Are you living your absolute best life right now? Do you have the best business you’ve ever dreamed of creating? If not… this episode is for you. Find out 3 things you can do right now to create your ideal life!

This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen shares 3 things you can do right now to create your ideal life! Stop wondering and start creating the business and life you’ve always wanted to live. 



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About the Episode:


This week while running my LinkedIn Profile Challenge I was feeling SO inspired with the responses from you all and it really brought me back to my “why”. 


I started this podcast and everything I do to help women come into their own and OWN what they’re good at. Many times women feel like they can’t truly embrace who they are and what they’re good at on LinkedIn, and that’s where I want to step in and say that you CAN do it. 


That being said, this week I wanted to make the podcast a bit more motivational, so I want to give you guys 3 things you can do right now to create your ideal life and truly have the courage to do so:


Identify Your Perfect People


Knowing who your perfect people are from the get go is the best way possible for you to create your ideal life. Make sure you know who are your ideal:


  • Clients
  • Employers
  • Co-Workers
  • Connections etc.


Whatever you are looking to find on LinkedIn, have those perfect people in your mindset. Identifying your perfect people right away makes it easier to create and live your ideal life! 


As I mentioned in the podcast, knowing your perfect people will also make it easier to say no or walk away from those people or opportunities that do not fit into your ideal life.


Niche Down


You need to be known for something specific! If you serve a wide variety of different people, offer a ton of different services, especially if they aren’t related to each other, then how can people know when and how they can rely on you?


Niching down and targeted into what you’re truly good at will not only make your business explode, but it will draw people TO you instead of you having to reach out to those people constantly in your business. 


Be Prepared


This is more of a mindset than anything. In order to create your ideal life, you need to be READY for it! Know that there will be a few things that come up, whether it is people, opportunities or business that will be tough to walk away from, but necessary. If they don’t fit into your ideal vision, no matter how good, you may have to walk away from them if they don’t support the ideal life you are trying to create


Understand that it will not be easy, but it CAN be simple. 


That’s why I rebranded my brand new program to She’s Linked Up. Stop worrying about what you don’t have and start positioning yourself as the expert you are and see your successful business go from good, to great! 


Episode Spotlights:


  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Intro to today’s episode (2:07)
  • What you need to know to help more people in your business (5:29)
  • Why Karen has been called to help women (6:11)
  • What you can do right now to step into your ideal role (9:57)
  • Be known for something specific (15:36)
  • How to be prepared for this new shift in your life (16:46)
  • Where to go from here on out in building your ideal life (18:58)


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Karen Yankovich 0:00
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Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl. Stop being the best kept secret in town learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

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Hi there. I’m Karen Yankovich, the host of the good girls get rich podcast and this is episode 96. And it is brought to you by up level media that this is where we teach the simple relationship and heart based LinkedIn marketing system for women that gets you on the phone consistently with your perfect people she’s linked up connects you with people who you can’t wait to have the opportunity to chat with we teach digital marketing with the human touch over here we want you to I want you to be building really powerful relationships one at a time. I want this to be simple. I don’t want it to be complicated. And LinkedIn gives us the ability to do that, which is why I talk so much about LinkedIn on this show. So if you’ve listened before or if you love what you hear today, you know, we love hearing from you. So make sure that you subscribe to The Good girls get rich on Apple podcasts, leave me a review, I’d be able to then showcase you and your review on upcoming episode.

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So it’s been kind of acrazy month or a couple of months here in my world, this show is going live in November, early November 2019. And we’re in the middle of launching our new digital program. She’s linked up. And you know, I talked a little bit in the past couple weeks about that. But it really it was a big decision for me, because while I knew that the vast majority of the people that I was helping on LinkedIn are women, and that there are so many more women that don’t realize how powerful this could be for them. And they’re spinning their wheels doing all kinds of other marketing and not seeing the kinds of success so I really, but they don’t they didn’t feel included on LinkedIn. Right?

So I struggled a little bit with making the decision to change over my business. How that ended. And by the way, I see how I’m qualifying it already, even though you guys, not that we’re not supporting you, man, because I absolutely am. I just want the women to feel more included. So that’s why we’re really focusing on that. And, you know, my podcast has been good girls get rich, we’re going on, you know, this is Episode 96. Right? So we’ve been, so I’ve been supporting that we’ve got lots of men listeners to that, but I really, I really didn’t take the plunge to step into this in my business up until now.

