This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen discusses 3 easy ways to build your credibility.

Credibility is one of the best things a brand can have. How do you build credibility? Here’s how.


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About the Episode:

How credible are you? This is one question that sends chills down many people’s spines. 

Let’s be honest for a moment, do you like it when people question your credibility?

Credibility is one of the best things a brand can have. A credible brand wins the day all the time. Many of us still need to learn how to go about building our credibility. In this episode, I share three easy tips to help you build credibility and help your brand stand out from your competition.

Build your LinkedIn Profile: If you are not on LinkedIn, you miss many things. Your competitors have the time of their lives with clients you could be serving. One of the best things you should do for your brand after listening to this episode is to create a LinkedIn profile that is irresistible to your target audience. Make it about them.

Media: I cannot insist enough on how much media boosts your credibility. You can make use of paid or earned media. Have a budget for paid media and a monthly plan to appear on earned media like podcasts, magazine interviews, etc. Check out this episode with Rhonda Swan for more information.

Testimonials and Recommendations: To boost your credibility a notch higher, you need to become a collector of testimonials. When someone says something nice about what you do, use it as a testimonial (with their permission). Be bold and ask people for testimonials. Also, ensure you have them on your LinkedIn and your website. LinkedIn carries more weight.

Would you like to hear more? Listen to this episode.

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • A little story: A life experience [05:43]
  • How to build your credibility [07:26]
  • Take care of your LinkedIn profile [07:27]
  • Media: paid and earned media [10:00]
  • Testimonials and recommendations [12:26]

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

“We live in a world of everything’s Googleable. The person with the best brand wins, period.”

“People are not coming to you; you must go after that media.”

“Testimonials and recommendations give you so much power.”

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 220.

