This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen shares how women can support women.

How can women support women? It starts by doing these three things…


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About the Episode:

As women, we need to support other women. We should be here for one another. So how do we do that?

For starters, as your influence grows, your responsibility grows. To grow your influence, start by finding your tribe. Once you find your tribe, begin building real, honest relationships – do this by connecting with one person per week. As you connect with other women, envision the change you’ll make.

If you’re ready to find your tribe, build real relationships, and make change, listen in to this episode!

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s topic (1:59)
  • “As your influence grows, your responsibility grows.” (4:52)
  • Find your tribe (6:55)
  • Build real, honest relationships (10:04)
  • Envision the change (12:35)
  • Episode recap (14:31)

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You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 203.

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Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

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Hello there. I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is episode 203 of the good girls get rich podcast. And this episode is brought to you by she’s linked up where we teach women’s simple relationship and heart based marketing. It’s a LinkedIn marketing system that gets you on the phone consistently with the kinds of people that can change your business, your life and your bank account forever. Our goal in our shoes linked up program is to create wealthy women of influence we not only do we help our women in our program, create more income by finding bigger, higher ticket contracts consistently, but also by being featured in the media and having more influence in the world. And that gives us more impact. It’s digital marketing. But we’ve got the human touch here, this entire episode is really going to be focused on that. So of course, if you’ve listened before, or if you love what you’re hearing today, I love to hear from you. So make sure that you subscribe to this, wherever you listen to it. You know, leave us a note on what you think of this episode. It helps us help you if you leave us a review, I know what kinds of episodes that are resonating with our audience. But also, you know, it helps us get more visibility and more people to see the show and allows us to continue to keep doing it for you right. In the show notes. There’s a link for SpeakPipe. I love audio messages. So by all means, like love for you to leave me a message there so that we can hear your voice. Tell us if there’s a guest you like us to interview tell us what you think about this episode, please tell me you know, if you’ve got ideas on how you can support the kinds of things we’re talking today, about today, I’d love to hear that. And you can check that out in the show notes for this. So just go to Karen 203, you’ll see the blog for this page, you’ll see the link for SpeakPipe. And all the other goodies I talked about here today. So I’m kind of interrupting our regular scheduled programming today for the show. It’s the morning of June 25 2022, that I’m recording this and we’re fast tracking this to get this out as soon as possible, sort of. It’ll be out in a couple of days. Maybe it won’t go out Monday this week, but it’ll go out soon after. And it’s the day after the United States Supreme Court overturned the Roe v Wade decision. And, you know, I’m not here to convince anybody of anything. And if you don’t want here anymore, by all means disconnect as you listen to the next episode. But this episode is really about the heart of everything I do, which is empowering women, women that have more money, have more impact and can impact the world. And that has never been more important than today. In my opinion, everything in this episode is in my opinion, in my opinion, that has never been more important than today. So I sit back and I think what should I do? Right? Like yesterday was a day, man. Yesterday was a day. You know, so many of my friends were texting me I was texting them. I was actually with my daughter was at my daughter’s house yesterday, she’s got a little boy who is, I don’t know, 17 months old, 16 months old. And she turns to me in the morning and she’s like, Oh, my God, mom, they just overturn Roe v. Wade, I’m like, can you hear me practically crying? As I’m saying this, it was like the two of us were like, shocked silence. You know, I mean, she’s in her late 20s. And obviously, it impacts her and her generation, way more than it impacts me and my generation, but me and my generation. We are responsible for this, right? We have voted in the people over the last 2030 years when this could have been solidified. We have allowed it to get this far. Right. So again, not looking for anybody to argue with me on any of this. This is where I feel some responsibility. And I feel like you know that song in Mary Poppins, you know that the sister suffragette song or daughters daughters will adore us? Well, our daughters daughters are pissed off at us. Okay, they’re pissed off at us, because we let this happen. So here we are. Okay, sorry. I should have warned you guys in the beginning that this could be a little emotional. So that was how yesterday kind of was obviously, it’s spilling into a little bit into today. So what do we do? Right? What do we do? So first of all, you know, you may have heard me talking about this before. I really believe that the work that I do, the work that my entire team does in our she’s linked up family is help women become wealthy and wealthy women can make a lot of change in the world. When things like this happen. I get the urge to double down. How do I do more? How do I get twice as many people through this? How do I help twice as many people? How do I change twice as many women’s lives so that more women have more money and have more choice, right? So so I’m coming at this episode from that perspective, right? It’s Yes. Do I want to stick my head in the sand and just cried today? I probably do. But you know what, I’m not gonna, because I did that. You know, that was for yesterday. Today is the day we move forward. So what does that look like? So I was spending some time thinking about like, what could I do, right? Obviously, I can vote I can donate money, I can help other people get our people to vote. And I will do all that. I will absolutely do all that. But you know, as one of the things that I that I think is really important for everyone listening to the show, to understand is I truly believe that as your influence grow It was your responsibility grows. And the more people that listen to this show and follow me on social media, the more responsibility I have to show up in a way that’s that is consistent with my values, but also supports my community.