So here’s the thing. So we have these podcasts planned out weeks in advance, and, you know, listen, sometimes I’m more ahead of them than others. But this week, I went to see the Harriet Tubman movie like a couple days ago, and it just came out. And it was unbelievably moving to me and so many ways. And there were so many lessons in that movie to me, just about women, strong women and strong women that needed to make it clear that they needed to be taken, taken seriously and really just showing up and doing what needed to be done to make things happened.

That’s what we do as women, right, and we’re not always looking for the accolades and what nor do we know what do we need the accolade nor did Harriet Tubman want accolades. She was just doing, you know, just incredible work and want to just be able to keep doing it right. But a couple of it like the day after I saw the movie, I saw an article that came out that talked about how brave Harriet Tubman was to know that in order to help the people she wanted to help, she had to leave things behind. And that that might be the bravest thing that she did. And that was really eye opening to me. Because, you know, listen, not that I’m comparing LinkedIn strategy or helping our clients. So the work that Harriet Tubman did, I think there’s lessons to be learned there. Right. And one of the lessons to me was was around stepping into the role and that’s what we’ve been talking about right stepping into the role that you want to be living And breathing and and being in in the next year and finding the courage within yourself. And we’ve been doing this in the free LinkedIn profile challenge that I’ve been running, finding the courage to step into that role. But what I kind of missed until I saw this movie and saw that article was that sometimes the courage isn’t about stepping into it, it’s about stepping away from something that we’re comfortable with. Does that make sense?

And that’s what I wanted to talk about on this show. Right? You know, we I know and maybe you’ve even seen it in your own business or your own career, that the more niche we get in our business, the the more people we can help. It’s just a fact. And you know, we struggle with it, and it seems counterintuitive, but I can help all kinds of people. But when you’re known for something, then people start to show up and saying and lining up to do business with you. When you’re not known for something in particular, instead of people watching Up to do business with you, you’re lining up with all the hundreds of other people that do that general thing that you do to try and grab one little piece of business. Right?

So what I want on your own, and I think LinkedIn profile is the place for you to claim it. I want you to have people lining up to work with you and what to do that you need to think about what do you need to walk away from in order to support the people that you know you were meant to support? So what do you think? Do you think it’s possible that one of the reasons that you’re not having maybe you’re having some success, but you’re not having the level of success that you want or you’re not moving forward? in the timeline you’ve laid out? Do you think maybe it’s because you’re holding on to something that you need to walk away from?

You know, I really think that, that that is one of the reasons why it took me 96 episodes of this podcast, to really step into my role as somebody that Can can serve more people when I have when i when i really claim my status and LinkedIn support for women, right for women influencers, I know that I can help more people because now now there’s a lot of people that help you with LinkedIn. And there’s people that do all kinds of things. And some of them I do and some of them I don’t do, right. I don’t do LinkedIn ads, I can support you. And I send you to AJ Wilcox. So we had on the show, and, you know, I don’t have a LinkedIn agency, at least not right now where we do the work for you.

So I knew I know the changes that my business so I went, I stayed focused on strategy. And I’m betting on the fact that when I really dive all in, in the next year, into supporting women around this, that I’m going to be able to support even more people, because now I’m also stepping away from the crowd of people that do LinkedIn strategy and saying You know, if you want to help these people are these people go for this is what I specialize in. And listen, I that doesn’t mean I’m not helping the men and it doesn’t mean I’m not helping you with corporate, I still can do those kinds of things. But when I’m getting a microphone in my hand and standing in front of an audience, chances are I’m going to be talking about LinkedIn for women influencers, or at least LinkedIn for influencers. Right?

And it see right there, I just qualified it again, right. It takes courage. It takes courage, because there’s people that pay me to do things. I’m writing a book right now that is, you know, that is about LinkedIn for influencers. And, you know, so yes, I think I can support women and that’s one piece of my business at but I have to step away from a lot of the other things that I’m doing in order to open up the space to open up that program. And that is, I think, in my case, why it took me so long to do that is walking away from some of the things I had to walk away from to make the space was scary, and I didn’t even really put those together until I saw that article recently, but it but it is the lesson that I teach when I talk about how important it is for you to understand who it is you’re looking to reach when you’re creating a brand that you want to, you know, the brand of you, right? Who is it that you want to be connecting with with that brand. So like I said, I’m doing this myself, I just rebranded my get linked up course tissues linked up. And we have men in that course and will continue to have men in that course. And I don’t really care what kind of body parts you have.

