LinkedIn Fast Track Workshop: Convert Warm Leads Into Clients Growing Your Career And Business Faster!

At this live LinkedIn Personal and Business Development workshop, digital marketing consultant Karen Yankovich helps you build a comprehensive plan by using this social networking site to generate a steady stream of leads and clients.

We all know businesses fail if you cannot attract and sign clients.

It doesn’t matter how hard you work – cold-calling busy professionals is not the best way to turn them into clients.

After finishing all this work and getting ZERO clients in return, have you asked yourself…


The reality is that cold calling or any outbound marketing tactic isn’t as effective today as it once was!

It may work in some instances, but if you’ve been cold-calling for weeks, months, or years with minimal return, then this tactic is not right for you!

It’s time for a change in mindset.

TRUST: The Most Vital Component in Making A Sale

Why do people automatically buy products from brands like Apple and Nike and not from smaller brands?

The answer is in the question.

Because they TRUST these brands.

When people think of computers and smartphones, Apple springs to mind. Nike, on the other hand, is famous for their sportswear and fitness equipment.

These brands provide customers with quality products over the years. They know who their target market is and they create products that satisfy their needs.

So how do these brands relate to me?

You don’t have the budget that both brands have to achieve the same level of success.

However, you can do the same thing they have done for years: establish trust in the market!

Doing so lets you generate more leads and clients for your business!

Also, your leads and customers are people too. They are not mere dollar signs that simply put money in your business.

Just like you, they want to trust someone who makes their lives simpler and for them! And that someone should be YOU!

BUT, without a blueprint or a guide, you’re left searching for ways to earn their trust in the best way possible.

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LinkedIn: The Perfect Way to Generate Trust with Your Business for Greater Sales

What makes LinkedIn so much better than cold-calling and other outbound tactics is the sheer volume of potential warm leads you can generate from the site.

With over 530+ million professional signed up on LinkedIn, you have access to thousands of prospects ready to connect with you.

The fact that they’re on LinkedIn means that they’re interested in forging connections and building relationships with other professionals online!

Also, a Buzzsumo study reports that LinkedIn engagement is up to 60% this day due to the algorithm changes. On the other hand, Facebook makes it more difficult for users to view publisher content on their feed.

linkedin engagement buzzsumo

Therefore, people on LinkedIn want to hear about your business. All you need to do is make your brand be heard!

The process seems simple – connect with the right leads on LinkedIn and convert them into clients!

However, adding people all day long and then pitching to them is not going to work.

It all comes back to trust. You should lay the groundwork of trust before you can even consider your connections as your prospects.

You must follow a step-by-step process to earn the trust of your LinkedIn leads and convert them!

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Introducing The LinkedIn Fast Track Workshop With Karen Yankovich

Hi, I’m Karen, a digital marketing consultant who specializes in conversational marketing. I have a wealth of experience in helping people generate more sales for their business by encouraging them to communicate and engage with their leads on social media.

I share the same passion that you have for your business, and I simply want to turn your dreams into a reality by creating a strategy tailor-made for your business with conversation marketing as its foundation.

Like the best social media platform for business, LinkedIn is crucial to your strategy if you want to boost your online business.

You have access to warm leads – all you need to do is correctly identify them and talk to them!

At the same time, don’t give up after having a single chat with a potential client on LinkedIn. It’ll take more than a conversation with your leads to convert them into clients.

In fact, you’ll have to do more than just talk. There are LinkedIn features that help you showcase your knowledge and expertise about your industry.

By doing so correctly, you can acquire more sales for your business and become considered as the go-to in your niche!

These goals, among others, are what my LinkedIn Workshop achieves for you!

Lastly, my LinkedIn workshop is live in person. It’s not going to be your run-of-the-mill webinar in which you just watch and listen to the course from your laptop. I require everyone to attend at a location with only a handful of participants.

In this day and age, a back-to-basics approach to teaching help people understand how to leverage LinkedIn. By seeing me teach this stuff in the flesh and raise your actual hand to ask questions, you can have a livelier and more immersive experience learning how to use this social media platform to your advantage.

