What better way to live a full life than to make your passion into a successful business? That’s exactly what we are going to be discussing here today on the Good Girls Get Rich Podcast!

This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen interviews Megan Tull and they dive deep into Megan’s journey to becoming a success strategist and how she was able to make her passion into a successful business, all while encouraging women to do the same.


Megan Tull is a Success Strategist, Passion Expert and Best Selling Author of The Passion Belief Method – Own Your Value and Earn Your Worth in Business

She’s passionate about helping women entrepreneurs own their unique value, so they can earn their worth – turning their passion into a highly successful business that they love and makes a difference!



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About the Episode:


This episode was FULL of heartfelt advice from Megan and I’m so glad you all were able to hear her story! I love everything that Megan stands for and that’s all about helping women own their passions and have them build a life surrounding just that. 


Now in order to make your passion into a successful business, we need to first start with these few things:


First, identify your passion!


This is easier said than done! Many times women don’t even see that what they’re good at is well… special! You may think to yourself that you are good at organizing, cooking, finances, etc. but also may have the mindset that everyone else is good at this too.


Chances are… they’re not and they need people like you to help them! The first thing that comes with making your passion into a successful business is to find out what that passion is and truly stand by it!


Having trouble doing this? Megan provided valuable insight on how to figure out your passion and she mentioned to ask yourself these 3 questions…


  1. What do I love to do that I can’t help but do?
  2. What do I do naturally / automatically?
  3. What do people tell me I’m really good at?


Answer these 3 questions and you’ll be in your way to finding your passion!


The second thing you need to do is just get started!


You don’t have to have it all right from the start, you just have to know what your passion is. And once you know that, everything will naturally fall into place.


After you’ve made the decision to start your business based off your passion, that’s when you get out there, learn what your clients want and you build and grow your business from there. An easy place to start with this and to make your passion into a successful business, is to simply think “what can I do right now to bring in money?” just so you can have that blanket. 


Do that, and go  from there! 


Once you actually have something in place, be mindful of the fact that not everything is going to be a straight line. The more experience and time you have into your business that’s when you can adjust and tweak it to perfection. Just know, you don’t have to have all the answers and the exact business plan in place before getting started! 


The last thing to do in order to make your passion into a successful business is to wake up and OWN what you’re good at!


While some people tend to make excuses for why they are, where they are, you need to admit one thing to yourself…


You are where you are because of your own decisions, and that is great! 


When you take responsibility for your past actions and for the reason you are in your current situation, you can figure out exactly what reality it is that you want and you can create it. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing either! If you’re in a great place right now but want to make it better, own that as well! Self-awareness is key in this situation.


Owning your actions and owning what you’re good at will keep you from feelings of unworthiness or feeling like you’re not “good enough” or “smart enough” to run your own business as well. Just remember… 


You don’t have to be the best in the industry, you just have to be better than the people you serve


BONUS! Megan went into detail as well at (33:06) on her signature passion belief method and broke it out to us like this…


The passion belief method


  1. Recognize self-sabotaging beliefs
  2. Let go of those limiting beliefs
  3. Clarify your passion
  4. Identify your priorities and values
  5. Get ready to adopt your new passion beliefs


Feel free to take Megan’s Passion Belief Method Assessment in order to figure out exactly what your game plan should be on making your passion into a successful business.


Episode Spotlights:


  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode: karenyankovich.com/099
  • Intro to todays episode (2:35)
  • Background on Megan Tull and her journey to becoming an entrepreneur (3:38)
  • How being clear on your inner purpose leads you on a faster path to success (8:54)
  • How Megan found the courage to leave her corporate job (10:31)
  • Where to get started with your business (12:31)
  • The results that come from the process of developing your passion (18:18)
  • What Megan means by part of her book, The Passion Belief Method (20:39)
  • Megan’s advice when people who are stuck on finding their passion (23:04)
  • What the passion belief method is (27:53)
  • How to start incorporating the passion belief method into your life (33:06)
  • Where to find and work with Megan (34:40)
  • What’s next for Megan (35:53)


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