What better way to live a full life than to make your passion into a successful business? That’s exactly what we are going to be discussing here today on the Good Girls Get Rich Podcast!

This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen interviews Megan Tull and they dive deep into Megan’s journey to becoming a success strategist and how she was able to make her passion into a successful business, all while encouraging women to do the same.


Megan Tull is a Success Strategist, Passion Expert and Best Selling Author of The Passion Belief Method – Own Your Value and Earn Your Worth in Business

She’s passionate about helping women entrepreneurs own their unique value, so they can earn their worth – turning their passion into a highly successful business that they love and makes a difference!



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About the Episode:


This episode was FULL of heartfelt advice from Megan and I’m so glad you all were able to hear her story! I love everything that Megan stands for and that’s all about helping women own their passions and have them build a life surrounding just that. 


Now in order to make your passion into a successful business, we need to first start with these few things:


First, identify your passion!


This is easier said than done! Many times women don’t even see that what they’re good at is well… special! You may think to yourself that you are good at organizing, cooking, finances, etc. but also may have the mindset that everyone else is good at this too.


Chances are… they’re not and they need people like you to help them! The first thing that comes with making your passion into a successful business is to find out what that passion is and truly stand by it!


Having trouble doing this? Megan provided valuable insight on how to figure out your passion and she mentioned to ask yourself these 3 questions…


  1. What do I love to do that I can’t help but do?
  2. What do I do naturally / automatically?
  3. What do people tell me I’m really good at?


Answer these 3 questions and you’ll be in your way to finding your passion!


The second thing you need to do is just get started!


You don’t have to have it all right from the start, you just have to know what your passion is. And once you know that, everything will naturally fall into place.


After you’ve made the decision to start your business based off your passion, that’s when you get out there, learn what your clients want and you build and grow your business from there. An easy place to start with this and to make your passion into a successful business, is to simply think “what can I do right now to bring in money?” just so you can have that blanket. 


Do that, and go  from there! 


Once you actually have something in place, be mindful of the fact that not everything is going to be a straight line. The more experience and time you have into your business that’s when you can adjust and tweak it to perfection. Just know, you don’t have to have all the answers and the exact business plan in place before getting started! 


The last thing to do in order to make your passion into a successful business is to wake up and OWN what you’re good at!


While some people tend to make excuses for why they are, where they are, you need to admit one thing to yourself…


You are where you are because of your own decisions, and that is great! 


When you take responsibility for your past actions and for the reason you are in your current situation, you can figure out exactly what reality it is that you want and you can create it. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing either! If you’re in a great place right now but want to make it better, own that as well! Self-awareness is key in this situation.


Owning your actions and owning what you’re good at will keep you from feelings of unworthiness or feeling like you’re not “good enough” or “smart enough” to run your own business as well. Just remember… 


You don’t have to be the best in the industry, you just have to be better than the people you serve


BONUS! Megan went into detail as well at (33:06) on her signature passion belief method and broke it out to us like this…


The passion belief method


  1. Recognize self-sabotaging beliefs
  2. Let go of those limiting beliefs
  3. Clarify your passion
  4. Identify your priorities and values
  5. Get ready to adopt your new passion beliefs


Feel free to take Megan’s Passion Belief Method Assessment in order to figure out exactly what your game plan should be on making your passion into a successful business.


Episode Spotlights:


  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode: karenyankovich.com/099
  • Intro to todays episode (2:35)
  • Background on Megan Tull and her journey to becoming an entrepreneur (3:38)
  • How being clear on your inner purpose leads you on a faster path to success (8:54)
  • How Megan found the courage to leave her corporate job (10:31)
  • Where to get started with your business (12:31)
  • The results that come from the process of developing your passion (18:18)
  • What Megan means by part of her book, The Passion Belief Method (20:39)
  • Megan’s advice when people who are stuck on finding their passion (23:04)
  • What the passion belief method is (27:53)
  • How to start incorporating the passion belief method into your life (33:06)
  • Where to find and work with Megan (34:40)
  • What’s next for Megan (35:53)


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Read the Transcript

Karen Yankovich  0:00  

You’re listening to the Good Girls Get Rich podcast episode 99

Intro  0:05  

Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl. Stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich  0:23  

I am your host, Karen Yankovich and we’re on episode 99 of the good girls get rich podcast and this podcast is brought to you by Uplevel Media where we teach simple relationship and heart based LinkedIn marketing that gets you on the phone consistently with your perfect people, people who you can’t wait to have the opportunity to chat with. 

