This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, guest Patty Puccellato and Karen Yankovich discuss how you can elevate your brand through your wardrove.

Since 1993 Style-Reboot Coach, Patty Buccellato, has shown the way for thousands of women leaders and business owners to discover their hidden style mastery. Contrary to popular belief, surveys show nearly half of all women hate to shop for clothing. Talented and successful women who are among that 50% call upon Patty for rescue. For them, she busts fashion myths, purveys wardrobe hacks, and teaches how to identify the style that changes success trajectories. Patty is expert at bringing her clients out of the closet with a personal style that suits their body, psyche, and circumstances. The result: her clients find permission to break up with ”blah” and unleash their natural magnetism.


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About the Episode:

Branding is more than having a beautiful logo with amazing colors that people can resonate with. It is what people say about you when you are not in the room. An essential piece of branding is how we show up and the impression we leave on people. One thing that cannot be emphasized enough is you can elevate your brand through your wardrobe. 


In this episode, Patty Buccellato shares how you can elevate your brand through your wardrobe. Patty has been a style coach since 1993. She has helped hundreds of women show up in their best selves. According to Patty, contrary to popular belief, surveys show nearly half of all women hate to shop for clothing. 


Talented and successful women among that 50% call upon Patty for rescue. For them, she busts fashion myths, purveys wardrobe hacks, and teaches how to identify the style that changes success trajectories. Patty’s expertise lies in bringing out her clients’ that suit their bodies, psyche, and circumstances.


In this episode, Patty teaches how to elevate your brand through your wardrobe, how to show up as influential women, how to assess when we are hitting the mark with our appearance, the differences in dressing for online and in-person events, best practices for a photo shoot, and how we can use style to look younger and more vibrant.


Listen to this episode and learn.

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • How dressing styles are evolving [04:22]
  • How should you show up as an influential woman? [06:12]
  • How do we assess if we are hitting or off the mark with our appearance? [08:46]
  • What is silent dressing? [11:31]
  • Dressing for a virtual event versus an in-person event [13:55]
  • What should we wear to photo shoots or head shoots? [19:20]
  • Photoshoot tips [23:05]
  • How to use our style to erase some years from our appearance [24:48]
  • Understanding color analysis [28:19]
  • Patti’s tip to help us become the authority in our fields [31:31]

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

“One of the worst mistakes that you can make is wearing what someone else says is what is spot on for the moment and fashion.”


“If you’re not true to yourself, you’re not going to show up in your very best presence and power.”


“When clothing is distracting to the eye, of the person we’re doing business with, it’s very easy for them to miss part of our intended message.”


“Dress for the position you want, rather than the one you’re in.”


“By a woman identifying what her own personal style is, she can show up with her highest level of ease, confidence, and grace.”

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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Read the Transcript

Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 215.

Intro 0:06
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:23
Hello there. I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is episode 215 of the good girls get rich podcast and this show is brought to you by she’s linked up where we teach women simple relationship and heart based LinkedIn marketing a system that builds your network gets you on the phone with the most amazing people consistently. And these are the kinds of people that can change your business, change your life and change your bank account forever. Our goal is for there to be more wealthy women of influence in the world. And we’re so lucky that we have tools like LinkedIn that can allow us to kind of parse through the people that are out there so that we can be picky about who we let into our lives and who we build our network full of. So we’re going to talk and Patti who is our guest today is definitely one of those people for me. If you listen before, if you’re loving what you’re hearing today, I love to hear from you. So make sure that you’re subscribing to the show, wherever you’re listening. Leave us a review so that we can get a sense of what episodes you’re really resonating with. And share this episode on social media use the hashtag good girls get rich tag me I’m at Karen Yankovich, we’ll put all Patty’s links in the show notes. So you can tag Patty as well. And we’ll share that with our audience. And that’s how we all get more visibility. And these little things, these little things like sharing these episodes, you know, if one person gets to know you, because my audience saw that, like, that’s how we do this right, like one person at a time. This is how we do this by diving deep. In the show notes, there’s a link for SpeakPipe. Speaking of diving deep, I’d love for you to leave me an audio message. Leave us a message there. I respond to every one of those personally, maybe you want to leave a review for the show. Or maybe you have a topic that you’d like me to talk about our guest you think I should interview that’s a great place to do that. Just go to Karen 215. And you’ll see the link, you’ll see all the other goodies that we talked about here on the show. So Patti Buccellato oh my goodness, I learned so much on this episode. But the one thing that one thing that she said that really stuck with me is that, you know, contrary to popular belief, most women are not necessarily happy about shopping for clothing. So it was so good to hear Patti talk about how as we elevate our brand does our wardrobe matter how can we make this simple? And how can we look good? Because let’s say brisket really want to look good, right? How can we look good, without spending a ton of money or putting a ton of time into this? So I was it was really a fun conversation. I hope you enjoy it as well. meat patty, we have Patty Bucha lotto with us here today and since 1993, she has a style reboot coach Patty Buccellato has shown the way for 1000s of women leaders and business owners to discover their hidden style mastery. Contrary to popular belief, surveys show nearly half of all women hate to shop for clothing, talented and successful women who are among that 50% Call upon Patti for rescue for them. She bust, fashion myths, Pervaiz wardrobe hacks teaches how to identify the style that that changes success trajectories, he is expert at bringing her clients out of the closet with a personal style that suits their body psyche and circumstances the result, her clients find permission to break up with blah and unleash their natural magnetism. How to it is so good to have you here today. How are you?

