This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen talks about what your daily LinkedIn routine should be.

Do you have a daily LinkedIn routine? If not, you should develop one.


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About the Episode:

Do you have a daily LinkedIn routine for your LinkedIn? 

Today I share eight easy tasks that should be on your routine. The tasks are as easy as ABC, and they will have an impact on your marketing and PR in the long run. The good news is the tasks will take less than an hour daily. Sounds good? Let’s dive in:

  1. Check your connection request: Take a few minutes to look at your connection requests. Be sure to look out for AI generated requests.
  2. Review your notifications to see what needs your attention.
  3. Check what’s happening on your Sales Navigator.
  4. Comment on things that maybe interesting from your comments.
  5. See if you posted today. Make sure you don’t post more than once daily.
  6. Review your messages and keep an eye on the green dot.
  7. Initiate one or two messages in a reconnect type of way with people on your connection list.
  8. Leave your LinkedIn tab open and proceed to other tasks: leave a window for people to interact with you.

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Check your connections [01:56]
  • Review your notifications [04:10]
  • Go over to Sales Navigator [06:15]
  • Comment on things you find interesting [07:16]
  • Did you post today [07:42]
  • Review your messages [09:05]
  • Make one or two reconnections [13:23]
  • Leave your tab open [16:02]

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

“When you’re consistent with your LinkedIn foundational strategy, you’re building real marketing into your business.”

“People that spend a lot of time on LinkedIn and with LinkedIn strategy tend to have more connections.”

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich Podcast, episode 230.

