This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen celebrates Episode 200 by reminiscing on our journey.

Our journey at She’s LinkedUp has been a wonderful journey of growth and change and helping create wealthy women of influence, and we can’t wait to celebrate the journey with you!


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About the Episode:

This episode is a milestone – it’s Episode 200! In this episode, Karen reflects back on the journey we’ve had at She’s LinkedUp. Where the program is today from where it was years ago is drastically different.

Throughout the journey, we’ve learned how to better serve and support our students. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you all, and we’re so thankful we’re able to serve you in this way!

We want to celebrate this milestone! After all, what fun is the journey if you can’t celebrate it? Join us in Episode 200 and celebrate this wonderful journey with us!

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s topic (1:55)
  • Our first launch (6:04)
  • Why we incorporated mindset coaching (12:05)
  • Massive shifts in business and life (14:54)
  • The value of PR (17:30)
  • The value of simplification (20:00)
  • She’s LinkedUp 2.0 (24:09)
  • She’s LinkedUp Society (26:05)
  • Get a Sneak Peek (27:58)

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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 200.

Intro 0:05
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:23
Hello there. I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And I cannot believe that we are at episode 200 of the good girls get rich podcast so exciting. This episode is brought to you by she’s linked up where we teach women simple relationship and heart based marketing. It’s a LinkedIn marketing system that gets you on the phone consistently with your perfect people, people who that change your business, your life your bank account for ever. What we do here is we create wealthy women of influence. And you know, if you’ve listened before, or if you love what you hear today, we love to hear from you. So subscribe, leave us a review, take a screenshot of this, share it on social media, use the hashtag good girls get rich, tag me so that we see it and that we can share your post with our audience. And then we all get more visibility, right? Everything that we do, and she’s linked up comes from a place of lifting each other up. rising tide lifts all boats, right. So if you’re listening, and you’re sharing, we want to get your name in front of our audience as well. In the show notes, we have a link for SpeakPipe, you can leave us an audio message there. We love audio messages. Maybe you have a I don’t know maybe you have a guest you want me to interview or a topic you’d think you’d like to hear me talk about, I’d love to hear that. Just go to Karen 200, to see the blog for this page, and you’ll see the link to speak pipe. And we will be able to get that information that way. So episode 200. What I wanted to do today is some reflection but also some projection, right, like, talk a little bit about what’s coming. And I think that I don’t know, I hope that you find it helpful. I know that I find it helpful when I hear about other people’s journeys. And I thought that that would be a good way to kind of spend and celebrate episode 200. Because you know, that is a big part of the work we do here is celebrating so many women don’t celebrate the beautiful things that are happening in their life. You know, in my whole life, people have referred to me as like Pollyanna, you know, if anybody’s negative, I’m like, Oh, please, let’s look for you know, the positive. And, you know, I remember, I might have talked about this before on one of the episodes. But you know, I had a friend that I have a friend who’s she’s just not all that positive. And I was driving with her somewhere. And she was just complaining about everybody cutting her off. And I finally looked at her and I don’t know how she didn’t throw me out of the car. So I was so annoyed at her being so negative. And I said, you know, you can count all the people that cut you off. Or you can be grateful and celebrate and have gratitude for all the people that let you in. It is your choice on how you spend the next hour in the car. You know, I choose to spend my life and now my business, celebrating all of the good things that happen in my life doesn’t mean things don’t happen that aren’t great, right? But I want to focus on and celebrate the good things, because I truly believe and I’ve experienced that when we are celebrating the good things, we get more of that we get more of that. So let’s talk a little bit about the journey. You know, prior to this episode, I did something really, really scary. And if you’ve got a podcast, maybe you can relate to this. I listened to Episode One of good girls get rich. And as a podcaster. You know, it’s not your best work Episode What is not your best work, but it’s but you got to do it right. You’ve got to do it because I wanted to kind of just reflect on the journey. And I remember when I recorded that episode, I had no fancy podcast equipment like I have now I had none at all. I was sitting on the on the bed, because I had heard that beds and bedrooms and you know, bedding and pillows and rugs. muffle sound, which is true. So I was sitting on the bed in my family’s beach house. And I had my iPhone, I would record it into my iPhone, I had my iPhone headset that was the microphone I used. And I don’t I don’t even think it was earplugs. I think it was like an actual wired headset. So I had to be careful