This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen discusses how LinkedIn Creator Mode can benefit podcast hosts.

If you’re a podcast host, you should be using LinkedIn Creator Mode!


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About the Episode:

Have you been using LinkedIn creator mode? If not, you miss many benefits, especially as a podcast host or content creator. The creator mode profile gives you some special powers that, if you make good use of your brand, will grow.

For instance, if you are a podcaster, you can use the LinkedIn newsletter to inform your audience about a new episode you just released. In return, your audience grows, the number of downloads goes up, and you can connect with more people who could be of value to your podcast.

You must be wondering how to turn on the creator mode on your profile. Relax, it is easy peasy. From your LinkedIn profile, go to resources and check if creator mode is activated. If not, activate it. LinkedIn will ask you to do several things, like inputting the hashtags to make it easier for them to show your content to your target audience.

The creator mode replaces the “connect” button on your profile with “follow”. This allows more people to follow you; the more followers, your audience grows.

Listen to this episode to learn more.

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Why businesses should be using creator mode [02:49]
  • What you can do with Creator Mode on LinkedIn [05:08]
  • Turn on creator mode [05:22]
  • How to use LinkedIn Live to become an influencer [07:07]
  • How to use LinkedIn’s Creator Mode to build your email list [09:00]
  • How to use LinkedIn Creator Mode to build your following [10:15]

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

“That influencer personal brand on LinkedIn is somewhat non-negotiable to elevating your success.”

“More followers drive more people to your podcast.”

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 216.