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Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:22
Hello there. I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is episode 220 of the good girls get rich podcast. And this episode is brought to you by she’s linked up where we teach women simple relationship heart based LinkedIn marketing, it’s a system that gets you on the phone consistently impacts your calendar consistently, with perfect people, the kinds of people that change your business, change your life, change your bank account balance for ever. This is how we’re creating more wealthy women of influence in the world. And we are down to continue to grow that as we move into a new year here in 2023. If you’ve listened before, or if you’re loving what you hear today, I love hearing from you. So make sure you subscribe to this show, wherever it is that you listen to it. I love your reviews, it gives me a sense of what to do more of right what your what’s resonating with you. And of course, I’d love for you to share this episode on social media or wherever you know, wherever you share your stuff, you can use the hashtag good girls get rich tag me I’m at Karen Yankovich. And then I will get make sure that I see it that makes sure that I see it right. And that I can share your post with my audience. And that’s how we all get more visibility. In the show notes. There’s a link for SpeakPipe where you can leave us an audio message, I love your audio messages, I personally respond to every one of them, you can let me know maybe there’s a guest you think I should interview or a topic you’d love to hear me talk about. Or maybe you just want to leave a review for the show there. Or you just want to, I don’t know, tell me, maybe I would love to hear how maybe you’ve implemented something you’ve heard on this show, right? And tell me how that’s worked out for you. So just go to the show notes, Karen 220, you’ll see the blog for this page, you’ll see the link to speak pipe. And that’s how we can have our conversation started there. You know, my intention is to just go deeper with the work we’re already doing in 2023. And part of that is really being more connected to you on a deeper level SpeakPipe. And this little conversation we get to have there is one way that I want to do that. So check that out. I would love your messages. So what I want to do here, this is the first of a three part episode series. You know, my shoes linked up program is the program that I talk about a lot on this show. And it’s the program that it’s a flagship program, in my in my business, we don’t have a lot of programs like I’ve ditched all the things. And the only thing we now we lead with our she’s linked up program. It’s a 12 week program that supports women and you know, man, I don’t really care what your body parts are how you identify, but it’s definitely more feminine model of building relationship, marketing your business, and growing your influence and growing your business growing your bank account. Right. So we’ve been running the program for a few years now. And the journey has, you know, it’s been a little bit of a journey, right? It started as get linked up. And then we, we changed it. And we’ve we’ve reinvented, she’s linked up a couple times, we moved to two, eight weeks. And that didn’t work. We moved it back up to 12 weeks. And we reinvents reinvented it again in 2022. And I’m loving the model that we’ve got right now our students are just killing it. And it’s makes me so happy. Right. And behind the scenes. And this is not something that I don’t even know if you’re if you’re a student in our program, or if you’ve, if you’re an alumni of our program, the amount I didn’t even realize this, but all of the work that I do is based on a simple three part framework. Okay? Credibility, first, you have to have be building credibility, so that you can build connection with the right kinds of people. And then I want to drive that connection to conversation. And that is where that is where the magic happens in your business when you’re talking to these people. And, you know, this is not You can’t talk to people to sell a pen, you’ve probably heard me say this before. But you know, this strategy is not for you to sell a pen, but it’s a constant conversations I want you to be having are with the people that want to buy 100,000 of your pens, right? So that you’re building this, you’re like flipping the funnel, I like to say, right, so the three part framework and as you go through the for those of you that are in our program, as you go through the 12 weeks, you’ll see that that’s kind of how we lay this out, right? First we start with you and the brand of you and your profile, and then we move and that’s the credibility. Because when you lead to connection, that credibility part, having done that first makes the connection part even easier. Because you’re gonna you can use the credibility makes it easier for people to say yes, at a very high level on that connection piece. And then obviously, we don’t just want to have a bunch of connections, right? That’s like having a bunch of pen pals, I want you to actually have conversations with these people. And that’s what leads to the wealth that we want you to build. So over the next three weeks, I’m going to be talking about these three concepts, credibility, connection and conversation. Right today, we’re diving into credibility. And I know as I say this, you know, there’s definitely a part of me that sometimes thinks this is exhausting. And if you if you can hear it, I actually have a little bit of a cold right Now I’m recuperating from COVID, which, thankfully was very mild. But it’s exhausting, right? Like, it’s exhausting. I can’t people just can’t achieve it just stand on their own. Why do I have to build my own credibility, right? Like, can they just do it on their own. And of course they can write, but we live in a world of everything’s Google bubble. And the person with the best brand wins, period, the end, right? So. So