This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, guest Brielle Cotterrman and Karen Yankovich talk about making the big bucks.

Brielle Cotterman is a Publicity Expert and Celebrity-Maker. She helps her clients craft and scale dream careers to 7 figures and beyond by leveraging their personal stories and passions in order to create speaking tours, author award-winning books, procure media placements, and inspire the millions of people that need to hear their story.


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About the Episode:

How do I build and market my celebrity brand?

I know this is not a new question to most business people, celebrities, and entrepreneurs that sends chills down their spine. Over and over, we ask ourselves how to get known and make our brands get awareness in the market. Fine, today is your lucky day as I bring one of the best contributors to this show, Brielle Cotterman and she will share some of the highlights. 

Brielle Cotterman is a package in one, being a TEDx speaker, entrepreneur and contributor, activist against domestic violence, publicity expert, and celebrity maker who, in the past years, has helped people scale their dream careers to seven figures and beyond. 

Brielle acknowledges that she has done many things in life, and it’s through that she got an opportunity to do what she loves. From high levels of sales and marketing, she learnt that there is a need to have a strategy to achieve results and therefore focuses on helping clients to strategize how to use PR opportunities as a marketing tool.

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Getting to know Brielle [1:30]
  • What brings Brielle and I together? [3:01]
  • Using media opportunities as a marketing tool [11:22]
  • Importance of having a marketing strategy [13:51]
  • Horizon for Brielle Cotterman [22:34]
  • Importance of having a strong social media presence [28:09]

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

“Marketing is more intimate and personal.”

“Today is the day to start doing this.”

“Think about pursuing publicity based on your unique credibility and story.”

“You’re never going to get the publicity that you deserve if your business is not busy enough to keep you busy in your business.”

“Tell a story that inspires action.”

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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Read the Transcript

Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 229.

Intro 0:06
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:24
Hello, I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this show is one even when I really listened to it to do this right to record this intro and, and all the other things we do when we’re getting ready to launch the show itself. It reminded me of how much I love Brielle Kahneman and the work that she does, it’s so aligned with everything we do here and she’s linked up. So I really enjoyed this interview. And I know you’re going to hear a lot of what you hear me say a lot, but you’re going to hear it from another point of view, and so many great tips on how you can be using PR to help you build the credibility, the business and the visibility and the brand of you that you deserve to have. So I hope you love Brielle as much as I do. All of her information is in the show notes. So make sure that you’re taking a screenshot of this as you’re listening if you hear anything good and share it on your social and tag me and tag rial and we’ll all get some more visibility that way. All right, here we go meet Brianna cotterman. I am here today with Brielle cotterman. And Brielle is a TEDx speaker, contributor and entrepreneur, activist against domestic violence, publicity expert and celebrity maker. She spent the last decade helping clients to craft and scale dream careers to seven figures and beyond by leveraging their personal stories and passions in order to create speaking tours, author award winning books, procure media placements and inspire the millions of people that need to hear their story. She’s a survivor of attempted murder and domestic violence and an advocate for a world where intimate partner abuse is not tolerated and survivors are met with empathy. Her clients are regularly featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes Fast Company, Martha Stewart Living cosmopolitan, NBC, CBS and many more. She’s a graduate of Indiana University in Bloomington, a World Grand Champion equestrian, former national spokesperson for multiple charitable organizations, former title holder and director within the Miss America organization, member of the Public Relations Society of America, a member of the association of image consultants, international 2019, epic Award nominee from the National Association of Women Business Owners, Brielle has been married for just over three years for the love of her life and owns and operates a show horse breeding farm where she lives with her husband and three children and many, many animals. Brielle what a bio, what a long list of things you would read this and think that you’re like 87 years old, but you’re not. So what a lot maybe what a lot you’ve done in your short time here.