that I wasn’t moving and it was a clanking and you know, like you hear the rustle of it. And I remember recording it that way. And then it just like in a dropbox folder for a while until I actually was a speaker at a podcast conference was mid atlantic podcast conference is now called independent podcast conference and headed to New Jersey. And I just was so inspired by that conference that when I left I published the you know, I recorded a few more episodes and then went to I use Libsyn to publish my podcasts and they use Lipson and I published the publish the podcast. So that’s kind of how we started and at that time, you know it’s 200 episodes, but you know, we’ve missed a few you know, everything that I do everything I teach comes from a place of ease. Right now we do a lot of better job But getting an episode out every week because we batch them, even that doesn’t always happen. So it’s not like it was 200 straight weeks, that is absolutely probably I’m gonna say it’s probably, you know, we probably maybe missed 20 or 30 over the 200 weeks, which is crazy, right? Because it’s still a lot of weeks is still a lot of weeks, you know, it’s many years, it’s probably four years. So obviously, four years ago was pre pandemic, pre all the crazy stuff we’ve been living through in the last few years. And at the time, my business was what I thought was like a kind of a traditional online business, I had a suite of products and services, I offered some one on one consulting services I did VIP days, I was dabbling in memberships and group programs, but didn’t really have anything really solid the way we’ve got it now, building my email list and doing all the things and spinning a lot of wheels and spending a lot of time do we want to thought I needed to be doing. It’s so funny that, you know, four years later, I’m not doing a lot of that stuff anymore. And, you know, we all talk a little bit about why. So as I moved through my business, you know, obviously my business, all businesses go through seasons. And I was wrapping up a collaboration that I was doing with Christina Dave’s, we spent a lot of time running a program called get seen be heard, you know, it just was time for that this was the season for that to be over, right. So I was kind of diving back into my LinkedIn roots back into the work that I was doing, and really, really spending some time trying to figure out what that looks like, right. And again, doing, you know, having products and services. And that’s when the first version of what is now she’s linked up VIP accelerator program came out and it was at the time it was called get linked up. And it was a six module six week program. And it was just digital content, it was under $1,000. And it was, it was just here’s the here’s the stuff, go do this, and it’s gonna be great. And module one or Module Two was how to write your own profile, because we were just, you know, we weren’t doing it for you, it was you know, it was an inexpensive program. And, and you were gonna take it and do it yourself. And what I was finding was, first of all, we didn’t have it evergreen, though we have announced so I had to do launches. And I have never doing a launch again, just so you know, you’re never gonna hear a lot. Like we might do a little soft launches, if things happen. Like when we redid I’ll talk about what we’re doing. But when we redid the content of the program, we did a little mini soft launch of that, right, but not like the Super Bowl of all entrepreneur activities, do a launch, I hired a launch manager, I had a I had a launch Energy Manager like to manage the energy of the launch manage my energy, I was getting up at 5am. And I was putting, you know, those of you that can relate to this, I was putting eyelashes on every day. And I was you know, because I was on video every day and I had just so much stuff. And it was fun, and exhausting, and not profitable. We sold a lot of our prop program, but all of the money that I spent on copy people and all of the things that I had to pay for, to you know, the launch manager then like all of that, like it was it was more than what we made in the launch itself. Right. So I was like, well, this sucks, right? I don’t want to do this again. But I felt like I already paid for all that stuff. So we’ll launch it again in a couple of months. And you know, it just wasn’t the model for me, you know, it wasn’t the model for me, I just didn’t want to do it anymore. And I’m not knocking people to do it. It just wasn’t the model for me. And what I was realizing was that I really had to get clear on where I could best serve people. And with LinkedIn marketing, you’re not going to LinkedIn, really, frankly, not even going to LinkedIn to sell your $1,000 product you’re really LinkedIn is to find you know, somebody that like maybe a partner that might have 10 people that want to buy that $1,000 product, right? So it’s a $10,000 thing. And that’s what I was teaching people yet what I was doing was all of this, spinning my wheels and doing all of this stuff to market these lower cost packages. So we started to evolve. And eventually I decided I really wanted to niche down and it doesn’t mean we don’t support men. I frankly don’t care what your body parts are how you identify. But my podcast was good girls get rich we were we were really focusing on supporting women entrepreneurs, women, business owners, often our women are in some kind of transition, right? They’ve just left corporate and they’re becoming a coach or they’ve, you know, they want to get a new job or they want to level up. They’ve made six figures, they realize there’s