Everyone can find 5 minutes a day… how about if those 5 minutes were focused on how to achieve success?

This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen interviews Karen Briscoe on how to achieve success in only 5 minutes a day.


Karen Briscoe is the creator of the transformative “5 Minute Success” concept.  Her books Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day: Secrets of a Top Agent Revealed and Commit to Get Leads:  66 Day Challenge® offer a combination of information and inspiration delivered through memorable stories.  


Karen is the host of the “5 Minute Success” podcast which has ranked #1 on Overcast most recommended in the business category.  The show has an amazing array of guests who achieve success at a high level. She speaks on a national and local level on the “Best of 5 Minute Success.” Further, she has completed the John Maxwell Team Certification Program for Coaching, Speaking, and Training.


Karen is the principal owner of the Huckaby Briscoe Conroy Group (HBC) with Keller Williams. The HBC Group has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal as one of the 250 Top Realtor® teams in the United States. Since 1977, HBC Group has sold over 1,500 homes valued at over $1.5 billion. The team consistently sells over 100 residential properties annually ranging from multi-million dollar luxury estates to condominiums and townhomes.



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About the Episode:


This episode is jam-packed with information from Karen on how to achieve success in only 5 minutes a day, and if you really want to go in-depth with it, definitely check out her book and podcast! 


However, I wanted to pull out one key concept that Karen talked about that really resonated with me as you can hear on the podcast.


The one thing you can do to achieve success in only 5 minutes a day is to…


Flip time.


Karen went in depth into this on the podcast episode but the idea of flipping time is to do the things first that are meaningful.


As women, we are brought up and tend to prioritize doing things for everyone else instead of ourselves. The concept of flipping time to achieve more success focuses on the concept of taking 5 minutes a day to focus only on you, self-care, self-actualization and what is meaningful to you.


Many of us think we don’t have time to focus on ourselves, however it’s really choosing what you put your energy towards, rather than thinking about “making time” for you. 


Putting yourself first also has a ripple effect. By doing things to take care of yourself, everyone else’s life around you gets better as well. It’s about the energy you put out into the world. Putting yourself first makes you a more positive person, can set an example for those in your life whether they’re employee’s or family members, and in turn, you end up surrounding yourself with people similar to you.


5 minutes a day to focus on what is most meaningful for you is the key to how to achieve success in only 5 minutes a day.


Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode: karenyankovich.com/097
  • Intro to todays episode (1:34)
  • Background on Karen Briscoe (3:12)
  • Karen’s journey from her real-estate background to where she is now (4:38)
  • How Karen’s background led her to become a thought leader (8:54)
  • How Karen’s background led her to double her real-estate success (10:53)
  • The concept of flipping time and 5 minute success that Karen created (12:45)
  • Where to start with 5 minute success (23:13)
  • Keys to flipping time and achieving success in 5 minutes (29:31)
  • The first steps to take in becoming more successful (32:57)
  • Karen’s 7 Day Quick Start to Success for Realtors and where to find Karen (34:51)


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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the Good Girls Get Rich podcast episode 97

Intro 0:06
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl. Stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:23
Hi there. I’m your host Karen Yankovich. And this is Episode 97 of the good girls get rich podcast. And this podcast is brought to you by she’s linked up the most simple heart base relationship LinkedIn marketing system for women that gets you on the phone consistently with your perfect people. It is the only program like this on the market. And we are loving it.

We want you on the phone consistently with people who you can’t wait to have the opportunity to chat with. What we teach here is digital marketing with the human touch. We want you to be micro targeting your people and just Getting on the phone a couple times a week with some really amazing people that can skyrocket your career.

Speaking of digital marketing with the human touch, if you haven’t had a chance to go check out on my website, Karen Yankovich comm slash events that will show you where I’m going to be in the next few months, and maybe I’ll be in your part of the world and we can get together and maybe do an actual selfie and you know, do a real life hug, not just this online, real these online relationships that we have here, which of course I love to be able to do too. And I’d love it if you join me on one of the upcoming events.

We’ve got a show today that I’m really excited about. We have Karen Briscoe on the show and Karen and I have been in each other’s world for a couple years but we haven’t really had a chance to really dive in and get to know each other. So we did through this whole podcast world. She I was on her podcast and now I’m excited to have her on my podcast.

