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Social Media vs Traditional Media – What’s Changing?


Social Media vs. Traditional Media, What’s Changing?

I think it’s safe to make the call that lately, social media has been replacing traditional media in more ways than ever before.

Take into account the latest US election. You can check out my last article on how social media won the election and…

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How Social Media Won An Election And Shocked The World


It’s been an interesting week here in the USA. Lots of emotions for sure.

Let’s take the emotion out for a minute and talk about some facts.

The fact is, the most unlikeliest of candidates won a major election, despite the polls. Despite the pundits. Despite the predictions. Despite the fact that he held no…

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Visibility and Success – What No One Talks About


More Visibility – More Customers – More Profits

You’ve been hearing that from me quite a bit lately.

I teach you how to get more visibility, and how that visibility leads to more sales.

But there’s a side to visibility that no one talks about, and that’s the push back you may get from your friends,…

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