I started think about, like, what could I do? So here’s what I know, what I know, that is at the heart, of the successes of the most successful people that go through my programs are, what’s at the heart of it is they don’t mess around with the connecting piece. Yep, they love getting their profile to ensure it’s great to get featured in the newspaper. But what the people that are making the most money that are becoming the most wealthy, by implementing the practices I teach are the ones that take to heart, the need to continue to build relationships and not spamming your LinkedIn network or your other networks, but truly building relationships, being intentional about the kinds of people that you want to get on the phone with, and then getting on the phone with them and looking to see how you can impact their life and how they can impact your life without asking anybody for their credit card. That happens, you know, the more you serve your audience, the more the sales follow. So we’re not leading with sales. So I’ve never teach anything that truly that leads with sales. That’s for other people to teach. What I teach leads with relationships, because I know when you build relationships, at that level, the sales will follow. So I thought about how can I you know, so So thinking about that, right thinking about that, if my goal is to help more women have more power, than what that happens is when we gather, right when we gather. And listen, I am not judging anybody for doing anything any different way, right? If you want to go, you know, fly to Washington and march on the Capitol, you should absolutely do that. Right? I can’t always do that. I’ve got a business to run. And I know a lot of people can’t do so what can we do? Right? I mean, I know we can find local things, and probably I will, but there’s other things we can do as well. Right? There’s other things we can do as well. So So I think about even just this week, I’ve had a couple different conversations with a couple of different people that I didn’t really know, when I got on the phone with them where that conversation was gonna go. I just didn’t know where that conversation was gonna go. I was thinking well, where, you know, like, I’m always open to getting on the phone, learning about people, and then saying, Oh, how can we support each other. So that’s the vibe I want to share with you today, I want you to understand that one of the things that you can do is start to gather. And I’m going to say virtually, but we’re not, I’m not necessarily talking about virtually the first thing you need to do, you know, if you want to follow the strategy that that I’m going to teach you and I’m teaching a little bit of a modified version in this podcast here, too. This is an actual, this is a teaching podcast, the first thing you do is you need to find your tribe, right? Where are there other women that feel the way you feel. And here’s the thing, and I know some of you are going to totally understand what I’m saying about this, I’m not looking for you to find another woman to pitch to, or for them to pitch to you. This is not time for a bitch session. Sure you want to have a pitch session, go ahead. But truly know that that’s just to get it out of your system. And then you’ve got to make an impact. I want you to get out find the people, I want you to find a tribe where there are women in that tribe that you were looking to get on the phone with and say how can I support you, maybe you’ve got a podcast and you can interview them on your podcast that get them some more visibility so they can get so they can make more money and they can become more wealthy and make more change in the world. Maybe they can interview you on their LinkedIn live so you can get in front of their audience, right. And that gives you more opportunity to make more money and become more wealthy and make more impact in the world. But first thing you need to do before you get to that is find your tribe. And you need to do this truly from an open minded standpoint. If you go into relationship building with a what’s in it for me attitude, you’ve already blown the opportunity before you’ve even had the opportunity. Okay, so one example of that is our is my Facebook group, I have a Facebook group that you can find at LinkedIn for women And one of the things that I’m going to do when this podcast goes live, if you want to be a part of this, I would love to have you. One of the things that I’m going to do in that Facebook group is I am going to implement what I teach you here on this podcast today in that group. Okay, so when you hear what the next couple things I’m gonna talk about, we’re gonna be doing this in that group. There are so many brilliant women in that group that is my tribe, maybe it’s your tribe. If you want to find out please come join us we’d love to have you it’s completely free. Everything we do in that community is completely of service to the women that listen to my podcast. So the women that are interested in that in following the in from the work that I do, it’s it’s completely free. So first thing you need to do is find your tribe again, you’re welcome to join our tribe, but maybe it is a local women’s organization. Maybe you know, I got an email today I live in Ocean County, New Jersey, I got a an email today from the Ocean County Democratic Association saying Do you want to volunteer? Do you know and I’m like, hell yes,

