Some women feel like LinkedIn may not be for them, however LinkedIn is crucial when it comes to owning what makes you great! Learn the best tips on how to use LinkedIn as women to own what you’re great at. 


This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen goes into a deep dive on what it means to be a successful woman in business and how to use LinkedIn to own what makes you great as a woman in business. 




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About the Episode:


Today’s episode holds quite the special place in my heart! I recently came back from attending and speaking at the She Podcasts Live conference and… WOW! I felt supported and lifted up everywhere I went at the She Podcasts conference because women were being advocates for other women!


When you start owning what you’re good at, that’s where abundance begins in your business, however us as women tend to struggle with that. Imposter syndrome creeps in and we tend to downplay our achievements. 


My whole business is targeted towards women (and men, but I’m talking to the ladies here!) owning what you’re good at and positioning yourself in the best way possible on LinkedIn, so that is what I wanted to focus on today.


In order to use LinkedIn as women, here are 3 key things we need to start doing to step into our power and owning what makes you great:


Advocate For Yourself


Many of us spend our days advocating for others. Whether you’re a manager advocating for your employees, a mother advocating for your kids, there are many ways that us as women give credit to everyone else, but ourselves!


In order to own our power, we have to recognize what that is and own it! This is where LinkedIn comes into play. Create a profile that positions your like a rockstar and you’re instantly advocating for yourself!


Not quite sure how to do that? Join my free LinkedIn Profile Challenge coming up and I’ll take you through each step on how to own what makes you great! 


Together We Are Stronger


It’s SO important to surround yourself with the people who lift you up and make you better. It was evident at the She Podcasts conference that women WANT to support other women! 


Since we’re already advocates for each other, we need to keep these women in our lives and continue to nurture those relationships because we are stronger together as women.


Continuing to support other women is already included in your daily LinkedIn routine. If you don’t have one already, check out this blog here to learn more. 


Be More Comfortable with Being Seen and Heard


A part of stepping into what you’re good at and owning what makes you great, means you need to be comfortable being seen and heard. As women, we’re sometimes a bit hesitant to put ourselves out there, which is why we’re not typically seen and heard in the first place!


As your LinkedIn profile becomes solidified and your growth in business starts to explode, this means you have to be comfortable with your own voice. More people will be looking to you as a source for what you’re good at, so get ready to be comfortable with the fact that this is a mental shift you will be faced with in the time to come when building your ideal life.


Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Intro to today’s episode (4:08)
  • Karens experience at the She Podcasts conference (4:18)
  • What and who inspired Karen to create her business (11:33)
  • Importance of owning what you do (11:58)
  • Intro to why women feel why LinkedIn isn’t for them (14:30)
  • Imagining the perfect life for yourself (16:00)
  • How to advocate for yourself (18:11)
  • Why we’re stronger together (21:44)
  • Be more comfortable with being seen and heard (25:24)
  • Importance of wrapping all 3 of these points into your world (33:25)


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You’re listening to the Good Girls Get Rich podcast episode 94


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Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl. Stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.


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Hello, I’m your host Karen Yankovich. And this is Episode 94 of the good girls get rich podcast and this podcast is brought to you by up leveling media. This is where we teach simple and relationship and heart based LinkedIn marketing that gets you on the phone consistently with your perfect people. No throwing a lot of spaghetti at the wall here no spamming your network. I want you to be consistently talking to people who you can’t wait to have an opportunity to chat with. And this week’s show is really going to dive into that, particularly as it relates to us women.


So I’m so excited to dive into this because, you know, I’ve been teaching digital marketing for a bunch of years now. And I like to refer to the work that I do on LinkedIn is digital marketing with the human touch, I think that we’re starting to see overwhelm in, you know, Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. I really love those platforms still, and I use them, but I use them a lot differently than I’ve used them before. And I use them a lot differently in my business that I’ve used and I’ve used them before, you know, I just I there’s a Facebook group that I belong to, that recently just check is taking their entire forum off Facebook, because so many of their members are just don’t want to be dependent on Facebook, right? So I’m not saying don’t use Facebook or Twitter or Instagram to market your business.