Intro 0:06
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:23
Hello there. I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is episode 216. The good girls get rich podcast. And this show is brought to you by she’s linked up where we teach simple relationship heart based LinkedIn and PR marketing, a system that gets you on the phone consistently with the perfect people, the kinds of people that change your business, change your life, change your bank balance forever. We know that the network around us the people we’re surrounded with, impact our success. So what we teach us how to use LinkedIn to make that happen. We want more wealthy women of influence in the world. And that’s our goal. It’s digital marketing with that human touch right human to human marketing. So if you’ve listened before, or if you love what you’re hearing today, you know, we’d love to hear from you. Please subscribe to the show, wherever you’re listening. If you’re feeling it, leave us a review, tell me what you loved about this episode. So we could do more of this right to help us know what to do more of. And, you know, of course, I’d love for you to share this episode on social media, tag me use the hashtag good girls get rich. And I’ll be sure to share your post with my audience. And I’ll get you a little bit of visibility because you’re getting me some visibility. And this is how we lift each other up in the show notes. There’s a link for SpeakPipe where you can leave an audio message, maybe you’ve got a guest you think I should interview or a topic you’d love to hear me talk about, or you just want to chat, right? Leave me a message. I love your SpeakPipe messages, you just go to Karen 216. You’ll see the blog for this page, you’ll see the link to speak pipe and all the other things we talked about here today. So this episode is for podcasters. And you know, I know that some of you listening may not be a podcaster today, but maybe podcasting is on your to do list for 2023 2024 or whatever. So we’re going to be speaking specifically about how LinkedIn creator mode can benefit podcast hosts, right can help you get your podcast seen by more of the exact right people. This podcast has been running since 2017. I am a creator, right? If you’re a podcast host, you are a creator and LinkedIn created creator mode for us creators, right. So when they came along with creator mode, I guess it was maybe 2021. It’s literally made for creators. So just by the name of it. It’s interesting to me when I see podcast hosts that are not using creator mode, which is what sparked me to do this episode. And listen, generally, I believe that all business owners should be using creator mode. So many good reasons for that, right? If you’re a business owner, or a CEO or an entrepreneur, or you know, even if you’re just an if you’ve got a sales role, where you’re engineering, you know, where you’ve got a revenue goal, right? You are probably showing up as an expert, you’re probably connecting with people, you should be connecting with people on LinkedIn, and part of your expert brand is the content that you create, even if it’s a short little video, right? That’s create a moat, even if you don’t have a podcast, and I know that not all podcast hosts are business owners. Right. So I wanted to address this episode, specifically to podcast hosts, and why I think podcast hosts whether or not using your podcast to grow business, how creative mode can be helping you. So you know, it’s so funny to me how just by here, you know, I go to a lot of podcast conferences. And it’s so funny to me when I hear at these podcasts conferences. By the way, I’m going to be at pod Fest in January of 2023. So if you are going to pod fest, let’s connect and meet up there. If you’re not going we’ll have a link in the show notes to pod Fest and a discount code you can use to get your ticket because I want you to come it is it’s a great way to meet other podcast hosts. But even if you’re not a podcast host it’s a great way to meet podcast hosts that new guests right so I’ve been to a lot of podcast conferences. I’ve met a lot of podcast hosts and I have done a lot of strategy with podcast hosts and it’s just so funny to me how I kind of have to like poke them, remind them like you are the media, right? You are the media you’ve got a microphone in front of you, right you are the media, you are creating content, you know, and you need to show up that way on LinkedIn. Right? Not just as Yeah, I like talking about Legos. If you have a Legos podcast, right? You are an expert in Legos because you are the host of the Legos forever podcast making this up if there’s a Legos forever podcast, not not trying to glom on to your stuff right but um you know you are you have to show up as the host of that because that gives you more credibility. So whatever your goals are for hosting the Legos forever podcast, whether it’s you want to monetize it, whether you want sponsors, whether you’re selling Legos strategy sessions, whether you are just want to be speaking at Lego conferences, right whatever those things are creating that influencer brand. This that influencer personal brand on LinkedIn is something that is kind of non negotiable. To elevating your success, right? It’s building credibility is the fastest path to whatever your goals are with your podcast. And it’s up to us to create that, right? It’s on us to create that. So this is specifically talking about your profile. Although there were a few things we’re gonna talk about here on this episode today that are a little bit on the profile, just things that you get to do with creator mode that you don’t get to do without creator mode. So step one, you got to turn on creator mode. And if you go, there’s a section on LinkedIn called resources. And on resources, there’s an option that says creator mode, and if you don’t have it on, it’ll pre say creator mode off, we want to do is click on that and just toggle the switch on over to creator mode on right. And that will get you that will turn on creator mode. So there’s a couple things that you get to do now, right now, because you’re in creator mode, LinkedIn says, Okay, pick a few hashtags tell us the kinds of things that you want to be found for if somebody’s on LinkedIn searching for something, if somebody’s following a particular hashtag, you want to, you know, tell us what those hashtags are. So we know how to send the exact right people to your profile, right? So you get to choose some additional hashtags. If you look at my profile, it’s in creator mode. And you can see under my name are just some random hashtags. They’re just sitting there, right? But that’s what this is, and LinkedIn saying Help us help you. Right? So I’m like, Yeah, I’m gonna help you help me right. So you know, Mister Lego podcast host, make sure you using Legos or toys, or, you know, creative building or whatever hashtags are relevant to you. So that you are helping LinkedIn, send the exact right people to you. The other thing that happens when you change your profile to create a mode is that your, your link for to connect with your changes to follow. So what that means is LinkedIn is saying, Hey, we know you’re an influencer, you’re a creator, right? So we want, we want more people to be able to follow you. You don’t necessarily have to be connected to everybody, right? Like, not everybody needs to be directly connected to Oprah people follow her. Right? So you need to think about that as a podcast host, right? You have a level of influence. So now what you’re doing is LinkedIn setting you up to saying, hey, let’s help you build more followers, right? More followers drives more people to your podcast, right? So it’s, again, setting you up as an influencer. It gives you the ability to set up a profile video. And this is where I want you to turn on your very best podcast voice and create a little video that says, hey, I’m Karen Yankovich. I’m the host of the good girls get rich podcast, I hope you’re a listener. And I’m excited to be connected to you here on LinkedIn, just something like that, right. But it gives you the opportunity to create that. So you can set that up, you have access to things like LinkedIn live, and where one of the things that I’ve started doing is doing a after party, the good girls get rich after party, which is done the week that my episodes go live, I do an after party live on LinkedIn, if I have a guest, I invite the guest, and we just hang out and we talk about recording the episode and maybe some behind the scenes things that happened, right. But again, it’s, it’s it’s kind of like, like, think about your favorite TV shows and how fun it is to watch those after parties or the behind the scenes things, right. That’s what LinkedIn live is going to give you the ability to do. There’s no end of a ways you can be using LinkedIn live, right. But it gives you the opportunity to do that. You also have access to LinkedIn newsletters, and LinkedIn newsletters. Listen, let me just tell you this LinkedIn newsletters are not getting the kind of visibility that they used to get. So I want to manage your expectations here. But what happens when people subscribe to your LinkedIn newsletter is it gets in their actual email inbox? Right, not just their LinkedIn feed. So you can send out an a LinkedIn newsletter every week that talks about your podcast episode, right? You can even put your show, it doesn’t even have to be brand new stuff. You can use the images and the show notes and everything from your show, and create a new and send a newsletter out every week to your LinkedIn newsletter, people. Okay, there’s a few other things as LinkedIn created, what do you see? Do you see the energy around creator mode? Do you see how creator mode shifts the energy of your profile from just some guy that talks about Legos to an influencer, right to an influencer, that’s what we want to be doing here. There’s a few other things you get to do, you get to add an extra link in your profile to wherever you want. Now, for me, I use that link as list building. So if you look at my and you know what, maybe I’ll change it, maybe I’m gonna you know, as I’m saying this, maybe I’m gonna change it for a month. I’m gonna change it for a month and see if it makes a difference. And I’m gonna say listen to good girls get rich, and send people right to my, either my latest podcast episode or my apple podcast page, right? Whatever page I want, or my website, whatever, whatever page I want to send them to. Typically, I like to use these links that LinkedIn gives us to build my email list. And that’s typically what my recommended my strategy recommendations are. But yeah, you know what, why, you know, let’s try this right, let’s

