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13 Tips to Grow Your Business Connections


How do you build your business connections? This is where LinkedIn becomes your best friend and #1 tool. It is the ONLY social media site that lets you network on a business and professional level!

Follow these 13 tips and you are guaranteed to grow your business connections FAST!

  1. Complete Your Profile

LinkedIn has a feature that shows you parts of…

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5 Reasons Why YOU Need LinkedIn For Your Business

As I’m sure you know by now, LinkedIn is my absolute FAVORITE social media site! Not only does it allow me to connect with you, but also it is one of the fastest growing these days among small business owners and entrepreneurs, and I’ll tell you why.

With all the social media sites coming up and trying to take over…

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Consistently Inconsistent!


“Karen, I attended (insert big marketing influencer name here) live event, I follow (insert more influencer names) and (more influencer names). I bought Infusionsoft which I’m trying to figure out and I have given TONS of talks and I have SO much content.”

If you know me at all, you know what my next question is….

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