Every entrepreneur wants to know how to be more productive with their time. This week on the podcast we have time management expert, Kris Ward to tell us her proven tip’s on how to do just that!

This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and founder and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen interviews time management expert, Kris Ward on how to be more productive with your time on a day to day basis.


Kris Ward is the founder of Win The Hour, Win the Day, both a platform and Amazon best-selling book, that helps entrepreneurs to systematically grow their business and, oh, by the way, enjoy a personal life too.


After the loss of her husband, Kris returned full-time to the marketing & branding agency she had founded years earlier, only to find her business was thriving.She began teaching clients the exact systems & process that had freed her up and helped her during that difficult time and changed their lives in the process. Through sound time management principles – that anyone can easily understand and apply – Kris’ clients now had more time, freedom and recaptured the joy & fun they once had when they first started their businesses. 


Her book, which has been featured on the award winning Read to Lead podcast, offers a 4-week productivity plan to go from overwhelmed to highly efficient so that you can reclaim your life.




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About the Episode:


When you’re an entrepreneur, most of the time you set your own hours and run your own calendar. In both time’s of high-stress and low that can mean you are accountable for your own productivity within those hours and it can be tough to stay consistent and not waste time.


In this interview, Kris explains some of her favorite concepts from her book Win the Hour, Win the Day in order to effectively manage your time and be productive every day of the week.


Here are a few of her top tips highlighted from today’s episode on how to be more productive with your time.


It’s a mindset.


To begin understanding your hours and productivity, you first have to respect and understand time. You can’t improve what you don’t measure, so understanding how you fully spend each and every hour of your day will allow you to spend less time at work and get more done within that time.


Kris’ top tips on how to be more productive with your time:


You Need Breaks


Most time as entrepreneurs, since we’re running our own business’s it can sometime’s feel “bad” if you aren’t always go, go, go!


Kris’ recommends to see yourself as a “business athlete”. You can’t perform at your best if you’re over-trained, exhausted or stressed out.


Physically put places in your calendar to pace yourself throughout the day and take breaks. Kris recommend’s setting up your schedule like this:


  • Break up your day’s into one-hour increments
    • Time your sessions to make sure you’re not spending too much time on something that doesn’t require the majority of your attention
  • Start your day off with the work that requires the most creative and detailed attention
    • The morning is typically when your brain is most productive and can handle these complex tasks easier, rather than when you’re tired at the end of the day
  • Answer emails later in the day.
    • This way, you aren’t letting outside forces dictate the way your day is going to go



Burn Your To-Do List


That’s right… burn it! You don’t need a to-do list. We’re all oh so familiar with starting a work day with a glorified to-do list, maybe scratching off 75% off that list and leaving the rest for the next day. Then we feel we didn’t accomplish enough that one day and are overwhelmed the next and so forth.


Think of your day’s as not having a to-do list, but having a plan. A plan will guide you to where you need to go and what goals you need to accomplish. That plan may include a tiny task that could be on a to-do list, but it’s part of a plan.


A good analogy she uses is thinking of your work or projects as a GPS. You set where you want to go and your plan is the guided path to get you there most efficiently and effectively.



This episode is FILLED with amazing time-management tips on how to be more productive with your time, however there are tons more we didn’t cover. I highly recommended listening and downloading Kris Ward’s Win the Hour, Win the Day book for free!



Episode Spotlights:

  • Last week’s episode recap (1:06)
  • Introduction to the episode with Kris Ward (2:52)
  • Do entrepreneurs have ADD tendencies? (4:51)
  • Kris’ story behind creating her marketing agency and her book (7:49)
  • The truth about your calendar (11:35)
  • What the phrase “if you can win the hour, you can win the day” really means (14:28)
  • Examples of strategies from Kris’ book to see fast changes in their lives (16:32)
  • How to manage getting your to-do list done (20:53)
  • Kris’ thoughts on one of Karen’s productivity tools (22:57)
  • Good and bad effect’s of wasting time (27:10)
  • Kris’ sole mission for business (31:34)
  • How to find Kris and more about her business in productivity (33:18)
  • Episode Recap and more free resources (34:33)

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