So there’s a lot of interesting things I know I have a lot of realtors that follow this podcast and listen to this. podcast Karen’s a realtor, but she’s used podcasting and and some other techniques you’re going to hear about to really, I think she’s a double her double her business. So you got to listen in and see how she did that it is, you know, it’s a simple process of just exactly what I want. I don’t want you spending every waking moment on your business.

So it’s a simple process that she talks about today that I think is so in alignment we teach about and she’s linked up. So I was happy to have her on here to just, you know, feed in some of the things there’s a few things that she said that I had a little light bulb moments on, and I hope you do the same thing. And if you love this episode, take a screenshot of it, share it on your social media accounts, give us use the #goodgirlsgetrich tag me @KarenYankovich tag, Karen Briscoe, her social media accounts are all on this page. And we’ll share it with our audiences and that’s how we all lift each other up and get each other in front of our audiences. So check that out. And of course, if you’re feeling it, a rating or review is always helpful as well. It helps me understand what’s valuable to you.

So we’re going to dive right into this week’s episode with Karen Briscoe.

Okay, so I’m here today with Karen Briscoe. She is the creator of the transformative five minutes success concept. She’s got books on the topics and she’s got a podcast which you’re going to hear about, you know, with a daily format was takeaways that propel one to achieve success at a higher level in business and life. Her first book was featured in Inman as a must read for your best year in real estate in 2017. I know we have a lot of real estate agents that listen to the show.

She’s the host of the five minutes success podcast which I actually had the honor of being a guest on. So we’ll put a link to that episode in the show notes as well. And she is the principal owner of the Huckabee Briscoe Conway group with Keller Williams, and that group has been recognized in the Wall Street Journal is one of the top 250 realtor teams in the US. So She’s got lots of accolades. She’s in Northern Virginia as a real estate agent. But what we’re going to talk a little bit today is about flipping time. And I want to hear what Karen has to say about that. So Karen, thanks so much for being here with us today.

Karen Briscoe 4:14
Well, thank you for having me. I love the idea of good girls getting rich.

Karen Yankovich 4:18
Me too. Me too. All right. So let’s talk a little bit about how that how that resonates with you. Right. So so you’re a real estate agent in Northern Virginia. And as I shared with you before we turn the record button on, you know, I live in New Jersey and I know 50 real estate agents in Northern Virginia. So there’s a lot of what you have to do a lot of work to stand out from the crowd, right. So tell me a little bit about your real the journey that you’ve had from real estate agent to what you’re doing now.

Karen Briscoe 4:45
So my residential real estate journey started, our children were in the middle school, late elementary school ages and I had basically been the primary caregiver my husband’s career in public policy in DC. required a lot of travel and a lot of commitment to his focus on that. And so I stayed home and I’m blessed. I’m really glad I did.

At the same time as I got older and we saw colleges looming on the horizon, and I really wanted to go back to work I, I really felt like I had made my contribution in the PGA is of the area and was ready to make an impact. So I became a actually did commercial real estate for a little bit and found that to be actually kind of boring in the sense that I was like, there wasn’t any relationship to it. The residential side gave me the hard side and the soft side the negotiation hard side with financial knowledge and market knowledge and strategy and then the soft side the relationship.

So when you say, Well, how did I do it? I got into relationship really quickly with people in the sense that I saw it as me adding service and value I really didn’t ever want to take on or felt like I had in me to be that persona, the salesperson. And the pushy salesperson even to this day was somebody says, we’ll call that person I’m like, Oh, they could call me and me because I just didn’t want to have that impression but in terms of started with my sphere, and stayed true to that marketing to my sphere, and after a couple of years, a top agent in the area recognize that she was number 10 in the nation at the time, so I could be and asked me to join her team become her partner. Wow. And then sadly, she passed away and OA Well, I don’t know if you remember what happened in September await but the financial markets crashed that month.

Karen Yankovich 6:46
Oh, I had a house for sale during that time. Yeah, so I was really familiar with the real estate market in 08

Karen Briscoe 6:54
there wasn’t a lot of business going on. It really changed dramatically. The good news Is I had been in commercial real estate in Texas during the savings and loan crisis. So I felt it I, I had some skills and muscle memory on what to do. And so I immediately started putting that into practice, which was basically eliminating all almost all paid advertising and going into, you know, direct contact with people. And interestingly enough, I had somebody recommend that I start writing a blog.

