What does the phrase “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe” really mean? Karen Yankovich, founder and CEO of Uplevel Media answers that question for you today in how your vibe can really shape your business and attract your ideal clients.

This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and founder and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen covers the topic of how your vibe attracts your tribe and how to create your ideal vibe through your LinkedIn profile.



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About the Episode:


I’m pretty sure that all of us have heard the phrase “your vibe attracts your tribe” at least once before, however… how can we attract our tribe on LinkedIn? That’s exactly what I wanted to answer for you guys in this episode! Many of my clients may find it easy to attract the right tribe in person, but online it feel’s more difficult. So let’s dive in!


How to attract your tribe:




Media means anything and everything from your blog, your photo’s, images, graphics, anything visual that come’s up on LinkedIn or your personal brand page.


Think about the visual impact when people go onto your profile for the first time. For example, in my LinkedIn about section, I have a picture of myself holding a microphone at a speaking engagement! That allows people to know I’m a speaker and I like to communicate.


Everytime you post something visual, think “does this visual impact the story I want to tell about yourself?” Showcase yourself in your true light and create your content around that on LinkedIn.


The Story of You


Remember, everything you post on your Linkedin profile page has to tell the story of you, not your business. There can be aspects of your profile that relate back to your business like how you can personally help your clients, but the main focus has to be on you.


Think, you need to answer the question: what do people want to know about me and why would they want to work with me? These are some of the first questions we at Uplevel Media ask our clients when doing our most requested LinkedIn profile re-writes.


Telling the story of you and what led you to being the person you are now, will allow only further attracts your tribe as people can get a sense of who you are. People love to work with those they feel a connection with and can relate to on a deeper level, so get to thinking and don’t be afraid to tell the story of you on your LinkedIn profile.


Quick Tip: Read Your LinkedIn Profile Out Loud


Still struggling to harness the “your vibe attracts your tribe” method on LinkedIn? Here’s a tip… read your profile out loud! If you can’t imagine yourself speaking those words, then you’re trying to hard and it’s not a true reflection of you


Better yet, record yourself! Just take 3-5 minutes to do a voice recording talking about who you are, your background, experience, passion and what you love doing today. After you’re done, transcribe what you said and turn it into your about section (formerly known as the summary section) on LinkedIn! That way, your authentic voice really shines and you can truly allow your vibe to attract your tribe.


Still need help with your Linkedin profile? Hire me! I work with tons of clients on profile re-writes, complete LinkedIn and business strategy, as well as group training programs and masterminds! Just head to karenyankovich.com/linkedin-servicesto see more or DM me on Instagram!


Episode Spotlights:

  • Recap of last weeks episode (1:10)
  • This week’s topic “your vibe attracts your tribe” (4:00)
  • Why it’s so important to still be you on LinkedIn (4:07)
  • How I’m the black sheep of my family, in a good way! (4:34)
  • What to look for when differentiating yourself (8:49)
  • How to attract your tribe using LinkedIn (11:21)
  • Creating a vibe around yourself using media (11:31)
  • This is the story of you, your personal brand (14:22)
  • My top tip to seeing if your profile is really spot on to you (16:58)
  • Quick tip to make your profile sound like you (17:25)
  • Recap of this episode (19:05)
  • How I want to support you! (20:43)

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