Brielle Cotterman 2:56
I’ve lived a lot of life, Karen,

Karen Yankovich 2:58
welcome, welcome. Welcome to the show. Oh my gosh, I kind of almost don’t even know where to start. But I, you know, I guess we’re where we should start is what brings Brielle together. And what brings her to the show, obviously, is if you know if you’ve listened to the show before, you know how important I think publicity and PR is to our credibility to our personal brands. And it’s a big part. And it’s something that I infused into all the work we do on our shoes linked up programs, because I just think that it’s something that it’s so easy to overlook. And we think it’s just for the Oprah’s of the world and it’s not, which is why I wanted to bring Brielle to the show. So So tell us a little bit about like, what part of this journey brought you to helping other people build their celebrity brands?

Brielle Cotterman 3:40
Yes. Okay. So basically, I have done so many things. And it’s really that unique combination of experience and skills that have given me the opportunity to do what I do, Karen and you know, it’s I get so much more joy from finding curating, creating really amazing positioning and opportunities for my clients than I do for myself. And that’s really what it’s all about, you know, I spent a lot of years in very high level sales and marketing before and went into the PR world. And what I recognized when I went in there is the reason why people traditionally will get upset with their PR firm is they have this vision, they have unexpressed or unrealized expectations of what goes along with publicity. They want the growth in their audience, they want increased sales, they want all of these things that happen beyond the actual feature. And so a traditional PR firm, their responsibility is the feature right? You know, they pay you for opportunities, and then you get to show up in a magazine or on a podcast or on television, and it’s really phenomenal, but it can be even more phenomenal if their strategy by In that, and so that’s what I clearly saw, we’re having that background in sales and marketing, in order to create those results, there has to be a strategy to actually make that happen. Now, that is not the responsibility of a traditional PR firm. So that’s why our organization looks more like a hybrid, where sales, marketing or personal branding, and where PR and professional speakers representation, so we help our clients to be fully prepared. Through media training, we get them the amazing opportunities, after we’ve ensured that their foundation for celebrity is intact and really strong. And then we teach them how to leverage it. So it’s really a combination of you know, sales and marketing background, when I came into the PR world seeing a need for what it is that we do. And then really it that’s what brought me to this place of creating the organization that we have. And story is really what sets my soul on fire and is the reason why I do what I do every single day, whether it’s my story or your story, or any number of people, giving them the opportunity to make the impact that they deserve to make in the world.

Karen Yankovich 6:04
Oh my gosh, such that’s so good. So you talked a little bit about the celebrity founder, like seeing if they have a celebrity foundation? Is that how you described it? Foundation of celebrity a nation of celebrity? What does that mean? Tell us a little bit, basically,

Brielle Cotterman 6:17
yeah, so think about it, like having a press worthy personal brand. That’s one of our trademarked terminologies, you know, when we are thinking of a foundation of celebrity, and celebrity means different things to different people. But when I say that, I mean thought leader influencers subject matter expert, credible authority in that space. And what that really means is when I pitch when our organization pitches clients, the editors, the journalists, the producers, they’re going to check out your social media, they’re going to look at your website, they might even hop on your email list. And what that should look like is a lens of consistency. So the words that we’re saying about you the things that they hear, they see and hear you saying, they have to get the same feeling when they interact with you through checking out your website, looking at your social media. And if there’s disparity there, if they see something that’s totally out of left field, or if things are not curated and delivered in a way that represent quality and integrity and business, then chances are they’re probably not going to say yes, got it. Got it.

Karen Yankovich 7:25
And those are things we could and should be doing. Right. And you know, it’s so easy. It’s funny that you’re saying that Bri? Because when I look at my own stuff, I always I’m always looking at it like oh my gosh, like who on the planet? Has anybody here listening? That’s not doesn’t look at their website and say, Oh, my gosh, I need to update this page. Like, yeah, it’s like, it’s this, these are things that are never done, right. And the longer you’re in business, the more out of alignment they can get, right? Because you may say, alright, I’m moving towards this. So I’m gonna update my LinkedIn profile. So it speaks to the right people, but then you never really did the same thing for your website. And now things are starting to get out of alignment. So it’s, it’s not unusual for that to happen. It’s just a matter of are we paying attention to it? And are we addressing it,

Brielle Cotterman 8:06
you are exactly right. And here’s the thing, and this is what I always tell people, your brand identity, you’re the brand of your business of your organization, your advocacy, whatever it might be, that is not one in the same as your own personal brand. So while your personal brand intersects the mission, vision and values of your organization, they’re not necessarily exactly the same. And the last thing that anybody wants, is to get so sucked into that identity of their organization, that they themselves don’t really have a position as an expert or as an authority, because they’re just a part of this organization. And it does happen a lot, you know, we do Shift, we do evolve, and taking the time to really thoughtfully curate, you know, we all have a personal brand, whether we recognize it or not. The difference is when it’s curated, we’re participating in that conversation. When it’s not curated, we’re allowing others to draw their own conclusions.

