Ever wonder how to build your business with livestreaming? We have expert livestreamer Bonnie L. Frank with us this week to tell you exactly how to do so!


This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and founder and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen interviews Bonnie L. Frank, creator of The Visibility Expert and host of the Business Fabulous podcast on how to build your business with livestreaming!


Bonnie L Frank helps female entrepreneurs grow their business through highly effective online visibility, social media and marketing strategies. Bonnie is known for producing over 2,000 livestreams across thirteen different platforms and now brings these actionable tips to her podcast, Business Fabulous.­­




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How to Build Your Business with Livestreaming:


This episode is FULL of the best tips from Bonnie on everything from livestreaming to podcasting and building your business with both. I wanted to give you guys some of the highlights of the episode, so let’s dive in!


To start, we wanted to cover the purpose of livestreaming


The purpose of a live-stream is to show what’s happening in the here and now. Even though we can use this tool as an asset to promote our business, we want to avoid being “overly salesy” in your livestream.


Instead of saying how great your product or service is, why they should buy it etc. It’s better to answer these 3 things in your live-stream about your business or product:


  • How your product or service is going to make them feel,
  • Why/how your product or service is going to enhance their life
  • How your product or service has changed your life/will change theirs


The Benefits of Live-Streaming

The best part about a live-stream is that you have a chance to interact with potential customers on a deeper level. Like Bonnie mentioned, it’s hard to fake it when you’re livestreaming. If you really have a great product or you’re really passionate about your business, it will show!


A live-stream also shortens that know, like and trust factor for your business. For example, you know LinkedIn is beneficial for your business, but hearing me talk about the benefits of LinkedIn, why you need LinkedIn, how LinkedIn has enhanced my business, it allows people to hear from me right then and there and allows people to trust me more.


Not only that… livestreaming also puts a face behind the business and allows you to be more accessible to your audience. It also gives you a leg-up to show how you are an expert in your field!

It can be intimidating to live-stream because you get asked questions and have to answer on the spot. Livestreaming takes courage, but also allows you to answer questions to shorten that know, like and trust factor, while also keeping you honest. If you don’t know something, you can be honest and let your audience know it was a good question and you’ll get back to them next livestream with an answer, therefore hooking them to come back later.


Bonnie’s top tips for those thinking about starting livestreaming


Step 1: Have a plan


Never start a livestream without a plan, as it can make you appear un-prepared and it may not end up the way you want! If you want to build your business with livestreaming, you need to be able to give people value with your live-stream, so with every live-stream you do, simply identify these 3 things and create your plan from there:


  • What do I want people to takeaway from this livestream?
  • How do I want people to think about me/see me after this livestream?
  • What will keep people interested in coming back to my next livestream?


These are the things Bonnie thought about to create visibility in her business and get her first paying client after only 6 days!


Step 2: Know what you’re going to talk about


This is where you really identify the topics of your livestream. For Bonnie, she started off simply talking about EVERYTHING related to her business. If you’re brand new, this can be beneficial! The more you share about your business, what you do and who you can help, the better focused your topics will be and the quicker people will know what you’re really about!


Bonnie also would talk about things that happened in her life as well that could relate back to business. People want to hear about you and your life as a livestream can be very personal as well. It’s incredibly important to have that human piece to it, but also be able to relate it back to business in order to build your business with livestreaming.


Step 3: Don’t put all your eggs into the live-stream basket


It’s important to know that livestreaming isn’t the end all be all for your business! The world we live in now is full of content from all different avenues and mediums, so don’t freak out if it doesn’t work out immediately!


The best part about livestreams is that you can save them! People watch the replays and you can download the content and re-purpose it on other platforms. It’s a fantastic resource to add to your business for quicker revenue, but it’s not the only way! Remember this when adding into your marketing plan and it will grow along with your business.


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Episode Spotlights:

  • Start of the interview with Bonnie Frank (2:20)
  • Bonnie’s background and how she started her business (4:40)
  • Bonnie’s intro into live-streaming (7:27)
  • Her plan to get her first paying client for her new business (8:20)
  • Dealing with not having support as an entrepreneur (12:56)
  • How often Bonnie still Periscopes + information about Periscope (16:33)
  • Tips for those who are thinking about starting to live-stream (18:36)
  • How Bonnie was able to grow her business so quickly (20:03)
  • What every entrepreneur needs to know when they first start their business (20:53)
  • What the purpose of live-streaming truly is (23:27)
  • Background on Bonnie’s visibility and business fabulous podcast (26:22)
  • Benefits of going to conferences (30:17)
  • All about podcasting (34:03)
  • Karen and Bonnie’s favorite source for podcast assistance (38:29)
  • Benefits of having a podcast (42:00)
  • How to find more about Bonnie and her free resource for you (45:10)
  • Episode recap (47:13)


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