Patty Buccellato 3:27
Thank you I’m well Karen, thank you so much. I am thrilled to be here.

Karen Yankovich 3:33
Well, you know what sila is such an interesting topic. You know, we’re recording this, it’s fall of 2022. And, you know, stuff has changed a lot, right? We spent a long time in like sweatpants and T shirts and dressing from the waist up for a lot of time for a long time. Right. So it’s an interesting, it’s an interesting topic, and especially for my audience, because my audience typically are women that are, you know, they’re achieving some level of success. Maybe they’re in some kind of transition, right? They’re either looking to, you know, rise in the corporate on the corporate ladder, or leave corporate into whatever new chapters. In fact, I think many women are redefining what their next chapter looks like, as they move into 2021 2022 and 2023. And so tell me what you’re experiencing how is their style being affected by the changes in the world and in their careers and in their lives?

Patty Buccellato 4:22
Yeah, so that transition that you mentioned, is as a real powerful theme right now. And it’s something where we’ve, we’ve had this opportunity to pull back and really, you know, reevaluate everything around us. And so as we’re coming out, I’m seeing with my work with my clients, so many women are looking at it like is this is this really what brings me joy? And is this what what makes me happy? And, and how, how do I make the very best of myself at this juncture? And, and it’s really exciting that we have so many tools available to us to, to maximize. And to help us as we flip that page to whatever is next. How do we do it in our very best form? And so yeah, it’s from soup to nuts now, right? Because for so many it’s, it’s learning to wear shoes again.

Karen Yankovich 5:21
Right? Right. I remember the first time I put on a pair of shoes, I guess I know a while ago now, but I had bought the shoes, right? You know, right, like at the end of 2019. And they were like, brand new a year and a half later. And I was like, Oh, my God, I forgot about these shoes. Right. So. So yeah. So you know, it is important how we how we look, right? We want to I mean, I talked about this, even with people’s LinkedIn profiles, you want to I even like I even use the word dress, right? Like, we’re told, we want to dress for the job we want, right? Not the job we have. And that’s how I want you to show up on your LinkedIn profile. I want you to be portraying your brand into the future not talking about who you used to be. Right, which a lot of people do they think it’s like their online resume, right. So as you’re portraying your brand into the future, with your LinkedIn profile, I guess you want to be doing the same thing with how you’re showing up, whether it’s on camera or in person or on a stage or in a photo shoot. Right?

Patty Buccellato 6:12
Exactly, exactly. And, you know, defining that is, is really important. I feel as influential women in particular, we’re leaving money on the table if we’re not intentional in how we craft our own personal style. And, you know, I’ve had the luxury and the blessing to work with several women who in their transition, were at a point of, they were in the running for CEO position within their respective organizations, and they’ve been different industries. And in each of these situations, it’s the woman has, has really taken notice, like, okay, stuffs gotten real now. My stakes are high, and they hire a coach for the first time. And the first thing the coach, well, I won’t say the first one of the first things the coach says to them is, okay, I want you to work with Patti, because we need to do something about the visual presence. And granted, in each of these cases, the woman has been in the running for this position with the other candidate ism is a man. And it’s, it’s so so again, you know, suddenly, suddenly, we’re taking notice, I’ve got to be firing on all cylinders. And, and it is interesting because for for men, the dress in the business world is simplified. And for women, we have so many more choices, that there’s also room for more error, if we’re not careful, and how we put ourselves together. So, you know, it’s a fabulous tool. It’s one I think, that more women can be capitalizing on and really giving attention to, and