So this was in Oh 809 when blogging was new to the world, and so I started writing a blog and doing a market study, kind of a Barbara Corcoran type of philosophy of being the knowledge contributor to my community, and some with that, also brought on a business partner 2009 Lizzie Conway and we set about to build the business and we built it basically on those principles. Now, we still do some local advertising just because we’re working entrenched locally, but almost everything we do is we live here we work here we get back here.

And to the degree that the other night I was at the local Mexican restaurant, and from our table to the restroom, I stopped by four groups of people from the different spheres of my life. current client, a neighbor, current neighbor, a someone I knew from church and someone my family my my daughter went to preschool with their daughter 25 years ago. And one of the guys said, Okay, I’m already your name. You’re already in my have my vote as mayor of McLean. And so just that is a evidence of what does it mean to be mayor of your of your community, but that’s just one of the 17 years later What has happened?

Karen Yankovich 8:52
Wow, that’s interesting. So but that but the journey then from real estate agent, so you’ve been blogging and you have your own podcast. So how has that affected your business? Like, where? What does that do? How does How do you? How does that affect your day? You know, like the day of Karen.

Karen Briscoe 9:10
So the blogging, interestingly enough, and the success led to a lot of people want to know how I did it, which is how often happens when people achieve a certain level of success. And a lot of people said, I should write a book because they the blogs were ranking really high on say, like realtor.com sites and other sites.

And people said they were memorable and that they were sticky and had story along with information. And so I that led me to write the book real estate success and five minutes a day, which was published in actually three years ago, August of 2016. And that book led me to being a guest on podcast. So what happens right People want to authority author, you’re a thought leader in that space.

And as I was asked to be on more and more podcasts it occurred to me that if I had a podcast I could have interesting conversations with people. And so that’s what led to the five minutes success podcast. I like to say my my book asked for the podcast for its birthday. So it’s because you know, and this is interesting because really these things get birth a lot of ways out of something like the blog, birth, the book, and the book, birth the podcast. And then now and also now its birth to more books as well as online course into in terms of what does that do for my business? Well, it’s, it’s doubled it. Honestly,

Karen Yankovich 10:48
that was where I was going to so it’s doubled your real estate business.

Karen Briscoe 10:50
Yes, this year.

Karen Yankovich 10:52
Tell us about that. How does that work?

Unknown Speaker 10:54
How did that happen? I think it to me it’s the law of attraction. A lot of people talk about In terms of the universe, you know, you put out this energy and the universe brings it back. I what I found is law of attraction is it’s not always matchy matchy for me. And this is where I think some people get caught up in well, but I put that out to the universe and it didn’t come back that way. And I’m like, Okay, well, I put things out to the universe and other things come to me.

Karen Briscoe 11:23
So it creates this, this spirit of generosity, the spirit of that you’re, you’re giving knowledge and so other people want to be a part of that. And in terms of the connectivity of podcasting, and being an author, the majority of what that looks like monetarily wise, because we were like, Well, how do you monetize this is really referrals. Because we’re in the Washington DC metro region, they now call us the DMV, which I don’t know if that’s a positive way I would talk about DC, Maryland, Virginia, but that’s what they’re calling us. But there we are a, a metro area that has a lot of people that are coming here. And so they find out about me.

And it’s not even necessarily the buyer or the seller, it could be their agent, right? In Hawaii or their father, by law in Atlanta. And I’ve had both of those things happen. So that it monetarily monetizing. But it also there’s book sales and, and that kind of thing. But I want to talk about the true monetization of it. It is the connectivity that is created this stream of

Karen Yankovich 12:37
the relationships, which is what we talked about all the time on this show.

Karen Briscoe 12:41
And it’s all goes back to that.

Karen Yankovich 12:43
Yes, yes. So true. So you talk though, in your books and on your podcast, about flipping time, so Tell, tell me what does that What does that even mean? And I didn’t never I don’t even know the answer to this going into this. So we’re all going to be surprised by what this sounds like.

Karen Briscoe 12:59
So the idea The other five minutes success came about because people said people as in mostly agents said to me, they didn’t have enough time to invest in their personal or business development. And I was like, What do you have five minutes a day? Everybody said, Yes, I have five minutes a day. And I said, Okay, so if if you would commit to five minutes a day, to investing in your personal business development, and the way the books are set up there, what I call daily reader, so every day there’s a story that has an application in one of the fundamentals of what is really business fundamentals but real estate success, and it follows Parkinson’s Law.

