This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, guest Melissa Zoske and Karen Yankovich discuss why you should have a higher price point.

Melissa Zoske is an Energy and Wealth Alignment Expert. She helps dreamers align to their natural, abundant state using her signature form of energy tools and guided intuition. She’s helped hundreds of people around the world (many entrepreneurs) clear their negative beliefs and programming. Think of her as the secret behind their incredible success. She’s clearing many generations of patterns and personal memories to make room for more love, improved health, and, yes—more money!


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About the Episode:

As business owners, we want the best for our customers. And it’s easy to feel like the best thing for our clients is excellent service at a low price point.

But when offering a service at a low price point, people often don’t value your service. You also will burn yourself out by offering over-the-top service to too low of a price.

In this episode, guest Melissa Zoske and Karen Yankovich discuss how raising your prices is beneficial, not just for you but also for your clients. Listen in!

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s guest, Melissa Zoske (2:00)
  • Melissa’s work with her students (8:04)
  • The higher your price point, the better the people you get (10:47)
  • Overcome ancestorial poverty blocks (13:54)
  • Funnel your energy (17:13)
  • Where you can find Melissa (19:17)

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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Read the Transcript

Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 207.

Intro 0:06
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:23
Hello there. I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is episode 207 of the good girls get rich podcast. And this show is brought to you by she’s linked up where we teach women simple relationship, a heart based LinkedIn marketing system that gets you to meet the coolest people and get you on the phone with them consistently. And these are the people that can change everything for your business for your life, for your bank account. My goal is to support women to be wealthy. And I believe that more women with more money changes the world. And that’s what my that’s what I stand for. That’s my business goal, right, creating more wealthy women of influence. What we teach here is digital marketing. But it’s got that human touch, right? It’s the human to human marketing the people behind the follower numbers. So if you’ve listened before, or if you love what you hear today, you know that I love to hear from you. Make sure that you’re subscribed to this, you don’t miss an episode, leave us a review. So, you know, I can get a sense of what content resonates with you what I could do more of share this episode on social media, use the hashtag good girls get rich tag me tag Melissa, who’s our guest this week, and we’ll be sure to share your posts with our audiences. And that’s how we all get more visibility. Right, we’re lifting each other up in the show notes. And in the notes below here, there’s a link for SpeakPipe where you can leave us an audio message. And you could tell us if there’s a guest you think I should interview or if there is a topic you’d like to hear me talk or just tell me what’s going on in your world. I love getting voice messages from you. It’s one of my favorite things did that happen in the week. So just go to Karen 207. You’ll see the blog for this page, you’ll see the link to speak pipe, you’ll see all the things we talked about that Melissa and I talked about on this show. And Melissa, who’s our guest today, Melissa zosky, Melissa and I have known each other for a few years now. And it’s been really fun to watch her journey. And I you know, I think we support each other’s journeys. But also I got an email from her recently, you know, that she sent out to her general email list. And I was like, yes, yes, yes, I want to talk about that on my show. So I responded to the email and I said, Melissa, let’s, let’s get you on good girls get rich. And let’s talk about this there. So just kind of my favorite way to have topics for the show, right when I see somebody else that’s talking about something that I know that my audience will resonate with, because having other people’s perspectives on this just adds value, right adds value, so I can’t wait for you to meet Melissa. Take it away. Okay, I’m here today with Melissa zosky. And Melissa is an energy alignment business coach to 1000s of entrepreneurs around the world who look to her advanced energy work and intuitive business strategies to thrive. Her multi six figure coaching practice supports brilliant spiritual coaches, healers, service providers step into a powerful alignment with universal truth. So they can make the impact and the profits that were previously just out of reach. As a serial entrepreneur Melissa has on multiple companies merging her grounded real world business experience with her energy mastery to create innovative new energy techniques that produce explosive business results. She is the founder of the energetic business mentorship, aligned and limitless, the creator of the quantum key method and host of the podcast, the energy of your business. She’s a mom of four, and lives with her husband in Bozeman, Montana, Melissa, I’m so happy we’re doing this.