Karen Yankovich 8:10
it meaning your wardrobe, to me the wardrobe

Patty Buccellato 8:12
style, yes, really paying attention to what’s the message I’m sending with my appearance? And and, you know, how do I how do I maximize that? How do I assure that it’s in alignment with who I am? And, and what my message is in my work.

Karen Yankovich 8:30
Interesting, interesting. So how do we assess those things? You know, how do we assess before we go into standing on a stage or going into an important meeting, if we are hitting the mark, or if we are off the mark?

Patty Buccellato 8:46
Yeah, so one of the most important pieces the most telling pieces is how comfortable are we because you know, we can talk a lot about style style is what I work with, I just you know, it’s it’s a passion for me. But I work with a lot of clients who will jokingly say that they did not get the style Jean. So it’s not a passion for them. And, and yet it can be learned and the very first step and in fact what I like to say a style can be easy style can be learned and style can be fun. And it comes firstly with knowing oneself and one’s personal architecture. And you know, what is our what is our makeup and our composition, in in coloring in shape and texture. And with self identifying many of those elements, it becomes easy, almost natural, organic selection process when we’re choosing the clothing that we wear, because one of the worst mistakes that you can make is wearing what someone else says is what is spot on for the moment and fashion. Right, right heard about, you know, here’s what’s the now this is the hit piece of the season. But if it piece isn’t in alignment with who you are, you’re not going to feel comfortable in your skin, you’re likely going to be tugging and pulling clothing if it’s not in the fabric that relates to your body. And at a distance, it may look fine. But if you feel like you’re wearing a costume and say you’re you’re taking the stage to make a presentation, that’s not the time to step into stilettos because they’re really cool, right?

Karen Yankovich 10:40
And can I tell you I’ve made that mistake. More times. I love shoes. But the older I get the less shoes love me. It’s crazy. I just Oh my gosh, I bought a pair of the coolest shoes for my daughter’s wedding. And I think I had them on for 10 minutes. They were great. They were great. But they were definitely not.

Patty Buccellato 11:03
Oh, and for some women. They’re perfect right for right. For some women, they’re perfect. But if you’re a Birkenstock gal, don’t put yourself squeeze yourself into those stilettos, you know, thinking the right statement? Because if you’re not true to yourself, it’s not going to you’re not going to show up in your very best presence and power.

Karen Yankovich 11:21
Yeah, yeah, I definitely love shoes. All right, really cool. So you so let me ask you something you have you have something that you refer to as silent dressing, or what is it that

Patty Buccellato 11:31
yeah, silent dressing shows up in a couple of ways, both literally, and figuratively. And I coach my clients to use silent dressing in business when the focus when they intend the focus to be on their spoken message the business at hand and for their style their clothing to be to take a supporting role, rather than Okay. Okay. So literally silent dressing means you’re not making noise with your clothes, right. So it’s not a chengli bracelet or fabrics that swish and squeak when they rub together particularly on a zoom camera, right, and a zoom call that can be really distracting. But also silent dressing, in a figurative sense. We’re in a in a business interaction, where what’s important is our spoken message, the business at hand, the interaction with our with our audience, or our partner in communication. And so, when clothing is distracting to the eye, of the person we’re doing business with, it’s very easy for them to miss part of our intended message. Right. And so the kinds of things that will figuratively speak lot more loudly sometimes than our words are loud colors, prints patterns that are over the top, excessive makeup and accessories that perhaps in some settings, we choose to make a statement with those items. But in in that in that important business conversation, it can steal the attention and steal the show away from the message that you want to deliver. So we can be mindful both on what sounds are coming from what we’re wearing, as well as the visual attention that they might steal at any given moment.

Karen Yankovich 13:39
Interesting, I would never have thought of that, like I would never have it makes sense when you say it, but it wouldn’t have been something that I thought of what you mentioned, you know, even on Zoom meetings, so do we dress differently for virtual events than we do for in person events?