So Parkinson’s Law is that what limiting and restricting time can actually make us more effective and efficient. People talk about time management and they talk about work life balance, and, and the reason why they they have that often doesn’t work for people is because time is is a creative thing. Laws who said this, so to say I don’t have time. It’s like saying I Don’t want to what people by their actions are saying is they don’t really want to do it. So the idea of flipping time is to do the things first that and I’m going to use the term of Abraham Maslow self actualization some people call it zone of genius, some people call it flow, sort of genius is gay Hendrix term.

The idea is meaningful work or something meaningful. Many people because of duty or obligation, they they’ve put that off. And what happens is that they’re living in this lack life, and they’re never catching up right? They’re never making time for themselves or never creating time for themselves. And so, the That’s why, the idea to flip it is to take that self actualization pyramid from Abraham Maslow and to do the self actualization first. the fascinating thing is, is that everything else gets better.

Because if you look at that pyramid, you have esteemed needs, where you’re going to feel better about yourself. If you’re doing in a tech Integrity and Authenticity you’re doing for yourself, first, you’re going to take care of yourself. Yeah. And then your relationships are going to be better because you’re going to be better. And then your productivity is going to be better because you are going to be living operating at your highest and best self.

And then your physical needs are going to be better because you’re going to be taking care of yourself, you’re going to be putting the first things first. There’s lots of ways of thinking about it. And then that’s where people oftentimes get caught up in, you know, again, the time thing. It’s becomes an really about energy.

So it’s really energy, not time again, if time is a creative thing. So currency perfect. performance is energy. And I really want the really the reason why I have this mindset or this vision of people this paradigm of flipping it, because what I think holds a lot of people back is they try these, they try to fit it in after everything else, or they try to manage it, or they try to do the whole work life thing. And I’m like, no, it’s all life. So all life, right, it’s all life. And so that’s where I came up with the flip time and it came about for me personally, because and this again happens with people when they achieve a high level success.

And then you look around and you go, this is it. I just keep, you know, flipping real estate burgers for the rest of my life and go out right off into the sunset. And, and so many people wait until you know they retire or the kids out of college or the mortgage is paid off or just until This or just until that, and I was like, you know, I want to live a life fully now. And I want to start doing it now. And I’ve had, I haven’t had any personal. Some people it happens after they’ve had a personal event. But you can choose to do it right or that waiting for that to happen.

Karen Yankovich 17:23
It is so true. And there’s, you know, this really resonates with me because I can easily get sucked into the busy work. I mean, I can easily get sucked into that. And when I get sucked into the busy work, I can see the difference in my checking account balance. I mean, there’s no doubt that when I prioritize me or even just prioritize the important things in my life and in my business, and flip the time and say, I know these things have to get done, but the priority is, you know, this time or that it changes everything. And it’s such a hard concept, even for me to understand and like I understand it, but sometimes I’m like yeah, but I still got other stuff done. Right But then when you see it actually when you see changes in your lifeas a result of flipping it it’s hard to argue with that right?

Karen Briscoe 18:15
So we do our is to change the way you look at things and the way you look at things changes. And what you’re talking about is the other thing I am particularly women and you’re talking about good girls getting rich, there were many people are are raised are trained that you know, they’re supposed to put other people first. And a lot of people use the analogy of the airplane ride and putting the oxygen mask on yourself first. Yeah. How do you say that is a survival perspective? And yes, if you’re on an airplane, it’s going down but the mask on first, I’m talking about how to create a life of thriving and yes, so putting self actualization first.

What it does is has a ripple effect it’s like the pebble that’s thrown in the pond right so you have the ripples out the people in my life lives have improved. The more I self actualize my employees lives improve. First of all, I’m happier. I’m easier funder to work for. Our business has, like I said, doubled. They’re doing more meaningful work, because I’m focusing on meaningful work. They’re choosing to focus on meaningful work. Right? Right. So you see how then your surround you I are surrounding ourselves with people that are operating and living that way. And then you become you know, the five people you surround yourself with is yes, your own says right. But think about it as leader as the. For me. I’m the Rainmaker mega agent, the owner of the company. Funny.

I have seen the people around it’s because it’s somebody it’s permission right? So they see me. Make the time Take the time for vacations and self care like I’m very faithful about self care. I get a massage every week I work out with a personal trainer twice a week II and I put all those things in there first and everybody knows Garrett’s just not available. And you know what, the world is not stopped yet.

