Growing your business doesn’t ALWAYS have to be a struggle and fight. I want to share with you how to grow your business with ease and exactly how I did so too!

This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen reflects on the past 100 episodes and how she niching down and simplifying her business has proven to grow her business exponentially with ease. Karen shares multiple personal accounts on how she got to be where she is at how she grew her business with ease and how you can get started with doing so too!



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About the Episode:


Wow! Can you believe we’re at episode 100 already?! 


I’ve learned SO much since episode 1 and that’s what I want to talk about today.


I do a ton of reflecting in my OWN business within this episode, that I wanted to give you the advice I have on how to grow your business with ease. 


I like to compare this to being like a mermaid! I tell the story in the podcast on how I went to my friends house and she had gone through a ton of stuff in her personal life, and she had multiple Wonder Woman mugs. I was pretty overwhelmed at the time and she gave me one of these mugs to keep my strength!


One day I was making myself tea in the morning and I was completely exhausted… I was burnt out, had a to do list 45 miles long, was late to a million things, and all of a sudden I look over and I see a mug that said “I want to be a mermaid”


So I put down my Wonder Woman mug and from there on out I decided that I wanted to be a MERMAID! I didn’t want to have to “fight’ for my job like Wonder Woman, I wanted to swim through my business like a mermaid!


Since then I have made it a priority to help women just like you grow your business with ease, however I know it can be tough to even just get started with that. So I wanted to give you a little boost in this episode and give you the basics on where to start on how to grow your business with ease so you can swim through your business and grow your Mermaid Empire just like I have!


Make a list of everything you market and sell in your business


When making this list, include absolutely EVERYTHING; both free and paid. This is where you can really see everything that you have to offer to clients.


When writing down this list, think to yourself…


  1. Does it flow with my business?
  2. Do I love everything on this list?
  3. Does the site of one of my projects stress me out?


Feel free to add things you want to bring to your business within the next 12 months as well! This is one of the crucial steps in growing your business with ease and building your mermaid empire.


Create a VERY basic business plan for each of your offers


And when I say basic, just know, we are brain dumping here, so no need to get into too much detail for each of these.


When outlining a basic business plan for each service make sure you include the following things:


  1. How much revenue does this plan to bring in?
  2. Cost associated with the product or service
  3. Do I need to adjust my pricing?
  4. Do I even love this/want to do this, or  should I let it go?


As you go on with creating a mini business plan for each of your products or services, this will allow you to really recognize what’s important to you and your mermaid empire and what you need to cut out. 


While looking at this list, it may not feel like your about to grow your business with ease, but like I mentioned in the podcast… 


“The more I niche my business down, the more successful my business is!”


Niching down and really understanding what you need to put your time and energy in, will free you up from those burdens that take away time from the ideal life you want to be living.


Apply your list to your life


At this point you should understand what direction you will be headed in the upcoming year, so now it’s time to apply them to your life!


Remember: I want you to grow your business with ease… but why? It’s because I want you to build a business that supports your dream life! 


We are building your Mermaid Empire here! Niching down and growing your business with ease will help support what’s important to you in your personal life, whether it be spending more time with your children, traveling more, etc. 


Each of your products or services should lead to supporting your ideal life. If it doesn’t, ask yourself why. Is it because it’s a new product that you need to put a ton of time into developing? Maybe it is, but once it’s developed and sold, that means you’ll get to live off the profit and allow your business to grow with you on the beach!


As we move into a new phase into your life, I want you to dream BIG! That’s why I wanted to give you this free download to help you get started with thinking big and growing your business with ease and creating your ideal life!


Join us at and share what YOUR ideal life looks like so I can support YOU in getting there!



Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Terry’s review of the podcast (1:32)
  • What Karen learned from starting her podcast to now (2:51)
  • How Karen discovered that niching down leads to more success (5:17)
  • What Karen is setting her intentions for in 2020 (10:10)
  • The effects on Karen’s personal life from niching down (16:42)
  • How to get started on simplifying your business with more success (19:42)
  • Make a general business plan for each business (22:57)
  • Figuring out the pricing associated with each task (25:00)
  • Having your business support your ideal and dream life (27:08)
  • What Karen teaches her clients to start this process (28:19)
  • Recap the plan to building your empire with ease (29:33)
  • Karens free tool that can help you dream bigger in 2020 (31:05)

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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the Good Girls Get Rich podcast episode 100

Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl. Stop being the best kept secret in town learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:24
Hey there, I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And can you believe it? We made it to Episode 100 of the Good Girls Get Rich podcast it’s unbelievable to me anyway. I’m loving this and I love the feedback that I’m getting from all of you. And we have a really special show for you today to celebrate. We’re going to talk a little bit about the changes in my business in the past 100 days and how that’s helped me support you better and then how we can incorporate some of those same changes in Your business so that you can have the year of your dreams.