Melissa Zoske 3:29
I’m so happy to thank you for having me. Yeah. So

Karen Yankovich 3:32
Melissa and I met years ago and you know, friends slash business associates and business colleagues, whatever. And I’ve done some work with Melissa is some of the energy work that she does. And she’s got some amazing, amazing work that she does. So we’ve been connected for a while. And she sent an email out a couple of weeks ago about something that I was like, Oh, what a great topic that would be for my podcast. So I reached out to her and asked if she would join us. So that’s why we’re here today. So how are you, Melissa, tell everybody a little bit about what you’re up to now, like I read your formal bio, but tell us a little bit about you. Oh,

Melissa Zoske 4:00
we’re just enjoying this new dream home that I can’t tell you how much fun that is on water feeling so energetic and healthy, just living with that healing vibe of being around water. So it’s been very exciting with that. And just being a summer right now. It’s just been amazing. It just so grateful. Yeah,

Karen Yankovich 4:20
yeah. So tell everybody what the email was about that I jumped down and jumped up and was like, about this

Melissa Zoske 4:28
email about, you know, what I noticed so often this with especially intuitive business owners and past people that are highly sensitive is that they get really burnt out and overwhelmed fast because they spread themselves in so many directions, right? They’re working trying to quickly create this business, but by trying to do it and all and do all these things all at once. Then they’re actually going backwards. They’re actually not creating that getting that traction, that’s that success, and instead they’re creating that burnout and that overwhelm, and they’re actually wanting to quit their business. So what that was for me is is trying to get them to dial more in to creating something that’s truly transformational instead of these little popcorn things that they’re sending out and hoping to chase.

Karen Yankovich 5:14
Yes, yeah. And you know, I feel like it’s a little, at least for me a little counterintuitive to what I thought I needed to do, right. Like when I first learned about online marketing, you know, do you need a value ladder? Do you need a funnel? Do you need a trip wire? Do you need all these things? So I was doing all those things, and then posting everywhere I need to be doing all these things. And then I was like, What am I doing? Right? What am I doing? And because here’s what I was finding, Melissa, what I was finding was that people that were investing in the lower ticket things that I was offering, they weren’t doing the work, and I get it, because I buy a million things. I buy things for $500 all the time that I hope I’m gonna get to some debt, like this looks great. And then you don’t do it. Right. So it was a little frustrating to me, because I was like, I want people to get results, and they’re only gonna get results. Like they weren’t saying to me, I watched your stuff, Karen. And it was terrible. They were like, I know, I’m gonna get to it. I love I love you. And I love what you do. And I really want to do this work. But I haven’t looked at it yet. Right. So totally. Right. So how did that work out for you?

Melissa Zoske 6:15
Oh, my gosh, that is exactly what I did when I got started too. And what I found was that I wanted everybody in being like I said, a healer intuitive. I felt like that spiritual side of me wanted everybody to have my offer. So I charged $47 for a session, it was like, cheap. And what I did find was people didn’t do the work because they didn’t value it. So when I rate kept raising my prices up, they valued it, they did the work. And then they had the transformation that I was filled, my soul was filled up with this excitement and amazement. But when they don’t do the work, it drains you even more. You’re doing what you love anymore.

Karen Yankovich 6:53
I agree. And you know, we, you know, we create these programs. And you know, in on one hand, we are business owners, right? We are looking at the bottom line, we’re looking to grow our sales or grow our you know, our bottom line or a top line, or all the numbers are all the lines. Yeah. But I’m not looking to do that with people not doing the work, right. Like, oh, it’s out of integrity for me. And, and I and I’m not and I know it’s not on me, right? I mean, I guess some of it felt a little bit on me. So it was like maybe if it was more enticing, maybe if it was copy was, you know, so I was feeling a little bit like, what am I not doing? Right, that they’re not doing this, but then I was like, Karen, you’ve got gigs of stuff in your harddrive that you haven’t looked at yet. So it’s not just your content that this is happening with it’s everybody’s content. And all of our old man entrepreneur friends are saying the same thing.