I absolutely am not saying that at all. I’m saying that we’re losing the human touch there. And I really love to talk about how we can build that back in with relationships, especially on women that are not really looking for the left brained strategy way to do this, they’re just looking to talk to people that they love to talk to about things they love to talk about. So if that’s you, you definitely want to listen to this show.


If you’ve listened before, or if you love what you hear today, I love to hear from you. So make sure that you’re subscribing to this show and Apple podcasts or wherever you’re listening. And you know, leave us a review you can either email that to me all the links are here or send it to Or leave a review in the pod catcher of your choice because it helps me understand what is resonating with you.


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Again, I want to I want to be speaking to you and sometimes Like this is a one way conversation, right? I’m speaking to you through my microphone, I want to hear back from you, that helps make this more conversational, and makes it I think more valuable to you when I hear what’s resonating with you. Also, I’d love for you to share this episode on social media, take a screenshot of it, use the hashtag good girls get rich, tag me, I’ll be sure to share your posts with my audience. And that’s how we get more visibility.


I’m @KarenYankovich across all social media. And and we’ve started to you know, we’ve started to incorporate more ways to consume this show, meaning or the message in the show. So if you go to You’ll see the blog for this page. So we were in addition to show notes, we’ve also started to include a blog so it’s easier to read if you just don’t have time to listen to this half hour episode. You’ll also see this is a button a button there and you can expand it and read the entire transcript. So if you have you know, friends or colleagues that are disabled, and they want the whole Transcript we’re including that as well. So there’s anything more that we can do to help this make this more accessible to you. I’m listening, I’d love to hear from you.


So this show I kind of fast track this show because I spent last weekend and actually almost a whole week in Atlanta, Georgia last week at the she podcast conference. And this is a conference you guys are linked to the show notes. We I interviewed Jessica cub from in and Elsie Escobar, in a previous episode of this podcast, and we talked about the she podcast conference, we’ve talked about the need for a conference where women felt like they were being heard and supported. And you know, I’ve been to other podcast conferences and I definitely felt heard and supported.


But Holy moly, not the way I was heard and supported. She podcasts. And just a quick recap. When Justin LC been running a community for women podcasters for a couple years now called the sheep podcast, it’s a Facebook group. And you can join that if you’re a woman podcast or interested in being a podcaster and They asked about maybe six months ago, they asked like maybe March.


So this is maybe six or eight months ago, they asked if any woman was interested in them holding a live event. And what they basically said was okay, you guys are telling us you want to live event, put your money where your mouth in the mouth is, they hosted a Kickstarter. And they said, if we can get $25,000 in this Kickstarter, we’ve got enough money to run this event. And they, you know, whatever it was in three weeks, four weeks, whatever the time you have for Kickstarter is and with Kickstarter, the issue is if you don’t fund it, you don’t get the money. So it was like kind of make or break for them. Well, not only did they fund it and meet their $25,000 goal, they doubled it in the time, their their fundraising time, they doubled it to $50,000. That’s how much demand there is for women’s conference.


Now, this is not you know, I struggle with this a little bit because it’s not excluding men. It’s making women feel more included. And, and because often at some of these conferences and even in life in general, and you’ll hear about Next week, I’m interviewing Heather Hansen. Oh my gosh, Episode 95, you’re going to love this one. Because we talk a little bit about how, you know, we’ve got to be our own advocates because we are not being heard.


So sometimes we need to learn that, you know, these are not necessarily skills we were born with, or that or that we learned as we were growing up, least not me. I mean, I grew up, you know, I’m in my 50s. So I grew up in the 60s and 70s. And, you know, women were not advocating for themselves, then we’re maybe it was starting to become the bra burning years.