You’re welcome in the course, I don’t care how you identify, you’re welcome in the course. But I want women to know that it’s time for women to rise a little bit and understand that we, this is our playing field as well. And if we don’t step into the role that we’re meant to step into, and shine the light on that, which is what LinkedIn does for us more than all of the other platforms do. We’re going to be losing out on a lot of opportunities. So that’s my message to you. So let’s talk today about what things you can start doing right now. That might take a little courage that you might have to walk away from other things, to be able to fully support the things that you want to be able to fully support. And honestly, for me that comes down to thinking about who are your perfect people who are the perfect people to work with you, I have to tell you, when I stepped into this role of she’s linked up and I said I am I know exactly who my person is. Right. And I’ve talked about this a little bit on the show before I know exactly who my person is now, and I’m getting clearer and clearer on that person. The more work I do around this, the more they show up when I saw the names of the people that were the first people to get in the door for my she’s linked up program this week. I was blown away because they are all my perfect people.

They’re there, they’re right where I want them to be to it so that I know that they will be that they will take advantage. Best take advantage of this course. So I but I needed to be clear on that in my own head. Before I mean, maybe it’s the universe, maybe it’s, you know, marketing, maybe it’s my LinkedIn profile. Maybe it’s my Facebook ads, right, whatever. Or maybe it’s all of the above right? Before all of the above happened to make room for those people. But you have to be clear on who that is. So you so that’s one of the things that is actually, the very first thing we do in in any work that I do with anybody is who is your ideal client? Who is it that you want to be bringing into your world? Who is your ideal employer? Who is your ideal, what you know, whatever it is, you’re looking to link looking to LinkedIn to do? Who are the people that write about the kinds of things you do that you’d like to get, you know, you’d like to be writing about you who are the perfect ones who has the poor, the perfect podcast hosts that have podcasts that you would love to be a guest on. You need to identify all of that, so that you can open the path for them to come. And what that might mean is that you say no or you walk away from an opportunity to be a guest on a panel. podcasts that maybe isn’t that perfect fit for you. Because now your message is getting messed up. And you know, I don’t know,

if I interviewed Bonnie Frank a few weeks ago on this and Bonnie, I’m going to tag you on this because you know, and you might not even know the story. But a few years ago, I was doing a lot of work with social media and PR Christina David and I were doing a lot of work together. And I loved what we were doing. But it was a little chaotic from me from a branding standpoint, right. I had been doing LinkedIn work all along. And then some opportunities came up that Christina and I grabbed and I think in hindsight, maybe there were a little shiny object. And we, we ran with them. And we I think our programs were amazing. And the people that joined our program had a lot of success. But what was happening was my brand was getting money by all of it. And I was teaching i was i was originally known as a LinkedIn expert. And then I was teaching social media and I was focusing on PR, and I remember Bonnie tagged me in a post where she was talking about LinkedIn, and I jumped in, she was doing a live video and she was like, and you guys all need to know Karen Yankovich, which I’m Thank you so much, Bonnie for always shouting that out. If you’re looking at LinkedIn, and you know, I think she has some other stuff now, too. I think she’s doing some social media. Is that PR? I don’t know. I think she’s doing some work with realtors. Bonnie, my heart sank.

Because I I could hear in your voice, that confusion that I was putting out to the universe, okay, that I was putting out to you and to everybody that’s listening. And that might be one of the pivotal reasons that that, you know, Christine and I sat down and looked at it and said, Is this really serving us individually? Yes, it’s serving people. And we love that. But is it? Are we not serving the people we’re meant to serve? Because her expertise is PR my expertise is LinkedIn was all getting money. So by refocusing on LinkedIn and refocusing on my ideal clients, I am loving what I’m doing now. And not you know, not that I didn’t love what I I was doing them, but there was a lot of spinning wheels and a lot of, you know, a lot of chaos. I mean, there’s was trying to figure out what we should be doing and when we should be doing it. And it was, it was, you know, certainly we had a lot of clients coming in a lot of sales coming in. It just, it just muddied who I was that I wasn’t as successful. I wanted to be people didn’t know when to hand me a microphone and say, We need you on our stage because I did so many different things, right. And I that talking on speaking on stage, using LinkedIn to help me get those gigs is really important to me. So once I refocused on who I wanted to serve and how I wanted to serve them, my ideal client, right, everything started to shift in my business.

