085- How to Grow a Successful Online Business with Natalie Eckdahl From Bizchix – Karen Yankovich

Are you looking to grow a successful online business? You’re in luck! In this podcast, Karen Yankovich interviews Natalie Eckdahl, founder of Bizchix on how to grow a successful online business in a time where growing anywhere on social media feel’s almost impossible.

This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and founder and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen interviews Natalie Eckdahl, Business Strategist and High Performance Coach who helps high-achieving women entrepreneurs across industries and time zones build, grow and scale their business while avoiding overwhelm.


She’s the Founder of the BizChix Community, Podcast, Programs and Events, and the author of “RESET Your Mindset: Silence Your Inner Mean Girl.” Natalie has been recognized as “One of the Top Women in Business to Listen to.” She has also been featured in Inc, Fast Company, Huffington Post and Entrepreneur.


Natalie brings a multidisciplinary perspective to her work. She draws from her MBA education, 20+ years of work experience, deep intuition, and over 250 podcast interviews with industry influencers to help her clients with customized strategy and coaching to reach 6 figures+ in PROFITS. Visit BizChix.com for her latest podcasts and inspiration on life and business.


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About the Episode:

  If you haven’t listened to this week’s episode yet, stop what you’re doing and press record! This episode is packed full of info on Natalie Eckdahls’ successful Bizchix community and how she went from working a management consulting job, to working with hundreds of driven women to get into a powerful mindset to run 6+ figure businesses.   Here are 5 key point’s from my podcast conversation with Natalie on how to grow a successful online business:  

Understand Your Space

  In this day in age, it’s extremely difficult to gain a large audience quickly, so it is important to know that strategies that worked for people years ago, may not work in your favor now.   Natalie started out working with those she connected with one-on-one and after doing private coaching sessions with over 150 women, she now had a better understanding of what was happening in the market in terms of what was working and what wasn’t.  

Decide on your product

  After understanding your space, know what your product is going to be.  

  • Will it be a physical product?
  • Are you going to make it into a service?
  • Will you be offering a subscription package?

  While Natalie decided her best course of action was to offer services and support instead of physical products, you could be different! Research your space and figure out what would be the best course of action for not just short-term profit, but long-term stability in your company.  

Understand your work load and finances

  While many people desire passive income in their business, it’s important to understand that passive income takes work. There is a large amount of work behind the scenes that goes into offering something online that can turn into passive income.   It’s important to understand what are the most profitable parts of your business when it comes to how to grow a successful online business. In order to start this process, take the time to have a “CEO day” and go through each and every part of your business and determine which is the most profitable based on time, experience, energy, profit, etc.   If you’re having trouble putting together all the pieces that will result in long-term stability and growth in your business, hire a business coach or book keeper to help you understand all the different facets and what it takes to offer your product or service as well as hiring a team to support that initiative.  

Niche down and specialize in order to grow

  One of Natalie’s biggest tips in this podcast on how to grow a successful online business is to really understand what you do and what you can provide to people. Since it’s so difficult to grow a huge online following and sell to even 1%-5% of those people, you need to be able to niche down and specialize in order to grow.   This can come in a variety of ways including tailoring your content to the specific audience YOU want to work with, outreach and relationship marketing to your target clients, and branding your business so people know exactly what they’re going to get and what to expect when working with you.  

Don’t be afraid to feel worthy!

  While it sometime’s can be scary to sell those high ticket price services and products, the first step to take when it comes to growing your online business is to know your worth. Natalie wrote an entire book on how to reset your mind into believing in yourself to grow the business you’ve earned.   It’s time to start feeling worthy of your work and to fully understand what you need to charge in your business that is not only making you money, but building a profitable business to allow you to do MORE with your income.    

Episode Spotlights:

  • Intro to today’s episode (2:53)
  • Why Natalie Eckdahl’s wrote her book R.E.S.E.T Your Mindset (4:10)
  • The importance of a confident mindset for women (6:02)
  • How Natalie went from management consulting to starting Bizchix (10:53)
  • Deciding to differentiate your business from other’s online (14:48)
  • The shift in online businesses and the value in high-ticket services (20:26)
  • The myth about passive income (22:25)
  • What’s really important to running an online business (25:08)
  • Tip when it comes to how much capacity you have for your business (29:19)
  • Importance of your mindset & knowing your worth in business (29:44)
  • Advice on pricing in your business (36:11)
  • How to take the next step in shifting focus in your business (42:04)
  • Where to find Natalie and more about her business (46:49)
  • Episode recap (49:35)


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