But, you know, that really wasn’t being advocates for for intelligence and strength and asking for a seat at the board room or frankly, a seat, you know, at the highest levels of government. It was it so so now we’re there, right? We are seeing the value that women bring to this world. So going back to the sheet podcast conference, I really didn’t know what to expect. I was excited to be there because I just knew so many people there. And as a speaker, I speak at a lot of conferences and if you go to Karen Yankovich calm events, you can see some of the conferences I have coming up. But often I don’t know a lot of people at the conferences, right if they bring me in to speak, I don’t always know a lot of people at the conference.


So this is a conference that I knew a lot of people at. So I knew it was going to be for me social as well as hopefully educational Plus, I was speaking so it was work. So it was really interesting, because, you know, when I saw the schedule, I was doing a talk that was called LinkedIn for podcasters. Something, you know, three ways to build your product, use LinkedIn to build your podcast audience. And when I saw the schedule, the podcast was a three day conference. And the last workshops were 3pm on Sunday, and my workshop was 3pm on Sunday.


So when I first saw that I was a little disappointed because I thought, Gosh, people are going to go home already, which definitely happened, but it is what it is. Somebody’s going to be lost, right? Might as well be me. But I gotta tell you, it was the perfect time for me to go because what happened was, I got to Spend the three days soaking in all of the stuff that everybody else was talking about really building relationships, listening to what other women were saying and what they needed. And really being really feeling like I was being supported and lifted up everywhere I went.


So because I teach LinkedIn, and I feel like LinkedIn is such an amazing place to shout that from the rooftops, it turned out to be the perfect time to do my talk. And I will actually link to this talk in the show notes because I live streamed it on my LinkedIn page, my Facebook page, and Twitter and YouTube. So I’ll link to it in the show notes. So you can watch the talk if you want. Because what it allowed me to do is walk into that room at the end of the conference and say, all right, you know, how’s everybody feeling here? You’ve just had a few days where I don’t know about you guys, but I’m feeling pretty empowered, and pretty. I’m feeling like I really understand the power that my voice could have, but I know what happened. I know that it’s very easy to go home tomorrow, and get back to doing the day, right?


And not remembering all of the amazing how quickly can slide away. And I don’t want that to happen for anybody here. So how we can continue this conversation, how we can continue to show up as a leader, as a woman with a voice that that deserves to be heard, because when our voices are heard, it changes the world. It changes the world, the people that I met at this conference, were unbelievable. The world changing women that I met it just I can I don’t even want to start listing them because I will forget somebody really important. But half of them I didn’t know they existed, right, which is crazy. But now I do and and it’s up to us as women to continue to let people know that we exist to amplify our voices beyond the conference and beyond our podcasts. And to me, LinkedIn is the place to do that.


So it was just a perfect time for to do that. So I was able to dive in and really You know really kind of hopefully provide a platform for people to take the next few steps and stay on that high that they are leaving the conference with stepping into the do the rest of their lives really, as the leader that their podcast is positioning them to be. So I in hindsight, it was the perfect place for my talk to be and I’m grateful that it was there and grateful for Justin LC for bringing me on to as a speaker at the conference and just grateful for all the people that I met there it was it was so amazing. And grateful to them for the all the hard work that they put into it. It was it was a whole lot of fun. I met I think I made like three new best friends and probably 10 new best friends, maybe 15 or 20. I mean, it was so fun. And I got to meet like, you know, just so many other stories, but just another quick story. Shell Hamilton who I’ve also interviewed on this podcast, shell and I have been business friends since 2012. It is know October 2019 is I’m recording this. So seven years. We were like for like seven and a half years because it was early 2012 that we met and we have talked on the phone I always say there’s no way a month has ever gone by without us talking on the phone.