Karen Yankovich 20:28
Yeah, really? Wow.

Karen Briscoe 20:31
Right. Here’s it out. And it really does it does figure it out itself out and and become and then some people say, well does anything, not work out and like, if you want to look at it that way, change the way you look at things, the way you look at things changes. My husband had a heart event in April of this year 2019. And he was in the hospital with his heart event on my 60th birthday. So a lot of people would say Karen, I do Just don’t see how that it has a positive outcome. And I was like, well change the way you look at things we look at things change. Another quote I really resonates with me is is Hal Elrod, who wrote the Miracle Morning.

Karen Yankovich 21:14
Oh, my gosh. And his new book, have you read his new book? Miracle equation? So I was literally going next with this because it’s so it’s so connected. And so related to this. Yeah.

Karen Briscoe 21:25
And how did write the foreword of the book for flip time love life? He says, Yes, things happen for a reason. I get to choose the reason. So I was walking around the hospital going here, things happen for a reason I get to choose the reason we’re supposed to leave for Greece. So the reason I choose is that this would not have been a good outcome in Greece. This better this happened here. Right? Right.

I get to choose the reason it was a wake up call in the sense of health is way more of a priority. Now. When you have That happened. My bad, but it wasn’t. But now it’s front and center. And so no doubt about it, that’s going to be priority. And we were able to reschedule our trip degrees turned out the group we were with was half the size. So it was way better. So there was so many I ended up selling three houses that weekend, which if I hadn’t been here, I wouldn’t have been able, you know, may not have happened.

So, I was like, Okay, I get to choose the reason so I started looking for the reasons that benefited me and benefited my life. Because I could have found all the reasons why it was really crappy. I’ve been her daughter flew in from Austin, I wasn’t gonna be able to be with her on my birthday. So that that’s where flipping so this is really a flipping This is not like for me, that’s why I really want to emphasize that because I think there are a lot of other philosophies out there. there and they try to the idea of work life balance. It’s like switching between the two that’s like task switching that’s like, right, multitask. I’m like, No, this is really a flipping and and putting it first.

Karen Yankovich 23:11
So okay, so I’m going to make a couple of assumptions here. So tell me if I’m wrong. So what you’re saying, though, in your five minutes a day is start with five minutes a day, start with achieving a higher level of success with you know, doing this in five minute increments, like flipping it in five minute increments. Are they related like that? Or my making an unfair assumption?

Karen Briscoe 23:32
Absolutely. Because the other thing I found is that people have oftentimes is paralysis of Okay, all sounds great, but I you know, back to I don’t have enough time. So what I by giving them the permission of doing it just five minutes, then they’ll start to experience the benefits of it and then they will want to do more. So it is again back to Parkinson’s Law, telling somebody you only have five minutes or more likely to do it. There’s lot of research on habit formation and micro habits and all of that, and this is one of the keys to get people started.

Karen Yankovich 24:07
Awesome. Awesome. I love it, I definitely have found, I have found that implementing these kinds of things into my day definitely helped me with success. And the interesting thing for me is where I find pull pull a little bit, but I guess I have to kind of look at this the way I look at things, right, I definitely mornings are my most productive time.

So every now and then I think maybe I should spend a couple of hours maybe I talked to you about this when we were talking before, but maybe, you know, I need to spend a couple of hours in the morning working and then taking the meantime and then going back to work. I don’t know I go back and forth on this because I do start my day off every day with me time and it is a lot of it is from how I rods work I do. I definitely love that. And one of the things that I do that has changed a lot for me. And this definitely can be done in five minutes a day. And this is such a simple thing.

You know, we hear a lot about meditation, and there’s There’s there’s as many different ways to meditate as there are people on this planet, right? There’s everybody’s got their own way of, of whatever they call meditation. And one of the things that I like to do, as I call it, like listening time, like my brain is always going all day long. I’m like, I do this, I do this, and I’ve got this call, and I got to get ready for this. So I take five minutes every morning, I just say, I’m just gonna listen, and I don’t listen to like, I don’t listen to me pray, like I listened to what do I need to know about today? What do I need to know?

And I hear the most impactful things in my business in those five minutes. Like, you know, maybe I’ll remember something that I would have totally forgot to do that day. And I listened by the way with a pen and paper, because I want to get it out of my head, so that I can spend the five minutes doing that so if I think of something, or if I or if I listened and here’s something in my life that you know, and sometimes it’s some it’s something I don’t want to say profound about life changing profound, but often, it’s the That I just didn’t stop long enough to remember. But when I make the time to say I just want to listen to what I need to hear today. It it’s amazing what I hear.