Karen Yankovich 9:03
So cool. So you know, when I talk about PR, as far as our program is concerned, I say that I help people with with LinkedIn and PR strategy, I am not talking about pure strategy, the way you talk about it. For me, it’s coming down to just the relationships, right, a lot of people when they’re just starting in business, or even, you know, many of the women that we work with are maybe they’re a corporate and they’re leaving corporate to to open up consulting business. So they’re they’re building quarter million dollar half million dollar moving on their way to maybe they’re maybe a seven figure business. And they’re not what I want them to do is just understand that they have the ability to start to build some of these relationships themselves. Right? At some At what point do you like to step in and say, how about if we help you with this? Because I do think that there’s, you know, if you’re looking at things like Who are your local journalists, are you connecting with them? Are you you know, do you know who writes about what you’re expert in for your local business, newspapers and things like that? Are you connecting with them on LinkedIn? Are you building those relationships? At what point do you think it’s time for people to start thinking okay, A, I really want to get some help with this. Now it’s time to step this up. Where does that where’s that? What’s that delta?

Brielle Cotterman 10:06
So, you know, I think you can look at it through so many different lenses, like what stage of business, you know, all of those things we really recommend, like you mentioned, like locally, we recommend that everyone, no matter who you are, that you are, what level in your career have that blend of local and regional, niche specific and thought leader, I mean, we want everybody to be having all of those, because that’s that really beautiful blend that creates the magic and touches all of the people that need to hear your message and gives you really incredible, like marketing tools on steroids, basically. But the place where we really step in, is when we are having when we’re talking with business owners, advocates, speakers, authors, you know, whomever it might be, that they’re in a place where they want to pursue publicity, or they know that they need to pursue publicity. And they don’t necessarily have the time to devote to it as a full time job because it is a full time job. And guess why? If you are, you’re never going to get the publicity that you deserve. If your business is not busy enough to keep you busy in your business, if you know. So if you get time to devote to being your own full time PR rep, you’re probably not going to get the features that you want. Because your business isn’t keeping you so busy.

Karen Yankovich 11:22
Got it? Got it. Oh, that makes perfect sense. That makes perfect sense. I love that. I love that. So, you know, earlier you said something about, you know, people have high expectations for their publicity firms, right? Like they, they get this, this this feature. And then if you’re gonna get all this business, tell me what your point of view is on that.

Brielle Cotterman 11:39
So that is really why we’ve created something that looks very, very different. So from start to finish, we help our clients to strategize how do we use a PR opportunity as a marketing tool, because when you think about it, every single talk that you ever give on any stage, every book that people publish as a subject matter expert, every media feature should be used as a funnel. And that’s what we really do with every single one of our clients. Because, of course, we all have expectations of things that we want and desire as a result of pursuing media. This is not just for ego, you know, we are entrepreneurs and professionals, we really want to up our credibility and in order to leverage that you have to have that strategy behind it. So how do you use every single media opportunity as a marketing tool? And then how do you basically position it as a funnel. So creating that opportunity, and our vision is we always want to give people a very easy journey to take a step closer to you.