We have an amazing guest today. We have Megan Tull with us today and Megan and I met a few years ago at an event that she hosted and I was the speaker at that event. She was the president of the organization and it was really great to catch up with. And you know, I’ve been seeing what she’s been doing over the past few years, we haven’t really had a chance to chat much. 

So when I was seeing what she was doing, it really seemed to fit in really well with the work that I was doing with this podcast, and she did not disappoint. I think you’re going to love this interview, it really is in line with what it is you’re passionate about creating a business around that how to do that, simply, powerfully and profitably. So I can’t wait for you to hear that. 

You know that if you’ve listened before or if you love what you hear today. We love to hear from you. So take a quick screenshot of this episode. And whenever you’re listening to it on and share it on social media. tag me I’m at Karen Yankovich. You can also use the hashtag good girls get rich then we can find it and we can share your content with our audience and that way we both get more visibility. We’re lifting each other up and that is my goal for my business is to help lift you up and get more visibility for your business. 

In the show notes there’s a link for speak pipe or you can leave us an audio message whether it’s a review or you’ve got a guest you think we should interview or if it is just some topic you want to hear me talk about. I love hearing your voice in the audio reviews so go on over and check that out Karen Yankovich comm slash speak pipe or you can see it in the show notes at Karenyankovich.com/099. Okay, without further ado, here is Megan Tull. 

Okay, so we have Megan Tull with us. Megan is a success strategist, passion expert and best selling author of the passion belief method on your value and earn your worth in business. She’s passionate about helping women entrepreneurs own their unique value so they could earn their worth turning their passion into a highly successful business that they love and makes a difference. Can you guys tell? Just remember why I wanted to have Megan on the show. Exactly. We love talking about here on good girls get rich. Megan, thank you so much for being here.

Megan Tull  3:07  

Hey, Karen Long time no as here, I guess. Yeah, well, since we have connected so I’m excited to be part of this.

Karen Yankovich  3:18  

Me too. I’m so glad you’re here. Megan and I met a few years ago at a conference that you are an organization that you were part of, which was so fun Texas women in business, and it was a great event. And it was great to meet you. And then at the time you were going on your book, launch your book tour. So I’d love to hear about that. Tell us a little bit about your book and tell it like let’s take a step back. Because you know, your bio is what we put out there. But tell us a little bit about your journey because I know that you’ve had a long journey. So maybe start you know, kind of more at the beginning like what prompted you to become an entrepreneur and want to help other women earn their worth in business?

Megan Tull  3:57  

Sure. Yeah. I’d love to share that. So I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. In fact, I had my first business as a professional makeup artist at 18. And you know, went on to have a skincare business from there and, and it goes on and on. 

But what really kind of changed things for me at the time I was working as a trainer manager for international skincare company, my my one corporate job that I had, and I traveled a ton for, for the company really loved what I did. But after I tragically lost my husband and the father, my son, my high school sweetheart, we met when I was 15. I lost him tragically to alcohol. When I was 30. My whole world turned upside down there I was, you know, a widow, single mom. And you know, I was just really I’m obviously just in this dark cloud. 

But after I thought about it, I decided I did not want to be a victim, Karen, I’ve really made a promise to myself that I wanted to make the most of my life and make my two and a half year old son Cameron my number one priority. So I decided to up and quit my corporate job. And I wanted to have more flexibility in my schedule. And so I followed my entrepreneurial passion again, and this time, it was opening a business from home. 

So I jumped in with both feet, learning everything I needed to to be successful at this new venture. I had to learn online marketing, and this was like 18 years ago. So that was completely foreign to me. I was really good at marketing face to face. In fact, I taught sales and marketing. But the whole online game was a whole different story. 

