This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen asks the question, “What if LinkedIn went away?”

If LinkedIn went away, would the principles Karen teaches still work? The answer… yes!


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About the Episode:

Have you ever imagined what would happen if LinkedIn went away? The thought is scary. It isn’t easy to imagine life without LinkedIn. The fact is life would move on regardless.

I am known for being a LinkedIn strategist, but today I’m playing the devil’s advocate. I want to share tips on how we can keep the dice rolling even without LinkedIn. I consider LinkedIn my money tree, which can be for you too. In episodes 220, 221, and 222, we talked about building connections, credibility, and conversations. The big question is, can the tips shared in the mentioned episodes work off LinkedIn?

As a course creator, I have been intentional with making sure what I teach is applicable even if we pulled LinkedIn out of the picture. For instance, if we didn’t have LinkedIn today, how would we make connections? What ways would we use to build our credibility and conversations? I share all the answers in this episode. 

Listen in and learn.

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • The importance of a LinkedIn profile [00:53]
  • How to make connections without LinkedIn [05:15]
  • Building your credibility without LinkedIn [10:33]
  • Where do you meet people? [15:20]

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

“My LinkedIn inbox is the most valuable piece of business real estate in my business. I firmly believe that that is where all the business is happening in my business.”

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 228.

Intro 0:05
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:23
Hello there. I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is episode number 228 of the good girls get rich podcast. And if you’ve been listening to the show, or if you’ve known me at all, or if you’ve listened to anything I’ve done, if you Google me, you’re gonna see a lot of content around LinkedIn. I am definitely known as a LinkedIn strategist. And what we’re going to talk about on this show is, what if LinkedIn went away? How does this work? So before we get to that, though, know that I am truly a LinkedIn evangelist, I consider LinkedIn my money tree, it absolutely can be the same for you. I have programs and I have strategy. And you know, we’re creating a new LinkedIn profile training program. And you know, LinkedIn has really become the hub of many, many people’s online marketing. I mean, listen, we were, we were thrown into a virtual world a few years ago, and your LinkedIn profile is truly where your brand lives, right. It’s what people say. And we live in a pretty wild world right now, do we not right? Like, who the heck knows what’s going on? I do think that people in general are using less social media. I know I am. And, you know, I do listen to more more podcasts not like I’m not connected anymore. But I You know, I’ve just used it differently post pandemic, right? It just got so noisy that my use changed. And I spend a lot more time on LinkedIn and actually talking to people one on one connections. And because of the craziness, right, like, I don’t know, do you remember, like whoever was blab or Periscope, these are sites that many, many people built their businesses on? And they just disappeared? Right? They just disappeared. They just said, Yeah, we’re not doing that anymore. Right. And then there’s like, even even clubhouse, I mean, clubhouse is still here, but it’s changed so much from the very beginning. So, you know, I’m telling you this not because I don’t think you should be using LinkedIn, LinkedIn is here. And we should absolutely be taking advantage of it every single day, every in everything that we’re doing in our business, right, I don’t think LinkedIn is gonna go away like blab or Periscope did. But you know, things have happened. Like, for example, I remember a few years ago on Facebook, they changed the algorithm drastically one time, and I personally know of somebody who literally went out of business because of that, right? So it’s really important to me, that everything that I teach works, even without LinkedIn, of course, I want it to work with LinkedIn, we haven’t, let’s use it, it’s brilliant. And it helps us reach people that we would never have access to otherwise. But I want to make sure that this process also works. If we pull LinkedIn out of the out of the picture. And I’m always preaching to my team, as we’re creating content, as we’re creating things that this has to be this works. I don’t just I don’t tell you this, right. I don’t say, you know, this is how it works on LinkedIn. And this is how it works out LinkedIn. I am, you know, a huge proponent of using LinkedIn, it’s here for us. But I want to talk a little bit about like, what would happen, if you just decided one day, you didn’t want to use LinkedIn or for let’s just say your LinkedIn got shut down, right? Like I don’t, I mean, I think you can get it back. And especially if you’re using it authentically, which hopefully you are if you’re listening to my show, but that’s why I’m recording today’s show, because I want to talk about what to do now, first of all, know that you can export your contact on LinkedIn. And I will link to a video that I did on exactly how to do this, but you want to export your data on LinkedIn pretty regularly. I mean, at least once a year, if not once a month, right? And listen, it’s not going to come out, like here’s all your contacts, and here’s their pretty contact info with their pretty email addresses and their pretty phone numbers. It doesn’t come out like that. But it’s there it is there, all the information