094 - LinkedIn for Women: Owning What Makes You Great! – Karen Yankovich

Some women feel like LinkedIn may not be for them, however LinkedIn is crucial when it comes to owning what makes you great! Learn the best tips on how to use LinkedIn as women to own what you’re great at. 


This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen goes into a deep dive on what it means to be a successful woman in business and how to use LinkedIn to own what makes you great as a woman in business. 




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About the Episode:


Today’s episode holds quite the special place in my heart! I recently came back from attending and speaking at the She Podcasts Live conference and… WOW! I felt supported and lifted up everywhere I went at the She Podcasts conference because women were being advocates for other women!


When you start owning what you’re good at, that’s where abundance begins in your business, however us as women tend to struggle with that. Imposter syndrome creeps in and we tend to downplay our achievements. 


My whole business is targeted towards women (and men, but I’m talking to the ladies here!) owning what you’re good at and positioning yourself in the best way possible on LinkedIn, so that is what I wanted to focus on today.


In order to use LinkedIn as women, here are 3 key things we need to start doing to step into our power and owning what makes you great:


Advocate For Yourself


Many of us spend our days advocating for others. Whether you’re a manager advocating for your employees, a mother advocating for your kids, there are many ways that us as women give credit to everyone else, but ourselves!


In order to own our power, we have to recognize what that is and own it! This is where LinkedIn comes into play. Create a profile that positions your like a rockstar and you’re instantly advocating for yourself!


Not quite sure how to do that? Join my free LinkedIn Profile Challenge coming up and I’ll take you through each step on how to own what makes you great! 


Together We Are Stronger


It’s SO important to surround yourself with the people who lift you up and make you better. It was evident at the She Podcasts conference that women WANT to support other women! 


Since we’re already advocates for each other, we need to keep these women in our lives and continue to nurture those relationships because we are stronger together as women.


Continuing to support other women is already included in your daily LinkedIn routine. If you don’t have one already, check out this blog here to learn more. 


Be More Comfortable with Being Seen and Heard


A part of stepping into what you’re good at and owning what makes you great, means you need to be comfortable being seen and heard. As women, we’re sometimes a bit hesitant to put ourselves out there, which is why we’re not typically seen and heard in the first place!


As your LinkedIn profile becomes solidified and your growth in business starts to explode, this means you have to be comfortable with your own voice. More people will be looking to you as a source for what you’re good at, so get ready to be comfortable with the fact that this is a mental shift you will be faced with in the time to come when building your ideal life.


Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode: karenyankovich.com/094
  • Intro to today’s episode (4:08)
  • Karens experience at the She Podcasts conference (4:18)
  • What and who inspired Karen to create her business (11:33)
  • Importance of owning what you do (11:58)
  • Intro to why women feel why LinkedIn isn’t for them (14:30)
  • Imagining the perfect life for yourself (16:00)
  • How to advocate for yourself (18:11)
  • Why we’re stronger together (21:44)
  • Be more comfortable with being seen and heard (25:24)
  • Importance of wrapping all 3 of these points into your world (33:25)


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