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LinkedIn groups: What are they? How can they be beneficial for your business? How can you use them to grow your client list? We’re answering all of these questions in todays episode!




This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen has Rebecca Vertucci back on the podcast for another in-depth LinkedIn training and info session all about LinkedIn groups.  


We are joined by Rebecca Vertucci, a Senior Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn where she has trained recruiters and hiring personnel on how to find and hire top talent and build their employer brands. Rebecca is also the founder of The Vertucci Group, which provides coaching, workshops and online programs for career transitioners, entrepreneurs and business leaders. Rebecca is frequently called on to speak at conferences, universities and corporations to bring her unique perspective and expertise to audiences around the globe.   




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About the Episode:




WOW was this an episode full of knowledge! I highly advise listening to every minute or read the entire transcript to get the full effect on how LinkedIn groups can truly transform your business.


However, I want to get down to the nitty gritty about LinkedIn groups and what they can really do for your business!


LinkedIn as a company understands the value of groups and they know how it hasn’t been very strong to date. In 2020, there will be a completely new overhaul of LinkedIn groups, however for now, let’s start with the basics of LinkedIn and the differences between the different types of LinkedIn user engagements.


Differences between LinkedIn user engagements:


LinkedIn Company Page


Your LinkedIn company page should serve as the content hub for your business. This is where you show your ideal client EVERYTHING about your business. This can include blogs, articles about your business and industry your business is in. 


Whatever your content and marketing strategy is for your business, should live on your LinkedIn company page. 

The first time Rebecca was a guest on the Good Girls Get Rich Podcast we spoke all about LinkedIn company pages, so be sure to check that episode out here


LinkedIn Profile


We talk a lot about your LinkedIn profile on Good Girls Get Rich. Your profile is where you speak about YOU, your expertise and your role in your business


Your profile is the only way that you can make connection requests and send messages, so therefore this is where the building of your business relationships takes place.


Struggling with how to present yourself to your ideal client on your LinkedIn profile? Join my FREE 5-day LinkedIn Profile Challenge.


LinkedIn Group


Now the topic of this episode… Your LinkedIn groups are your community tool. Linkedin groups are a way for like minded individuals come together in one place and have autonomy on discussions about certain topics. 


How to share content in a LinkedIn Group:


Let’s get one thing on the table first… a LinkedIn groups are not the place to share content without direct engagement. This is a place to share more insights and have topics surrounding a piece of content that you already have written on. 


This is where you always think about the next level of engagement. 


Don’t just drop your content in the group because you don’t want to spam your LinkedIn network.


How many groups should you be part of?


As Rebecca says… LinkedIn is a quality game, not a quantity game. You can be in up to 50 groups, but you should pick only around 5 that you can participate in quality conversations with to have authentic engagement.


Now let’s dive into the differences in LinkedIn groups…


What type of group you’re in depends on the types of conversations you want to have. 


Listed (open) Groups


These are groups that can be found on LinkedIn in a search and come up in search results. In most of these, the group manager chooses whether or not you have to be in the group to see the content or not. 


Unlisted (closed) Groups 


These groups are invite only. These are places you can have conversations that you don’t necessarily want anyone to be able to search (i.e. discussions surrounding your current job, job search and industry, etc.)


Say you have a paid client program and want to use LinkedIn groups to deliver content that your clients pay for. This is also a great way to utilize an unlisted LinkedIn group. 


*Pro insight: Any unlisted group will not be listed on your profile, however listed groups you are a part of could potentially show up in your interests. Be sure to check your privacy settings if you want to keep your groups off your profile.


How to find and join LinkedIn Groups:


So now you’re interested in groups… how do you find the best ones to start building business connections and getting clients?


Start with answering these questions:


  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What do they care about?
  • Where are they hanging out online?


Now that you have these answered, this is where you can start finding groups. 


There are over 1.7 million Linkedin groups, so there is SURE to be a group that fits your needs.


Start by searching any kind of keyword that may be on someones profile that you’re targeting.


Go to the groups section and look at the results that come up in that search. From there, you can narrow it down from here:


  • Which groups have the largest audience?
    • Pick a few from here
  • What does the activity look like?
    • Don’t be fooled, sometimes smaller groups with more engagement may be better than larger groups with no activity
  • Is this group local?
    • If your business is local this is huge, however if you don’t care exactly about geography, we still recommend being part of at least one local group. People feel more compelled to use your services if they feel that you are closer to them in some capacity.


Now, pick 3-5 groups where your ideal client is hanging out and look at the content. Start asking and answering questions and engaging. From here, you will be able to decide whether or not the group is a good fit to build business relationships.


*Only pick 3-5 groups. Anything more may be difficult for you to keep up with and if you’re not consistent in a group, people won’t see you as a source of reliability. 


Weekly LinkedIn Group Routine


If there’s one thing you should take away from this episode is that engaging in these groups on a consistent basis is KEY to utilizing LinkedIn groups to build business. It’s as EASY as this.


Do this weekly…


Set time on your calendar 3 times during the work week between 9-5 to engage with your groups for 20 minutes.


*Pro tip: LinkedIn is a 9-5 audience. It’s a very corporate group of people. They’re not hanging out on LinkedIn on weekends and week nights. They’re on LinkedIn during work hours, so use this time to engage for maximum reach. 


Last thing… Is it worth it for you to start a group?


If you feel like the bulk of your clients and leads are coming from LinkedIn and you have a solid LinkedIn strategy now, the answers is yes! It’s about where your ideal client is hanging out and how you want to engage those clients.

LinkedIn is a highly trusted platform. The know like and trust factor has been a huge thing on LinkedIn for a while, so if you are at a place that you are using LinkedIn well, then a group is a way to really take your LinkedIn game to the next level.


How to attract people to your group:


Now if you have your own LinkedIn group, the best way to attract people to your group is with these 3 things:


  • Email list
  • Your content (blogs, social call outs, etc.)
  • As you connect with people and build business relationships, invite them to your group 


Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see immediate, huge numbers. There’s value in a small, intimate group setting and as you grow, you can expand your reach and group strategy to be beneficial to your overall business


LinkedIn has a good job at providing training information in LinkedIn’s help center if you ever get stuck!


Huge thank you to Rebecca Vertucci for all the INCREDIBLE knowledge bombs that were dropped in this episode! Feel free to contact her for her services at thevertuccigroup.com


Episode Spotlights:


  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode: karenyankovich.com/091
  • Intro to today’s episode (1:42)
  • Start of the episode with Rebecca Vertucci (2:42)
  • Where things are going with LinkedIn groups (5:48)
  • Inside information on what will be changing with LinkedIn groups in 2020 (8:08)
  • The difference between your LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn company page and LinkedIn groups (9:08)
  • How to utilize your content in LinkedIn groups (11:40)
  • Features that have left LinkedIn to avoid spamming your network (14:12)
  • Different kinds of LinkedIn Groups and the differences between them all (19:32)
  • Are groups a part of your profile? (27:14)
  • How to use groups to get the message out and grow your network (30:50)
  • Ways to utilize center of influencer marketing on LinkedIn groups (34:24)
  • The importance of local groups even if geography isn’t important to you (37:46)
  • Are you ready to start a LinkedIn group? Should you even start a LinkedIn group? (40:38)
  • The first step in starting and promoting a LinkedIn group (43:51)
  • Navigating LinkedIn group tools vs Facebook groups (47:22)
  • Final tips on starting your own LinkedIn group (55:42)
  • Where to find Rebecca (1:00:22)
  • Episode recap and brand new free resource introduction (1:02:37)


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