that’s why we’re, I want to take this credibility piece, I want to pull some of the exhaustion out of it, pull some of the I want to build more ease into it. Okay, but I want to, I want it to be really clear the importance of creating a brand that when people check you out, not only do you check out, they’re like, Hell, yes, I want to work with this person, right? I mean, I’ll tell you a little bit of a story that I might have told on the show, but if I did, it was a long time ago, when I moved to the town that I currently live in, I needed a new dentist, right? Like I needed a new dentist, and I didn’t know a lot of people. So I just was like, Alright, let me go online and find myself a new dentist. So if you’re listening in your dentist, like up your digital game, boys and girls up your digital game, because nobody had a digital presence. Hardly any of the dentists in this area hadn’t had a digital presence. So I do some research, I check reviews, I do all the work. I make an appointment with this dentist, I go to get my teeth cleaned, and it is the god awful is teeth cleaning I’ve ever had in my life. Like it was bad. I am not 20. Okay, I’ve had a lot of teeth cleanings in my life, right? For me to say this was by far the worst. I was like, like, and they didn’t even give me like a toothbrush when I left, right, like didn’t even give me a toothbrush when I left. And I know that sounds crazy. But like, I was like what the heck. And it was such an eye opener to me, of the importance of our brand, this dentist is getting business from people like me, because what they did was a good job on the front end. Now, I don’t know if they’re gonna stay in business, because I certainly never went back. And they’re not doing good, good job on the back end. But it speaks to the importance of creating a strong brand, they did their job, they did their job. Now maybe what I should have done was put a bad review up, I didn’t and you know, whatever, but to offset all the stuff that was up there. So that’s why it’s so important that we understand that this credibility piece is a thing it is important is something we can control. And then once you do it, I want you to just kind of bake the principles into what you do on a regular basis so that it continues to build your content, your credibility continues to build without having to do this big upfront, push upfront. Right. So how do we do that? Well, the first way we do that is by using your LinkedIn profile. Anybody surprised that that’s number one. Okay, we’re gonna use your LinkedIn profile. So if you go to LinkedIn profile, it’s a playlist that I’ve created that has LinkedIn profile tips, right tips to help you write your LinkedIn profile, I in all the work that I do with people, whether it’s my private client work, or the she’s linked up accelerator program, we write your profile for you. Because I think it’s really hard to do your own LinkedIn profile, it is hard to build your own credibility, because it’s hard to see yourself as others see you right, like we the things that we do really well that we don’t realize sometimes that they are unique to us, and how powerful they can be so so what we like to do here is pull that out from you and write your profile for you so that you’re shining a light on your genius. So this is really important, your LinkedIn profile is going to come up high in searches. So when people are checking you out, and they are checking you out, I mean, we don’t buy, you know, tissues without googling for reviews of them, right. So people are checking you out, let your LinkedIn profile do the heavy lifting for you have a profile that positions you as if you’re peers, with the most influential people in your industry. Now, I’m not gonna go into detail in this episode on how to do a great LinkedIn profile. I’m gonna I think I’m gonna do that again, in a maybe a month or two. Well, we haven’t done an episode like that in a while. But you can go to LinkedIn profile to get some help there. But it’s not. There’s a couple things I want to just remind you, nobody really cares about you. Right? I don’t really care where that dentist went to high school or college or what I don’t even know what the differences in dental degrees, right? So I don’t care about all that. All I care about is what’s in it for me, am I gonna go to the dentist and my teeth gonna be clean? Am I going to feel comfortable? Am I going to be happy when I leave? Right? That’s what people care about. So you want to tell them about you. But you want to make it about them. So you want to have a client facing LinkedIn profile. Right? Another example that I’ve used a million times is you can be a financial planner. And maybe you’re a financial planner with lots and lots and lots of letters after your name and lots of brilliant testimonials and stuff, right? But you’re just like everyone else, right? There’s a million people on LinkedIn that have a profile like that. If you however, if you’re a financial planner that says I’m a financial planner, and my expertise is helping women over 50 create enough wealth to retire at 60. Now I’m paying attention you’re still telling me about you, but you’re making it about me. So does that make sense? You’re telling me about you, but you’re making it about them? Right? So that’s the first piece take care of your LinkedIn profile once and for all. Okay, that has got to happen and obviously there’s, you know, we have I’m here to help you with that anything if you’re looking for some help. There’s a link below to how to book a call with someone on our team. The second One piece of this is media. Okay, when you go to my, when you go to Google and you throw Karen Yankovich In yes, you’re gonna find my website. Yes, you’re gonna find my Twitter account. Yes, you’re going to find my LinkedIn profile. But you’re also going to see pages and pages and pages of things like podcast, interviews, magazine, interviews, TV interviews, right? That builds my credibility. So when I, you know, when you like, so