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Many people limit themselves in what they believe they can achieve… however, in this podcast Karen will teach you how to think BIGGER and use LinkedIn to skyrocket your business growth! 

This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen talks about thinking bigger how to use LinkedIn to skyrocket your business! 



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About the Episode:


I recently went to an event in order to think bigger myself and to find out better ways to serve you guys. After leaving the conference… I was blown away and completely inspired to the point where I wanted to do a whole podcast for you guys on how to think bigger. 


As an entrepreneur whose job it is to support my clients in building their businesses, I’m here to push you all to think bigger for your business beyond where you could ever imagine! Heck, it’s the reason I created this podcast! 


So in a nutshell I want to answer this question for you…


How do you think bigger for your business than other people that do what you do?


I can tell you how right now… it’s through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is where we can tell the world what we want them to know about us, so let me give you 3 of my tips on using Linkedin to skyrocket your business:


Upgrade Your LinkedIn Profile


When it comes to building your LinkedIn profile, I want you to start with the end in mind. I want you to have the feeling of “Can I really say this about myself?” before you press publish. I want you to be so confident in writing your profile that it almost SCARES you!


I want you to position yourself right off the bat with your header image. What can you do in that image to stand out from your competition?


I also want you to claim your leadership status in your headline. Make sure it answers the questions on:


  • Who you are, 
  • Who you help and 
  • How you help them


As tough as it might be to hear, when people come to your profile, they don’t actually care about you…  however they do care about how you can help them. So tell them! Make your header completely about what you can help them do. 


For example, here are two headlines about the same person:


  • Financial planner at XYZ company
  • Financial planner at XYZ company who specializes in helping women in their 50’s, retire by the time they are 60. 


I’m sure you can tell the difference between the two! The first only talks about you, the second explains who you are (financial planner) who you help (women in their 50’s) and how you help them (retire by the time they are 60). 


Your LinkedIn Network


Think of 10 people who, if they were to accept your connection request, you would be dancing around with joy. These can be influential people in your industry, your ideal client or even people who are writing about your area of expertise. 


So many times people are reactive and waiting for people to reach out to them in order to accept connection requests. However NOW with LinkedIn we can go RIGHT to the people we want to connect with!


Reach out to those people! Have a plan


Once you have completed the essential profile piece first to position yourself in the best light, you can go straight to those people you want to connect with and give them the best virtual first impression to grow bigger in your business. 


Struggling to figure out how to make your profile in top shape? Join the waitlist for my free LinkedIn Profile Challenge coming soon!


Engaging with your LinkedIn Network


Lastly, you can’t just connect with your ideal list and forget about it. You now how to think about how you can engage with your connections. Your network can make massive changes in your life, so what can you say to engage in a real relationships with them?


Think about why you wanted to connect with them so bad in the first place! Are they a journalist who writes about your industry? Mention an article you loved by them! Share the article to your page and tag them and other people you think would enjoy reading the article. If you’ve done the research on your connections, you should naturally have a talking piece to bring up to them in your first outreach.


While engaging in conversation with them online, remember… the goal is to ultimately mention you think there are potential beneficial collaboration opportunities between you two and to get them on the phone.  


**tip: I don’t want you pitching to them on your outreach, and your first call is not a sales call or a pitch. I want you to build real relationships with your connections and finding out how you can help them. You can read more about how not to spam them in one of my latest podcasts here


Want more on how to think bigger and to skyrocket your business using LinkedIn? Check out some of my expert LinkedIn services here! And don’t forget to join the waitlist for my free LinkedIn Profile Challenge at


Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Intro and background on today’s episode on thinking big (1:27)
  • What stuck with Karen about her job (5:05)
  • A brand new free resource to help you take your LinkedIn profile to the next level (9:39)
  • Where your LinkedIn profile tie’s into thinking bigger (10:36)
  • Using your LinkedIn network to inspire bigger goals (16:07)
  • Engaging with your inspired network (19:12)
  • How to support a bigger audience now that you have more opportunities from thinking bigger (22:21)
  • Recap on the top tips to thinking bigger on LinkedIn (23:08)
  • Benefits of thinking bigger (25:36)


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