Working with Karen has been an absolute pleasure. Not only is she super talented and an expert in her field, the way she connects to her audience in an easy going, conversational way is her trust gift. She gives to much great information and continually exceeds my expectations that I highly recommend working with her
–Susie Mordoh, Founder of Greater Than We

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What The LinkedIn Workshop Can Do For You

My in-person LinkedIn workshop is geared towards business owners, marketers and sales professionals who want to generate a sustainable and scalable strategy using LinkedIn.

Using conversational marketing as the driving force of my workshop, I teach the following:

  • Get warm introductions to your ideal clients
  • Use LinkedIn’s free and paid Sales Navigator tool to uncover warm leads
  • Nurture your leads and become the go-to person in your field
  • Prevent deals from stalling in the pipeline & move them through the funnel faster
  • Set up a process that quickly converts leads into clients

Establishing trust with your prospective clients is crucial to getting more sales for your business. However, building that trust requires you to use LinkedIn to the fullest extent. In my workshop, I share the exact steps on how you can become a trustworthy LinkedIn user that people in your industry will look up to!

At the same time, my LinkedIn workshop also helps you establish a sales pipeline and funnel to make it easier for you to generate leads and clients!

“If you think LinkedIn isn’t for you then work with Karen”
If you want to learn how to get more clients for your business by learning all the ins and outs of LinkedIn, then Karen’s your gal! I took a one day seminar with karen where she explained strategies for utilizing all the various tools offered by LinkedIn to help you gain more visibility for your business. If you think LinkedIn isn’t for you then work with karen to see the benefits you’ll get from using this professional site.
–Sivan Sergott, Gemologist and Owner of Treasures Over Time

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What to Expect From My LinkedIn Workshop

My workshop is a whole-day, on-location event that I hold on multiple dates. If you can’t attend the next workshop, you can check our calendar for the other dates. This gives you time to clear your schedule so you can prepare yourself and get cracking on your LinkedIn plan!

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the complete schedule of the upcoming dates.

The workshop costs $497. Think of it as an investment that lets you develop your sales skills on LinkedIn and make money from the clients you acquire from the platform. In fact, you can expect to get back what you paid for, and then some, if you follow the workshop to a tee!

The class is divided into two sessions, the morning and the afternoon.

The Morning Masterclass

The morning session is from 9AM-12PM, and it discusses the basics of leveraging LinkedIn to create better opportunities for your business. In the class, I talk about the following:

  • Easily post on a regular basis to help you reduce posting time and increase engagement
  • Build influence and position yourself as an expert in your field
  • Build strategic connections
  • Confidently engage and create strong relationships
  • Get more views on your profile

After the session, participants should get their hands on:

  • High-converting templates and scripts
  • LinkedIn Marketing Calendar detailing what you need to do and when
  • A personal LinkedIn strategy that increases visibility and results

The Afternoon Masterclass – Advanced Prospecting

The afternoon class deals with more advanced prospecting techniques that all businesses must implement if they want to generate more sales for their business. The class starts at 1 PM and end at 5 PM. I talk about the use of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator to achieve the following:

  • Easily find the right prospects
  • Manage and funnel leads
  • Build trust even before the initial conversation
  • Create a professional and trusted brand and engage with confidence

Outside of the Sales Navigator, I share with you my prospecting process to help you connect and follow up with prospects, as well as schedule sales calls easily and effectively.

After the class, expect to receive a 90-day custom plan based on what I’ve taught you. The plan is tailor-made for your business, so expect a personalized strategy geared towards maximizing LinkedIn to help improve the process of acquiring clients.

But Wait! There’s More…

You also get “LinkedUp In 30”, my 30-day LinkedIn profile program that will help you create the best possible LinkedIn page for your business. You can start working on this course before the start of the workshop.

Valued at $197, you will receive “LinkedUp In 30” absolutely free if you sign up for my LinkedIn workshop!

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Word of warning – I can only accommodate 20 attendees for the on-location workshops. With a small crowd, I can give all attendees my full attention.

Therefore, not only are they getting the workshop that’s already jam-packed with value and actionable tips to help you leverage LinkedIn, but also the support they deserve to make sure that they learn everything from the workshop!

If you want to be an attendee, then please click here or on the link below so we can dominate LinkedIn with your business!

Below is the complete schedule of the LinkedIn workshop for this year:

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