So I struggled for six months, Karen made zero dollars. But my why was so big, I was determined to make it work. So I got the help that I needed. And within the next six months, I was able to triple my income. And wow, okay, there’s something to this, this entrepreneurial thing. So that’s when I had a lot of individuals come to me asking me what I was doing to be so successful. They asked if I can help them with their business, and I’d always been a trainer and coach at heart. So I’m like, sure, I’ve set up some systems and processes I can probably teach you and teach you and help you with. 

So that’s when my coaching consulting started way back when. And so it really has evolved and developed since then. And granted, you know, there were a lot of ups and downs and one of the biggest parts. I would say the biggest lessons that I’ve learned was when I felt like Everything was such a struggle. I felt like I was focusing on all the things I needed to do, kind of operating from that, that space of fear and scarcity and lack. And I kept hitting a wall and just it felt so difficult. 

And after doing that, for so many years of a, something’s got to give, I really hit kind of a rock bottom. And I was in a bad relationship, things were on sale for the business. So it really forced me Karen to take a look at what I truly wanted my life and start getting clear on my purpose. And that’s when everything kind of shifted for me. And I was able to get in alignment with my passion and my purpose and what my gifts were How can I use my gifts in the most impactful way. And so then moving forward. With this new mindset and competence, I was able to start attracting my ideal clients with ease and grace and You know, tap into that flow and abundance. 

And now I’m super excited that I get to assist other female entrepreneurs and really getting connected and aligned to their passion and their purpose and really start tapping into that flow and abundance that was there waiting for them and really turning their passion into a highly profitable business that they love. So since then, I’ve gotten married I have two more kids. So we have a family a blended family of five and things are awesome I’m super blessed and you know, I believe I’m living proof that with a lot of faith and persistence and getting out of my own way getting clear on my purpose in you know, dreams really can come true. Just got to keep at it and trust in the process.

Karen Yankovich  8:53  

Well, you know, I love so many things about that. But one of the things that I love is getting clear on your purpose, right? We see so many things People that are doing what they’re really good at, right? Maybe you’re really good at it, maybe you’re making good money at it. But if it’s not feeding your soul, and I know that that might, you know, I know I believe that with every fiber of my body, I know you do, too. But sometimes when you said to other like, you know what, I gotta pay a mortgage, you know, like feeding my soul that’s priority, paying the mortgage is the priority. But I find that when you can, and that’s why I do this podcast, right? When you can find what you’re good at, and then build your business and your life from that place. And that feeds your soul and that is your purpose, then it it’s a faster path to success.

Megan Tull  9:41  

Totally and in what happens, Karen is, we don’t trust often that we have everything that we need to be successful or that our gifts are good enough or valuable enough so often, and I was stuck in this pattern for a while and that’s why I struggled. You know, we’ll compare ourselves to other people like we What is selling so doing to be so successful, I should do what they’re doing. And you know, you try to emulate what they’re doing, but maybe it’s goes against your natural way or it’s not fun for you, but you know, you kind of force and push it to happen. And you can get results that way. Granted I did for years and years, but it’s not sustainable, and it’s exhausting, and you’re not going to be fulfilled in your work and you’re not going to be able to use your gifts in the most impactful way.

Karen Yankovich  10:28  

Yeah. So I want to take you back though, to that space where you were when you left your corporate job to go out on your own. That’s brave. That’s brave. That’s a courage how Where did you how did you find the courage? Especially as now a single mom right sole responsibility for you and your your child? You know, can you tell us a little bit about where you found the courage to do that?

Megan Tull  10:53  

Wow. So honestly, everybody around me thought I was completely nuts. Like,

Karen Yankovich  10:58  

yeah, I mean, that’s We’ll all be we all tell we leave our big fat jobs to go.

Megan Tull  11:05  

How could you give up that paycheck and your health insurance? And I was actually left with a bunch of bills when my husband passed away. So there was all of that right. But it was so interesting here and I didn’t think twice about it like in my heart of hearts, I knew that this was the right decision. It actually took going back into work, my way of dealing with the loss of my husband was throwing myself into work and in, you know, just working, just kind of putting the blinders on. 