Karen Yankovich 12:39
So important, I hope you will pay attention to that, because so many people think well, I’ve got featured in, you know, Entrepreneur Magazine, I’m gonna get 1000 new leads, I better prep my website that it doesn’t happen that way. But what it does do is it gives you the credibility. You know, I was featured recently in something locally, but it was a pretty big deal. They wrote this whole two page spread on me, it was beautiful. And what I did was I created a special URL for anybody that wanted more information from that, you know, from that spread, one person actually subscribed under that, like one person, you know what I mean? Like, and I and I’m so glad I did that, because I wanted to know, so I’m not saying this to discourage you from getting the publicity, because let me tell you something flashing that two, page two page spread, brings me a ton of credibility, right? A ton of business. So it’s not like they, and there definitely are times like there’s a, you know, I’m thinking of a client right now that hired us for, you know, a pretty nice private engagement. And when he hired us, I was like, Well, you know, he’s like, I don’t know, I read about Karen in a magazine somewhere. Right. So it does happen. But that I like to consider that gravy. Like let’s make that gravy. Let’s have an intentional plan, like you, like you just said to have an intentional plan for every piece. And let’s make a gravy when people reach out to you from those those media opportunities.

Brielle Cotterman 13:51
Yeah, absolutely. That doesn’t mean that, you know, we totally replaced the sales of marketing strategy with PR. But what it does mean is it is a huge shot in the arm for a really well executed sales and marketing plan. You know, we have clients all the time who go on podcasts and do specific things. And one of the things that you mentioned, you know, being an entrepreneur, it’s great, you know, everybody wants to be in Forbes and entrepreneur, and we get Forbes and entrepreneur, and Inc, and Business Insider, and you know all of those things all the time. But what I always tell clients is, remember when we get to that niche specific podcast interview where you are setting in front of 2500 devoted listeners that are very finely tuned to your niche, you’re probably going to just see a much larger increase in your traffic from that platform than you are from the entrepreneur, Forbes Inc, Business Insider. And that doesn’t mean that we don’t want those because the top tier opportunities are more used for the credibility piece. And there are a lot of decision makers and I’m one of them. I am a super busy person if I’m going to be making a decision whether or not I’m going to be working with IT service provider or an expert in some capacity, if I see that they have been featured in, you know, a multitude of platforms that I trust, that’s really all I need to know, because I know that there are lists 10 miles long of people standing in line for those sorts of opportunities. And that is a huge endorsement for me. And it’s really easy decision maker, with media opportunities and publicity opportunities. You know, we have clients where we craft a strategy for them, and they speak on a stage and they walk away, you know, having been paid for the opportunity, and then having a booking an additional 400k in business. So every single opportunity that is in the PR world has to have a strategy behind it, or otherwise, you know, there’s very little chance that it’s going to materialize into anything, the chance of a well executed post publicity strategy turning into something I mean, we have clients who, on average, see an uptick of 25%, and their book sales calls.

Karen Yankovich 16:03
If you are as inspired as I am having this conversation with Brielle, to really find out what it looks like to start to get some publicity for you for your brand, then let’s chat, or she’s linked up program is infused with publicity. Part of the strategy that we teach around LinkedIn is not just building connections with the kinds of people that can hand you their credit card, right? Because you want those calls, nobody wants that conversation that says, here’s who I am, give me your credit card, right? The conversations and the relationships that we teach are so much more subtle, and so much more powerful. We teach you exactly how to build relationships with the kinds of journalists that can bring you the kinds of opportunity that you’re hearing about here today. It all starts with a phone call, grab a spot in our calendar at Karen We’ll talk we’ll chat we’ll see if it’s a fit or not. If it is we’ll get you details. Either way, these calls are really, really valuable. My team and I love getting to know you and I would love to see your name on our calendar. Can you give it a shot, comm slash call get to there. And you know, I think that’s really aligned with what I’m seeing in marketing right now. You know, marketing is more intimate. Now, you know, what worked five years ago isn’t working anymore, at least not as well as it used to work. People want to know, you know, we’ve had a serious uptick of people enrolling in our products and services from my podcast. Now they’ve always enrolled for my podcast, but not at the percentages that they’re enrolling now. But what’s happening is people are there, they feel like they know me, they’re getting to know me more. It’s a more personalized approach, right? And so if I’m looking to market, me or my program, what I’m going to do is okay, well, if I think if my podcast is going is bringing me business, how do I reach more people that was in a podcast? Well, I can be interviewed on other people’s podcasts, right, and bring in somebody like rial to help me do that. So because then if you know, I mean, I could do things like Tic tock videos, right. But I don’t know if those are the same audiences. But I do know that this is the same audience and that and it is it is, it’s that more intimate audience, right? They know a little bit more about me, that’s why video is just so it’s been hot, but it just keeps getting hotter and hotter. Because we want to we want to know, like, if there’s there was somebody recently that I was really surprised, didn’t have a video didn’t have a podcast, and I knew of the person. But when I like went to see what they’ve been up to lately, I couldn’t find anything. And I was like, What the heck, how are people still getting business? You know? Because it’s, it’s surprising to me when I don’t see that right. And I knew this person, so it didn’t really dissuade me, but at the same time, if I didn’t know this person, I wouldn’t have taken that next step at