Patty Buccellato 13:55
Well, one thing that we need to consider is when we’re on a zoom call versus live in person, I’ll back up a second, when we’re live in person, we have the benefit of a whole body appearance. And we have the advantage of nonverbal communications and our expressions and, and there’s just an there’s a give and take as we’re engaging with someone. And so the energy is shared and experienced in a different way than it is when we’re on the camera in a much smaller window. So it’s really to our advantage to to remember and really take into account that smaller range of visibility and knowing that what comes through and that small space is going to prevail. And so what does that look like? We can get dressed in the morning and stand in front of a mirror and a full length mirror I hope and and we look at how we’re dressed and go yeah, great outfit. I love it. And then we sit down in front of the zoom camera. And through the webcam view, you know, only 20% of that is visible. Lucky, maybe 25%.

Karen Yankovich 15:11

Patty Buccellato 15:12
And you know, you might have a lovely necklace. And that looks fabulous with that outfit. But interestingly, or curiously, we don’t see the pendant because it’s so long, it’s off screen. Right? Right, right. So we really need to narrow our focus and look at what is within this range, this window that I can see on my screen. And in fact, that’s a really good test for any online presence appearance in advance is to do a little test with your own camera and say, Okay, in this view, what showing, right, so it is, like you said earlier, the waist up even even higher than waist, right? What’s the outfit right here? This is my outfit, and

Karen Yankovich 15:57
exactly what’s above, right? Yeah, interesting. You know, so I talk a lot about, you know, mindset when I when I talk when I work with people on their LinkedIn strategy and on their online branding strategy, because I really believe that there’s so many women that have these great, beautiful ambitions that are way up here. But their energy is not aligned with their ambitions. Yeah, I’m actually thinking maybe we need to also say, and are the visuals aligned with that vision? Right? Are you dressing for the person that you, you know, if you want to have a million dollar business, and you know, I always think about, like, the first week in January, and you know, it’s cliche to talk about New Year’s resolutions. And, and the reality is, we do the same things, we do what we’ve done, so we’d ever really get to where we want to be, right, so what are we going to do differently, and maybe one of the things we need to do differently is starting to dress like that person we want to be not just have the energy of that person. But also, when you look in the mirror, when you look at yourself on a zoom camera. Are you seeing that? You know that women in that next step of their transition? Not they’re not who they used to be right, but who they’re becoming?

Patty Buccellato 17:00
Exactly, and that is what career coaches will say, you know, we’ve heard it so many times dress for the position you want, rather than the one you’re in? And that’s, that’s what I’ve seen with, with some some of the clients who hire coaches later in their career. I look at that and think, gosh, you know, how might that trajectory have have been? How different might that have been? And how much more quickly might they have arrived? If they’d hired that coach earlier on? Right to really evaluate, but yes, the appearance when it’s congruent with all of the other goals and objectives, right? So, so many of your listeners, I imagine have their own their own businesses. And, you know, is your appearance, an extension of your brand image? Right? How in alignment is that? And I’m, I’m sure Karen that something that you work with a lot with that LinkedIn presence? Yeah, you have harmony?

Karen Yankovich 18:06
Yeah. And you know, when I think about am I wearing my brand colors, but that’s not really what you’re talking about, you’re talking more about is the brand that you want to portray, whether it is a brand of wealth, or elegance or, or casual and or, you know, mountainy or whatever it is that being portrayed and what you’re wearing. It’s not really the brand colors, it’s more about the brand visuals, the brand fee, the feelings that they’re yes, they’re getting on, they look at you,

Patty Buccellato 18:30
yes, the vibe that comes through whether you’re in person or in the photo that you use in your, on your website, your LinkedIn profile, what’s the energy that exudes from that? What about your facial expression, in addition to the style of the clothing, and while the colors don’t have to match your brand colors, they can coordinate in some way so that your photo when you it doesn’t look like you’ve just plunked a random photo on your website. Within the broader picture,

Karen Yankovich 19:07
well, let’s talk about that for a second. Like what about dressing for photo shoots or headshots and or, you know, or lifestyle photos? Do you you know, what should we be looking for in those? Is it you know, what we wear to a meeting or to a zoom call,

Patty Buccellato 19:20
you know, there, the photo, the still photo is a little more closely aligned to the Zoom presence than it is to the real lifestyle. Because we have that still shot. That’s one moment in time and we’re looking for simplicity and again, that silent dressing, but there are some additional considerations. When we’re on camera for instance, solid colors are going to come through much more positively and with more visual neutrality than prints and patterns, right so particularly in a profile photo book salads are going to allow the face to be what’s featured, right without competition, you know, some other elements, again, that facial expression. So, so I’m going to say something here. And there’s a site that I’ll share. I am NOT an affiliate with this site, but I think I should be because I share it so much.