So as you know if you’ve listened before or if you love what you hear today, I love hearing from you. So make sure that you subscribe to The Good Girls Get Rich podcast on Apple podcasts or whatever your pod catcher is of choice. We love your reviews. So I if you leave us a review, we can showcase you and your review on an upcoming episode.

We have a bunch of new reviews which was so fun to get last week or the end the week before. But one of them I’ll read to you is Terry in Fairhope. Terry says that Karen and her guest experts help you win by growing your business the get rich part with her LinkedIn and social media strategies. Karen is an excellent host listen and learn.

Terry, thank you so much. I love that you talked about the LinkedIn strategies that we teach, because I know that it is sometimes a little scary for some of us to be jumping onto LinkedIn for some strategies. I do my best to make it simple for you. And I’m glad that that resonates with you.

So of course, if you leave us a review, you can leave us a review on the pod catcher that you listen to. Or you can take a screenshot of this episode on whatever it is you’re listening to it on and share it on social media, make sure you tag me @KarenYankovich or use the #goodgirlsgetrich, I can be sure to share your post with our audience and that way I can get you more visibility, we all get more visibility that way.

So that’s always fun to add in the show notes there’s a link for speakpipe where you can leave us an audio review. I would love that if you are so inclined. Just go to Karen slash speakpipe or go to Karen Yankovich comm slash 100. And you’ll see the link there as well. And then we can play that for you.

So so much change since episode one. So much changed since episode one. And if you listen to Episode 96 we’ll link to it in the show. notes, I talked a lot about how much I’ve walked away from, in order to be able to be creating the business in the life that I love. I mean, I have no problem working hard. But it was getting to the point where all I was doing was working and I wasn’t really seeing the results that I wanted to see, in my business.

And in my life, I was finding myself having to say no to personal events, or, like summers, I live at the Jersey Shore. I wasn’t getting to the beach enough cuz I was working too much. And so it is for me, it isn’t about that I am not a fan of hard work. It is about the fact that I’m a fan of working so much that it impacts my life, right.

So that’s why I went into business for myself so that I could build a business and allow me the flexibility to do things but when you have a to do list 45 miles long, you just don’t do it even even if you have the flexibility to do it right. So one of the things that I’ve done very intentionally, and I’m probably still doing in the past 100 episodes, is looking at what I have to walk away from.

And that’s what we talked about an episode 96 You may remember that get seen be heard workshops that Christina days when I were doing we closed that down fully, mainly because, you know, we were teaching social media and PR and it was, I mean, people were having amazing successes and Christina and I love doing it. But social media changes so much that everything needed to be updated a million times. And I was starting to get out of my zone of genius, which really is relationship marketing and LinkedIn marketing.

So what that did when we first shut that down about two years ago, or a year and a half ago was it allowed me to refocus on LinkedIn strategy and LinkedIn marketing. And what I’ve done since then, is I’ve niched down even further as you know, in the past couple of weeks I guess or month to LinkedIn for women, she’s linked up my course has been rebranded she’s linked up.

And here’s the thing. The more I do this, the more I walk away from in the morning niche my business down, the more successful, my businesses.

Let me tell you a little a couple of things that led me to some of these decisions because I know that it’s not easy to do.

I absolutely suffer from shiny object syndrome. And I try not to I’m trying to stay more focused. And guess what, the more I build space into my life, the easier it is for me to stay focused on shiny object syndrome and not take not jump into those shiny object because I have more time to think about it and plan for things as suppose for jumping into things going. Sure I can do that. Right.

So a couple years ago, I have some of the most amazing friends and I’m so blessed for that. And I have a friend and I was I was doing some work with somebody and we were we were kind of talking about warriors and I was like, I’m like one woman I can do anything and I had these bracelets if you guys are familiar with the oh my gosh what is the touchstone crystal bracelets the the the ones that are kind of like the circle bracelets I can’t remember what they’re called they look like they’re just colors they have like lots of lots of colors and I happen to have like a red one. A purple one not a blue one and a white one and yellow and so I felt like they were like wonder like a Wonder Woman cup.