I do. Right. So maybe I’ll find my tribe there. Maybe I won’t, right. You’ve got to explore a little bit to find your tribe. You gotta like put feelers out a little bit. I have no idea. The types of people I’m gonna find you know, when I do become more involved in that organization, but I’ll find out when I get there. And if it’s if it’s my tribe, all Some, it’s not, I’ll move on to find another one, right? But I want you to find your tribe. That’s the first thing. The second thing I want you to do is look at the people in that tribe. And I want you to think about building real, honest relationships. And it doesn’t mean you don’t need to make a lot of new friends. Okay, I think you probably will. But that’s not the goal here. The goal, when I say build a relationship, it’s not like having a lot of fake social media followers. That’s not really what I’m looking for you to do, I want you to have actual conversations. So in our Facebook group, and the LinkedIn forming community Facebook group, the mission that I’m going to put out there for all of the members in our community, is to connect with one person into that group, via zoom via phone for coffee at the local Starbucks, whatever works for you each week. So it’s, you know, it’s the end of June 2022. So you got what 50, you got 26 more weeks, I want you to meet 26 people between now and the end of the year. And I promise you, I promise you, if you do this, your life and your business will be very different. Going into 2023, it’s so easy for us to sit here behind our computers and go What should I do? Who do I do? What do I do? I want you to get on the actual phone with people, maybe make a lunch date, if they’re close, get on Zoom and follow up those conversations with action. You know, I had a conversation this week. And you know, hopefully she’s listening and to recognize the conversation. We’re both part of a large Facebook group for women of a certain age, I want to certain certain, you know, most of the women in this group are liberal, more liberal minded, whatever. And we, you know, I didn’t really know going into this conversation, what we were going to come out of, but you know what we really connected, I think, I think she was great. And I’m gonna be interviewing her for her to the podcast, because I want you to hear there was something that came up in our conversation where I was like, Oh, my gosh, that’s a great topic for this podcast. My listeners would love to hear us kind of just debate that and talk about that. So she’ll be coming on the podcast. So right off the bat, I had no idea, right? I checked her out online, she looked like somebody I wanted to get to know, I honestly don’t even remember what prompted it. But I do think that there’s going to be some other things that we do together. Okay, not just that. I think that there’s some I think we can refer business to each other. I think there’s a lot of opportunity there. One person a week, one person a week, non negotiable, this is my challenge to you one new person every week, with the intention of following up, I do not want you to spam your LinkedIn network, I don’t want you to connect with 100 people to get this one phone call, I want you to be really intentional about who this person is that you want to get on the phone with this week, or that you want to actually have a true actual conversation with and give yourselves an hour. Okay, give yourselves an hour have plenty of time to have this conversation. This is how we make change. This is how we make change when we support each other. Okay, and then the last thing I want you to do, as you’re thinking, as you’re building these relationships, think about how this is creating change, I want you to actually envision and visualize the change that happens when you have these conversations. Right. So like, I will just take you know, I’ll take the conversation with the woman that I had this week, right? So you know, I’m completely making this up right now. But this is what I’m envisioning for her. What I’m envisioning for her. And her name is Julia. What I’m envisioning for Julia, is that Julia is going to be on my podcast, someone is going to listen to my podcast. And then Julia is going to get more maybe more clients and more income, and be able to donate that money to an organization that she trusts and she believes in, right? Now, here’s the thing I can’t promise you that everyone you talk to is gonna have all the same beliefs as you. And honestly, how boring would that be? Right? How boring would that be, I have a line like I’ve aligned, there’s certainly things I don’t want to donate money to support, or donate my time to support. But I also know that there’s a gray area, and I’m okay with the gray area. But you know, then as long as it doesn’t cross my line, but think about that. So the third piece of this is when you build this relationship, like when I am, you know, when I built this relationship with Julia this past week, I want to envision the change that this conversation is creating, right? Because this is what happens. This is how we change the world. We change the world by supporting each other. Okay, so yeah, we can march and we should march and we should we can vote and we should vote and we can donate and we should donate. But this is the piece that I don’t think we’re doing enough of the actual true connecting the actual true supporting, you know, me being able me having this platform, my podcast, being able to interview Julia, who and I think you guys are gonna love the conversation, right? Being able to interview Julia, which is gonna give her more visibility, and maybe get her an opportunity to create some change. That’s how I create change. Do