Intro 0:04
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:23
Hello there. I’m Karen Yankovich. I’m the host of this show the good girls get rich podcast. And you know that if you Google me, you see a lot of content around LinkedIn. And as I plan out episodes for this show, I often dive deep into the strategies that surround the basic LinkedIn foundational strategy because I really want to give you, I really want to inspire you to understand the power that a foundational LinkedIn strategy has, even if we’re building in things like the PR strategy around it, and the you know, and the visibility strategies and things like that. LinkedIn is 100%, the money tree in my business, more than anything else I teach here on this podcast, though, the reason for that comes down to one thing, and that is consistency, being consistent with your LinkedIn marketing tasks. Okay, so if you’re cringing a little bit, as I say, the word task, I get it, I get it, you’re busy, nobody wants to add more tasks to their to do list, I understand that. But here is the beautiful thing about LinkedIn tasks. There are magical tasks, the tasks that I’m talking about here today, actually add more hours into your day, instead of taking up more hours. That’s why I like to call them magical tasks. When you’re consistent with your LinkedIn foundational strategy, you’re building real marketing into your business. And this marketing leads to more high ticket contracts, which leads to less overall marking that you have to do because you’re reaching your income goals with your higher ticket packages first, right. And then you can hire people to do some of the other tasks on your To Do lists that you don’t want to do, right. So that’s why I like to call these magical tasks. And that’s why I’m recording today’s show, I want to go back to basics with you today. And talk about your daily LinkedIn routines. So I have eight things we’re going to talk about here today. So this is when you want to take your pencil out. But we also have a download for you. If you go to Karen 230 download, you can print these tasks, keep them next to you. So you remember to do them until they become routine for you. So the first thing I do when I open up LinkedIn for the day is and which by the way, is one of the first things I do in the morning. And it’s not because I teach this stuff, it’s because LinkedIn is my money tree, right? So I want to make sure that I that’s a big rock for me, right, we’re gonna put the big rocks in first. So so this is one of the first things I do in my day. And the first thing I do is check for connection requests. The reason you want to do is just kind of check. I mean, this is this is the easy stuff, right? But this is it’s important, you’re consistent. Now let’s talk about connection requests for a second, I do not accept all connection requests I used to, if you listen to earlier episodes of the show, I would say why not accept them? Because there are people that you don’t know that know you, right? People that listen to my podcast, I might not know their name yet, but they know me. So they’re going to ask to connect with me. So I’m okay. In general, with connecting with people that I don’t know, on LinkedIn, because if people know you and you don’t know them, what does that mean? It means your digital marketing works, right. So in general, I don’t care whether I know them or not. But lately, you and we’re, you know, this is going live in spring 2023. We’re getting a lot of connection requests from people that just want to spam us, the AI tools that are out there on LinkedIn are just killing us. It’s killing. It’s just, it’s a mess. So I do not connect with people that pitch me on the connection request almost ever, almost ever, especially since half the time they’re asking if they can help me with my LinkedIn strategy, right? Which I’m like, Hello, have you looked at my profile? So so check it for connection request and just make a decision. Now in that connection request? Now you’re also going to see, do you want to subscribe to newsletters? Again, you could choose yes or no on those. You’re going to see invitations to events, you can decide yes or no, but let’s get those out of the way stay on top of those things. Right. The next thing I want you to do is review your notifications. So these are the notification now you might if you have a lot of connections, you might have a lot of notifications. So what you want to do is check your notifications, and see if there’s anything in there that you want to comment on. Right? Is there somebody that might be of value to you now, we’re not getting into the actual strategies around connections and strategies around getting on the phone with people? We’re not getting into that here today? We’re just talking about our LinkedIn routine. But when you’re reviewing your notification, you want to think about what your strategy is. And you want to think about is there somebody that maybe got a new position or maybe had an article came out or maybe posted something that you you know, that you’re interested in, in learning about right if you get maybe you’ve made Do you have clicked a little bell on their profile right so that you get notified if they post right. So you want to look for those kinds of things, and see if there’s anything that you want to comment on. And then you want to do the same thing if you use Sales Navigator. Now, I’m a big proponent of Sales Navigator, mainly for the separate wall you have, you know, many of us that use LinkedIn consistently end up with a lot of LinkedIn connections, not by strategy, like there’s not a single part of my strategy that says, and you need to have a lot of LinkedIn connections. But in general, people that spend a lot of time on LinkedIn and with LinkedIn strategy tend to have more connections. So your general wall, your regular wall, when you log into LinkedIn becomes a little bit of a mess, right? No matter how good a job you try to do of curating content. So I like to use Sales Navigator, because you can save people in Sales Navigator, technically, you’re saving them as leads, but doesn’t really matter. Nobody knows you save them. But what it does is it gives you a wall just if people you’ve saved so for me, I save my if you look up the episodes where I talked about Sales Navigator, we will link to them in the show notes, you’ll learn the strategy, but it’s just a little bit of like, my clients, podcast guests, I save them because I tend to want to be as proactive as I can in supporting them. Right. So if if they’re on my Sales Navigator wall, I get I see that right. So step two, and three, reviewing your notifications and going over to Sales Navigator and checking the wall lead to step four, which what is it that you want to comment on? Right? What is it that you want to comment on? Is there anything in your Sales Navigator wall? Anybody that posted anything that you want to engage on? Support them in? Comment on tag somebody and saying, Hey, at so and so did you see this? So you want to take in step four we want to do is review steps two and three, and in our notifications, and on our Sales Navigator wall? Is there anything we want to comment on, because this commenting is another big part of providing value to your connections and building strong profitable relationships, which is what we’re here on LinkedIn to do, right? Not just to read their stuff, but to engage with people. Remembering though, when you are commenting on other people’s things, as you have checked your notifications and checked Sales Navigator, you also want to look to see if people have commented on your posts from the days before because you want to comment on those. You want to consistently be commenting on the content that you’ve posted if people are commenting on that, right. Does that make sense? If somebody commented on something you posted yesterday, or something you posted today, you want to make sure you’re commenting on that. So as you are in step four, as you’re commenting, you don’t want to just be commenting on other people’s things. Right. You also want to make sure you’re commenting on the comments of people that have commented on your stuff. Okay, so number five, then is did I post today? Now this is a little different than maybe you might have heard me talk about in my routine in the past, because what studies have shown is that you want to post on LinkedIn no more than one time a day. So one of the things that that means is when you are in step four, when you’re commenting, what you don’t want to do is actually share that content, unless it is your one post for the day. Because anything more than one post a day, and you’re actually diminishing the algorithm to see any of your content. So one post a day Max, which again simplifies things. Now the reason I say you want to check to see did you post today is LinkedIn has recently introduced the ability to natively schedule posts in LinkedIn, which is a beautiful thing. Yes, you could use other scheduling tools. But wherever you can schedule things native into the platform. I’m always a bigger fan of that, especially on LinkedIn. So you want to look to see if you’ve got something scheduled. If not, you may want to think what do I want to post today? Did something come out today? Like hopefully you have a strategy around that, right? A combination of maybe video and audio and things like that, you know, you don’t have to have be pointing to fake things or dancing. You can if you want, right but you know, it’s not. There’s LinkedIn tested for a while stories, and they abandoned it. So there’s no, there’s no part of you that has to spend any more than two minutes in a day saying Did I post on LinkedIn today, right, like that’s it, you just want to do that. The sixth thing you want to do is you want to review your messages. Now, here’s the thing when you review your messages, if you have accepted any connection requests. Earlier on step one, you may see a message from some of those people. Okay, so you want to review your messages. Now, I will tell you that my LinkedIn message box is the number one piece of real estate in my business, it is the most profitable piece of real estate in my business because this is where all the business conversations are happening. So step six, reviewing your messages. You want to do this every single day, okay, you want to do all these things every single day. But if you can’t get to all of them 100% You want to be making sure you’re on top of your LinkedIn message box. Okay, so