no money in their bank account when you’re a six figure business owner and they want a quarter million dollars to a million dollars in business revenue. So we shifted the program to she’s linked up and re recorded all the content again. And at that point, we also looked at the difference between having a just fully digital program and adding some layers of other services to it. And the reason for that was this module. I don’t know if it was Module One of module two at the time of get linked up was about doing your own profile and it was absolutely the roadblock for people. People were not Getting past it because they don’t want to do it. Nobody would. They didn’t want to do their own profile. You’re a great yoga teacher, coach, Career Coach, whatever, not a great writer, and it’s hard to write your own LinkedIn profile. Right? It’s hard to shine a light on your genius when when you spend a lot of time, right, focusing on all the things you have to do. So we decided that we started to do what we could to take out the roadblocks. What could we do to help our students have the best success. So we decided to when we moved the program to she’s linked up that we were going to write your profile for you, high profile writers. And I’ve always had profile writers because a lot of the one on one work I did, we had profile riders, I did a lot of strategy packages, I still do them where we’ll write your profile. And we’ll do a couple hours of strategy. And, you know, just book a call at Karen, if you want to what that looks like. But we decided that we were going to take that barrier off because frankly, what was happening too, was when the people did write their own profiles, we were spending too much time talking about their profile, like in the Facebook group and things like that, because they’re, they really weren’t doing a great job of it. So now we change it to she’s linked up. It is literally, February 2020, when this kind of all happens. And we all know what happened to them. You know, the really interesting thing for me was that, for me, the pandemic was was really good for me because LinkedIn, what does it LinkedIn, it’s virtual networking, right. But when I but in the beginning, it’s so interesting to me to think that like literally only a little over two years ago, this program was really just a digital program. And then we moved to we’re writing your profile for you and to what it is, today, it is so completely 180 different than it was then. And people were saying to me, I got it Karen and I relate to this, guys, maybe you can relate to this too. They were like I have it, I’m gonna get to it, it’s on my to do list, right? I have gigabytes, gigabytes of training in my hard drive in my Dropbox folder that I’m gonna get to someday. And that’s what this course was. And I just wasn’t good enough for me. I wanted more, I wanted to really serve people. So obviously, as we started to do things like write your profile for you, we to change the investment. So the investment started to change. And the other thing that started to change was we started to incorporate mindset coaching, because what I was finding was many of the women in our program had such big aspirations, but their energy didn’t meet their ambitions, their energy was still have that kind of get to six figures gotta pay the bills got to do this, right. So we incorporated mindset coaching. Eventually, we incorporated and hired Carrie pet singer was our mindset coach. So what happened when we decided we wanted to incorporate mindset coaching was that when we redid the content around, she’s linked up, we added a video on mindset on every single module when we went deep into mindset in the program, because we needed again, we needed to bring me the energy and the vibe of you know, the vibe of somebody that is struggling to break six figures, and is paying all the bills and doesn’t have any money in our bank account is very different than the vibe of somebody that is making a quarter million to a million dollars a year. Right. So we had it we incorporated, we started to incorporate mindset. What I also did was I incorporated even more strongly PR, because remember, I had years of working with Christina David Davis, I had a lot of I was incorporating PR into everything we were doing on LinkedIn from that. So I took from what I learned there, and I started to incorporate PR, so every single module also had a PR video. And that’s the way we ran the program for a couple of years. And it has been absolutely life changing for so many of our students. And as we started to do these things we brought in, you know, additional we had to bring it we brought in a client concierge who our current client content frontiers is John, Jill, Lord, who’s amazing and Jill, with Jill does is we I wanted these women to know we’ve got their backs, like we are here to support you, Jill is going to make sure that every single thing you’re entitled to in this program you get right. So she will reach out to you and talk to you and and we did all these things. And obviously every time we did them, we had increased the investment. We did all these things because we wanted to to really be able to ensure your success, right? Do everything we could do to help you have success. And then my business started growing. And I remember every time we added a new coach or a new somebody on the back end, and I added another at Karen Or she’s like, Oh, she’s email address. I’d be like, how do I have this many people working for me coral these people? Right? How did this happen? Like my goal wasn’t to be running this business with this huge