And I remember a week after the funeral, I was doing a training presentation for over 100 people, but I had to drive constantly or fly or travel and it started getting to me where I was I felt so guilty, leaving my son so I would like drive for hours, do a training and then drive four hours back just to tuck them in at night and not like okay, this is not sustainable and this is not how I want to live my life. 

So I made a decision at that point that I was going to make him my priority and quit my job and it was it was easy actually to do because I knew it was the right decision. And I was like to point out that was my why my why was so much greater than the fear that I was willing to do whatever it took to make it work. So I believe we all have a powerful why that drives us and motivates us. And that’s what kind of kept me going during that six months. In my business where I made zero dollars. 

I actually didn’t I wasn’t scared I wasn’t freaking out because I just knew that I was going to figure it out because my why was so powerful. And I think if everyone could get connected with their Why, why they want to be successful, why they want to make the money has to be bigger than the money has to be bigger than you Because that’s what’s going to keep you going. Because let’s be honest here and being an entrepreneur is not easy, right?

Karen Yankovich  13:07  

Oh gosh, no right like that. You hear people say like, I left my 40 hour week job for an 80 hour week business, you know, because I didn’t want to work 40 hours a week. So, and I’m certainly not advocating that nor do I do that, but it is it is, you know, especially in the beginning, you got to do what you got to do to, to make it work. But one of the things that I love about my business and and about entrepreneurism in general, which is a message that I hope you guys are listening to, they’re listening to this is it. 

If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean it’s never going to work. It just means you haven’t found the right combination of things, right, which is what it sounds like you did, like you can just tweak it until you have the right combination. And sometimes it’s pricing sometimes it’s your messaging, sometimes it’s the product, right but it is it is always doable. It’s just a matter of having the confidence to stick with it until you find the sweet spot of your, of your products and your services and your passion.

Megan Tull  14:09  

Absolutely. And so many times we want to be perfectionist and get everything set up, I got to have the perfect website, and then I got to create my whole program or whatever it is. But the thing is, you really just have to start taking action towards it. I always look at it like what can you do right now to start making money, start taking those action steps, then, you know, you can invest back into your business for the website and some of the other bigger expenditures. 

But the thing is, you don’t have to get it right. You just have to get it going and then you’re going to perfect and tweak along the way. So if you ever think that you’re going to be able to just come up with an idea and then create the perfect business plan and everything’s gonna work out hunky dory, you know, that’s really, I mean, I guess right? But that’s not how it works, you have to get out there, you have to start learning about your, your clients and what they want. And then you’re going to start building your confidence along the way, right? And then you can start increasing your prices. So it all kind of just comes together. And it’s really part of the process. And you just have to embrace that from the get go and enjoy the journey. Right?

Karen Yankovich  15:22  

Yeah, I’m sending you like a high five across the country for that, because I totally, I totally 100% agree with that. And I have a, I have a service. It’s one of my highest priced services, and it is probably the easiest service for me to sell. And it is not on my website. It’s a PDF that I created, you know, and, and because it’s so powerful for me to tell my clients that that it may never be on my website because of that, because, you know, if I’m talking to people, I think it’s a good fit. I’ll like I’ll say, let me tell you about this. And I’m, I’m saying this because, you know, you’re right. 

Because what happens sometimes is we spend all this time we’ve got to figure it out, what is it? You know, what are our programs, what are our courses, like all this stuff. And then once you start delivering it, you realize it all has to change. Because there’s no way until you start delivering this stuff that you could possibly anticipate how it’s going to land with every single person and what you’re going to need to ship. So you’re going to change it anyway, you 100% are going to change it anyway. So why not just get it going, and then change it and you know, get it going, if you feel more comfortable, get it going as a pilot, you know, get it going as a pilot so that you if you feel more comfortable saying as a pilot, then get it going is that because you can be you can be making money and that is the exact message I teach around LinkedIn, which is you know, so many people are saying they want to build a program because leveraged income and of course, who doesn’t want leveraged income making money while you’re, you know, in your sleep or whatever that whatever that is that people say and of course We love that. 

