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My goal is to show audiences how to turn their passion into prosperity.
I deliver high-level, high impact, high energy keynotes, presentations and workshops for audiences looking to increase profitability and uplevel their businesses.
My sweet spot is getting an audience captivated where the energy in the room feels like magic!

Success Stories

Megan Tull

My name is Megan Tull, I’m the Program Director for Texas Women in Business. I highly recommend Karen Yankovich as a speaker. She recently presented to our Texas Women in Business group and had our audience fully engaged with her incredible presentation on Profitable Social Media. One of Karen’s greatest qualities is that she is 100% genuine and is easily able to connect with her audience. We received amazing feedback from our attendees regarding Karen’s presentation.

Philip De Rita

Thanks so much for your time, and your genuine belief in me and my future. Far too often, you feel that someone will tell you what you want to hear to put you down the path for further sales, etc. I don’t feel that with you. I feel you genuinely care, and I thank you for your enthusiasm and honesty.

Jessica Kennedy

Art Consultant, Advisor, Curator

“No doubt you inspired many women at the event.”

Unbelievable job the other week at the PA Women’s Conference! I had the pleasure of listening to one of your breakout sessions and it gave me a lot of insight into how I should present myself through LinkedIn. Thank you for all your hard work. I have no doubt you inspired many women at the event. Thank you again.

Susie Mordoh

Founder, Greater Than We

“I highly recommend working with her!”

Working with Karen has been an absolute pleasure. Not only is she super talented and an expert in her field, the way she connects to her audience in an easy going, conversational way is her true gift. She gives so much great information and continually exceeds my expectations that I highly recommend working with her!

Melissa Atwood

The Houston Career Strategist

“After completing Karen’s program […], 8 new people connected with me interested in my Career Strategies and Job Search services”

Karen is awesome, generous, and knowledgeable… she is a true LinkedIn guru! In Karen’s LinkedUp in 30 Challenge, she taught me LinkedIn’s best practices, how to optimize professional networking, and how to showcase my talent and skills. After completing Karen’s program and revamping my LinkedIn profile, 8 new people connected with me interested in my Career Strategies and Job Search services – all through my Alumi connections! They had seen my up-dated LinkedIn profile and wanted to work with me! Thank you Karen for helping me to move forward in building a business and a life I Love! I highly recommend Karen Yankovich and her LinkedIn programs.

Sabrina McEntee

President, Hype Marketing Agency

If you are looking to learn how to use LinkedIn strategically and effectively, She’s LinkedUp is the first and last program you’ll ever need to take. You will learn how to target your ideal client, build a list, leverage PR, and most importantly, you’ll have a process to follow each day to ensure you stay on track and leverage the platform to drive your business and get quality leads.