team. And what was happening to is a truth. I was over adding too many things to the program. I think I was actually confusing some people that maybe I needed to simplify to make it more powerful, right? We’ll get to that. But in any case, that’s how the business started running out. And what was happening was when people invest at the higher level in the program, they do the work. And it was unbelievable. I mean, I don’t know why this surprises me so much, but I guess it did. The women that did the work were having these massive shifts in their bids. SNESs and in their lives, they were getting job offers for 10s and 20 and 30 and $40,000, more 60 I think $65,000 more than they’ve ever made before in their life, they were crediting a lot of the mindset work, because they were showing up with a different vibe, right? So even though we’re teaching LinkedIn strategy, and the strategy is important, the mindset was, what was the difference between where they were before and where they were going? Right. So as we started to see these people have these wins. And more and more women are telling us these stories of, you know, I interviewed Jenny Cameron on his podcast, and we’ll link to some of these episodes. In the show notes. Jenny had the mayor of a town knocked on her door, after she showed up differently on LinkedIn, and said, the work you’re doing is amazing. I just wanted to show up and let you know that our town is proud of you. Right? The her boss’s boss reached out to her and said how do I not How did I not know who you were and offered her a new job. You know, like, things like that. Like, my gosh, Dr. Mabry which you haven’t interviewed on the podcast, a nice, we got to get you on the show. She helps she works in nonprofits. And just by showing up differently, she had the confidence and the mindset to help a small town in Georgia, right and get approved for a grant for a water treatment plant. It was multimillion dollars, right? Many millions of dollars. And I think it was $12 million. These are $12 million grant to get a new water treatment plant. They haven’t had clean water in that town in 100 years. Okay. And like, these were the things that were happening with these with these brilliant women. So what I mean, can you just the gratitude that I wake up with every morning, that these women are having these kinds of successes, because they’re showing up differently, because of some of it, because we incorporated the mindset work into the strategy work. So they think differently, and they have more confidence. It’s absolutely blowing my mind on a regular basis. And I just want more of it. Right? I just want more of it. And the reason that we continue to do the PR work. Remember, I told you earlier that the many the women that come to our program are in some kind of a transition. So a lot of times if you’re leaving corporate and you’re going to be a full time career coach or something like that, there’s a little bit of an impostor syndrome, right? Because you you don’t you’ve done the work. I mean, you’ve done the work for 20 or 30 years, right? It’s not like you’re have never coached before. But you’ve never had the title coach before. So you have the experience, right? Where you have the expertise, maybe not the experience. So what the PR does is it helps give you credibility while you’re building up your experience while you’re building up your testimonials. So we ran that program for a while, let me tell you, as we were running that program, me as the business owner talked about having to do some mindset work, right. I had to as we continue to increase the investment, I had to do mindset work. I had to I had to know, and I do know this, but you things can get shaky little wobbles happen, right, I had to absolutely know that the investment was the value was worth 10 times the investment at a minimum. And that’s what I want for you. By the way, as you’re listening to this, and you’re building out what your high ticket offer looks like. I want you to know that whatever that is, if it’s 5000 or 10,000 or 25,000, that it’s worth, I want you to have to build it in a way that it’s worth five times what your investment is. And I know that you can do that. And everybody can do that. And that’s one of these we work with people on our program, right, but it took, but that’s where I had some wobbles as we were growing this program, and the investment creeped up and creeped up again. And we were like, Oh my gosh, can we really do this? Right? And, and I remember, you know, we have enrollment coaches in the program. Now people that work with me to help enroll people that you know, to see if people that are a good fit for our program are really picky about who we bring into the program. And I remember the first she she she sent me a Slack message one day and said I need a payment page for like this big giant number. I was like, what what did you sell? Just it’s just a three month package with you personally, it’s like a one on one package. I was like, that’s a lot of money. And she’s like, she’s like, Yeah, you are worth that much money. And I was like, like, I had a little wobble. But here’s what happened with that particular person. Now I’m going a little bit all over. But but this was all part of the journey, right? This was like during the pandemic, all part of this journey. What happened was I had enough budget to do things like bring in my PR coach, bring in my mindset coach, I was able to deliver at a higher level, because I had enough budget to over deliver to my client, right. So I chose I’m telling you this because I this is one of the things that I get