But that costs a lot of money, right? You need to be getting the business and you need to be building your sustainable base of income. And that comes most often from strategy work or from one on one work or consulting work or, you know, from the higher ticket items, which are easier to sell than you think. Because people want fast results, they want access to you. And in the beginning, you have, you can give them access to you.

Megan Tull  17:28  

Yeah, and that’s how you’re going to hone your craft and skills. That’s how you’re going to perfect your process or develop your signature process. And you need to do that before you can think about creating like an online program, for example, if you want to leverage your time to reach more people, but it’s all a process, right? So you have to consider where you are and make sure you’re focusing on the right things at the right time for the stage of business that you’re in. That’s where a lot of entrepreneurs struggle because there’s so much There are so many shiny red objects, oh, there’s this marketing method I should be doing because so and so’s doing it. And then they’re not really focusing on the things that are really going to be important for them to focus on and actually allow them to produce an income.

Karen Yankovich  18:18  

Right? Well, and you know, here’s the thing, too, I think that when you, when you do it, the way you’re describing it, you also get the opportunity to see if, if you are passionate about delivering it the way you think you’re going to be. 

Because the last thing you want to be is stuck delivering something that isn’t you aren’t as excited to do in reality is not as much fun. It’s not as much it’s not as impactful or, or, you know, or it’s not really delivering the kind of service you want to deliver. But you’re committed to it because you went you know, you you’ve already laid it all out the way it’s supposed to be. So this way you can kind of, you know, I actually do a like we do some we do a lot of corporate work and I’ve started to implement like a, like a strategy fee to come out and develop a strategy for the customer. And then what we do is, you know, let’s say it’s LinkedIn strategy, then what we do is if if we, when we lay out the strategy, we lay out what the cost would be for us to help them implement the strategy. And then we’ll apply the fee for the strategy session to the full fee. 

And people like, Oh, that’s a great idea. It’s simple for the customer. And I’m like, yeah, and I can decide if I don’t if I want to work with these people or not, you know, I’m not committed to a six month program with somebody that might not be a good fit for me, you know, after I deliver the strategy that they own, and that is 100% of product, right? I can hand it to them and say, you know, all right, here’s what you need to do. And I can help you find somebody to implement it. I get to decide if I want to continue to work with them or not. If I’m passionate about working with them, because you know, it is horrible. When you bring somebody one on one, you have a six month commitment and you know, and you know, it’s not a good fit, and it happens. It happens a lot.

Megan Tull  20:00  

Yeah, and most often Oh, I would bet you’d agree with me Karen you know, like there’s red flags in the beginning. But really we move forward anyway it’s because we’re moving forward out of fear scarcity Oh, gotta gotta can’t turn down the money got to pay the bills right over. And yeah, but it’s such a great place to be in when you make the decision that you are only going to work with your I call them ideal star clients. And, yeah, and if they don’t, if they’re not in alignment with who you’re looking to work with. Yeah, it’s okay to say no, or recommend someone else that can can help them.

Karen Yankovich  20:37  

Yeah. So in your book, The passion belief method, you say many people are posting on autopilot with no passionate connection to what they’re doing. Is that what you’re talking about here?

Megan Tull  20:49  

Yes, really. It’s, I think so many people. They settle You know, they’re just They get caught up in, you know, just following through on certain choices that they made in their life. Right. And, you know, I think it’s really important to realize that it’s like, okay, you are where you are today because of your own choices. And that whole taking responsibility for where you are is huge. Now, a lot of times we want to blame everyone around us or circumstances or oh, you know, my parents made me go to college for this career path. 

And so there’s a lot of times that we want to blame but really you are where you are because your own decisions, but unfortunately, a lot of people get comfortable being uncomfortable, but I’m going to challenge you to wake up and see where you are, and to establish if you’re where you want to be, and then to take responsibility knowing that you are where you are. Because you’re on choices and decisions, but then it’s so exciting to know that you are also responsible for your future. So you and only you can dictate your your future and what your, your career your life looks like moving forward. So, you know, the clients that I get to work with. And, you know, that really get it and they’re ready. 