Karen Yankovich 20:17
I say that a lot.

Patty Buccellato 20:20
But you know, there’s so much power and the smile and our profile photos. And I’ve seen this both with my own and with clients, we are in an age of social proof, right. And through history, we’ve seen people taking on very serious demeanors in their profile photos, maybe they’re in finance or law. And it seems like we you know, it should look really focused and serious about the business. What’s really interesting, there’s a site, it’s called Photo And we have opportunity on that site to post different options of our profile photo variations, maybe you’ve taken a couple of different shots and a photo and a photo shoot. And whether it’s different clothing or different expression, different posture. On that site, you can post your photos and get feedback from real people.

Karen Yankovich 21:14
And wow, it’s p h o t o f e l e r?

Patty Buccellato 21:19
exactly, .com. Yeah. And what what was really telling when, again, when I when I first put my own photos on there, and then I’ve seen this play out again, and again, I had a relatively serious business II kind of photo. And I had one where I was smiling and looking more natural as I do in real life. And in the business category, you you’ll be rated on friendliness, capability, and influence. And so what was fascinating to me, I expected to look more friendly in the smiling photo. But my level of capability and influence also increased significantly, in reverse factions. Were in my photo where I was smiling. Wow. And I shouldn’t say this out play out again. And again, how powerful that smile is. And, you know, comes back to we talk so much about that know, like, and trust factor. Yeah. And, you know, we’re all were people doing business with people. And, you know, don’t we all feel better when we see a smile, then that stern business seems like, you know, we want to know you’re good at what you do. But where’s the human element? Right, right. So it’s a fabulous tool to really look at, what is that image projecting? And is this a good photo for me to use? Is it saying what I want it to say?

Karen Yankovich 22:51
Interesting, interesting. So as we go into these photoshoots, though, we were saying, you know, just don’t let the your outfit compete with your face. And is there any other tips we should have when when we are planning a photo shoot

Patty Buccellato 23:05
minimal accessories, okay, for jewelry, low key. And again, imagine that anything that you have on is taking a supporting role. It’s kind of background, your face, your expression, your energy is what should come first. And so the photoshoot is not a time now. Here’s, I was gonna say it’s not the time to express your fashion flair. And I’m going to here’s, here’s the disclaimer there. If you’re in fashion, if your business is in the arts, a very creative field, all the guidelines are tossed out the window. Yeah.

Karen Yankovich 23:42
That makes sense. That makes sense.

Patty Buccellato 23:44
Because this goes back to expressing who you are and what you do.

Karen Yankovich 23:47
Okay, so here’s the thing. When I go to a photoshoot, I want them to use the lens that makes me 20 pounds thinner and 20 years younger. Is there a way we can do that with our outfits? Is there any way to kind of visually erase some years and when I say that, I am not trying to look like I’m 15 I remember doing a photo shoot one time where the woman just went in and it was kind of a casual thing wasn’t a real one. And she sent me the retouched pictures and I looked at them and I was like, I bombed like there’s no wrinkles at all, you know? Not how I want to look I’m you know, I’m not 25 I’m okay with a little bit a couple of lines here or there so I’m not looking to look 20 Right. So you know, let’s just get real I want to you know, I want to feel and look vibrant and unhealthy and, you know, not old and crotchety vibrant. I love it. So tell me a little bit about Ron. Yeah. So tell me a little bit about that. Can we can we use our style or any style tools to you know, erase some years from,

you know, as a matter of fact, color can make a profound difference and how we show up in person or on camera. When we’re in color. errs that are in harmony with our own undertones of skin hair eyes. There when surrounded by those colors, there is literally the effect of a facelift, the face of the skin is more even in tone, we glow more the eyes sparkle and pop, there’s less opportunity for shadows to rest and the fine creases. It is almost a magical effect when you identify and and intentionally use those colors that are in harmony for you. What I often think of is you know the individual’s own personal rainbow, you know, we each have those short of knowing what those are. And in the meanwhile, an easy trick to use is to coordinate your lipstick in the same color temperature as the outfit that you’re wearing. And ideally your hair falls into that mix too. And so what that means if if any of our listeners aren’t familiar with color, temperatures, there are warm colors and cool colors and, and an idea of warm wood in a lipstick color might be like a tawny shade, and apricot, peach and a cool it would be pink or plum or rose. Right. And when you get disharmony between what’s on your lips and what you’re wearing in your clothing with that clash of color temperature, it can be jarring and cause rather harsh effect.

