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“In TWO weeks I’ve added over 1,000 ENGAGED followers. WOW!


I recently started working with Karen to grow my Twitter reach and engagement. In TWO weeks I’ve added over 1,000 ENGAGED followers. WOW! I cannot say enough about the strategy Karen implemented for my company.

– Christina Daves
Serial Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Speaker and Do-it-yourself Public Relations Expert

She received 9 high quality leads in one week and closed 4 of them on the spot!


After a lot of gentle yet enthusiastic chivvying from Karen, I gradually started to implement. In my first week, 9 people reached out asking for a Discovery Session – and 4 of these immediately became clients. That was a lot of business with not much effort! I still have a long way to go – I’ve implemented maybe 20% of Karen’s suggestions so far, but I’m now convinced that an active presence on LinkedIn is a must – and that Karen is the person to teach me how to do it. She knows this platform inside out, and teaches you simple and effective strategies to leverage it. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

– Joyce Campbell
Online Coach & Mentor, NLP and Coach Trainer, Motivational Speaker

“Karen was responsible for driving nearly 1/3 of the traffic to one of my client’s websites via Twitter!”


I recommend Karen Yankovich as a world-class social media maven. I have hired Karen for multiple projects and ongoing work since Jan. 2014. What I appreciate about her is that she brings a strategic, disciplined, collaborative mind to the table – then she gets to work online, delivering more followers and impact as promised. Re: results, Karen stands out in one case in particular where she was responsible for driving nearly 1/3 of the traffic to one of my client’s websites via Twitter…second only to Google/organic traffic. Meet, then hire, Karen to discover this for yourself. P.S. She’s also fun.

– Carolyn Monaco
Founder, Monaco Associates

She received 8 high quality leads through her Alumni connections interested in her services!


Karen is awesome, generous, and knowledgeable… She is a true LinkedInguru! In Karen’s LinkedUp in 30 Challenge, she taught me LinkedIn’s best practices, how to optimize professional networking, and how to showcase my talent and skills.

After completing Karen’s program and revamping my LinkedIn profile, 8 new people connected with me interested in my Career Strategies and Job Search services – all through my Alumni connections! They had seen my updated LinkedIn profile and wanted to work with me! Thank you Karen for helping me to move forward in building a Business and a Life I Love! I highly recommend Karen Yankovich and her LinkedIn programs.

– Melissa Atwood, MLA, CPC
The Houston Career Strategist and Social Media Coach

“No one has a more solid grasp of [social media] than Karen Yankovich.”


When it comes to social media, no one has a more solid grasp of it than Karen Yankovich. While the rest of it are still trying to figure out all the new mediums popping up, Karen is already testing them out and paving the way for the rest of us. Luckily for us, she’s willing to take us along for the ride!

– Jenny Powers
CSEP Founder, Running With Heels: A By-Invitation Event Series for Women Professionals

“[…] unbelievable amount of knowledge and expertise!”


I have been to countless Social Media seminars and nobody got me off my butt like Karen did to embrace Twitter, blogging etc. She has an unbelievable amount of knowledge and expertise, and I am so happy to have found her company!

– Phyllis Caputo
Sr. Regional Leader at Primerica Financial Services (PRI)

“Karen Yankovich was brilliant, engaging and informative.”


In her 30 minute presentation to the Texas Women in Business, Karen Yankovich was brilliant, engaging and informative. I learned why to schedule and post to social media on a regular basis and was provided a recommended posting schedule. She also provided solid tips on how to use keywords in various social media profiles to increase search engine optimization. If I got all this and more in half an hour, I can only imagine how much knowledge would be gained if I spent a day with Karen. Well done!

– Patti Riggs
Office Manager, Bookkeeper, HR Facilities Manager

No doubt you inspired many women at the event.


Unbelievable job the other week at the PA Women’s Conference! I had the pleasure of listening to one of your breakout sessions and it gave me a lot of insight into how I should present myself through social media. Thank you for all your hard work. I have no doubt you inspired many women at the event. Thank you again.

– Jessica Kennedy
Art Consultant, Advisor, Curator