is there. So you want to make sure that you export it on a regular basis, let’s just say quarterly and make yourself a quarterly reminder to do it using, you know, put it in Asana or, you know, Trello or whatever, use that to export your LinkedIn contact every quarter, just why the heck not right. i My background is in it. I’m a fan of backing up my backups, right. So do that. But in the meantime, I kind of want to remind you back to the beginning of 2023 when I did three episodes in a row episode 222 21 and 222, where I talked about the process that I teach my students when I’m creating LinkedIn strategy with them. And we’re going to take that process. I wouldn’t take LinkedIn out of the picture in this episode, and talk about how you can use that very same process without LinkedIn. Again, I just want to remind you, I’m not here to tell you not to use LinkedIn, please use LinkedIn. It’s a brilliant tool, but know that I recognize we live in a crazy world and we never know what’s going to happen. So I want to make sure that any strategies that I’m teaching that I’m asking you to be dependent on that I’m teaching you actually life skills, business skills that are going to work, regardless of the platform that you’re using. Okay, so let’s talk about the first piece of the puzzle. And that’s a connection. And this was episode 220. And, you know, normally when I talk about connection, I talk about connecting on LinkedIn. Right? But what I want you to do is be looking for places to connect consistently. So let’s talk about what that looks like if you don’t have LinkedIn. Right? So thinking about where do you meet people, right? Maybe it’s a local Chamber of Commerce event, maybe it’s a networking event, maybe it’s a conference, maybe it’s a woman’s organization, maybe you belong to NABO, National Association of Women, business owners, right? Make actual connections with these organizations. Now, of course, in the strategies that I teach with LinkedIn, I want you to use LinkedIn to connect with these people. But maybe you just have to dust off those business cards when you go to these events, and use actual business cards and put follow ups in your actual paper calendar, right, or maybe your Google account, I’m not saying the internet’s going away, right, you can still use your Google Calendar. But you know, do follow up. But do manual, follow up, do manual follow up, or however you would do follow up otherwise, right? Of course, I like to be able to use the strength of a great LinkedIn profile, so that you are showing up in a strong way. And you’re not just you know, some faceless name on a business card when they see or when you can have somebody from a LinkedIn profile, they you’re connecting with strength, right. So when we’re using LinkedIn for this connection piece, it’s a much more powerful way to do this piece. But this connection piece works. Even if we didn’t have LinkedIn, you still can be doing that outreach to five people a week, which is what I’m talking about. And, you know, look across the different events that are on your calendar, and think about five different people that you can do outreach to, and that you can connect to, and you can build your network with. Even if you don’t have LinkedIn to do it. The second part of this was conversation, right? I don’t want you to just have names on your LinkedIn connection, I don’t want you to just have a Rolodex full of names, I want you to actually speak to these people, whether it’s zoom calls, or phone calls, or coffee dates, it doesn’t matter. But you can still do that. Obviously, this piece is the same. Whether or not we’re using LinkedIn, using LinkedIn for DMS certainly is an easy way to do it. It simplifies things I’ve said many, many times that my LinkedIn inbox is the most valuable piece of business real estate in my business. And I firmly believe that that is where all the business is happening in my business. But you can have these kinds of follow up conversations. Even if we pulled LinkedIn out of the out of the picture, right, you can still have these conversations. So the process that I’m teaching you is age old is timeless, right? It’s timeless, you’re still can be connecting with people, and you can still be having conversations with people. Now, remember, if you want to know how to do this, using LinkedIn, or she’s linked up program is the best place to do this. We have a totally program where we teach women and frankly, I don’t really care what your body parts are how you identify, you want to join this program, we are happy to have you. But it’s a more right brained, feminine approach to building these connections, having these conversations, and we teach you how to do this consistently. Because my goal is for there to be more wealthy women of influence in the world. And more money gives us more opportunities. And I want and LinkedIn is where money is happening. It’s where the business is happening is where the biggest highest ticket opportunities are happening. So when our shoes linked up program, we teach you to fish, we teach you the process, we teach you to consistently be watering your money tree, growing your money tree, and picking $1,000 bills off that money tree. If you want to know more about what it looks like to be one of the amazing, brilliant people in this program. Just grab a spot on our calendar, go to Karen And we’ll have a little chat. And we’ll see if it’s a fit. Either way, we’re going to have lots to say, I love these conversations. My team loves these conversations. And we’re going to walk away with lots of valuable information to help you move forward. If we think it’s a fit, we’ll tell you what that looks like. Again, Karen is the very next step in that process if you want to know more about getting some support with this.