It’s so interesting that you’re talking about lipstick because lipstick is an is it literally almost. It’s gonna be dramatic, but it’s a little bit of my nemesis because people say, you know, let’s try lipsticks on or whatever and until they actually experience me sitting there trying different lipsticks on and each one aging me 20 years, they don’t believe it. Like I have such a hard time I cannot even tell you how many lipsticks I have. And I I just have never seen I mean once in a while I get the right, the right one and I were and then of course they eventually discontinued it. But it is a really tough thing for me for some reason with my coloring or whatever I never seem to get the right one so interesting. And I so I can personally attest to the wrong lipstick, definitely adding years to me.

Patty Buccellato 27:15
Yeah, it truly can. And the next level beyond the color temperature is the value range, right. So a lot of times if the lipstick is too deep, for our own personal contrast level of skin and hair, it will jump off of our face. And, and that we have to be careful for those of us who are 45 and bad or to really be gentle around the lip line. Strong, intense. Lip Pencil and lip color are going to actually accentuate the fine, those little vertical lines around the lips. So we want to make sure that it’s soft enough, as we get a little older, most of us do need to soften that some

Karen Yankovich 27:57
interesting. So I want to just go back to something you mentioned a little bit earlier about color. And I remember the days of getting colorized right? Are you a spring, winter, summer or fall? Is that still a thing?

Patty Buccellato 28:10
It is still a thing, although it’s expanded. So we do

Karen Yankovich 28:15
is that what it was called? colorized? I think you were colorized I don’t know

Patty Buccellato 28:18
Yeah, there was color analysis and, and varying Brandon names for it. But many people are familiar with the four seasons, as you just mentioned. And we can get a little more particular now the color systems have evolved. And there are 12 Season systems, 14 Season systems, there are completely customized systems. One of them that I work with, I design a personalized one of a kind palette for a client. But I also work with a 12 season system where it’s more nuanced, right and we kind of slide sometimes between seasons so it is not only less restrictive, but it is also can be more refined. So it aids in an understanding of the colors rather than just and then this was something I think is really important too. When you’re working with someone who’s coaching you on your colors, to be able to learn how to identify them not just be handed a palette and say these are your hues, this is what you should wear interesting. You know it’s so much more empowering when you when you number one you see the unfolding when seated in front of a mirror so you kind of train your eye what to look for. How do I look different when I’m in colors that are flattering versus colors that aren’t what should I look for and my facial features to really notice the difference so that when you go out shopping that you can select items, you know, you can hold something up and know what to assess.

Karen Yankovich 29:45
Right right.

Patty Buccellato 29:46
We take the mystery out of it.

Karen Yankovich 29:48
Yeah, well you know what I’m gonna give a little plug for using somebody like you I mean I think about my closet and I’m sure as I say this somebody else if not everybody else is thinking this. You know we have spent Lord knows how many dollars wears on clothes that we just don’t wear. And we say, well, I don’t want to, you know, I understand the value, but then I can’t buy as many clothes, well, I’m guessing if you’re like me, you probably wear the same five things over and over. Because those are the five things that look good on you. And the other 50 tops that are in your closet, you know, that you’re going to wear someday you don’t wear you know, eventually, because they just don’t have that right? Color or visual on you. And we know it and we know it intuitively. So we don’t wear them. Right. So we probably wear the same things over and over. But we buy all this other stuff, because we don’t know what we’re doing. Right? So maybe we all should just, you know, work with somebody like you, Patty and invest our money in you. And not on all these clothes that eventually end up in the goodwill, you know, because we don’t wear them. Because they’re out they are the wrong, you know, they are the wrong color. And I notoriously buy stuff and then don’t want to ever return them. You know? So yeah,

Patty Buccellato 30:48
you and most every other woman in our society. It’s right, what you’re saying is statistically true. Karen 2020. Most women are wearing 20% of their clothing 80% of the time, right? So it’s been studied.

