Are you spamming your LinkedIn network? Learn to see if you are and if so… how to stop and figure out the best way to connect with those in your network!

This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and founder and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen explains the difference’s between finding true, authentic LinkedIn connections and connecting tools you want to stay away from. Are you spamming your LinkedIn network? Listen now to find out the truth!




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About the Episode:

You know here at Uplevel Media, we strive to provide a system to help you find true, authentic connections through relationship based marketing. The center of that always is in LinkedIn, however you can’t implement a relationship based marketing system, if you’re spamming your LinkedIn network!


Are you spamming your LinkedIn network?


There are two types of support out there when it comes to LinkedIn marketing. For example, there are…


  1. True LinkedIn Experts
    1. These are your people like me who teach, true authentic relationship building in which you build real connections one at a time. These lead to actually converting your network into clients.
  2. Spinners
    1. Those who come into the market, provide 3rdparty tools and have your connections automated. This leads to growing your network at such a rapid pace to the point where you never know who these people are and if they’re even going to buy from your business.


So chances are, if you’re not getting real LinkedIn support or if you don’t know who have your connections are… you’re spamming your LinkedIn network.


So how can you fix it?


Focus on the connection piece


Like I mention in episode 80 of my Good Girls Get Rich podcast, start connecting with people on a microlevel. This means coming up with targeted searches for those you really want to connect and have a relationship with.


This way, once you connect, you already have a conversation starter for them and can personalize your outreach based on what you know about them.


Keep the conversation going


The best way to leverage your LinkedIn network is to keep the conversation going. You never want to disappear for days at a time because that will make them think you’re not serious, or they’ll lose interest in you.


Make your conversations personal. Chances are you’ll have something in common to talk about, you’ll want to keep connecting with them daily, and you’ll be that much quicker to getting them on the phone.



Need help figuring out where you can make new connections? I created a free download for my Good Girls Get Rich podcast listeners of 20 places to find warm LinkedIn connections to help you get started!


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Episode Spotlights:

  • Last week’s episode recap (1:11)
  • Introduction to the episode (3:13)
  • The two different groups of people that support you with LinkedIn (5:37)
  • The new service the UpLevel Media is testing for you (8:39)
  • Examples of spam (9:09)
  • What happens if you spam your LinkedIn Network (14:09)
  • First thing to do in order to not spam your network and introduce value (14:36)
  • Example on how I did this the wrong way (16:14)
  • How I fixed it and created the right strategy around connecting (17:30)
  • Step two in coming up with your approach to stop spamming (20:04)
  • What happens in the long run when you don’t narrow down your searches (23:32)
  • The free resource I have available for you to find the best, targeted people for your business (27:33)
  • Episode recap (28:18)


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