They know that they get to create a new reality for themselves. And they get to tap into their unique passion and their gifts and their God given talents, and use those gifts in a way to be of service to others. And then as a result of that, they’re really making a difference in the world. So it’s a choice. It really is. You can stay stuck, stuck and you can, you know, create excuses, but really we have the power to accept where we are Make a decision decision to change it if if we’re not where we want to be.

Karen Yankovich  23:05  

I love that. I love that. And you know, often often I find that often, when people are passionate about something, or just not truly good at something, they don’t even see that as something that’s a valuable business. And they they don’t see value to it right. So I can think of a I can think of a friend of mine who you know, I mean, listen, you’re an entrepreneur, so maybe you can relate to this, but you have to be really good cook. I remember saying to her some time one time oh my gosh, like I just want you to cook for me. Just Oh, that’s ridiculous. You’re a good cook, you can cook for yourself. I’m like, I know I’m a good cook, and I know I can cook for myself. 

But if you were knocking on my door and handing me your you know, eggplant parmesan thing, I mean, this was years ago, and and we you know, it’s time I think we we went to Weight Watchers at one point or whatever, and I’m like, I just want you to cook me and she I was literally willing to pay her to do it. And she would Even like she couldn’t even hear it. She couldn’t even hear it. And I would have if she had said, Yes, I would have done in a minute, but she couldn’t even hear it. Because in her mind, that’s ridiculous. You know, if you can do it, why aren’t you doing it? So what’s your advice to people when they when they start have that mindset?

Megan Tull  24:17  

And so yeah, I mean, if they’re stuck, and not really understanding what they’re passionate about, or you know, if they thought, okay, if I were to start a business, where would I even start? Some people I think, especially women, like women are givers. And we often put our dreams and goals and aspirations on the backburner to be able to, you know, raise our family and put our family first, or put everybody else first, right. So our passion lies dormant within us. 

So I believe it’s pretty rare. I’ve found found some people that really struggle with identifying what they’re passionate about, but you know, really, there’s three simple questions you can ask your Self Karen The first one is what do I love to do that I can’t help it do. And the second question is, what do what do I do naturally or automatically? And then the third question is, what do people tell me I’m really good at and that’s exactly what you told your friend. So if you can answer those questions, typically the answer is is pretty similar. But again, like you said, often we’re so close to our gifts and talents, and they come so naturally and easily we don’t think that is anything special. We think everybody could do this. Right? Right. That’s where sometimes it takes somebody outside to point out oh my gosh, Karen, you’re really good at that. You should, you know, consider doing that more or even start a business

Karen Yankovich  25:51  

Or even today like imagine if this is what your business was, imagine if this is how you earned your living doing this thing you love to do.

Megan Tull  25:58  

Right? love to do it and it comes easy and natural. Right? Yeah. So there’s, there’s a process if you’re feeling a little stuck and not knowing, you know, what you can focus on. But, yeah, it’s usually thinking of like, what gifts that you possess, that can be a value or offer, um, you know, value to somebody else.

Karen Yankovich  26:24  

That’s so awesome. That’s so awesome. And honestly, that’s where I come in. And that’s where I start jumping in and saying, you know, all right now, like when were, you know, how do you start to step into this and, and really see yourself as a leader. And, you know, we look around as especially online, what are the I think there’s like a term like, you know, your Instagram life and your real life or something like that, right. And I get that I know that that’s a thing. 

But I think that at the same time, we are often forgetting that the people we’re helping are just not where we’re at. And that’s all that matters to be a leader. You You don’t need to be the best in the industry, you just need to be better than the people you serve. And that makes you a leader and, and that’s the space I want people to be in when they’re really creating their, their brand online. Right owning it. They nobody wants to work with somebody that says I’m pretty good at this, right? 