again, if I’m doing if I’m using my profile to do outreach, so that I have this great profile, but also in that profile, maybe my featured section, it’s the most recent newspaper I’ve been interviewed for. Right. So that also adds to your credibility and media is 100% on you. Because unless you’re Oprah, people are not coming to you, you have to go after that media. So we’ve talked a lot about a few we, you know, if you, I highly recommend you go back and listen to the episode with Rhonda Swann, she went into in deep into the difference between earned versus paid media. And we’ll link to all this stuff in the show notes, but earned versus paid media, in the you know, what the difference is, I would say you want to have a combination of both, I have a paid media budget for my you know, in my business for 2023. Because there’s reasons sometimes that you want to pay for media. So you want to understand, though, that that’s created. So there’s tools, there’s tools, like help that can help you get featured in newspapers and magazines and blogs, you know, you can connect with some of your favorite podcast hosts, in an attempt to maybe get featured on their podcast, right, and then that gets you earned media, you can build relationships with all the journalists in your local area. And that can help you get more earned media. But that media is also a piece that leads to your credibility, all of which is something you need to create. Right. So now I’m talking about doing this upfront and once. But this is also something that once you’ve got that done, and you’ve got a system in place, you want to roll that out, and have that be a part of your business plan every single month. You know, when we did business planning and our shooting up program, I’m not a business coach per se, like I don’t really talk about you make $1,000 You know, what’s the Delta? What are you paying for overhead? How do you hire people, what what I do do is talk about things like you know, to achieve the goals, you want to achieve how many podcasts you want to be interviewed on every month, right? And that needs to be every month for the entire year, not like let’s do a push on podcast, just drip it in, just drip it in, just incorporate it into everything you do. So you incorporate this quest for media, into your business in a very simple way that fills your business with ease around this, and is not complicated now if your business is, is, you know, making half a million, a million dollars a year or more, maybe you’re gonna pay somebody to help you with that stuff. Right. And that’s good. That’s, that’s, that’s brilliant. But there’s a lot you can do on your own before you get to that point. Okay, so media, that is definitely something that you want to focus on. The Press needs us more than we need them. And the third thing that you need to focus on to build your credibility. And this should also get baked into everything you do is testimonials and recommendations. When somebody says something nice to you, when they’ve worked with you, you know, oh my gosh, Mary, it’s so nice to work with somebody that really gets what I do. I would love that next set words out of your mouth to be Mary, I’m so happy to hear that. Thank you so much. It makes my heart warm to hear that your you know, the work we’re doing together is so impactful to you. How would you feel about dropping that in LinkedIn as a recommendation from me because that would really be helpful, it’s helpful to me, Mary’s going to be so happy you said that, because she would love to do that. She’s saying nice things to you. Right? That’s the time to ask them to do something nice. Or maybe even say like, some people sometimes I’ll get an email from somebody or a LinkedIn message and I’ll reply and say, Wow, and I like highlight a section that sounds like a really great LinkedIn recommendation. And of course, they like send me back an lol sounds good. And then they go in and do it. Right. You want to build this in if you work with customers on a short term basis, or a long term basis, whatever it is, there’s probably some kind of off boarding process. You want to make sure in every single case you’re getting recommendations from these people, obviously the best place to get it is in the middle of it not waiting till the end, right. So building in a process to get testimonials and recommendations as you are going through the daily and weekly and monthly operations of your business all adds to your credibility. Okay, so ways that you can do this I already talked about a couple of ways here but there’s, you know, you can also look through your 2022 client list and say I wonder if like you know, maybe kind of maybe write them recommendations to some of them and you know, maybe that will prompt them to write you went back and then you can use those in your social media posts you could use those in your on your website you could use them as you know in emails that you send out that lead to hey, you know book a call or let’s talk you can have a you know, like you can have a I have a page on my story. I have a success stories page on my website you can get you’re welcome to check out we’ll link to that below. I also have a press page on my website with all the media that I’ve earned. Not all of it because I don’t always remember to do it, but a lot of the media that I’ve learned so these are things when you build This in you want to capture this, because what we what I find myself doing and maybe you can relate to this, I found myself in the past years, constantly looking for the next thing and not doing enough with the things that I already had. Not taking when people would say nice things to me not like immediately triggering that in my head going, how can that? How can I instead of like, looking for the next thing that I needed, like, let’s stay right there. Let’s accept that. Let’s love that. Let’s enjoy that. Let’s love on that. And then let’s see if they’re willing to let us use that statement. In other things. I mean, I’ve even done that