092 - 5 Creative Ways to Use LinkedIn to Stand Out From Your Competition – Karen Yankovich

Want to stand out from your competition? Of course you do, that’s the way we become successful in our businesses! Find out how to do so using these 5 creative ways to use LinkedIn to stand out from your competition.



This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen uses her LinkedIn expertise by sharing 5 creative ways to use LinkedIn to stand out from your competition. We all want to build our business and have better profits. By using these 5 expert tips, you are sure to stand out from your competition in the easiest, most efficient way possible! 



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About the Episode:


While I just did an episode on thinking bigger to skyrocket your business, I wanted to expand on this a little bit more and show you how to stand out from the crowd while we’re gearing up for our free 5-day LinkedIn Profile challenge.


Here are my top 5 creative ways to use LinkedIn to stand out from your competition:


Connect with speakers BEFORE conferences or events you’re attending


As I mentioned in the podcast, right now it’s speaker season and I’m booked with events and I bet you may be attending a few too!


The best way to stand out from every other person attending these events is to get a copy of the speaker list and connect with these people on LinkedIn before the event! That way, you can start building a relationship with them immediately and you’ll be able to connect with them in person at the event much easier than if you were just a “normal conference goer”. 


Give LinkedIn Kudos


LinkedIn kudos are a fairly new feature to LinkedIn that not many people know about! When it comes to standing out from your competition on LinkedIn, this is the best way to do so!


If you don’t know how to give kudos on LinkedIn, just pop into my Facebook group and drop a question in there and I’ll answer showing you on video! 

However if you do know how, you can choose from a variety of different kudos and you can give up to 3/week. Be sure to use them strategically to get in front of people you either want to build a client relationship with or a professional relationship, or better yet, both!


Giving kudos also lets your audience know that you are appreciative of other people and that you are grateful for them, which further builds trust in your brand.


Go on an endorsing binge!


LinkedIn has recently been doing a MUCH better job when it comes to the structure of endorsements on your page, so let’s use them!


Think about your own strategy; you should organize and list your top 3 endorsements on your page so that people endorse you for them. (Not sure how to do this either? Come ask me how!) Other people want the same thing!


This isn’t hard to do either. You can go and endorse your perfect people while watching Netflix or having dinner at night maybe once a week. Doing this also encourages people to endorse you back and keeps you top of mind in people’s profiles, so it’s a win-win that people often forget about doing! 


**added bonus to endorsements: receiving more endorsements tells LinkedIn whose profile to bring up when searching for these things. Get your top 3 in order and you’re more likely to be found!


Write recommendations for your favorite podcast, blog or tv show hosts!

Now I’m not saying to do this just because I am a host! However, since you are clearly a podcast listener, I thought I’d mention podcast hosts first! Leaving recommendations for your favorite hosts is the perfect avenue for them to share your recommendations, because no one else is doing this!


Other social profiles can become incredibly crowded, so leaving LinkedIn recommendations is the best way to stand out if you want to get in front of your favorite podcasters, bloggers etc. to further build relationships and continue conversations with them. 


Use hashtags everywhere on LinkedIn


Most people know that using hashtags on places like Facebook and Instagram can get you visibility, but using hashtags on LinkedIn is a hidden secret that actually is more effective than other platforms!


LinkedIn gives you the ability to follow hashtags, which in turn means if someone is following a hashtag, and you use that hashtag, your post will automatically come up in their feed even if they’re not following you!


This is the perfect way to increase your visibility and get your content in front of your perfect people. You can also use hashtags in:


  • Your feed posts
  • LinkedIn articles
  • Posts you share
  • On your LinkedIn company page


Check out my previous podcast episode on hashtags here if you want to learn more about finding clients using hashtags on LinkedIn!

Episode Spotlights:


  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode: karenyankovich.com/092
  • Intro to today’s episode (2:17)
  • Free Special offer to jumpstart your business with LinkedIn (3:51)
  • Why you should connect with speakers BEFORE you go to a conference or event (5:01)
  • New LinkedIn feature to take advantage of (7:53)
  • How endorsing has changed in LinkedIn and why it’s getting better (10:26)
  • Writing recommendations for your favorite podcast hosts (12:53)
  • Why hashtags are SO beneficial on LinkedIn (15:04)
  • Recap of the 5 creative ways to use LinkedIn to stand out from the crowd (17:03)
  • How using these LinkedIn strategies can help you attract your perfect people (19:27)


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