So 2018 I spent a lot of time rebuilding my foundation in 2019. I spent a lot of time blowing it up in 2020. I am nailing it down and blowing it up, right. Like that’s my plan. I want to serve, you know, thousands of women And support thousands of women in their LinkedIn profile, which is why we started rolling out things like the free LinkedIn profile challenge. You can check that out, by the way at LinkedIn profile challenge com, it is about to get shut down as I am recording this. So when you get there, you might get the waitlist, but don’t worry about it get on the waitlist, because we’re going to be rolling out again in a few months, and hopefully will continue to do it through 2020. So get yourself on the waitlist for that, because it is a free challenge we’ve had, I’ve gotten so many great accolades just from that. And really, it starts with me knowing exactly who to support and how to support them. So you’ll learn a little bit about that on the free challenge and in my programs as well. But the other thing about understanding who my ideal client is and how I want to serve them, feeds into being known just being known for something specific. Right. And I’ve said this on the show before when I was teaching social media in general, you know, and it comes back to I was lining up with all the other social media experts to get that speedos speaking engagements, right because somebody say I need a social media speaker and there’d be 50 6200 names thrown out. Now that I that I’m focusing on LinkedIn, and now that I’m focusing on LinkedIn for women, even more specifically, people are coming to me.

Okay. And this is why this is why it’s important to be known for something specific. But again, going back to Harriet Tubman, I had to walk away from the get seen be heard stuff, I had to walk away, even from a lot of the programs that I was doing in my own business, in order to make space for this space that I really wanted to walk into. And let me just tell you, the more women that I can serve in a powerful way, the more they’re changing the world and and it’s just that ripple effect, right? So but it has to start you have to start somewhere. And the last thing that I want to say about all of this is just get ready, because I’m telling you, amazing things will happen when you start finding the courage to walk away from the things that That, that, you know, are not serving you, but you’re still doing because let’s just get real, like, I, there are still things that I’m not ready to walk away from.

And I know that I’m probably going to have to, there are still things that I’m not ready to walk away from, to fully step into the role that I want to step into. And you know, for now, I have multiple streams of income. I hope you do too, right? And the LinkedIn for women, it’s just one of those streams of income. But as I peel away, the things I’m doing and the other places, the more This world is opening up for me, and the more perfect, amazing people are coming into my life. It is amazing to me the difference between having to chase people to come into my world and having to position myself and just build relationships with people and continually talking the talk and getting really clear on what it is I support and having them having them come to me now. is not a magic wand. Okay, I talked about my you know, my process is simple, it is not is not magic, right? You still have to do the work and I still do the work, I work a lot. But the beautiful thing is I’ve built this business to support the life that I want. And it’s, and I love that that is that I’m living that right now. So I hope that this makes

sense for you. And it wasn’t so much of a rant. You know, again, while I surely am not comparing working with people on LinkedIn to the work that Harriet Tubman did, I think that we can be inspired by the strong women of that, that, you know, that came before us and, and really look to the places where they found the courage to do the work that they did and look to find where is it that you need to find that courage? What is it that you need to give up in order to step into the role to support the exact perfect people that you want to support? I’ll be back talking about this. Because I actually have a whole process called my perfect people process that we’re going to talk about in at some point in the next few weeks. But for now, I want you to just start to think about, is it possible that what’s holding you back, or this is just the things that you’re comfortable with? Right?

It’s we get comfortable, we have $2,000 a month or $5,000 a month coming in from this revenue stream. If we walk away from that, what happens will we have set what will support us right? I don’t want you to be you know, jumping out of a plane without a parachute. But I do want you to consider that sometimes you need to just trust that the next step will be there for you and find out what that balance is for you. And I’m here to support you every step of the way. So again, we’re right smack in the middle of our new program being launched. She’s linked up you can check that out if you want to choose linked up com. I’d love to get you either into the challenge if you if you’re hearing this in time. LinkedIn profile challenge com we’ve got a few more days at that. Going but also get on the waitlist for it. I know we’re going to be doing it again in January 2020, you don’t want to miss it. We’ve had, you know, people have had I am blown away by what the roles that people are stepping into. And I think that the feedback that I’m getting is they’re blown away by what they’re seeing even for themselves. And I want that for you as well. Here’s the thing, a lot of that work is done up front, right.

So let’s do it together.

Let’s do it together, then we just incorporate these simple systems into your world, so that you are then building the business in the life of your dreams, and the next 12 months of your world. So remember, that’s, you know, always here to support you. That’s why I do this podcast, register for the waitlist for the LinkedIn profile challenge at LinkedIn profile challenge. com. And again, it’s the first time we’ve just done that in years. So I’m so excited that it fell into place exactly how I wanted it to fall into place. And one more thing before you go take a screenshot of this episode on your phone and share this episode. on social media, that helps me get more visibility, I will share it with my tribe that gets you more visibility. And that’s how we lift each other up in this crazy, fun, amazing world that we live in. The bottom line is I want this to be simple for you Please let let this be simple. I’ll see you back here again next week.