Brielle Cotterman 18:47
all. Right? Right. And, you know, I think that’s one of the trends that we can see throughout, you know, really forever, but throughout the rest of 2023 is definitely that we’re going to see more and more video, we’re gonna see quicker, shorter videos, we’re gonna see quicker, shorter TED talks, we’re gonna see quicker, shorter podcasts. People are busy. So they want story. They want to create intimate connection, like you mentioned, they want inspiration. And you know, that’s really our vision and our goal when we are working with our clients on their messaging, on their delivery on that profitable storytelling format on their press worthy personal brand. What are the stories that you’re sharing? And how are you telling them are you telling them in a way that creates connection and inspires action? Because most people do not tell stories properly. And there is a format there is a structure there are multiple formats and structures, but there is a way that our brains are created to interpret story. So what better way to be top of mind not like the person that you mentioned that you couldn’t find but to stay top of mind to always have consistency to have that lens of consistency and be show up in a way that you’re sharing meaningful stories creating connection with your art It’s allowing them to see your heart who you are what you stand for, to fall in love with you and to be inspired to take action. That’s the piece that people forget. Yes, you can do all of these things. But if you’re not telling a story that inspires action, there is no way anyone is ever going to click through on one of your media pieces. There is no way anyone’s ever going to sign up or opt in. Because if you are not telling a story that inspires action, why would they

Karen Yankovich 20:25
write? Right? So good Brielle? So good? So what are some of the strategies that you see are working now? And you’re what is there anything new that’s happening in the PR, publicity and media world that maybe we weren’t doing a couple years ago?

Brielle Cotterman 20:38
Well, I think just you know, kind of, like we just mentioned, like, video continues to climb. I do love I mean, I, I love being in studio filming in studio, but I do love that post COVID. You know, we do have the opportunity for the majority of our clients to Film Television segments virtually, that gives us a really great opportunity, you know, where previously clients who were on the West Coast would have to fly to the east coast and vice versa. And our international clients would have to fly into the states or states, you know, to fly internationally for television interviews. So we do have that opportunity. Now, of course, that means your zoom setup better look freakin incredible, you better know how to do your makeup and show up in a way that’s really going to represent who you are and what you stand for on the camera on your zoom camera. And you know that that but I think it is nice, it is a luxury now that we can book those sorts of appearances from anywhere in the world. And I love that I think it’s going to continue. The other thing that I love seeing not that it’s anything brand new, but we are we have come back to so many in person speaking opportunities, so many in person networking, and mix and mingle, and you’re just really getting the chance to shake hands and be present and see and experience people. And that means for our clients, you know, when it comes to the media training piece, that we have to be really finely tuned, whether we’re communicating through a screen or in person, but it gives you the opportunity to create that genuine connection again. So, um, like I said, I think you’re gonna just continue to see quicker, shorter, faster videos, television shows, podcasts, you know, my TEDx Talk is right under 14 minutes. But now I just submitted a client for one yesterday and that particular TEDx that they’re really pushing their speakers just stay in the nine to 12 minute mark.

Karen Yankovich 22:34
Okay. Okay, that makes sense. That makes sense. Wow. So you guys started doing more, you know, representing speakers? Is there anything else on your her on the horizon for your company in the next few months? years?