with friends of mine, I can think of a friend of mine who got a really great opportunity to be part of an institution. And she messaged me, and I said, that’s amazing. That’s congratulations, she messaged me. And she said that was 100%. Due to what I’ve learned from you around LinkedIn. I’m like, that is something can I use that? And she said, not only can you use that, and she wrote out a little thing for me to use it right? You get what I’m saying here? Right? You get what I’m saying here. So when people call you and say oh my gosh, I’ve just started doing the strategies that you’re teaching me. And I’ve got two leads already. And it’s only been two weeks. You want to jump on that and say, Wow, can I can I use that? Can I use that little statement? And almost always people are willing to say yes. Now I do ask people that you want to ask people if you can use their kind words, but testimonials and recommendations gives you so much power. And you know, here’s the thing. Of course, I like to see these on LinkedIn. But the reason I like to see them on LinkedIn is because if you have testimonials and recommendations on your website, I love that you should have that I have that right. But you know that I handcrafted them, right? I curated them, I’m like, Who do I know that can write me a recommendation about this or that Right? Which is what you should be doing. It’s nothing wrong with doing that. When they’re on LinkedIn, you can actually click through the person to get to see if they’re credible. And then you and I have had people reach out to me and say, hey, you know what, so and so just reached out to me and asked about your about my work with you, because they saw my recommendation on LinkedIn. That happens. And that’s powerful. And when somebody says to you, Can I Can you give me some references. For I work with you, when you say you can just come on over to LinkedIn, I’ve got over 100 recommendations there, feel free to reach out to any of those people. That is a powerful statement, that is a powerful, confident statement from a very credible person. So let’s recap this for a second. First of all, you’ve got to have that credibility. The first part of the three part framework that we teach in our shoes linked up program is credibility. And that starts with your LinkedIn profile. We need help with that LinkedIn profile, or grab a spot on our calendar at Karen Second piece of this is media incorporate of media strategy into everything you do. It can be simple, it doesn’t have to be every week, it can be three times a year, right? But you want it to you want to have that as part of your strategy so that it’s building your credibility, it is 100% controllable by you. And you don’t have to be Oprah to get that kind of media. And the third part is testimonials and recommendations. You want to make sure that you are a collector of testimonials and recommendations. And remember that we’re setting ourselves up for success here. But it’s on us to nail the credibility piece. I know you have it, right. I know you have it but you have I know you have that credibility. But it needs to be carefully crafted and presented in a way that it does the work for you. And you’re not having to explain yourself all the time. You don’t have to say, Well, I’ve done this, and I’ve done that. No, you just show up cool and collected and said I love to work with you check out my LinkedIn profile. There’s lots of stuff there for you to find out more about me if there’s something that you more than you need than that, let me know, check out my success stories page on my website, check out like give them these things build this the day to start building this credibility bank of things is today. It’s to day. And and that is a big part of the work that we do. In fact, that is the identity shifting work that we do. And she’s linked up. Because when you start to actually put all of this brilliant stuff that you’re doing on paper and you start accumulating recommendations, and you start getting interviewed and featured in the media, it shifts your identity. And I’m honest, I will be a student of identity for the rest of my life. Because I think it’s really cool. And my I want my identity content who wants to be stuck, right? I want to be continually, continually evolving, evolving. Now in a way that’s a lot of work, right? I want it to be I want to be evolving in a positive way. And what better way to do that than as we’re kind of kicking off a new year here. So, you know, my goal is for there to be more wealthy women of influence in the world. We have absolutely incredible women in our she’s linked up accelerator program. If you want to know what it looks like to be one of those women grab a spot on our calendar or Karen marketing is more intimate. That is what’s working right now in the market. And that is how that happens on LinkedIn. In, let’s just talk if it’s a fit, we’ll talk about what it looks like, if it’s not a fit. We’ll part ways and we’ll hopefully have had a great conversation, right? But but if we don’t have the conversation we’ll never know. Right? So grab a spot on the calendar, Karen And remember that a rising tide lifts all boats, right? I do this podcast to support you, I want you to build brilliant credibility around your brand. Right? And that happens, you know that I’ve got this, you know, I do these free calls for you as well. Right. So this is the first step to your success. So help me help you share this podcast, take a quick screenshot of this episode on your phone and share that on social also, make sure you tag me so I don’t miss it. And that I can share it with my audience and then I’m giving you more visibility right back to that rising tide. So remember, this is only part one of a three part series, credibility, connection and conversation. Next, we’re going to be talking about connection. And I would love to hear from you and to know your thoughts on how this episode impacted you. So let me know and I will see you back here next week for another episode.