Sometimes, you know, we’re texting a few times a day, I’ve helped her with a million things in her business she’s helped me with 10 million things in my business. And we had never met before we had never been in the same room before. That’s this crazy digital world we live in. I have this you know, great friend who I’ve never met in person. So she was at the conference I get to I got to actually hug her and spend some time with her. So that was amazing. But that’s all just you know, stories about the conference which isn’t really the goal of this, but I thought it was really important for you to hear my personal story what inspired me to do this because without people like shell in my life without people like Justin LC in my life and all of the other people that all my other friends that I that I got to spend time with at the conference and all the all my new friends and new opportunities that came up for me just, I’m still exploding. In fact, I’m still trying to catch up with my to do list from there.


So one of the other things that came up for me at that conference and I actually talked about it in my talk was, you know, when I first started talking about LinkedIn marketing and you know, this show is good girls get rich, right? It’s about lifting of women and letting women know that their voices deserve to be heard. And that if you know that you have a message, and when you stay in that place of, of doing what you love to do, and what you’re really good at doing, that’s where you that’s where abundance starts to come into your life, right? And when I started to teach this to you know, the people in my world I wrote an article years ago about basically said it was called something like screw the glass ceiling. And it was basically like, don’t worry about the glass ceilings like we’re creating lives for ourselves, that that don’t that were the glass ceilings are irrelevant. We don’t have to worry about them anymore. And I know that some of you listening to this still do have to deal with that. I fully recognize that. But I think the more that we grab our own power, the more that we step into a world and don’t take no for an answer and do Like, I mean, I can I don’t want to get to rambling on this. But, you know, how many times have we seen and you’ll hear more about it next week on the show with Heather Hanson articles where there was, you know, 100 top influencers who and one of them are women, right?


This the only way that’s going to change is if we, if we start to step into that role, so we have to I’m not I don’t want us to break the glass ceilings anymore. I want us to evaporate it. Okay. And one of the ways we do that kindness can be by ignoring it can be by creating our own successes and our own amazing lives. The morning of my talk at the she podcast conference, an article came out, oh my gosh, I can’t remember what where it was from but I can link to it in the show notes as well. And it was talking about glass floors, about how not only is a glass ceiling but now there’s glass floors. Now the CEOs which are often you know, middle aged white dudes of companies are creating jobs for their kids.


Right? So now, you know, their kids are never going to experience having to work in the mail rooms, right? They’re going straight up. So not only we’re dealing with glass ceilings, we’re dealing with glass floors, it gives me an absolute headache. And I just choose to ignore all of it, and take control of my destiny, and build my build a business and a life and a career that supports me. So that’s what I’m hoping to inspire that this podcast does for you. But I want to talk a little bit today, you know about ways that we can specifically I want to specifically talk to the women today, because I think that what I’m hearing in the past few years, and I heard it at this conference, which is why I wanted to do this show.


Women don’t think LinkedIn is for them. They’re comfortable being conversational on Facebook and Instagram and you know, Pinterest and all that and again, I am not knocking those things, but I want you I want to just tell you T=that if you give me two hours a week, two hours, just two hours of really targeted LinkedIn time, you’re going to get clients, you’re going to get media, you’re going to get attention, you’re going to make partners that are going to blow your career and your business out of the water.


I know it because it happens to me, and it happens to my clients every single week. But women don’t feel represented on LinkedIn, they feel like it’s very left brained and that they don’t, you know, they’re not really sure even how to position themselves. You know, I can’t even tell you how many times I heard this past week. Oh, my gosh, I haven’t looked at my LinkedIn profile in three years. Right. And I get it. I mean, I can say that about Pinterest. So I don’t expect every single person, man or woman to always be on LinkedIn, but it was it was an avalanche of that at a woman’s conference.


So I really, it’s it’s made me shift my perspective on my business a little bit. And you guys are going to see some changes in some of the things that I’m doing. In fact, I’m going to tell you about some of them. before we’re done here today.