So I was wearing them one day because I was like I am like I can do anything I can do this. I got it. I can do this. And I went to a friend of mines house and she also is in that same mode and she has gone through tons and tons of stuff in her life that personal life that she’s had to really, I guess fight her way through right? So she had multiple Wonder Woman mug so when I was telling her she handed me a Wonder Woman mug. I happen to have these bracelets on so I was telling her the story about it.

She gave me this wonderful she gave me the mug to take home and it and at the time that was serving me right I’m I can do this. Like I felt strong. I felt empowered. I can do this. And then one day, I guess it was about a year ago, maybe a little more, maybe a year and a half ago, I was making myself tea in the morning and I had the Wonder Woman mug in my hand and I was exhausted. I had a to do list 45 miles long.

None of it was getting done on time. I was late to 5000 different things. I felt like I was being pulled in 100 different directions. And I looked at that mug and I was like, Oh, my gosh, I am so tired of fighting my way through life in my business.

And I looked over at my shelf and I had a mug that says I want to be a mermaid. And I put the Wonder Woman mug back and I grabbed the mermaid mug and I said I am so tired of fighting through bank business.

Time for me to start swimming. I want to be a mermaid. I don’t want to have to fight every step of the way. So that mermaid mug has been kind of like my anthem. Ever since then I want to be a mermaid I want to swim and enjoy and and just feel empowered. I want to feel empowered, but I I was kind of tired of all the fighting and feeling like I needed to fight. Right.

So then I met a woman that I had lunch with a woman a couple months ago, maybe six months ago. And she was extraordinarily successful in the corporate world, and was building a mentorship program for women. And we were chatting, and she showed me her website. And one of the things she had in her website was about, you know, pulling from your superhuman powers, and I had like, a visceral reaction to it.

She was like, What the heck, I was like, honestly, I hate this. And she’s like, What do you mean? I said, Why can’t we just be human and be successful? why don’t why are women expected to be superhuman? Why can’t women just be human and be successful?

And it stopped her in her tracks too, I think because as women were like, you know, you guys can remember that like, you know, the am woman hear me roar. I can do anything I can, you know, bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan and all that stuff. And it’s exhausting, right? But we’re still conditioned to being superhuman.

So I have intentionally been building what I’m now calling my mermaid Empire Ever since then, because I don’t want to fight through 2020 to keep to be successful, I want to enjoy it. I want to enjoy the journey. I want to flow through the journey with ease. And when I build ease with intention into my business, the most amazing things happen, the most amazing clients come into my life. The people that that you know, when you’re, when you’re fighting through things, sometimes you take clients that you know, we’re not perfect clients, but you just need the money to take them.

But when you set the intention that you’re doing this with ease, I can’t even tell you how amazing it is when the perfect clients start to come your way. Because you’re no longer fighting and you’re no longer fighting it. You’re just kind of opening your mind and your world and the universe, whatever however you believe it to be for the perfect people to step in.

So here’s what my mermaid Empire looks like for 2020. And by the way, this episode 100 is coming out, I believe it is my calendar. And December 2, December 6, is my birthday. So I feel like this hundredth episode is like a birthday present to myself, and the setting the intention for the upcoming year. I can’t even say the words, but it’s a big year for me. The December 6 2020 birthday is a is a big year for me. So I have big plans. If I have to turn that age in 2020 I’m going to be doing it with, you know, with with having the best year of my life.

So I’ve got big plans for 2020. So let me tell you a little bit of what that looks like for me and then we’ll talk about how we can incorporate this into your business.

So right now I love this podcast and I am in a great great move with it with my team and with you know, just getting it produced and I love the content. We’re getting great feedback on it. It’s growing pretty quickly now. And so grateful for that. So the podcast is going to continue. And I want to do more speaking I want to get in front of more women audiences.

So if you have a woman audience reach out to me at info at Karen Yankovich. calm. I do a lot of speaking now. But but for me for 2020, the podcast and my speaking line of business, right, because we hopefully you have multiple income streams. So the speaking is an income stream for me. That’s the front end of my business.

And that’s the visibility that I built. Right. I promote my podcast I promote myself as a speaker, when I’m standing in front of a room with 100 or 500 people with a microphone in my hand, that’s more visibility for me.

So I absolutely teach visibility and you two should have a visibility plan and visibility by itself, right? It doesn’t pay the mortgage.

So beyond that, we’ve got you know, you’ve got to get people onto your email list and build your email. Listen for us right now, not sure exactly what this is going to look like yet. But I do know that a big part of that is going to be the LinkedIn profile challenge that we did in October of 20 of 2019. It was hugely successful. I got such great feedback from it.