We want to work with people. And no one’s going to think you’re better than you say you are. You have to be confident enough in, in your abilities with your help and my help right to to really stand out from your competitors by saying, you know, I’m so good at this. And you’re going to love my eggplant parmesan, you’re going to want next week’s eggplant parmesan right, or whatever that is. Right. It’s it is it you have to also find that place. I think that’s where we start to step into this really then as as business owners and as like the CEOs of our own little worlds.

Megan Tull  27:52  


Karen Yankovich  27:54  

So how can people find more about what their passion belief is like, tell me a little bit about passion, belief and The passion belief method.

Megan Tull  28:02  

So, the my passion belief method was was really developed, you know, as my signature process that I take people through to help them take that passion and turn it into a business. So the, the method itself is five steps to your empowered self. And so, you know, taking you through the process, you know, it’s really all about first recognizing any self sabotaging beliefs. 

These are beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your true potential can essentially sabotage your success before you even start. So these are old beliefs that you may have developed at a young age or through different experiences in your life, but they’re no longer serving you as you’re stepping into the bigger greater version of yourself the leader as you said.

And then so the second step is to really then be able to let go of those limiting beliefs or negative beliefs, to create room for new empowering beliefs. And then it’s all about clarifying your passion, like we talked about really getting crystal clear. And another caveat to that. And I really want to be sure to touch on Karen is, you know, one of the biggest areas that professionals struggle with mostly women, mostly women entrepreneurs, is truly understanding the unique value that they offer, you know, what is the value of the expertise or the services they offer. And often This will keep them stuck. This will keep them playing small. 

This will prevent them from being able to powerfully or confidently present themselves or ask for or charge what they’re worth. So I want everyone to know that you all Have a unique value that you offer that is unique to you. Because I believe your unique value comes from a number of different things your God given gifts and talents, your education, your experiences, the skill sets you’ve developed over the years, your characteristics as a person, your values as a person. So all of these things come together to make up your unique value. 

So that is really important to understand and for you to be able to own. So then you can step into that. And then you you are really operating from that place of you know, what is your passion and your purpose what makes you unique, because that is how you’re going to stand out in a very crowded market or how you’re going to attract your perfect ideal star clients because when you’re being you there in a resonate with you and want to work with you. So I think we’re really under Standing that and owning your value is huge. When it comes to, you know, having that confidence to get out there and present yourself. And then step four is, you know, really identifying what your priorities and values are. 

Because if you really want to have a lifestyle business or a business that is fulfilling and gratifying, and fuels you versus drains, you, it’s really important to get clear on your priorities and your values and make sure then you are setting boundaries to honor and protect that and you’re kind of creating your business around that. And making sure every decision everything that you’re doing in your business is in alignment with those values, or your standards by which you live by. And then the fifth step, Karen is getting ready to adopt your new passion beliefs. So I’ve created a passion beliefs that are empowering beliefs that I believe are essential for Any competent leader to possess and then when you’re able to start adopting those beliefs, then you’re able to fully step into your, your power as a leader, and be able to create that highly successful business around your passion.

Karen Yankovich  32:17  

So if we buy your book because it’s all laid out in your book,

Megan Tull  32:20  

it is yes. So the book is kind of like your roadmap to leading a passion filled, purposeful, joyful, love based life. And yes, it’s laid out step by step, everything you need to put in place because, as you said, I don’t I personally don’t believe you should have a separate, like, here’s my professional side. Here’s my personal side. When you’re living your passion and your purpose, it’s all one in the same. Yeah, I know. It’s all about accepting who you are giving yourself permission to be you Celebrating that and utilizing your gifts in a powerful way to be of service to others.

Karen Yankovich  33:06  

Awesome, awesome. And there is an assessment right that we can take to help us with this.

Megan Tull  33:11  

Yes, there is. So as kind of an extension of the book, I created an online quiz. And so you can determine what your passion belief factor is, because it’s really important to understand where you are now, before you can think about, you know, moving forward, right or or changing or bettering your life. So you want to assess where you are. So this is what this quiz will do. So you’re going to discover where you stand when it comes to your self worth, your value, and your level of passion and your life and business as well as your relationship with money. 