So stay tuned to the end because there’s some pretty cool announcements coming But as a woman, I want you to just kind of like Close your eyes. And imagine that it’s a year from now. You know, it’s a year from now, and I want you to just dream. I mean, like, pretend I have a magic wand. Don’t worry about how this happens. I want you to just like, if you’re driving, don’t close your eyes. But if you’re not driving, close your eyes and just stop and spend a minute really trying to imagine the perfect life for you. And if you need to pause this and do it and then come back to it, by all means do that. Don’t forget to come back because I want to help you with the other side of this.


But think about you know, what does your life look like? Not necessarily what does your business look like? You know, are you stay at home mom and you want to be home at three o’clock for your kids, but you want to have five super powerful clients every month that are bringing you in 1000 or $2,000 $10,000 each, so that you’re you are contributing to your household whether you are a single mom, parent or whether you’re partnered family, you know, what is it that is your dream Do you want to be left, you know, have a laptop lifestyle, be location independent, I want you to just dream it up. Do you want to be a speaker? Do you want to never have to be a speaker? Do you want to never, you know, have to create a funnel again in your life, right? What is your dream business. And then what I want you to do is, is come back here and I want you to stay in that place. Because I am telling you when you start to become that person, and you start to feel like that person, and you start to represent yourself as that person on your LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn is where you do this.


You can’t do it on Facebook, you can’t do it on Instagram. You can’t do it on Twitter, at least not as effectively as you can do it on LinkedIn. What you know, what I often tell people is your LinkedIn people look at LinkedIn as a resume, but your resume is who you used to be. LinkedIn is who you are becoming.


So I want you to, to as you listen to the rest of this, this episode of the show, I want you to put keep yourself in the position of the person You are becoming in 2020. And I am here to give you that little push to be the person that hopefully makes you think bigger and feel supported around this.


So the first thing I want to talk about is advocating for ourselves. There isn’t anybody that’s going to advocate for you better than you can do it. And I know that it’s not easy for us to do that. Sometimes I know that we advocate for our kids, we advocate for our parents, we advocate, you know, for our students, those of us that are teachers, we advocate for, you know, I mean, if we’re, if you are a, if you’re a manager at a corporation, you advocate for the people that work for you, right? Who’s advocating for you? Right? You have to be the person that puts that message out there that advocates for ourselves if we’re not advocating for ourselves. Our voices are not going to be seen or heard. So we have to be advocating for ourselves.


And this is everyone. By the way. This episode is not just for entrepreneurs. It’s not just for, you know, six, seven, multiple six figure entrepreneurs or business professionals, this is for, you know, those of us women that work in retail, imagine if you start advocating for yourself, and you start pointing out to your supervisor or your boss, or maybe even creating a LinkedIn profile, okay, advocating for yourself saying, you know, I work at Macy’s, and I have turned around the domestic department that it’s, you know, it’s doing twice the amount of business that it was doing last year. Right? I don’t care if what you’re doing, you know, you don’t feel that, that you’re making that impact. I’m telling you that i what i hear from a lot of people is and I, this is everybody in my life, not just my business friends, not just my entrepreneur, friends. They feel like their voice isn’t heard.


You have to advocate for yourself, for your voice to be heard. And it doesn’t. It’s not about like, bang people over the head with it and saying, hey, hey, don’t forget Don’t forget I’ve done this. It’s about owning your power using LinkedIn to create a profile that positions you as a freaking Rock Star. And again, I know if you’re a volunteer, if you’re the president of the PTA, and you never got paid a dime in your life, you can create a LinkedIn profile that positions you like a rock star, so that at some point, maybe somebody handing you a microphone and paying you $5,000 to speak in front of a room of other presidents of the PTA.