the most pushback on is well, I will charge 5000 As soon as I get five more at 1000 Come on people value what they what they invest, right. And when people started to invest at the higher level in my program, that’s when they were having these huge wins when they were paying $1,000 It was $1,000 out the window because it was sitting in their harddrive and they weren’t doing it right. So that’s how we that’s how we that’s like kind of where we we were as we were building this as we were going through the pandemic The other thing I did was I stripped everything else out. Everything else out. I just, you know, I don’t know if you guys follow Denise Duffield Thomas but she, she said something like, I don’t have anything of I don’t have any low ticket packages, it’s free. Or my program like that’s it. I was like, You know what I love that have felt so good to me because it’s energy sucking to do this, some of you guys might remember um, and if you listen to the podcasts in the beginning, I probably was talking about it, we had a program, a group membership program called the triple your biz club a bunch of years ago when it was very inexpensive, very inexpensive, I think was under 100 bucks a month. It is no different to enroll people. And she’s linked up than it was to get somebody to buy a $50 or $100 month membership. It’s no different. It was we don’t have any we have had we have more people in our she’s linked up program than we ever had in the triple your biz club at 50 or $100 a month, right? So I just stripped all that away, because it was sucking up so much of my time. And I said I can deliver I can over deliver right get back to that five times the value by strip all the other stuff away. So that’s what we did during the pandemic, we just stripped everything else out my podcast, we created a new lead magnet, which is our webinar masterclass, which you can, they’ll there’ll be a link in the show notes for that. But it’s everywhere. It’s linked everywhere. And we just went deep, not wide. And everything changed in our business, everything changed. Our income started doubling year after year, we were serving people at this higher level. And we were the more people invest in a program, the more they partner with you on it, and the less they’re like, I don’t know, complaining about little things, right? Like we were just over delivering anyway. But you know, I remember somebody saying that they did an app, and it was like $10, or whatever. And they’re like, I stopped doing it because people pay $10 They complain all the time, when they pay $10,000. They don’t complain about anything. But when they pay $10, I get so many complaints. So we found that to be true. So that’s how we that’s how we built this program. But as we started delivering this program, right? Things started to shift in the program. And I’m always looking at how can we better serve, how can we have our students have better value. And what I realized was that as our women are going through our program, and again, I don’t care what your body parts are how you identify your guy, you want to go to this program, you’re welcome to, I just just know that it’s it’s a very feminine vibe as you go through, it’s a feminine model, it wasn’t just what was happening when they were doing this mindset work. And they were getting these media hits featured in Forbes a couple of times, you know, in a couple of months, you know, those being interviewed on television stations, like things like that their identity was changing, right? They were getting shifts in their identity. Because if you are a woman who’s an entrepreneur, and you’re making a you know, maybe you maybe got a six figure business, which probably means you’re not bringing in at least probably not even $50,000 into your personal bank account. Like if you had a job and a paycheck, you probably get you are probably getting $50,000 or less compared to what you’re making as $100,000 business owner and equal, that’s a very different identity. Then somebody that is running a business has a team is getting featured in the media all the time and is having $100,000 in their bank account every month, not top line, bottom line, right and in their personal bank accounts, right? Not necessarily a business bank account, cuz your business bank account still has to pay all the things and all the people, I want your personal bank accounts to have at least $100,000 coming into them every month. So that’s a different identity than the people that came into the program. So they wish there was a shift in identity. So I really wanted to incorporate more of that into the work. And it was just time it’s two years later. And listen, I gotta tell you, I had to give up on the idea that I was ever going to this program was ever going to be perfect, because a lot of it is based around LinkedIn strategy. And the minute I record a video, LinkedIn changes something, right? So so I needed to shift my expectations that I was ever going to be perfect and we can up we tried to keep things updated, right. But I did want it was time to shift and do a rerecord of all the content. And if I was gonna do a rerecord of all the content, I really wanted to look at the program as a whole. So what we did, and this just came out like last week or the week before, as this is being released, as this episode is being released. So middle of May, or early to mid May 2022. We have the 2.0 version of our shoes linked up program that just came out. And I can’t even tell you how much I’m loving it. It really gave me because we’re having the space to just having one program that I could really deliver