So all of these things are really important understand about yourself, and then when you’re taking the assessment and And you submit your answers, then you’re going to get a some results and it’s going to show you where you can work on to improve your score, because you’re going to end up being either a self saboteur, which you don’t want to be there, but some people are there and that’s okay. Or you’ll be a striver, or you’ll be a passion, Easter. And we all want to be a passionate Easter because that’s when we’re living our life fully in our passion and in our purpose.

Karen Yankovich  34:35  

So cool. So we’ll put a link to that assessment in the show notes for this episode. How can people find you Megan, how else can they find you will obviously put links in the show notes but tell us where you hang out on online?

Megan Tull  34:49  

Yes, so I’m very active on Facebook. I have a group called passion Eastern nation which is super fun. women that are living their passion purpose. All over the world, connected there in that community. And it’s a free group. 

So I’d love to have you join if you feel like that is your community so it’s for women entrepreneurs, and it’s a great place to connect, get support, get tips and strategies. Also, I’m on Instagram, so you can check out my Instagram, Megan t tall, and of course I’m unlinked in as well. So, yeah, and then my website is Megan, toll calm. Awesome. We’ll put links to all of that in

Karen Yankovich  35:41  

the show notes as well. Megan, thank you so much for doing this today that I love how synchronous our messages are. It was great to catch up with you and you know, I what’s next for you What’s on the horizon?

Megan Tull  35:55  

Well, I’m getting ready for my next shift into your power retreat for transformational retreat for women entrepreneurs that are ready to shift into the best version of themselves and use their gifts in the most impactful way. So that is one of my favorite things I get to do to be able to create that space for that to happen to have those transformation opportunities and shifts and breakthroughs that really are necessary to kind of up level your game as an entrepreneur. 

So yeah, I have that coming up September 19, the 21st. So really excited about that. And yeah, continue to build my community and connect with women that are ready to really shift into to their best version of themselves and, and use their gifts in the most impactful way.

Karen Yankovich  36:49  

Great. Thank you so much for sharing this and we will link to all of this in the show notes. I’m pretty sure that will be airing this after your retreat, but maybe you’ll be doing another one you never know, right? Yes,

Megan Tull  37:01  

I typically do them in the spring and in the fall. Okay, good.

Karen Yankovich  37:05  

Good. Okay, cool. All right. Thanks so much, Megan. It was great to have you here and great to catch up.

Megan Tull  37:10  

Thank you. Karen is such an honor to be part of your show.

Karen Yankovich  37:13  

I had so much fun getting to catch up with Megan. I am so jazzed by her message and the work that she’s doing. I think it’s really in line with the work that we’re doing over here at global media, LinkedIn marketing, really supporting women around creating wealth for themselves one customer at a time. And I love the conversation we had, there was so many conversations we loved, but one of my favorite ones was really around how hard it is sometimes for us to understand how valuable we are when the things that we offer are things that just come so naturally to us. 

So that was I thought that was a really powerful message and I hope that you, you understand how important you are and your message. You know why we support we’re looking to support you We’ve got a LinkedIn, a new and updated LinkedIn workshop that we’re doing, you can always get our most up to date workshop at free LinkedIn workshop. com, check that out, I’d love to have you there we are, we’ve created an all new workshop. For the end of 2019, it will probably run if you’re listening to this in 2020 or beyond, as always, our latest workshop is there. 

But if you’re listening to this live, you definitely don’t want to miss this workshop because we’re really getting to the heart of how to use LinkedIn profitably. So if you’re using it, you’re not sure why you’re not seeing results. This is the workshop for you. So check that out at free LinkedIn workshop. com, we’d love to have you there. It’s as the name states completely free. You know, I want to support you in this. That’s why I do this podcast. So for sure, check us check out that free workshop. 

And you know, before you go, just a little reminder to help me out. Take a quick screenshot, share on social media, what you loved about this episode, and tagged me so that I can get you more visibility and I can Share it with my audience as well. 

The bottom line is, I want to support you in a way that is profitable and simple. So let’s let this be simple. I will see you back here again next week for Episode 100. You are not going to want to miss this one.