Okay, so this is not just my entrepreneur, friends, this is for every woman out there that is feeling that their voice is not heard all the time. It has got to start with us. We can’t wait for other people to advocate for us. And again, I mentioned a few times next week’s show is all about this, you’re going to love that. But it starts with your LinkedIn profile. And you know, I don’t always rightly I don’t spend a lot of time writing LinkedIn profiles, people that are not looking for jobs, are not looking for clients. But I think really, we need to start doing that. We need to start doing that I am running a LinkedIn profile challenge. It’s LinkedIn profile challenge. com. everybody listening to the show needs to go to that link right now and register for it. Whether you know whether you are no matter what, where you are in your life. Because often people say to me on my LinkedIn profile is great. And then I look at it and go, Hmm, not so much. Because we think that we just tell about what we used to be, I want you to be advocating for yourself in your LinkedIn profile.


And this LinkedIn profile challenge is going to help you do that. So if you’ve never thought about using LinkedIn, LinkedIn profile challenge com if you use LinkedIn on a regular basis,, it’s completely free. And we’re going to go through it live starting October 28 2019. Not sure what’s going to happen to it after that. So you definitely want to get in live on it if you can. If you’re listening to this later, some you’ll go to that link and that link will tell you what, what the status is of the free challenge, but it will always be free in any case.


Okay, the second thing I want to talk about, and this was another thing that really stood out to me at the she podcast conference, and that is together we are stronger. And it’s so interesting because you know, you hear so much about Women catty backstabbing each other, right? But I haven’t experienced that. I mean, maybe I have experienced in my life I’m not gonna pretend that I haven’t experienced in my life I absolutely have. But I have learned and it is not always easy but I have learned to ignore that. And to just own my power, own it include the people in my life that support me and that are together with me and that lift me up because that creates a life and a business of my dreams.


Okay, so don’t so let other women support you find surround yourself with other women that support your goals. And again at this I at this LinkedIn profile challenge is going to be a Facebook community that supports this as well. We’re all in there to lift you up in this okay, I’m there My team is there. Everybody else in the challenge is there we’re going to have you know, we’re going to buddy people up so that they can support each other.


You will feel supported and I and if so if you’re not feeling support Or if you feeling like you need to be supported in this stepping into your, the next phase of your life. This is I’m here to help you and and I do believe that LinkedIn is the place to do that. I mean, you’re listening to the show, you know that I think that LinkedIn is what you should be using, right. But I think, you know, often when we write LinkedIn profiles, people who look at us and go, is that really me? Like, I can’t say that I’m like, Yes, that’s really you. And yes, you can say that. You’ve done all of those things. We pull out of you things that you wouldn’t have dreamed of being able to pull out of yourself. So let us help you be feel supported by the other people in your community. Find communities like the shoe podcast community, there’s lots of other women based communities that are supportive of each other.


And while I’m not going to say that there’s not mean girls out there, and that there’s not that backstabbers I really feel like that is going away. And maybe it’s just because I’m getting more mature in my life that I ignore them or just like again, like the glass ceilings. Just Just pretend it’s out there evaporated, and just surround yourself with the people that are stronger that are going to look at your LinkedIn profile and say, Wait, you know what, I want you to talk more about this. I think you should be, you know, you should you’re overlooking the fact that you did this for 10 years, right? Like, find people that are going to help you really shine your light.


Okay, and they’re out there they are out there. I mentioned shell Hamilton earlier, my friend that that I met for the first time and she’s got an amazing podcast actually interviewed her on this podcast. So we’ll link to that we’re gonna have a lot of links in the show. And her podcast is meditation minis. And she she can walk around and say, Hey, I’m Michelle Hamilton. I have a podcast and I had half a million downloads on my podcast last month, but I can write so I was walking around with her and she’d say, Hey, I’m Sheila Hamilton. And everybody of course, said what’s your podcast? She’d say your podcast and I chime in and say, and her podcast had a half a million downloads last month. Somebody said you’re like a walking PR person. But I am truly so proud of her that I joked that I want to like print out her stats and put them on my refrigerator like my kids report cards, because I am so proud and amazed by what she’s done with that. Those are the kinds of people you need to find in your life. Okay, shell, by the way, does that for me as well?


