, when I threw daily emails in on top of that I just couldn’t do it!

There’s one more way to get all of my B-School bonus info. Join my Facebook group, LETS GET READY FOR B-SCHOOL here. No obligation at all.

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