Karen Yankovich 31:02
As you’re saying this, I’m having these light bulbs go off in my head, like so I can spend 80% less money on clothing and put that money into high risk stylists. And then just a great everywhere I go there you gonna do less shopping and do less shopping.

Patty Buccellato 31:15
No wasting your closet closet.

Karen Yankovich 31:17
And now waste on the planet. I mean, we’re hearing a lot about clothing waste these days and all that. So yeah, I love that. All right. So Patty, what is one final tip that our listeners can use to be seen as the go to expert in their field, you have anything for us?

Patty Buccellato 31:31
You know I do. And by identifying by a woman identifying what her own personal style is, she can show up with her highest level of ease, confidence, and grace. And that that’s something that once she knows who she is, and how to choose clothing that projects that so that she feels comfortable in her skin every single time she gets dressed. There’s nothing better than that for the way that she shows up in the world. And it doesn’t have to be hard. It does not have to be hard. It’s just knowing oneself and, and then it comes back to what I strongly believe style can be easy. style can be learned and style can be fun.

Karen Yankovich 32:24
I love this. I love this. Because we and we know this too, right? We know that when we look good, we feel good. And we know those days. And we know the days that we’re uncomfortable or clothes don’t fit properly or, you know, and that the entire day is affected by that. Right. So yeah, I don’t know how we got to this place in the world that we are creating ourselves into things that don’t fit us or we feel like we need things that we don’t really need. But maybe we need to kind of go back to the days of not needing so much junk and just having a few really great things. Because that’s probably what we’re wearing anyway.

Patty Buccellato 32:55
Exactly, exactly. What you feel best in is what you will repeatedly wear.

Karen Yankovich 33:00
Right? Right. So pecking order people learn more about you how can we get some more help from you tell us what’s next for you.

Patty Buccellato 33:07
Oh, gosh, I would love to share with your listeners a gift that I have that is a an entree into that understanding one’s own body, and it is called busta style. Right? It is a free mini course that I will be gifting here today. And it is a video course with a companion ebook where the reader the viewer is led through the process of identifying her own body type. So that she really knows with confidence, what are the clothing shapes and fabrics to purchase for that body?

Karen Yankovich 33:45
Beautiful, we’ll put a link to that in the show notes. And also, if you’re listening and you want to write this down, you can get to that at Karen your style, right? So I would love that. Thank you so much for sharing that. I can’t wait to go through it myself. And what else? So where else can people connect with you and stay in touch with you?

Patty Buccellato 34:05
Reboot your is my website where you can find more about what I do. Learning what other clients have experienced services that are available. And of course, to be able to subscribe to my mailing list where you get news and updates from me about fun things all the time. My next writing is going to be about how we choose our eyewear. So always have something to look forward to. Yes, yes. Yes, that is your

Karen Yankovich 34:37
Thank you so much for all of this this has really been helpful because I don’t talk about this enough. And I think it is a big part of as we’re showing up to be whoever it is we’re choosing to be in the next chapter of our lives. You know, are we feeling it? are we feeling it not just energetically but physically do we look the part do we feel great about how we look and you know, I love that you are you around to help people like me when And we struggle a little bit with this. So thank you so much for being here, Patty.

Patty Buccellato 35:03
Oh, my pleasure, Karen. Thank you.

Karen Yankovich 35:06
Well, I got a ton of tips from Patty. I hope you did as well. It’s something I don’t talk about enough on the show. But I guess how you look is your brand, right? So, but it’s also how you’re feeling and what you’re wearing and how you’re showing up and all of that together. I mean, doesn’t it feel good to just look good and feel good and be building an abundant life and business just feels amazing to me. So hope it feels amazing to you too. If you want to know of course, how to get some support with us. You know, I’m here to support you just grab a spot on our calendar, the link is in the show notes or go to Karen And, you know, get on a calendar, and let’s chat and let’s help you create more influence, create more credibility. Look like a rock star, become a rock star and be a wealthy woman. Let’s lift each other up. Help me help you. I would love for you to share this episode on your social media. Take a quick screenshot right of this episode, or maybe on your phone or wherever you’re listening to it. Tag me tag Patty, we’ll share it with our audiences and let’s just continue to lift each other up. I will see you back here again next week.