Okay, so you want to find those people in your life and and you want to to step into this role. And the last thing I want to talk about today, and this was also something you know, all of this stuff is stuff that that really I felt the need to talk about after the podcast conference is then the need to get comfortable or more comfortable with being seen and being heard. I you know, I remember we’re in Episode 94 of this podcast. I remember when episode one came out, I was a nervous wreck for people to hear that episode. Because I felt like what are people going to think? You know, what are you know, are people going to think, you know, Are they going to like I mean, all of my little Gremlins came up, right? Even with all of the work I do around social media, I mean, I’m starting to learn how to not really care what other people say. For the most part, I kind of always have been that way. But there’s always a part of me that does care, right?


When I was meeting the 700 women that have these podcasts, I was so impressed with the courage it took some of them to tell their story, and to be seen, and that does take some courage, especially if you’re in your 40s or 50s. Now or 60s or 70s. And you’ve spent your life learning how to be demure, right, learning how to not be the center of attention. And now I’ve got a freakin microphone in my hand and I’m sending out this podcast to, you know, everybody that will listen the millions of people on the planet, right. When you’re creating a visibility of LinkedIn profile, you are stepping into a place where you were You’ve got to start becoming comfortable being seen.


So, you know, some of some of my some of my listeners, some of the listeners that are podcasters or do do content creation. It’s something we struggle with, I definitely teach people how to do that a big part of the work that I do with people on LinkedIn is around PR. How do you get more press? How do you get more visibility for your you and your business? But for those of you that are listening, that are not looking for, necessarily, to get more visibility for to grow your business, think about what that visibility could do for your career. So let me take you back to my teachers and I’m going to use teachers as an example again, I have a lot of teachers in my family, and I they’re amazing. They’re amazing. And any of you guys in my family that are listening to this high fives to you all I admire you I could not it’s not in my blood. I went to college to be a teacher and quickly realized it was not my thing. I love kids but like I’m not a teacher.


But think about This for a second. First of all, if you look and I’m in New Jersey, so I’m not going to speak for this country wide, but I’m going to bet that as probably everywhere. I if you look at a board of education or at a an organization chart for school district, you will very likely see, let’s say there’s 100 people on staff at a particular Board of Education, okay? My guess is that of that hundred people, 90 or more of them are women, and 10 are men. But I bet that of those 10 men, more than half of them are principals and or superintendents or directors or have a position of power. Why is that? Why is that why are there not more women stepping into, you know, the the more powerful and higher paying roles in schools.


So it may be your choice and 100% that is absolutely amazing. You may get to make that choice but if you are a woman, and you do want to have a little bit more, a bit Bigger paycheck and step into more of a position of authority in your school district. Imagine if you created a LinkedIn profile for yourself, that positions you as the best damn fourth grade teacher out there. And you talk on your LinkedIn profile about the billions of certifications that you’ve taken, and the classes that you take on the summer, and the end, the tutoring that you do, and the results that your students have gotten on there. I mean, I got I hate to talk about standardized test scores, but this is such a hot topic here in New Jersey, but like on what you’ve done, create a LinkedIn profile, that pill that positions you like a freaking rock star. Okay.


Then from there, what I want you to do is, again, this is visibility, right? So first of all, you’ve got to be comfortable doing that because most fourth grade teachers are not doing that. Okay, so you’re the fourth grade teacher doing that you might feel a little weird about it. I want you to try and get over that. And by the way, I mean, take the same example if you are you know in in corporate or you are in retail, whatever it is you’re doing, you can Use the same example. Just plug in what you do in where I say, teacher. So what about if next, the next thing you do for your visibility is you go to some of the the teacher magazines, the the industry publications, and you start to connect with the people that write the articles on LinkedIn.


Okay, so now remember, you’ve created this great LinkedIn profile, you start to connect with the people that write articles about the kinds of things that you are an expert in, and you start sharing that with your LinkedIn network. And you’re consistently proactively building your LinkedIn network. This does not take a lot of time, guys, this takes an hour a week, maybe it takes a little bit of time up front, right, and that’s what we’re doing the LinkedIn profile challenge so we can take that piece off of your plate, your profile, be ready to go for this. Imagine if they use you if they start quoting you in upcoming articles. Now in your LinkedIn profile, you’re going to start linking to all of these places you’ve been quoted all over The Internet, okay.