why not send it to your podcast and see if it gets you more podcast listeners. Again, there’s things that you get the opportunity to do with creator mode that you don’t have the opportunity to do with LinkedIn in its standard, its standard interface. It does rearrange your profile as well. And you know, think about this, right? Really, as a podcast host. It’s showing things like your featured section and in my featured section, I always have my most current podcast episode. I have that in my featured section. So I Can you know if any, whenever I’m talking to people on LinkedIn, I can say, hey, just go to my featured section, you can check out my podcast there. Right? It then brings you to my activity. Again, I’m a creator, I am having conversations with other creators, other people on LinkedIn, I am creating posts and content. So so the activity is the next thing, people that LinkedIn is showing people. And then it takes into your about section in your experience, right, the more resume ish pieces of your profile, but it’s giving you the opportunity to show up as an influencer to to build more followers, right to build a following, which is what we want to do as podcasters. We want more people that are the exact right people to be following us. And following our show and following our episodes. That’s why we do this right. So to recap this a little bit, there’s there’s a few things you can be doing using LinkedIn creator mode, the first thing you need to do is just switch that little toggle switch to ON from off, and then you LinkedIn will actually take you through a few things. Like there’s a few things that that come up in that interface, that you’ll say, oh, I can do this. And I can do that. Definitely create your hashtags, right? Find those hashtags, definitely create that extra link and build your following build your influence, build your following. Okay, I hope that this makes sense. I hope you see the value of shifting your your profile, from regular LinkedIn interface to LinkedIn creator modes interface. This is how we start to show up more as a creator, right? And in this world, where so many all of us podcast hosts are vying for attention, right? We want to grab all the online real estate we can we want to, we want to find out we want to show up as the host, the influencer around the topic that we that we talk about, right? So this is LinkedIn creator mode gives you an opportunity to do more of that. This is a short one. This is all I wanted to share today, the power of LinkedIn creator mode for podcast hosts, okay, you know, here in our shoes linked up world, our goal is to create more wealthy Women of Influence if you’re a podcaster. Let’s take every bit of influence that you can write. And if you want to hang out with other incredible women, let’s chat right, I’m frankly, I don’t really care what your body parts are. If you’re a guy and you want to know more about this, we can help you to just go to Karen, you can get on our calendar. And we’ll chat and see if we can support you through this transition into your influencer brand and to bid to bring more wealth into your life. This is not just about downloads write down I you know, I can tell you right now in my world, the best people that come to my business are coming through my podcast right now. So of course I want to do more and more to get more and more beautiful, amazing people to listen to my podcast, right? Because that drives the revenue in my business that is a big driver. It is the main driver right now of the revenue of my business. I’m here to support you a rising tide lifts all boats, right, I do this podcast to support you. I’m happy to do this free call with you, Karen Let’s lift each other up. Help me help you share this podcast. Take a quick screenshot of this episode on your phone share that on social also, and your podcasters that are listening to this. I would love a rating or a review on Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to this. And you know when you share this on social, I get to share it with my audience and we get both get more visibility that way as you move into a new year. Let’s make it simple. Let’s do a better job with what we’re already doing. Okay, I’ll see you back here next week.