Melissa Zoske 7:39
Oh, absolutely. And it’s just, I know that the heart, your hearts in the right place, when when you’re charging a lower price, because you want everybody to have it, I totally get that. But like we said, the reality is, if they don’t value it, they’re not going to do it, if you put a time limit. And if you put a good number on it, they’re gonna, like get it done. And they’re going to really appreciate it, they’re gonna take the action, and they’re going to have the results. Right,

Karen Yankovich 8:04
right. So when you work with your students, do you work on this with them? Oh, absolutely. Yeah. So tell me a little bit about what that looks like. What does that look like?

Melissa Zoske 8:12
Do you mean when when they come into, like, Yeah, I’m in my program. So I have, I’m

Karen Yankovich 8:16
like, literally, I’m literally like asking you to give all your secrets away.

Melissa Zoske 8:20
When they come into my mastermind, the first thing I do is I said, I want you to throw everything else out that you’ve been doing, we’re going to create your offer, and I don’t just have them create, there has to be a transformational offer, it has to be something that’s going to give them results because a one off session or even a four package or six package sessions is not going to give them that transformational result that they’re looking for. It’s just not it may give them some results. But it’s not going to take them from that to the end. And so so we want to create that full transformation, we want to know how many months and we get it done, we get it done quickly, like some some people get it done within the first day, 48 hours even. And then we take them from there to then calling in their ideal clients who want to purchase that. Now we go through pricing, we go through being aligned with it energetically, all that has to come together for that full package that they are offering so that their clients can feel that right because it is energy. And if they don’t feel they’re going to get a transformation from it. If they’re not feeling your confidence that you can get them there, then we need to rework on we need to rework that program a little bit more, right. But I don’t create create anything ahead of time. It’s all go with the flow. And it’s one step at a time. And I agree. I’ve created so many programs ahead of time and courses and they never sold

Karen Yankovich 9:38
well. Because yeah, the minute somebody starts taking it like Well, what about this or what about that, right? And it’s scary. It’s scary to think, you know what, you want me to just sell this and not really know what I’m doing with it. But if you I promise, I promise you, if you spend six months creating a program and you’ve got everything figured out and everything’s outlined, the minute you launch it, somebody’s going to you’re going to have to change it you will be Using it, it’s never, you know, so. So you’re actually doing a disservice not only to yourself, because you’re wasting a lot of time, but to your audience who’s not getting what they really need from you, right? Like you will learn, you will learn, like, I feel like, you know, I do a lot of complimentary strategy calls, like, you know, people, that’s really how it’s the only way that we work with people now, you know, starts with it starts with a call. And I learn as much about what I need to be doing as they learn, I feel like on those calls, because I hear like, what they’re needing and I’m like, calm, maybe we need to, you know, tweak that a little bit. Right. Right. And I’ve been doing this for years, and I’m still, I’m still learning things on those complimentary calls, you know, because I feel like it, it’s, it’s never going to be done, it’s never going to be like, it’s never going to be okay, it’s all done. Walk away. Never touch it again. You know, I would like it’s never gonna make me do a little more of that. Right. Right. You know, it was interesting, too. So in my program, I have a I have a 12 week program. And in my program, we have weekly coaching and strategy calls. And we had one today, and there was a conversation about this just today on the call. And, you know, this is a woman who she’s just so brilliant. And and first of all, let me just stop that and say, the, the more you, the higher your price point, the better the people you know, 100% Absolutely. I love love, love the people in my program. And so I told him a little bit about that. But I said, it’s not that you’re just overcharging. You know, I said, I told a little bit a story about how a couple years ago, one of my enrollment coaches, somebody that works for me that does some of these calls that I mentioned to me, she calls me one day, and she’s like, I need a payment page for this number. I was like, what, what am I doing? Am I giving them my firstborn child? Like, what are we doing for that amount of money? And she’s like, No, you’re just not charging enough for your it was a three month private package. So I was like, all right. And prior to that, it was it might have been almost double, it might even almost double. And this was years ago, this was a this was probably five or six years ago, maybe. And I was like a little nervous going in, right? Because because I was like, What am I doing for this, but what I found was I so over delivered for this client. Because I had enough budget to be able to do it, I was able to bring in a PR strategist, I was able to help them with other things like because I wasn’t like I just overcharged. You know, if I had done if I had gone in with the price point that I was initially doing for these three month private sessions, I wouldn’t have been able to do any of that. And they wouldn’t have gotten that same result that they were able to get from me now. Because now I was like, alright, and going into it. Honestly, I didn’t know she was going to need a PR like, we were going to add a PR strategy into it. Right. And I wouldn’t have so so I couldn’t have like, I couldn’t have known that ahead of time. I knew that when I started working with her, I was able to customize it. Yeah, right. But you can do that. And the beautiful part about that is, you know, oh my gosh, Melissa, all the freakin sales pages I created over the years, right? Like, you don’t even need a sales page for this. Either anymore for three months package, and we customize it to whatever you need. Right. And that’s the sale page. Right, like, so I was talking a little bit about that. And I you know, and one of the things that I said, which is the Absolute Truth, like a few years ago, I was running a program called the triple your business club, and it was like $100 a month, and I’m telling you, there is no difference and enrolling somebody in my 12 week program that I have now that’s a lot more than $100 a month as it wasn’t $100 month program, but