Karen Briscoe 26:13
When the Hal Elrod Miracle Morning, I think that is particularly because you have paper with you is the journaling component, right? So the striving and that’s where a lot of epiphanies and ideas come when you’re not focused on it. I mean, think about it. I mean, the whole idea of the shower phenomenon or

Karen Yankovich 26:31
Yeah, exactly our sleep on it, you know,

Karen Briscoe 26:34
Yeah or sleep on it or out in nature or a lot of creativity occurs. Because the space is there for the the magic to happen. There’s a book called Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Elizabeth Gilbert. Yep. And I want to know this, what she wrote, Eat, Pray Love. So her, and this really was a huge impact on me and what made me write my book. When she talks about the universe and the energy fields, and that there are ideas in the universe that are meant to be manifested, and they will come to someone, and if someone doesn’t act on it for whatever reason, usually time or money is like your main reason like I don’t have enough time to do that. I don’t know if I need to that.

Then if the idea is time has come, it will find a way for it to happen. And this has been proven so even like the when electricity was big invented, really wasn’t big invented, it was being discovered. There were three major players that at the time, Edison, Westinghouse and Tesla, and there’s a movie coming out about it. The idea was, though, that it was the time for electricity to be discovered and brought into the world. And so we the universe, and whatever you want to Call it these ideas are will come and we have been given the gift of choosing whether we’re going to act on them or not. And really there’s creating this space and the energy to be able to receive it is it’s you hit the nail on the head it really is key to success it really is because otherwise what often happens is this whole idea of busy right, which is become this badge of honor this.

Karen Yankovich 28:35
Like I try not to wear the badge of honor I do more often than I like but I definitely try not to wear that badge of honor anymore.

Karen Briscoe 28:43
It’s become like this competitive Arena in here like Okay, so I’ve out busy you and I don’t know if that’s something that is, you know, worthwhile to subscribe to. I want to be living it every once a while I provide myself with my husband as well. You know we’re choosing to live this life. It’s not, you know, an accidental life or Okay, this is what I got left over. So I’m going to do it, I’m choosing to live this life, right? And I, because that’s a choice then. Then statements like, Oh, I’m so busy that’s like, discounting, discounting the that that means, in my view means you didn’t choose it, like you’ve been thrown upon all these things. I know I choose to live this this life.

So you mentioned earlier that there’s, there’s like, a keys to the to this flipping time in the seven levels of success. What are the keys of this five minutes success? Well, so five minutes success. We’ve got I’ve already talked about the keys of flip time. So five minutes success. When people ask me, well, how did I achieve success at a high level so quickly, the first one is committed to get lead. So business development prospecting, lead generation, everybody. As it now, if you really want to expand the perspective on that, that’s also idea creation if you’re an entrepreneur, or even if you just want to live a fuller, richer, more creative life, ideas are a way to create a bigger life, right? So everybody does that to achieve at a high level. Then there’s consultative sales.

So you take that lead that customer client relationship, or idea, and you take it through the process, so actually has an outcome, real estate, that’s by itself, helping people buy and sell houses, right. So some people call it conversion, but it’s taking that and through this process, your skills and strategies to success in both of those areas. What often happens is people get stuck on a hamster wheel. They’re only as good as their Next deal their next transaction is client and becomes very, you know, wrote and transactional. And so connect to build and grow is creating sustainable scalable business and life I because if it’s not sustainable, you’re going to burn out. Right? Right.

If it’s not scalable, all the benefits of scalable is you can leverage create systems and you can live a fuller life because you will actually be able to have a life and then everything is surrounded by success thinking activities and vision and we’ve been talking about this so it’s kind of like which comes first I feel like they’re all important. The success thinking is, is the change the way you look at things the way you look at things changes the everything happens for a reason I get to choose a reason those kind of affirmations, thinking Vision is, okay, where do you see what you want in your life because I think a lot of people end up with accidental lives. I think they’re like, Okay, I got stuck here.

So I’m going to just keep doing this. And that’s where they get on this busy track. So create that vision, and then the activities. There’s a lot of programs that you know, help you create your vision, and they help you with your affirmations and thinking, but then, like, forget the part that there actually is actions in between. I mean, I wrote a blog and I still run a blog, right? I mean, it like, think, oh, wouldn’t it be great if I had a blog and then not do anything? I actually wrote a blog.