Brielle Cotterman 22:50
Yeah. So we do we do, you know, we have our full service PR firm. And then of course, we craft all the strategy pre and post publicity making sure that foundation of celebrity is in place and teaching our clients really plugging in how to leverage those media opportunities and turn them into opportunity for impacting your bottom line. And then we now offer speakers representation. That’s never been a free standing offer before we’ve always represented our existing clients. But we are now offering professional speakers representation as a standalone, we have our celebrity incubator, which is on its I think, seven year, it’s an incredible program, full service media training, it is a standalone offer. But we do sell it to every single one, every single one of our one on one clients, we gift it to them. So it’s media training, and that really consistently evolves based on what’s going on in the world, how interviews are looking, you know, and what are the things that we really need to be focusing on. So that piece continues to evolve. And my guess is Karen, that we will continue to grow and evolve. We do offer in person events, which are super fun, where we deliver media training, we also have really amazing opportunities twice a year where we put all of our clients on the stage, and we fully cast the audience so that we create really phenomenal speaker reels. And it just gives our clients the confidence that they have something that is professionally crafted and created and they’re going to be taken seriously when they’re pursuing any sort of speaking. It’s great, you know, for B roll for pitching televisions, television shows and everything.

Karen Yankovich 24:28
Awesome. Awesome. So how can people learn more about you and the services you do and what’s going on in the world of Braille? Cotterman

Brielle Cotterman 24:34
Yeah, so everything is my name. So it’s reality VR, i e, ll E, and it’s cotterman co TT er, ma n. That’s me on Insta, that’s me on Facebook. And then of course, my website is Braille We’ve got a couple of really awesome resources there and a lot of videos and content about who we are and what we do and what we stand for.

Karen Yankovich 24:57
Yeah, I think this is the year we need to be doing this. Like if you haven’t done it yet, today is the day to start doing this. You know, if you haven’t started really focusing on what you’re, you know, how you’re showing up, what kind of media you’re getting and what’s happening, people throw your name and a Google search to find out about you, if you’re not paying attention to that. Now is the time and you know what else I believe when when we did when we were doing 2023 business planning. I don’t plan around things like like, I’m not a business coach. We’re just like, Okay, you charge $100. So $8 is profit, you know, like, I don’t do any of that stuff. That not that that’s not important is important, but it’s not what I do. Right? What we did, what I did was said, Okay, how many of these big fat juicy ass packages do you want to sell that are 20,000 hours each or whatever? And what where do you need to show up to get there. And I, I believe that when you have a media plan, when you’re interviewed on a certain, like, when you have a decision, I’m going to be interviewed on a podcast a month, a week to week, whatever you want. I’m going to be you know, I’m going to have to media hits every month, big, small, maybe just niche in your industry, whatever. When you have a commitment to that, and that happens, you make sure that that’s happening on a regular basis. You’re making success inevitable. On the other side,

Brielle Cotterman 26:04
you’re right, yeah, no, I agree with you.

Karen Yankovich 26:06
We do so many other things. We do things like I gotta post, I’ve got to get my emails out. And yeah, yeah, you got to do all that. But we are borrowing other people’s credibility when we have this media plan. And in this world, we’re intimate marketing is more important. So like for me, for our students? We’re like, Okay, if you want to be interviewed on this many podcasts or have this much had this many media hits every year, what do you who are you? Who are you connecting with on LinkedIn? Now? Who are you building relationships with? How do you make that happen? Because I know it’s the people in their life that lead to the bigger opportunities, not the post on Instagram, you know, 100%, right. So I if you’re, if you have been putting this on the back burner, today’s the day to do this, you should have a plan for what you want to look like how you want to show up in the media as an expert as an influencer. And this is, honestly, I almost think that it’s even more important, the earlier you are in your business, because that credibility is more important, because you haven’t had time yet to even build in the build up the testimonials, right?