you want to review your messages. Is there anything you need to respond to? Is there somebody that maybe you just connected with that you want to do some outreach to? The other thing I want you to do while you’re reviewing your message box is keep an eye out for whether or not the connections in the thread in the message thread have a green dot. The Green Dot means they’re active. And what that means is if you respond to people with a green dot, you might have the opportunity to chat with them. I’m thinking of one person in particular that I have been trying, we haven’t tried to have a conversation for forever. I’m telling you, if I saw a green.on, her profile, I would drop everything and message her right then and there, because we would probably be able to get to come to term come to a point on something that we’ve been trying to have a conversation about for way too long. Okay, so you want to keep an eye out for who has a green dot, you may also see some people that have a green dot with that open, so like the middle of the, white, so it’s like kind of like a green circle. It’s like a green outline of a circle inside and then White. What that means is they’re active, but not there. They’re on LinkedIn, but not active at that moment, not 100% sure how that works. Sometimes, it may mean that they’re like, maybe there’s a tab on their desktop, but it’s not the active tab on their desktop, it could mean they’re active on mobile, right, so, but either one, whether they have a green.or, an open green dot, you want to message those people first, because that means you might be able to have actual chat conversations, and maybe lead to the opportunity to jump on a quick call. So you want to spend some time reviewing your messages and staying on top of your LinkedIn messages. I know that if it’s if I’ve experienced this, I can’t imagine I’m the only one that’s experienced getting behind a little bit in your inbox or your messages, and then finding opportunities that you blew, because you just didn’t get back to people on time, right. So if that’s happened to you, then you know what I’m talking about stay on top of these LinkedIn messages, because there’s real opportunities there. Okay, so a quick break, just to remind you that the tasks you’re learning here today are the simple daily routine tasks that are important for every single entrepreneur that is or business professional, that is looking to use LinkedIn to build profitable relationships. But there is so much more for you. And I would love to tell you more about what that looks like. Our shoes linked up program has the most amazing women in it, these women are changing the world. And they’re changing the world because they are earning more money. And more women with more money can make more choices, the choices that they want to make for their families, but also the choices that they want to make for the world. If you want to know what it looks like to be a part of this beautiful program, or to hear what the program consists of just go to Karen, you can get on our calendar, I would love to tell you more about the program. And to be honest, we just will just talk about whether it’s a fit for you or not. We’ll talk about what your business goals are. And if we think that the program is something that we can help you with, and you want to hear about it based on our initial part of the conversation, then we’ll continue the conversation and tell you more about it. I love these calls. My team love these calls, because we just get to meet more of you. And I’d love to hear more about you and your business. So go on to Karen Grab a spot in your calendar. And I look forward to seeing your name there. Number seven is taken us a little bit into strategy here now. Okay, but this is part of your daily routine. Okay, this is so important. Okay, almost as important as number six, maybe maybe tied for his importance with number six, I would like you every day to initiate one or two messages with someone you’re already connected to. So reconnection messages. So spend a couple minutes popping through maybe the wall on your LinkedIn, see what people are talking about. Maybe you saw them on TV saying something on Facebook, or Twitter or Instagram, and you want to come on over to LinkedIn and message and say, you know, hey, Mary, wow, you know, I can’t believe it’s been four years since we connected at that conference it I just saw your Instagram story, I had no idea that you are now doing that. That’s so cool. Congratulations, I’d love to catch up and see what you’re up to one or two, every day reconnecting. There’s a whole strategy that we’re not talking about today on building your network. And that is important. But that’s not part of the daily routine part of the daily routine. Part of a daily routine that is going to bring six plus figures into your business in a year is this right here. This is low hanging fruit. So every day, when you’re going through this routine, and this whole thing that I’m talking about here, it’s gonna take you 15 minutes a day, maybe a half hour if you’re spending some time on it, but the most valuable half hour you’re going to spend on your day, right? Initiate one or two messages, reconnect with one or two people that you are already connected to on LinkedIn that you haven’t talked to in a while. For whatever reason, it’s just time. You might even want to, you know to make it easier. You might even want to go on over to Instagram or Twitter or Facebook and see if there’s somebody that’s saying something interesting, and then coming back on over to LinkedIn and using that as your reason for sending the message, right? Because people say to me all the time, what do I say? What do I say? Well provide them value. Is there a podcast host? Hint, hint? Is there a podcast that you listen to right here, and you really enjoyed that show, connect, if you’re connected to host, and you should be message them and say, Wow, I really love this episode, if there’s a podcast if there’s somebody, a podcast that you listen to, and there’s a guest that you really enjoy, hopefully you’re connecting with them to this is all part of the connecting strategy we’re not talking about today, you can message them and said, I just heard you on Karen show. I love that you said this or this, I’d love to hear more. How can I learn more about what you do? deepen the relationships that you already have? So many people are all about? How do I get more followers? How do I get more followers? How do I get more followers, I want you to dive deeper into the followers you already have on LinkedIn, because that is where the low hanging fruit. So that is. That is task number seven. And task number eight. And this is an easy one. But it’s an important one. Leave your LinkedIn tab open. As you go about your day, leave your LinkedIn tab open. Because as you’re messaging people and remember how important I said the messaging is. And step six, you’ll hear a little Bing if somebody messages you back. Now I don’t want you to be distracted. I don’t want you to have shiny object syndrome. I want you to batch your time and do all the things that that you do. But remember what I said to you about the value of that green dot? Well, that’s the value of being able to respond quickly when somebody messages you, you can’t always do it. But if you can jump into that conversation, leave that tab open. LinkedIn is the only platform that I get notifications on my phone and on my on my Apple Watch for because if I can, and again, I don’t always choose to I do not want to be distracted, I try to be really conscious of being fully present and whatever I’m doing at any given time. But there are definitely times where I can be like, Oh my gosh, I’ve been waiting for this, let me quickly get back to this person, right. So leave your tab open. So step eight is easy, just leave a tab open, just listen for the being. And if you’re in a place where you can respond, respond to that. So let me recap these. Now I’m going to recap these eight steps. And remember, if you go to Karen 230 download, you can download something that you can print and leave on your desk so that you can get into the routine of doing this. Number one, check for connection requests. Number two, review your notifications. And then number three and number two and number three are kind of similar, going over to Sales Navigator, see what’s happening on your Sales Navigator wall. So when number four, which is comment, comment on things that maybe are interesting in your notifications, comment on things that might have been interesting on your Sales Navigator wall, right? Comment on messages that people might have left on your posts from the day before or the or the few days before even earlier that day. Alright, so go in and comment on some content. Number five, see if you posted today, if not create a post for that day. Okay, make sure you’re getting out one, no more than one post today can be less than one post a day. But one post a day is not hard to do, especially now that we can schedule them right into LinkedIn. Number six, review your messages. Don’t forget to look for the green dot. Okay, and prioritize those. Number seven, initiate one or two messages in a reconnect type way. Write to people that are already in your network. And number eight, when all that’s done, leave your tab open when you move on to the next task. Okay, so simple daily routines, this should not take you that long. This should not take you that long at all. You know, these are things that we’re here to help you with, right? Our goal that she’s linked up is to have more wealthy woman of influence in the world. Okay,