Melissa Zoske 13:05
I bet you you worked your butt off to enroll new people, didn’t you? I

Karen Yankovich 13:07
did exactly was it’s exactly exactly the same. Yep, you know, and they were really getting the result I was I was getting frustrated, because they weren’t really getting the results that I wanted them to get, because they weren’t really invested in it. Right. And maybe couldn’t, and I get that but I feel like, you know, I feel like when you when you have enough of a budget, when what my my theory for my clients is fill your cup up, make sure your cup is full. And then when it’s overflowing, if you need to give a scholarship here or scholarship there, you can do that. Do you know what I mean? But like make sure your cup is full first and that you’re able to weigh over deliver. Even if you’re charging 5000 or 50,000 Make sure it’s worth in your mind, it’s worth three or five times more than that, you know, and then just serve your little heart out to your clients.

Melissa Zoske 13:55
100% believe that as well. And, you know, it’s really stepping into that, that value in yourself and that worthiness that you deserve to charge that amount as well. And those are a lot of times we have like last week in our program, we worked on poverty, like ancestral poverty blocks, because those come in today. And we grow up with it too. And we have to shift out of that so that we can claim those higher priced, you know, offers, and the people take it because you own it. Right. So you’re exactly.

Karen Yankovich 14:25
Yeah, exactly. That’s exactly right. That’s exactly right. So here’s the other thing, though, I think because you and I were both, you know, we both understand the importance of energy in the work that we do. Right. I think that we attract people that also understand the energy and the work that they do you way more than me because that’s a big part of what you do. Absolutely. I think a lot of those people have that poverty mindset and also have that I shouldn’t charge for this and this is this should be available to everyone and and how do you deal with that with that because that I think it’s systemic in the world of healers.