Brielle Cotterman 27:07
Agreed. Yeah. And you know, I mean, I think there’s so many brilliant things that you said there. But like, I share all the time with my clients, and just with the world that this is our modern day version of third party endorsements, you know, that we want that like, basically, you know, when I was first started in business, or when I was growing up, like you said, I feel like I’m at seven years old for my bio, but many, many years ago, when I wanted to buy a necklace, or if I wanted to buy a sweater or something, I would call my sister, my friend and asked for a recommendation, or who am I going to use as a realtor or what’s the best doctor. And while we still do that we are such an interconnected society and culture knows through the internet, that when you are featured in Forbes, for instance, when you are featured in Entrepreneur, that is a third party endorsement. You don’t have to tell the world how brilliant you are entrepreneurs already doing that for you. So it brings that intimacy of an endorsement that people trust the people who trust that media source. That’s like that media source saying, I choose Karen, she is amazing. If you need help when it comes to LinkedIn, she’s your girl. And that’s really what we want to create through our media presence. And that’s what it gives us the ability to do if it’s done thoughtfully.

Karen Yankovich 28:33
Beautiful, beautiful Brielle. I’m so happy we finally got to have this conversation. I we’re so aligned with how we think on this. And that’s not an easy thing. Because sometimes I like to have like different points of view, but it’s also good for people to just hear, hear this from other people. Because it’s not. It’s not. I mean, it’s available to everyone. It’s available. It’s not just available to the openSUSE. It’s available to everyone and everyone should be following Brielle everywhere. You know, just find when you’re when the time is right. To jump in and book a call with her do it doesn’t hurt to have that conversation.

Brielle Cotterman 29:08
Thank you for that. And you know, that’s I loved when you started. Oh, and you said, sometimes we think PR and publicity is just for Oprah. And it’s no longer like that, you know, when I was growing up, like it was like Nike and Coca Cola and all of that. Well, the world is a very different place now and it’s no longer like once I reach level x, y and z then I’m capable of pursuing publicity. Think about pursuing publicity based on your unique credibility and your unique story. And then using those publicity pieces as a tool to get to that level where you really want to be

Karen Yankovich 29:43
awesome. Brielle, thank you so much for being here today. This was so good. Everybody follow Brielle and yeah, you know, I’m a fan.

Brielle Cotterman 29:50
Awesome. Thank you my friend. I appreciate it.

Karen Yankovich 29:52
Well, I hope you loved real as much as I love real I feel like this conversation could have gone on for two more hours. And she’s just so brilliant. So make sure that you are checking the show notes, and that you’re finding the links to all of Brielle stuff. follow her everywhere, make sure that you take a screenshot of the show, if you’ve got any good, any good takeaways from it, I would love for you to share that on your social media, it helps me and helps Briella helps us get more visibility, and in turn, will share it with our audiences and get you more visibility, assuming we see it. So tag us use the hashtag good girls get rich so that we can be sure to see your stuff. And then we will get your back right but like you have our back and make sure that we share it with our audiences. We have so many great shows planned for you coming up, make sure you’re following this show, wherever you’re listening to podcasts, wherever we’re at all the major podcast players. In the notes, there’s a link for SpeakPipe. So if you have anything you want to tell me about the show, maybe you have a guest you want to suggest or a topic you’d love to hear me talk about or just a review. Just going over to Karen to nine, you’ll see the show notes for this episode, you’ll see the link for SpeakPipe. And you can leave us a message and I respond to every single one of those personally, I love getting SpeakPipe messages. Remember here that a rising tide lifts all boats, right, I do this show to support you. We’ve got so many great shows coming up for you. I have a free training course if you haven’t checked that out yet go to Karen It was updated recently. So if you’ve watched it before, watch it again. We’ve just recently updated it Karen And, you know, help me help you share this episode, wherever you’re wherever you like to share content on social on LinkedIn on Twitter, on Instagram, tag me, and let me know that you’re sharing it so that I can see it and share it with my audience. All right. That’s how we both get more visibility. And that’s how you and I can start to build an actual relationship, right. That’s how I can get to know more about the people that visited. It’s not just a one way me talking at you, right? I get to see who who our listeners are and what they’re loved about the show. And especially if you share it on LinkedIn, I get to know a little bit about you right, so that would be great. If you do that. Again. We’ve got some great shows coming up. So listen in and I will see you back here next week with another great episode.