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Did you know Realtors can use LinkedIn for more listings and buyers? If not, now you know! Learn all about the ways Realtors can use LinkedIn for more listings and buyers in this week’s episode of the Good Girls Get Rich podcast.

This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and founder and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen explains how LinkedIn is the place to be for Realtors! Realtors are always looking for more buyers and listings, and LinkedIn is the place to be to get a leg up in the industry. Karen shares all of her secrets for you to get ahead of your competition and use LinkedIn for more listings and buyers than your competitors.




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About the Episode:


If you’re not a real estate agent, no worries! These simple LinkedIn tips in this blog can apply to any industry out there! However I do want to talk to all of my real estate friends out there who are looking to use LinkedIn for more listings and buyers.


There’s nothing like real, authentic relationships to get business. Free online tools are great, but the majority of your business comes from the relationships you build and these relationships are happening on LinkedIn.


Here are 10 ways Realtors can use LinkedIn for more listings and buyers:


1. Make use of your personal LinkedIn profile


I always tell my clients that a good LinkedIn profile is the most important place to start, and Realtors are no acception!


A good LinkedIn profile is something you can take care of once and just tweak. Take time to target your profile. Think: What are people searching for on LinkedIn that you want to come up with the search result?


I talk all about how to optimize your LinkedIn profile with keywords in episode 84 of my podcast so I won’t go too in depth with it here. However, make your keywords in your headline and profile geographically based and targeted to your niche!


2. Create a LinkedIn company page


This is where you can list every last detail about your business on your company page and expand!


Here are a few things that you can include in your company page:

  • Link’s to your listings
  • Your full, in-depth bio
  • Certifications you have
  • Awards you’ve one
  • A gorgeous banner
  • Videos about you!
    • *bonus tip: LinkedIn share’s videos more often than any other content. Visuals are things people pay attention to on Linkedin so this can help you stand out from other Realtors in your area


If you need more tips on how to leverage your LinkedIn company page, I interviewed Rebecca Vertucci who works for LinkedIn on how to best do so in episode 71. Check it out if you want to expand on your LinkedIn company page.


3. Connect consistently with your potential buyers or sellers


Connect with 20 people a week that are warm leads, and I don’t mean send out a million connection requests. Micro target people that are influential in your community and those who have connections and know people in the community.


Don’t just say you’re looking to buy or sell in your intro. You should already have something to start a conversation about with them considering they are warm leads.


This should be something you do as a part of your daily LinkedIn routine.


4. Incorporate video into your content mix


So you are building a network intentionally, now you want to stay in front of them. Like I touched on earlier, video is shared more than anything else and LinkedIn promotes video more than any other piece of content.


Upload your video’s natively because LinkedIn wants to see that you’re keeping the conversation on LinkedIn. This can be anything from a home-buying tip of the week to a video about what you offer. Remember, you’re speaking to your niche here, so post things that people in your niche want to see.


5. Connect with the local media and journalists on LinkedIn


Research who they are in your area, as well as local publications or news outlets in your area and find out who’s talking about real estate in your market.


Find an article they’ve written, and reference that article in your connection. Also share it and tag them in your LinkedIn profile so they know you are engaged in their work.


Just a reminder, journalist are looking for YOU! News is 24/7 and they want you to give them the story. This could be an opportunity to get national media coverage that you can show to potential buyers to improve your credibility on a sale.


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Join the conversation in my Facebook group at karenyankovich.com/facebookgroup if you have any questions about any of these tips. I will be answering them all in depth!



Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode: karenyankovich.com/086
  • Intro to today’s episode (:56)
  • Karen’s background in social media marketing for real estate agents (3:22)
  • How to target your LinkedIn profile to your target market (6:50)
  • Importance of company pages for your business (10:03)
  • Micro-targeting your searches to connect consistently with potential clients (12:53)
  • Using video to exponentially grow your network of clients (16:22)
  • What the media and journalists can do for your business (17:48)
  • Recap of the first 5 tips to grow your realty business (21:13)
  • Bonus tips (22:29)
  • Where we can discuss all of the tips on this episode (23:02)
  • Reasons why you need to do this groundwork if you want to be successful (23:37)


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