We’re going to do it again in January. So January 2020. And I don’t know if we’ll do it again. After that, I’m sure we will. So depending on when you’re listening to this, go to LinkedIn profile challenge. com, either the registration will be open for the challenge, it’s completely free, or you can get on the waitlist, either.

Either way, if you go to and get on the waitlist, this is completely free. There’s no obligation, but it was hugely successful. We had people got such great results. I’ve so many people ask me what we’re going to do it again that we’re doing it pretty quickly after the first one. Because I think that I learned a few things about how we delivered it, I want to do it better. I have a low end LinkedIn profile course and a little bit of a higher end LinkedIn strategy course.

So those are the things that we’re going to also be marketing in 2020. But that’s it. I’m not looking to market a million different things.

One of the other things I walked away from or I’m walking away from is my membership course the triple your biz club. I love it. I love the people in it, but it just didn’t. It wasn’t in my mermaid Empire Plan, it was a little bit more of a struggle. I think that people there got had success of it, but it was a little too. There was too much. We were just trying to do too many things.

So what we’re going to be doing in 2020 is putting a new membership out there, but it’s going to be on the other side of the LinkedIn strategy course. So if you want to get in my membership, if you want ongoing support from me around LinkedIn, so that you’ve got accountability that you’re getting the work done, you’ve got to have gone through my course first. And that was a hard decision to make because obviously, putting it on the front end of my course I can open it up to the world. Putting on the back end of my course I can only market it then to the few people that have taken my course.

Right. But again, mermaid empires, it feels right. And the more I stay true to that the more successful my businesses. So you’ll hear more about that in in the beginning of 2020. But again, you’re only eligible for that if you’ve taken my course.

We started running masterminds in 2019. And they have also been very successful. So we’re going to continue to run masterminds in 2020. And they’re small masterminds. They’re five people, they only last for three months. And I’m going to still continue to do a small number of one on one clients, because I love that.

I love meeting with people for a day and spending a day with them. So we’re going to continue that as well. So that is what my mermaid Empire looks like for 2020. The podcast and speaking you’ll see a lot about the LinkedIn profile challenge will be marketing a few times during the year, presumably let’s see how it goes in January.

And then maybe there’ll be some other LinkedIn freebies that will offer over the course of the year. And then we’re staying true to the course with just the two digital programs. And the membership on the other side of the strategy course, the masterminds and the number of one on one clients.

Now, that sounds like a lot, right? I can’t even tell you how much I stripped out of my business to get down to that.

Okay. But what this does is it allows me to say really, really focused, okay?

It’s allowed me to grow my team in a way that helps me and my clients feel really supported. And here’s the thing, here’s the best part of this, my clients, whether you’re in my digital programs, or my free LinkedIn profile challenge, or a one on one client, or mastermind client, you’re getting the best of me, because instead of spreading myself thin, with teaching social media in general and trying to keep on top of what the strategies are for Twitter, and Instagram, whatever, I could spend more time testing and tweaking and monitoring LinkedIn strategy, so that I can dive deeper and help you have more success with that. I can make all the mistakes right, I can do all the work, and then I can just share the room. results and the benefits of that with you. So to me, that is what my mermaid Empire looks like for 2020.

And I cannot tell you how excited I am about it. I feel really good about it I for the first time and a lot of years, I’m able to take more time off in my business and I’ve been able to take and I’m loving it.

So are you feeling that can you understand, can you feel the difference in pushing to get your business and, and fight chasing all the shiny objects and and never really feeling like you’re always feeling like you’re catching up versus just feeling like things are happening with ease, like does not feel amazing?

Are you feeling that? Are you ready to be human and successful in 2020? Instead of feeling like you have to be superhuman?

Okay, I’m like, I’m not totally sure that mermaids are human, just to be clear, but at least they’re not known to have to fight their way to success. Okay. So we’re going to be we’re going to pretend that they’re human for now. And we’re going to just feel like we’re swimming through life in our business like mermaids do. Imagine the difference that this could make in your life.

I’ve made time this I mean, I’ll tell you a few things that have happened in my personal life this year, as my business has grown, as I’ve stayed more focused, and, and pulled things out to create a business with ease, I’ve made I know, these sounds might sound a little like little things too, but they are huge things to me. I’ve made time this year to meditate twice a day.

