What’s the point of LinkedIn? I’m in a ton of business related Facebook groups that have threads constantly on this topic. But instead of joining in on those conversations, I’m answering that question… right here!



This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media and CEO and founder, Karen Yankovich discusses her expert opinion on the true point of LinkedIn. Many times, people are asking whether or not they should start using LinkedIn for their business, is it worth the time, what’s the point? So this week, Karen decides to answer the question from her own expert opinion on what is the true point of LinkedIn




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About the Episode:

Ok time to answer the question… what’s the point real of LinkedIn here?


Like I mentioned above, I am in a ton of Facebook groups that have discussions on ways to use various things like social media and PR to build your business. Recently, I’ve been seeing a surge on so many people discussing the topic of “what is the point of LinkedIn?” or “what is LinkedIn used for?”


We all know Facebook groups can get pretty heated and instead of monopolizing the conversation over there, I want to answer that right here.


Disclaimer: this is purely my opinion. Feel free to disagree, but as someone who uses LinkedIn to grow their business everyday, I think I have a pretty solid opinion!


Before discussing the point of LinkedIn… I first wanted to share some things I’ve seen floating around Facebook…


Good things to have that are not actually the main point of LinkedIn:




I hear about many people getting thousands and millions of views on LinkedIn and honestly… I love hearing that! I love hearing about how people are finally seeing how visibility on LinkedIn is actually possible! However, I wouldn’t focus your efforts on only targeting visibility as your main goal


Growing a large network


The one thing I can tell you right now is that I love love love my network on LinkedIn! I enjoy interacting with people, potential new clients, people I meet at events I attend and speak at, etc. While it is a “networking” platform, I do hear people saying things like…


  • Connect with 100 people a day
  • Grow your network beyond reach
  • Networking on LinkedIn is the one key goal to LinkedIn


These also aren’t the point of LinkedIn.




Currently… LinkedIn engagement is going through the roof lately! As one of the biggest aggregators of professional content on the web, it’s so important to get more eyes on your content and increase your engagement to generate business.


It’s great to share and interact with content, however… all 3 of these myths are missing the point on what the actual point of LinkedIn is…


So what is it? What’s the actual point of LinkedIn?


Clients and Customers


That is the actual point of LinkedIn. For 3 reasons:


  • LinkedIn is where the money is and where the high paying customers are
  • LinkedIn is also where relationships happen
  • LinkedIn leads to phone calls with people, which leads to sales


About 90% of sales I make on any given month are from people I talk to through LinkedIn. Think about the last 5 sales you made… have you made them without talking to people?


If you have, great for you! However if you haven’t… this is where you should start! Instead of connecting with a thousand people a day, I attempt to connect with a select few and have actual real and authentic conversations with those people. Building those relationships leads to phone calls, which leads to building business relationships and generating sales.


I have a very simple success path to allow you to grow your business and relationships through LinkedIn and I would love for you to hear more about it!

Visit karenyankovich.com/linkedin-services to check out different tools and resources to help jumpstart your LinkedIn strategy and start building sales for your business! I also offer a variety of group programs and one-on-one sessions to fit your needs!


DM me on Instagram to get chatting if you’re not sure where to start or join my free Facebook Group to know more!


Episode Spotlights:

  • Recap of last weeks episode (:58)
  • Our reviewer of the week (2:53) Head to Speakpipe to leave an audio review!
  • How I came up with today’s topic (4:34)
  • Visibility on LinkedIn (7:31)
  • Use of your network on LinkedIn (8:45)
  • Engagement on LinkedIn (10:55)
  • What is the actual point of LinkedIn? (11:51)
  • Episode recap (15:15)


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