Melissa Zoske 15:00
Yeah. Oh, absolutely. And yes, I only work with people that are into energy. And it’s all part of my whole system is they have to work with energy. So that’s the only way I do this. So what I do is I offer like master classes. And what I tell my people all the time, I never know if I’m going to get sales in those master classes or not, I assume, usually I do. But I don’t have an attachment to it. Those master classes give out free value to people that need it to help them. And yes, I get signups at the same time, but I’m giving back at the same time I’m bringing in. And so that’s how I say I say we’re always giving away free every time we put our energy out there. Every Facebook Live, every email we put out, we are putting out that good energy. And that’s helping people in some way. And so

Karen Yankovich 15:50
we don’t just hear my podcast, right. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, I love that. And that helps. I think hopefully that helps some people that are, you know, coming into they really, because they heart their heart is in what they do. Yeah. And they’re, you know, I love supporting that community, because I feel like they need the credibility more than so many other business owners. Do. You know, when they feel Yes, absolutely. And when they feel that credibility, it helps like, it helps them feel like they’re more worthy of, you know, of saying and my service, and for that service, it’s $1,000 or a million dollars or whatever. Right? They have to have that they have to be able to say it.

Melissa Zoske 16:34
Yeah. And it’s just that, the thing is, it’s a business. And if they want to stay in business, helping people, they’re going to have to make the money, to cover their mortgage, to be able to travel to get more certifications to hire help, so they can help more people. And if they’re not able to charge enough to help more people, then they’re actually ripping all those people off that they could be helping right.

Karen Yankovich 16:57
Oh my gosh, so true. So true. They’re so out and

Melissa Zoske 17:01
expand to spread their love and their gifts and their all their, you know, all their magic, basically, they need to spread out. And it takes money to do that. So yeah, yeah.

Karen Yankovich 17:11
And you know, the other part of that, that we don’t think we’ve talked about enough that I want to just touch on too is the energy it takes you or me or anybody that’s an entrepreneur, to be to be running multiple pack programs and having five or six or seven different offer. It’s a lot. It’s a lot. I don’t I’m never doing that again, like 100% I’m never doing that again. And because it doesn’t serve any bio, you know, having one great offer that you are known for that, you know, it simplifies everything.

Melissa Zoske 17:43
Hmm, absolutely. 100% I was getting so burned out. I just didn’t know what to do. And I had all these courses that I’d created over the years that were creating, like crickets The only thing they were attracting crickets. Yeah, yeah. And it was just like it was so much work and like what you were saying about memberships I had a membership I tried it all Mama Mama offer baby offer daddy offer, you know, all the no brainer. You know all this stuff. And I until I focused on something that was truly transformational high ticket, really boom, give it to them, right? That’s when my business changed. And it changed fast. It doesn’t have to change slow, it happens really fast.

Karen Yankovich 18:23
I love that you said that. I love that you said that. That’s so true. That’s so true. Because you. So Nicole Kooskia was a guest on the show that I interviewed a couple of weeks ago. And she said something to me that was so brilliant. And she said, people often makes mistake or confuse the difference between experience and expertise. And so many people don’t think they can charge because they don’t have the experience. They’ve been a coach for a minute. But they have the expertise and the transformation. The transformation doesn’t come from you’ve done it for 20 years. It comes from the expertise that you bring to the table, you know, and that’s what that’s why I think that’s a part of why it can be that fast. So many people I talked to are so brilliant, so brilliant. And they just miss this piece. They miss this. Yeah, well, they’ve

Melissa Zoske 19:09
probably been actually doing their work their whole life and they just didn’t even know it for free. Right.

Karen Yankovich 19:15
Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. So what are you up to now? What’s coming up in the Melissa zosky world?

Melissa Zoske 19:20
Oh my gosh, I have my 1k per day masterclass, that’s starting, I believe it’s the 29th of August that would have or Yeah, the 29th of August that Monday. And that’s where we’re gonna go over the art of intuitive business and helping them actually create their own their first High Ticket program, their high ticket offer during that masterclass. So, I’m super excited to have people join in on that. And that’s like I said part of me giving back because we get a lot of people that will never ever purchase but I feel good because I see them making money during that week. I see them like doubling their prices and really stepping up and owning it and yeah, that’s my net Next, that’s my next big thing. And I don’t do a lot. These are like, strategic things I do every few months. And I love it. It’s just it doesn’t burn me out it’s flows. And I love it. That’s what I teach.