I mean, you can hear how fast I talk, my brain goes as fast as my mouth, my brain does not stop. And I have struggled with meditating forever, because I know that it helps me. But it was really it’s really hard. It’s always been really difficult for me to stay, to do it and to to be consistent with it. But I found a technique that works for me, so that not only am I meditating once a day, I am meditating twice a day, because I know that if I stop in the three o’clock range or the two three o’clock range, and just spend 15 minutes, not an hour, but 15 minutes, clearing my mind.

And just like letting everything go for 15 minutes, I come back for the next couple hours of the day, so much more productive, that I’m generally stopping work around four or five o’clock, which is unheard of for me also, I mean, I I am a morning person like you are more likely to see me working in the morning than at eight o’clock at night. But let me tell you lots of NFS I mean, I’m not ever working at eight o’clock at night. Of course that happens on occasion.

But generally, I am now keeping to pretty normal work hours and taking time off during the week which is amazing. I’m also being consistent with a morning routine. Because Because I’m a morning person I wake up and my brain is immediately on 100 miles an hour.

All the things I need to do well, I you know, I can go on and on about my morning routine, but basically just know that it supports my self care not just my business, but I have incorporated business stuff into it because It is when my brain is most on fire. And I want to make sure that my business gets some of that right not just my, just my personal, you know, my personal life or my self care.

So I’ve incorporated a morning routine that allows me to feel like I’m doing some self care and getting an A power hour in my business and then back to some count, self care. And then by nine o’clock, I’m at my desk and I’m, I’m raring to go for the day.

What has happened with these little things that have changed in my life is that so many things are better in my life and in my business. So we’re going to talk a little bit about how we can you can start to incorporate a mermaid Empire into your life in the upcoming year. So we have some tasks for you here and I’m going to walk you through a few things that I would love to see you do. And I am here to support you with this.

Okay, but the first thing I want you to do is take some time, maybe put a half hour on your calendar. block everything out. I’m a fan of a kitchen timer. You’ve heard that before. If the kitchen timer is ticking, nothing else gets done half an hour and make a list of everything you market in your business free and paid. Okay, free and paid.

Do you have a free offer? Do you have a podcast? What are you marketing in your business? And then I want you to look at those things and feel like, does it flow? Right? Does it feel like ease? Or does it stress you out to even look at it? Right?

Like I can tell you like for me, one of the things I mentioned earlier is my masterminds and I have to tell you, my business coach, people that I’m in, I’m in masterminds with they’re all like, why are you selling three month masterminds? You have to fill them continually. Why don’t you sell a year long mastermind. And you know what, because this is what feels right to me.

A year long mastermind stresses me out because if if I have a three month mastermind I know I could make it short and powerful and results. And I can teach people exactly how to replicated. I’m not going anywhere. If they want to work with me when the mastermind ends, they still can write, but it to me that feels like ease and filling a year long mastermind feels like stress. Okay?

So even though I can’t even tell you how many people are telling me, you know, you should be doing a longer mastermind right now. I don’t like it. I don’t feel it. It doesn’t feel like it’s right for my business. I feel like that I just don’t feel it. So that’s what I want you to look at when you make this list of everything you market for your business. Do you love all the things on there? Okay.

Alright, and maybe if maybe what you want to do as you’re making this list of everything you are marketing in your business. Now, you might also want to add to that list, things you want to you’re looking to bring into your business in the upcoming 12 months.

Okay, so that list, if you’re anything like many of the clients I work with that list is probably going to be long. Because we there’s a lot of things we want to do, right? There’s a lot of things we want to do. And I love the passion around the people that come into my life. But I also know that, you know, if you if you are doing, you know, there’s the there’s what you’re doing right now to pay the bills, and then maybe that maybe that you’re not ready to give that up yet.

But there’s a few other things you’re doing. And maybe you’ve got three other things you want to do. And maybe they’re not all that related. And you know how I know this because we read your LinkedIn profiles.

And it’s the number one question that I get asked is okay, I do this and I do this. I’m an accountant by day and I’m a Reiki Master by night. How do I infuse them? And we work on that, right?

We work on that with you. And by the way, you know, maybe at the same time, you want to be a business coach, right? So I get it, I get it. You are a good company. If you’re thinking about this right now, right now, for the first step in this process, just write it all down.

Because what I want you to do in the second step of this process is to grab A Google Sheet or Excel document or something simple, and I don’t want this to be geeky and techie doesn’t have to have formulas in it. But if you’re like me and you like that stuff, you can create some formulas create a very basic business plan for for the upcoming 12 months based on those services.