at a high level two, gives me the ability to just really make it great, right really make it amazing and do things to in the program that I don’t even know that I would have even thought of two years ago. So week one came out week one came out early May. And it’s still a 12 week program. And it is it’s completely redesigned, and it’s redesigned. What’s really happened is the program itself is this same, it’s just that the strategy wasn’t really in line with, like, we weren’t delivering the strategy in the same order that the content was being dripped, like stuff like that was happening, right? We were I wanted to, I wanted to make it a simpler path, I wanted it to be simpler and more powerful. Our goal for everyone that joins the program is that they get they land a high ticket contract by the end of the 12 weeks, and they get immediate hit. And so I needed to go that had to be sent front and center of every single thing we did as we redid the content. The other thing we did over the pandemic, getting to where we are now was we were finding that when people finish their 12 weeks, they wanted more of us, right? So I don’t even talk about this publicly, almost ever. But what was so at the end of the 12 weeks, we have a free alumni group, we continue to support them. As a matter of fact, with this new content refresh, we are going to be supporting our alumni who are not paying us anymore, right. And they get access to lifetime access to the content. So in our free alumni group, we’re doing live weekly coaching calls to help support them with the new content that came out, right? We want to support our alumni forever and ever once you’re in or she’s linked up family, we’re supporting you. But we were also asking how can I continue to work more with you? And how can I continue to work more with your coaches. So we created a back end High Level Mastermind as well, which is called our she’s linked up society. And what that is, is it’s, again, it’s still one program, right? I’m on the front end, I’m not talking about 50,000 different things. But now at the end of your 12 weeks, you have the opportunity to transition to a high end mastermind, if you want to continue to work with us, by the way, even our alumni are eligible to join that once you’ve been the only people that can join it or people that have been through the program. But even if you choose not to join it immediately after the 12 week program ends you still have, you’re still eligible to join it right. So we created that. And that has been incredible. Because we can dive deeper, we have to keep you really focused in the 12 weeks on our two goals, right? Get a high end high ticket sale, and get immediate hit. But on the in the society, we can blow it up. Our society members are releasing books and writing, I mean just doing all kinds of cool things coming out with programs, things that I don’t really want to talk to them about in their in the 12 weeks. It’s awesome. So now what we’ve done is we’ve as we move into 2022, we’re moving into the 2.0 version of our program. You know, we’ve got this second program running again, it’s still on the back end. Once when I was running what I said I had mentioned earlier was running the triple your big club, and it was just just as hard to enroll people as my guest she’s linked up program. I took Stu McLaren to try program if you if you guys are familiar with that. And I realized very quickly that I didn’t want to front end membership program, I wanted to back end a membership program, I only wanted to work with people that I’ve already taught my process to. Right. So I learned very quickly that was that. So took me a couple of years. But I finally got my back end membership up and running. And that all happened throughout the pandemic as well. Actually, it’s not even a year, it’s like six months ago, we got that up and running. So now as we move into 2022, we’ve got she’s linked up 2.0 That came out it’s completely refreshed content. What we also did was we’re giving you a sneak peek. So if you want to get a little taste of what it’s like to meet her, she’s linked up family go to she’s linked up And you can get a sneak peek of our program, we’ll put links to all of this in the show notes as well, because we are so stinking proud of it. And we’re so amazingly grateful and humbled and proud of the women in our program that we just want more, right, we just want more. So that’s why we do this podcast because even if, if you’re not if it’s not the right time or season for you to join us in our program, I still want to be able to support you. So hopefully this podcast is doing that even if it’s not your choice to work with us personally, right. But my goal is to continue to dive deeper into this make it more powerful, have our students having even greater levels of success. I’ve got a couple of big projects on the horizon for 2022, probably into 2023. Because honestly, I am I practice what I preach in that I am all about ease, I do not want you to have a crazy, you know, have 1000 things on your to do list today. Everything we teach once you learn the process, it’s a half hour a couple times a week, that’s all you need to do to keep the engine running to continue to get those high ticket clients to continue to use LinkedIn to build your business to multiple six and seven and maybe multiple seven figures. Right. So I do that myself. So I’m not looking to swamp myself. And frankly, as we’re rolling out this new 2.0 There’s extra things on my to do list, right? So I’m giving myself the grace to just stay focused on that. And the few things that I’ve got on my horizons