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Ready to get started with LinkedIn advertising? Not ready to get started with LinkedIn advertising because it’s overwhelming? Not a problem… we’ve got the expert here to give you all the top tips!

This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen interviews AJ Wilcox, founder of B2Linked on LinkedIn advertising and all the things you need to know to start utilizing Linkedin advertising for your business!   


AJ Wilcox is a LinkedIn Ad’s pro who founded B2Linked.com, a LinkedIn Ads-specific ad agency, in 2014. As official LinkedIn partners, they manage among the world’s most sophisticated advertising accounts worldwide. He’s a ginger and triathlete, he and his wife live in Utah with their 4 kinds, and his company care is a wicked-fast go-kart!  


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About the Episode:


There is a TON of information in this episode that you need to listen to (or read the transcript) to get the full amount of info about LinkedIn advertising! However, I wanted to break down some of the most common questions I get from you guys about LinkedIn advertising in this blog, that AJ answered for us in the show.


Let’s dive in!


Before even getting started, you need to know one simple fact: you can only run ads from your LinkedIn company page.


You can’t run ads to build your personal profile, so therefore… let’s take a look at what your company page should have before you start running ads:


On your LinkedIn company page, if you want to know what’s important to your company page in general, read this blog here, however for advertising, you should focus on:


  • Having a solid logo for branding
  • Consistent page activity, whether it be posting 1-2 times a week, or 1-2 times/month
  • Having a good amount of followers for social proof 


We deep dove into how to gain more followers to your company page in the episode, however if you want more tips on that, check out the blog and podcast I have here on leveraging your LinkedIn company page


Now getting into the actual ads…


What types of ad’s are there?


AJ gave us a wealth of knowledge on each ad, and I want to go into detail about all of them here for you:


Where do you start when creating an ad?


Start with thinking about the offer: What is the CTA for your ad?


Now AJ explained that most LinkedIn advertising falls on a spectrum/scale between these different CTA’s:


  • Light Ad’s
    • Have CTA’s that feel light, such as “read my blog” or check out this video
    • The result:
      • These types of ad’s don’t have great conversion rates, hence,
      • You’ll be paying a lot for the clicks than the ad is worth
  • Heavy Ad’s
    • Have CTA’s that feel heavy, such as “buy my product” or “speak with me”
    • The result:
      • Cold viewers will feel like you’re asking too much too soon, without even knowing you or your product
      • You will get very few clicks, and the clicks are not likely to convert. 


So if neither of these ad’s work, what should your CTA for ad’s be?


The best LinkedIn advertisements to run have to be somewhere in the middle where you can at least get something out it. Your CTA has to provide serious value with high interest, such as:


  • Access to a free checklist or cheat sheet
  • A free download, guide or e-book
  • Free in-person event or webinar you’re hosting


This way, you can get information from people like their name, email address and maybe even a phone number. From there, you can use their information to have more direct contact with them, AND you know they were interested in what you had to offer. 


Now, back to the types of ads. Out of the 4 types of LinkedIn advertisements, AJ recommends this one first to most people:


Sponsored Content:


These are the ads that appear in someone’s news feed as a “sponsored post”. These are a nice “middle of the road” ad for people to start.


You can start with a single image (which AJ recommends), with a text intro, big image and text headline. It can also be a video, carousel ad, etc. 


These ad’s are versatile and have a lot of room for that CTA to shine and you can potentially get a decent cost-per-click depending on your targeting (which we’ll talk about later)


Here are other types of ad’s (in order from best to worst recommended from AJ)


Text Ad (only visible on mobile) 


On the right side of your browser, you’ll see 3 text ads on top of each other. They are text only, and pretty small, so here are features:



  • Most affordable option
  • Most visibility as it will be shown thousands of times before getting a click
  • Essentially free branding to anyone who does not click



  • Much harder to see
  • Smallest click through rate
  • Could potentially be a waste of advertising budget


Sponsored In-Mail


With this type of LinkedIn advertising, you are essentially paying to deliver a specific message to people’s inbox



  • Can personalize to the person you’re sending to
  • Best option ONLY if you have a specific offer for something
    • I.e a free tool that is fit for them, an invite to an event or webinar, etc. that you know they will already be interested in



  • Can potentially the most expensive ad option
  • Can be seen as “spam”
  • Low click through rates
    • AJ mentioned the average numbers can be around only 50% will even open it, and only 3% may click on your link.


Dynamic ad’s


Every now and then you’ll see an LinkedIn ad that your image gets uploaded to.



  • None



  • High un-effective
  • Way more expensive than sponsored content
  • Lower click through
  • Higher cost


Now that we got the types of ad’s out of the way, I want to share one more important piece that we spoke about in this episode about LinkedIn advertising, which is…




You can target people through 4 (now 5) of the following functions


  • Job title
  • Job function
  • Skills
  • Groups
  • Interests (new feature!)


These can be your 4 campaigns, however they can all perform slightly differently. The important thing to do when it comes to targeting your LinkedIn ads, is to tailor to your specific needs as you go and learn which type of ad performs better. From here, you can narrow down your type of ad to which different group is getting the most clicks and most conversions. This all allows you to learn about your audience on LinkedIn, which is the ultimate goal to gaining business through your advertising.


Have more questions about LinkedIn advertising? Fill out the form on AJ’s website b2linked.com and reference you found him through Good Girls Get Rich, and you can speak with AJ directly on ad’s and how he may potentially be able to help your business! 


Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode: karenyankovich.com/089
  • Intro to today’s episode (1:30)
  • Intro to AJ Wilcox (2:51)
  • The difference between Facebook ad’s and ad’s (6:45)
  • The impact your LinkedIn company page has on LinkedIn ad’s (8:34)
  • How to boost your LinkedIn company page followers (9:48)
  • How people use LinkedIn ad’s (14:38)
  • Average cost for the best types of LinkedIn ad’s (18:00)
  • What type of ad to start with and additional ad formats (19:25)
  • How to target ad’s to your specific audiences (26:32)
  • Where to start out with investing on LinkedIn ad’s (32:34)
  • Additional targeting tips that include behavior  (37:28)
  • Re-targeting on LinkedIn (40:38)
  • LinkedIn’s insight tag and website demographics (44:55)
  • AJ’s wrap-up tips LinkedIn hack (53:21)
  • Where to get in contact with AJ directly (56:12)
  • Episode recap (57:46)

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