And then maybe you’re also looking at some of the conferences that are coming up in all over the country doesn’t have to be local, right? And you put together a talk, and you pitch to speak at some of these conferences. Now you might have to use, you know, vacation days. And I know that’s tough for teachers, right? And I don’t you know, I know that this is easier for my entrepreneur listeners, but, you know, pitch yourself to not be a 10 at a time necessarily just an attendee at these conferences, but pitch yourself to do a talk, you know how to stand in front of a room full of people, right, that’s what you are trained to do. So now you’re just doing it with a microphone in your hand. All of these things are starting to position you as an more influential teacher. And the chances are, if your goal is to get promoted and to get a job, maybe it’s even a job in different district that pays more, maybe it’s just a suit, maybe it’s just a maybe it’s a supervisor of the you know, in the department you’re in, I want you to take this model Across whatever, you know, whatever you do for a living, and put yourself in that situation, women are not doing this men are.


Okay, we have to be doing this because we are losing out on opportunities. We are not being seen, because we’re not always willing to be visible. So we’ve got to kind of get over that. And I am here to support you with this. I got it like this is a little bit of a rampage here. So I’m sorry if I’m starting to seem evangelist, but I’m so it’s so important. And again, coming after that conference, you know, you can be positioning yourself as an expert.


You know, again, do you have a podcast? Do you have a message, get it out there on a blog, create a podcast, there was so many podcasters at that conference that didn’t were not podcasting for their business that were podcasting. You know, there were there were people that are teachers that are podcasts, there were podcasters you know, that talked about travel and that talked about all kinds of things, national parks, you know, getting divorced, all kinds of things. Again, I hate to even mention a few topics because there’s so many good topics. But it doesn’t have to be something that you’re getting paid to do. But the podcast or blog, or just getting quoted in magazines, using your voice, can help you elevate your career in so many ways. And then once you do that LinkedIn is the hub for all that to live, you don’t have to have a website, you just need to have a LinkedIn profile that can share all of that media.


So I hope that you can see where I’m going with this. Right? Like, I hope that you’re starting to see the importance women especially have starting to take control of your visibility of your message and really starting to learn how to amplify it, learn how to advocate for yourself, learn how to amplify your voice, because 100% you know, I believe that we are our voices are more important now than they’ve been in a really long time. You know, I don’t really want to get really political here, but 100% women’s voices are being heard less, and we need to stand up and make a lot of noise.


But I don’t want it to just be noise. I want it to be smart. I want you to be talking to the right people, I want you to be getting it getting in front of people and letting the world know what an amazing person you are. We can’t be silent anymore. Okay, a lot of this work is done up front. And once you do your LinkedIn profile, you only have to look at it on occasion. And then you just incorporate simple systems into your world that will allow you to connect with these powerful people that I mentioned the journalists and the conference organizers and you know, all kinds of things like that. I am here to support you in this that is fundamentally why I do this podcast.


So don’t forget, if you want to dive deeper, join me October 28 for a free five day LinkedIn profile challenge, go to LinkedIn profile challenge com to get in on that. I have not done this in years in years. This This has been something we’ve charged for the last God five years. So you’re going to get free access to me free access to my team for anything. week, we’re going to work on your profile together and have you ready to be putting your stamp on this world. So again, I am here to support you. Remember if you liked this episode, take a quick screenshot of it and share it from your phone share it on social media. I will then share with my audience that starts to get us both that visibility that I’ve been talking about. The bottom line is I am here for you I am here to help you do this and to do it in a way that simple. So please let it be simple. I will see you back here again next week with Heather Hansen and another great episode of the good girls get rich podcast.