Karen Yankovich 20:12
So we’ll drop all the juicy Melissa links in the show notes here. But what is it that you how can people find you,

Melissa Zoske 20:17
I have a Facebook group called shining mentor successful entrepreneurs love to have you join there, and you can go to my website, and Melissa got some free, we have a free opt in there for the quantum key method, which is my energy healing method that helps you clear out those success blocks going back generations. So those are the things that keep us stuck and keep us in Lac mode and keep us from moving forward. So let’s start clearing out those right now.

Karen Yankovich 20:42
Yeah, you guys. Well, Melissa says going back generations she like knows, she knows. She’ll say like, well, Karen six generations ago.

Melissa Zoske 20:50
I’ve had I’ve had people I’ve been with that. Like, it feels like ancestral energy from a concentration camp and they go How did you know my grandma was in the concentration camp? My mom was born in the context. Yes.

Karen Yankovich 21:02
Right. Right. Right. And it’s important. It’s important. It is a part of us. It is a part of us. You know, I know just to go a little sidetracked here, I read something something recently that said, like, we were there, right? Like because of the DNA. Yes. Like, there’s a part of me like, there’s a part of your client that was in that concentration case, right? Because her mom was there and her mom had eggs and the grandmother had eggs and the eggs of the grandmother went to the eggs of the mom and went became this person that’s now your client. Right? So we were there with them. And if we, you know, I don’t know how many like 10 generations back or something like that. So yeah. So cellular laboratory

Melissa Zoske 21:36
in us. Yeah, yeah, we see it all the time in nature, how animals can migrate. They don’t know how to get to a place. They’ve never been there. Nobody’s showing them. Yet. They know, it’s imprinted. So they find a way. We have the same experiences over and over again, because we’ve already had them in our past life. It’s just crazy. And that’s what we want. The good stuff, we want to hold on to this outdated information that we don’t need anymore. We need to let it go. It’s time to unpack it. Say goodbye, bless it, release.

Karen Yankovich 22:04
Awesome. Well, listen, this was so fun to do this again. Thanks for coming. Thanks for doing this. And I’ve been wanting to have you on the show. Anyway. So I love when I saw that topic. It was like, Oh, that’s great. So we’re gonna talk about so thanks for being here. You guys all need to check out her her website, download her quantum key method and follow and see what she has going on. Thanks so much for being here, Melissa.

Melissa Zoske 22:22
Thank you. Well, I

Karen Yankovich 22:24
hope you love to Melissa. As much as I love Melissa, I it was so much fun getting to catch up with Melissa. And just to bring some of her genius to you. I hope you took lots of notes and absolutely take her up on her offers, follow her on social media, she’s doing some really, really big things in the world. And it’s it’s always good to, to have more women like that in your life. Right? So you know what I when I said when we first started this show that our goal is to create more wealthy women of influence. And all of that starts with a call. It’s a quick phone call. 45 minutes could be the best 45 minutes you spent in your life, maybe or certainly in your business. Because honestly, my heart is right behind your success. And kind of picture my hands not even on your heart. I want to picture your hands behind your heart like on your back, right like supporting you from behind. And really look having a conversation around what are the kinds of things that you can be doing that can elevate your business, elevate your brand, elevate your bank account so that you can be making a bigger influence in the world in the areas that you choose to be making a bigger influence in. Again, all starts with a quick phone call phone call. The links are all over the this page. But you can go to Karen and you can get on the calendar for that. You know I do this podcast to support you. I’ve got you know lots of videos that I do if you follow me on social media know that I’m always sharing tips doing LinkedIn profile reviews, a rising tide lifts all boats right. I’m supporting you with all of these free resources I would love for you to help me help you right share this podcast. Take a quick screenshot of this episode on your phone. Share that on your social media that helps me grow my audience so that I can serve more people and I can do more of what’s hopefully serving you right. So lifting each other up right that rising tide. I am here for you. I would love to hear from you. And I’ll see you back here again next week with another episode of The Good girls get rich podcast