So there’s our there’s activities in there and and, you know, you you work with your community on on the activities of connecting, you know, via LinkedIn, social media. So there, you have to do not have to you choose to do those because that’s what takes you from your thinking to your vision, right?

Karen Yankovich 32:55
Yeah. Yeah. Very cool. So how would people get started with This How do you get started on you know, like what’s the first steps to take

Karen Briscoe 33:05
Well, some people when they start with their business they can put these steps into place the commit to get leads the consultative sell the connected build and grow and then the success and the activities and vision. I find that’s a great place to start because the idea flip time love life often is a journey. Well, not often it is a journey, right? It’s a for women for good girls. It’s a heroines journey it’s it’s a ongoing process.

That’s why heroines journeys, I don’t know if you’re familiar with them or yeah always illustrated in circles. So you’re, you you’re on this call to adventure. And then you go through the transformational and then come back with gifts so that it’s going to be ongoing, I find with women when they start to achieve success The confidence that comes with that really propels everything else. So getting some success and confidence under your belt, I think is always a great place to start. And then but just know that the the heroines journey is yours to go on.

And when you have a situation you’re like, Okay, do I do self care? Or do I, I do self actualization first? I say yes. Yes, do it. And if starting with five minutes is what you could commit to then start there to start today and start there, because this is the day you have and if I can do it, you can do it too. I really find that people, they really can do more than they, they know that or they feel like they can. And so the idea is just get them started.

Karen Yankovich 34:51
Okay, and do you you have a seven day Quick Start? Is that right? Yes, absolutely. You should have about that.

Karen Briscoe 34:58
Yeah. So it’s Going to be based on the real estate book real estate success in five minutes a day. So it’s just got some seven days that you can get jump started with that. And it’s got a little bit of each one of those components. Awesome.

Karen Yankovich 35:11
So I’ll put the link in the show notes to that. And we’ll get started. So how else can people find out more about you and find your books? And we’ll obviously we’ll put links to all of your stuff, your podcasts in the show notes. But what do you want to leave everybody here with today?

Karen Briscoe 35:24
So the number five minute success. So we have the website, we have Facebook group in page, we have LinkedIn Of course, we have the podcast, the five minutes success and be sure to check out great guests such as Karen Yankovich. And then please reach out to me on social I have Instagram, all of those. I would love to connect with people and and I really appreciate the opportunity to be here today. Karen.

Karen Yankovich 35:52
Always great to have you here. Karen Thank you so much for being here. This was really, you know, often we put ourselves in a like a bucket right? Like I’m a real estate Or CPA or I’m an attorney. But I what I love about your story is that you’ve expanded beyond that, and you help others do as well. So thank you for that work that you do.

Karen Briscoe 36:10
Well, my pleasure. Like I said, If I could do it, you can do it too. I really would love to help other women on their heroines journey.

Karen Yankovich 36:16
Awesome. Thank you so much for being here today. Karen. I hope you love this episode, as much as I did. I mentioned earlier that I had some light bulb moments in this and one of them really was and I think you heard me say like, Ah, you know, where we talk a lot about women, as women, as you know, put on your oxygen mask first. Like that’s a big deal. Like we’re trying to learn how to do that, to support us that how important it is to support ourselves so that we can support the people that are in our world, our families, our clients, our you know, employees, whatever.

But Karens, take on that was pretty interesting to me like Hey, yo, that when you’re in survival mode, I want you to be able to do this when you’re thriving, not just when you’re surviving. So that was that was an eye opener to me. That was an eye opener to me. I’d love to hear from you what eye openers you might have had in this episode, send me a tweet or an Instagram post or a Facebook post or whatever you like to do. Email me, whatever, whatever you like to do. And let me know what your aha moment was in this episode because I always love to hear that.

And, you know, remember, I’m always here to support you in lifting up your world and your brand so that you can be supporting the people in your world more effectively. We’ve got a free Facebook group that that I’m at all the time. If you go to Karen Yankovich comm slash Facebook group, you can join us there. And we’re there to support you with your LinkedIn marketing with your LinkedIn profile and with your personal branding and help elevate you so that you have an amazing year ahead. Let’s let this be simple and I will see you back here next week for another episode. Have a good week.