you understand how that works? So that’s, I think, what I’m gonna kind of that’s my call to action for you for this week. I’m going to repeat this now. And then again, please feel free to come and join us in our in my community. I would love to have you and we can do this together. The first thing is find your tribe, find your tribe. You’re welcome to join us at LinkedIn for women. That’s if that takes you right to a Facebook group. I don’t know if we’ll stay on Facebook forever. But for now, we’re still on Facebook. I’m there to support you there with all of your networking efforts with all of your connecting your relationship marketing efforts, but most important Only we are going to be putting a serious focus on this. Who did you connect with from this community this week? And actually get on the phone with or have a zoom call with and you know, or meet for coffee? And how are you creating? How is that conversation leading to the kind of change you want to see in the world? Okay, find your tribe, build real relationships, and embrace, visualize and accept the change that you are creating when you do that. That’s my call to action. Guys, how did this help somebody, I would love for this to be almost like a movement. Let’s do this. Let’s support each other. Let’s support the women that can support the women that can support the women that can support the women, right? I mean, yeah, I mean, you guys must be seen all over Facebook and Twitter and Instagram to everybody saying, come to my house, if you want to camp at my house, because you can’t camp in your house. I love all of that. And I’m not Pooh poohing all of that at all. I am there for any of that. And let’s take actual action, connect with somebody this week, get on the phone with them. And think about how what you can do to create change in their life. Hopefully, they will think about what they can do to be creating change in your life so that we can all be moving forward, creating the kind of world that we want for our daughters daughters so that our daughters daughters are not as pissed off at us as I frankly, I think that they should be today. Right? I enough preaching from my pulpit here from my podcast pulpit here. I hope this was helpful. Obviously, my call to action for you today is to just join us in the Facebook group, LinkedIn for women. get you there. I think we need our communities, and we need to support each other. And I’m here for you. If you’re serious about building your wealth, and your income and your network. I’m here to help you come to the Facebook group. You get an opportunity to book a call with us at no additional charge. We got lots of freebies for you in there as well. And I’ll see you back here next week with another episode of The Good girls get rich podcast