090 - 4 Expert Tips on Writing Your LinkedIn Experience Section – Karen Yankovich

You have an experience section on LinkedIn for a reason… now it’s time to use it to get business! 

This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen dishes her 4 expert tips on writing your LinkedIn experience section! So many times people tend to only list these briefly, however a perfectly targeted experience section can help you gain business even faster than you may think!


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About the Episode



The Good Girls Get Rich podcast exists for a reason, and that’s to help people like yourself gain the confidence you need to own what you do and showcase yourself in the best light possible on LinkedIn to grow your business and client list. 


If you didn’t know, I’m hosting a 5 day free LinkedIn Profile Challenge in which we’ll be going through 5 days worth of live tips to jump start your LinkedIn profile!   However before we get into that, I wanted to lay down a bit of a foundation on some specific sections right here on the podcast, and this week is all about experience.  


So many times this section is neglected, however I wanted to give you a great foundation on where to start on your experience section because it’s the one place where you can truly showcase what made you into the expert you are now!  


Let’s start here…  


People write their linkedin profile’s like a resume, which is what we were trained to do when LinkedIn came out. But at this point, you need to list your skills and achievements in the best way that makes people want to work with you!   


Niche down on your titles  


Here you probably have something general. For example, you could be “CPA at x firm” as one of your experience. However, that’s a million other people out there!   


Think about who you helped serve at your previous position. Instead of listing “CPA” you could list “CPA – Forensic accounting specialist”   See the difference? One is general and the other is specific to what you did.   


This is also the perfect time to incorporate more keywords in your profile that are essential when it comes to appearing in searches which is the ultimate goal! I went more into keywords here if you want to learn more about that.   


Make your description relevant to what you do now  


Now it’s time to take a look at what’s written in that section… is it relevant to what you do now? If it’s not, time to change it!    This is where you connect the pieces. If someone comes across your profile, they want to see what makes you qualified to do what you’re doing now. This will also give them a better chance of wanted to work with you.  


If it’s not relevant, don’t talk about it! You want to make it easier for whoever finds you to know you’re uniquely qualified to do what you’re doing now.   


Don’t restrict yourself to just “job” experience  


Remember, this section doesn’t say job experience, it just says experience! Don’t limit yourself to just jobs you were hired to do. Where you head of your child’s PTA? Were you elected president of a certain club or organization? This is where you can showcase it!   


Your LinkedIn experience section is meant to reflect what you’ve done that shows how qualified you are to do what you do now. Include anything that shows that people trusted YOU in this certain position of leadership.   


Build the story of you from old to new  


Once you have laid down the entire groundwork, this is now where you can go back and tell the story of you.   


Remember, people want to get a reflection of who you are on your entire LinkedIn profile. Afterall, the end goal of having a fully put together LinkedIn profile is for it to do the heavy lifting for you when creating these real, in person relationships.  


Be creative! Was there an aspect of one of your jobs you thoroughly enjoyed? Write with enthusiasm! Is there a story at a specific position you held that now directly relates to what you work in now? Share the story!   


People don’t want to just hear about you, they want to read about you so they can see what you can do for them. Share these stories and they’ll be sure to relate to you on a deeper level which will make you stand out from your competition.   


Episode Spotlights:


  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode: karenyankovich.com/090
  • Recap of last week’s episode on LinkedIn advertising (2:53)
  • Intro and background on today’s episode on your experience section on your LinkedIn Profile (3:42)
  • Why your entire LinkedIn profile needs to be engaging (5:54)
  • Are you titles engaging and creative? (6:45)
  • Relevancy of your experience descriptions (9:52)
  • Job experience isn’t the only experience you can list (13:45)
  • Build the story of you from old to new (15:26)
  • Summary of how to transform your experience section (18:33)
  • Episode recap (20:05)
  • Where to get direct help from Karen (21:11)


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