for 2022 and 2023 will happen. But it is still going to be all in alignment with this. And I guess the reason I wanted to do this in this episode is not necessarily to just tell you all about my program, even though I could talk about it all day long, right? But to kind of let you see the journey of going from what I thought I needed to be as an entrepreneur, which is is build your email list, have a funnel have a ladder of have a ladder write low end ticket, then they buy a $10 thing, then they buy a $20 thing, then they buy a $50 thing. Do you know how many sales pages you need or how many, how many web pages you need to create thank you pages and videos and things like that for every step on that ladder. It just, I just didn’t want, I thought that’s what I had to do. Not when I stopped doing all of those things. And I focused on one thing, and really just having a signature program and putting all of my energy into this one signature program. Not only is my business having more success, but the students I’m serving are changing the world. Right? So so that’s kind of the reason I wanted to talk about the journey that I’ve had on this episode 200. Because I am not a 25 year old entrepreneur, right? I did you guys must saw my episode where I had Jen Liddell, who’s our PR coach, interview me for my 60th birthday, right? Like, I love what I’m doing, I have no plans on doing anything other than this, I have no plans on, you know, turning this off. But I also know that it’s not going to get you know that I want to that as as every year that goes by, I may want to work maybe a few less hours, right and, and I want this to be simple and powerful, and feel like it’s got joy and ease in it. And it can be the same for you. So whether you feel like we’re the people that can help you get there or not, is irrelevant. Know that if that’s working for you, the trip wires and the multiple products, go for it good for you. This is not judgment on that. But if you’re finding yourself spinning your wheels on that maybe there is another way, maybe there is a way where you can create a business that is centered around a signature program, a signature package, and then just that you absolutely adore, that you absolutely adore the people in and that you love waking up every morning to do and is serving you, your clients and your loved ones abundantly. So as I sit here, completely steeped in gratitude for everything I’m doing with this, I hope that you understand that it can be the same for you, if you want. So I guess what I’m doing here is celebrating episode 200. Because I love doing this podcast. And this is something that will continue as we move into 2022 and 2023. It is on the list of things we’re going to continue. Because I do think that, you know, my podcast gives me credibility and credibility helps me land the publicity, and helps me build my program right and get more brilliant, amazing women in the program. So just to recap, know that there is another way to build your business, whatever way you need to build your business for you is the right way. Okay, you don’t have to do things that other people think that other people are telling you to do, you need to do you want to do things in the way that that fills you up. And if you take if you if anything I’ve said to you today connects with you, I’d love to see your name on our calendar. Right? I mentioned earlier in our she’s linked up family, our goal is to create wealthy Women of Influence women that are changing the world. You know, just before we wrap this, I want to just let you know at the end of 2021. We did a we have group coaching calls every week, two group coaching calls a week we have now. And on the last call of 2021. Our women were sitting around the zoom and I asked everybody what their big goals were for 2022. And everybody had when I went around the Zoom Room and everybody talked about their goal. And after it was over, I said to them, did you guys understand what just happened here? They’re like what I said not one of you gave me a number, not one of you said this is going to be my seven figure year, every single one of you have a goal to change the world. I want to help more women do this. I want to help kids with disabilities I want to this is what was happening in our program. So when I say wealthy women of influence, yes, we want to be wealthy women. But what I’m finding is that at the heart of that is we want to be wealthy women so that we can help more people, whether it’s our family or friends or the world, right and more money gives us more choices. And you know, we’re not gonna go into choice, but choice is important, right? Money gives you choices, right? So if you want to know more about what that looks like, please schedule a call with us. I’d love to chat with your team. We’d love to chat with you. I am personally involved with every single person that joins this program. You get calls with me, I do the coaching calls are with me, I don’t It’s not like I come in on the front end, then you’ll never see me again. I am a part of every single bit of every single thing you do in this program. And I get to know everyone in this program, and I hope that I get to know you. So thank you for celebrating episode 200 with me, a rising tide lifts all boats. If you love this episode, please share it with your audience. Tag me. I will share your posts with my audience. We can lift each other up, right. So episode 200 In the books move Hang on to a new chapter of this podcast and of my business. And I will see you back here next week with another episode. Thanks so much for hanging out with me today.