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Karen is like an encyclopedia of good, practical advice. Whether it’s on her Good Girls Get Rich podcast, her group sessions for her She’s LinkedUp Accelerator, or even her impromptu live sessions, Karen always offers at LEAST one nugget of incredible wisdom every single time to make your effort worthwhile. She’s humble, relatable, and brilliant all wrapped up in one amazingly nice and sincere person.
Lauren Hirsch Williams

High-Performance/Business Relevance Strategist * Helping entrepreneurs and creative professionals develop strategies for success * Business Strategist, Consultant, Author, Executive Producer

If you are looking to learn how to use LinkedIn strategically and effectively, She’s LinkedUp is the first and last program you’ll ever need to take. You will learn how to target your ideal client, build a list, leverage PR, and most importantly, you’ll have a process to follow each day to ensure you stay on track and leverage the platform to drive your business and get quality leads.
Sabrina McEntee

President, Hype Marketing Agency,

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