So we talked about connection. Right? And we did a full episode on this at episode 220. We talked about conversation. We did a full episode on this on episode 221. Now we’re gonna talk about credibility, because credibility helps make this more valuable. Think about these local chamber events. If you’re the one at the local chamber event that they saw on, you know the news last night, or they saw interviewed, or maybe you’re on the stage with a microphone in your hand, right? It gives you more credibility. People look at you differently. You need to create this credibility for yourself. Right google yourself, see what happens. Obviously, if you’ve got a great LinkedIn profile, that’s what we want. And that’s how we’re using LinkedIn right now. because that helps with the credibility. But if you pull LinkedIn out of the picture, and Google yourself, you want to say, Have you been interviewed on podcasts? Have you been interviewed in newspapers and magazines? All of this comes down to that connection and conversations, not just with people that are potential clients, but maybe with the with the journalists in your area, right? Let’s say you’re, you’re a real estate agent, do you? Are you building relationships with the with the news publishers and the journalists that write about real estate in your local market? You should be because that adds to the credibility piece of this process, right? So even, you know, of course, I want you to have a great LinkedIn profile. And of course, I want that to do all the heavy lifting for us. But if we pull LinkedIn out of the picture, right, we still have Google, we still have people are still going to check you out. Right? So you have the opportunity to build some credibility around your personal brand using things like publicity, right? Using things like Even Wikipedia, right? You can create a Wikipedia page for yourself. I’m not exactly sure how to do that. But I know that is doable. You know, your website, your online assets, all of these things lend to your credibility. So what happens when you Googled yourself? Do you see? Are you building a brand for yourself that when people Google you, it’s giving you the credibility you want to have, so they can invest in you at these higher levels at the levels that you want to, you know, to be known as, so that you can be showing up and way over delivering with your higher ticket opportunities. So let’s talk about these three processes again, connection, conversation, and credibility. Right? We just recap this a little bit you with with or without LinkedIn, you can still be connecting with people, you can still be putting these people that you’re connecting with on your calendar. And all of that is easier if you’ve taken the time to build this credibility for yourself. Right, and the credibility full episode is episode 222. So you want to check those episodes out if you want to get detailed, but when you’re listening to them listening, listen to them with the ear of even if I wasn’t going to use LinkedIn, how can I make this happen? Okay, so as much as I am an absolute LinkedIn evangelist, and I absolutely think that every single person that is a business owner or business professional, should have a strong LinkedIn strategy, it’s important to me to know that the strategies that I teach will still work, even if we pull LinkedIn out of the picture. Even if we pull LinkedIn out of the picture. Now, we’re not pulling LinkedIn out of the picture anytime soon. Hopefully, we’re not pulling LinkedIn out of the picture anytime soon. And that’s why in our she’s linked our program, our goal is to create more wealthy women of influence. That’s why I do this podcast. Hopefully, you’ve got some great tips today. If you love what you hear today, you know that I love to hear from you. So make sure that you’re following this show. Wherever you’re listening, whether it’s Apple podcasts, or Spotify. Of course, you know that I love when you share it, take a quick screenshot and share it on social media, use the hashtag good girls get rich, so we are sure to find it, make sure you tag me, right and then I’ll be sure to share your post with my audience. So we can all get more visibility. This is how we support each other. This is how we are generously supporting each other. In the show notes. There’s a link for SpeakPipe in the show notes or at Karen to eight. And there’s a link for SpeakPipe where you can leave an audio message and I love your audio messages. Maybe you’ve got a topic you want to hear me just dish on maybe you’re or go deep into and giving you some strategy on right. Maybe there’s a guest you think I should interview or just have a question? Or maybe you just want to leave us a review of the show on SpeakPipe. I respond to every single SpeakPipe message personally. So I love getting SpeakPipe messages. Remember, just go to Karen Yankovich Icom slash two to eight, you’ll see all the links we talked about on this show. You’ll see the link to speak pipe and gives us a chance to really deepen our relationship. I like I mean, it’s a way for me to make this more of a two I’m not just talking about Yeah, the podcast, right? It’s given us an opportunity to make this a little bit more of a two way conversation because I truly do want to know more about you. Because what I know, and I know you know this, and this is a little cliche, but a rising tide lifts all boats, right. I do this podcast to support you. I’ve got my free masterclass at Karen, which is also in the show notes. We do these free consultations at Karen All of these are the things that we provide you to help you help me help you. Right, right, let’s lift each other up, you share this podcast, I am happy to share that if I see that you’ve shared it. I’m happy to share that on my social media so that you get some more visibility. And then we are moving our businesses forward together so that we can have again building a culture of more wealthy women of influence. I hope that you understand that this process that I talked about on this show, even though it’s very LinkedIn focused, it still works. It’s timeless marketing techniques. And I want you to remember that, even if you’re feeling like you don’t wanna turn your phone on one day. All right, I’ll see you back here again next week for another app. Episode of The Good girls get rich podcast