I can tell you that. Listen, I’ve got you know, four beautiful kids, three of them are married four and one more on the way beautiful grandkids that I am eternally an unbelievably to my heart and soul grateful for. But I also wake up every morning for the crazy beautiful, amazing women that are in our shoes linked up program. i It is like people that my team are like Karen, the women that that are attracted to this program, or they’re like these unbelievable women. And so I’m I’m gushing a little bit, because I want you to know that you can hang out with these incredible women. Okay, so all you need to do is go to the show notes or and click the link to book a call or go to Karen These tasks we talked about here, just the beginning. I am all about ease and flow and not pushing to make this stuff happen. That’s why I’m such a huge fan of reconnect calls. You will learn you’ll learn this strategy you will learn how to do this and it’s a strategy that will take you through literally the rest of your business life in building these relationships that can change your business, your life and your bank account. So if this show if you loved the show, I would love for you to take a quick screenshot of it, share it on your social media make sure that you tag me so that I can See if I can share it with my audience. And that’s how we can both get more visibility. We both can get more followers, right? If you want to hear more shows like this, then I would love for you to follow good girls get rich on Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcast. Remember to in the show notes, there’s a link for SpeakPipe you can leave an audio message there. Tell me what you thought of this. I would love to know what you thought of this list if you printed it if you’re going to be using it moving forward. Right? I would love to hear from you. I respond to every single audio message personally. So I would love to get an audio message from you. Just go to Karen 230. You’ll see the blog for this page, you’ll see the link for SpeakPipe you’ll see all the resources we talked about here today. Remember that you can download your list at Karen 230 Download and let’s lift each other up. This is how I like to I want the world to be my little impact on the world is just to help more women lift up more women lift up more women lift up more women help me help you share this podcast. Again, you can just take a quick screenshot of this episode, pop it into your stories, pop it into your social media, tag me so I can see it or use the hashtag good girls get rich and we’ll see it and we’ll share it with our audience. And that will hopefully help you as well. I hope you love this episode. I will see you back here again next week with another episode.