So what does that mean?

It means that if you’re telling me Okay, I want to build I want to get more coaching clients, then I want to know how many of those Do you want to get? How many of those Do you want to get in January in February and March and April, etc, etc. And what is the revenue stream that brings into your business? Just generally, okay, really generally. And then list that for every single thing you listen to number one, okay? I mean, right now, we’re just doing a brain dump. Okay? And it’s probably going to, it’s probably going to not feel like your mermaid Empire.

But what you need to be looking at this, you have to look at it with your with your pricing in mind. Are there things on this list that you’ve created that you’ve, you’ve built out not just the services, but the revenue associated with the services. And if you have if your overhead is significant, and I don’t mean overhead, like I have a VA, and you know I have, I have to pay for ontraport, I’m talking about you sell $100 product that costs you $50 to produce, okay, so really, then we want to do we want to write that hundred dollars, we want to know that that’s really a $50 top line, right?

So it’s $100 top line, but it’s a $50. It’s not even a $50 bottom line, it’s a $50 mid line after that you have all the other expenses. But if you have a very fixed costs associated with a particular product, incorporate that but very simple.

Don’t worry about all the other stuff like that your your CRM and your zoom account and all that other stuff. Don’t worry about that stuff. For now. Just if there’s a very specific cost associated with a particular product, just note that because I want to make sure that you know, we’re at least clear where like generally how much profit we can generate And then look at the pricing associated with these things. Do you feel like it’s abundantly financially supporting you? Or do you need to adjust your pricing? Do you need to cut back? Do you need to hire somebody? Right? Do you love everything on that list? Or is there something that you have to let go? I don’t care how much money is making you I’m telling you, you know, get seen bring hurt brought in a lot of money.

We let it go because it just wasn’t right. Okay. Is there more than one thing you have to let go? And this is on paper right now. I’m not saying you have to call up and fire people today. I’m saying on paper. Are there things you want to let go? Are there more than one things that you think that you want to let go?

Maybe you start looking now at the things you’ve always wanted to do and we’d love to add this year, right? So add those in and maybe add some preliminary pricing associated with those things. Okay. Is there a demographic you want it that you love to focus on? Is there a demographic you want to walk away from? Maybe you’ve been supporting some demographic, but you stay up at night worried about them, and they’re not really worrying about themselves enough.

And you’re, maybe you need to walk away from them so that you can build the ease in so that you can more abundantly support to hear that so that did you remember Episode 98, so that you can more abundantly support the people that you will love to support? Right? I love to support people on LinkedIn, and I can more abundantly support them if I don’t have to worry about Instagram algorithms, right and teaching people about that. And so that’s what I want you to think about as you’re creating this. I don’t want it to seem I don’t want it to be complicated.

Just get it out of your head and get it onto a piece of paper or a Google Sheet. So that you can have some sense of of what you’re looking at. Because if you’re not look, if you don’t know what you’re looking at, you are not Going to be able to know what has to happen for that to be feel like you can accomplish it with ease.

The next thing I want you to do is now that you’ve done that, and you’ve on paper, you’ve made some adjustments, maybe you’ve increased some pricing, maybe you’ve reduced some pricing, maybe you maybe you’re redlining, some services, because you just say I cannot do this for another year, right? And then maybe you do for three more months, right? This is not, you know, just start this January 1, right? This is just, this is ease.

Remember, this is ease.

So now look at that list again and see how it applies to your life. does it allow you to get a house cleaner so you can spend time with your friends and families on the weekends instead of doing laundry? Right? does it allow you to travel if that’s what you want? What is it in your life that you want your business to support. And then look at that plan that you’ve created. And see if it feels like you’ve it will allow you to have the life that you’re dreaming of.

And I want you to dream big here.

Okay, I want you to dream big here. This is the place for dreaming big, and building your mermaid Empire, and all of the other things that that have to happen to make all that happen. We’re not worried about that. Now, we’re just laying it out.

Okay, one of the other things, you know, when I, when I work with people with LinkedIn marketing, one of the first things we have them do is identify what their win looks like.

And a lot of times they come to me and say, I want to get 530 $500 clients by this by February 15. And I say, Okay, well, how about if we just focus on getting 130 $500 client, because if I can teach you how to get that 130 $500 client, you now know how to get the other four, right.

So that’s what I mean by with ease. I want you to build out the plan that feels believably amazing. That is going to give you the life and the business of your dreams, without worrying about how you’re going to get there.

Okay, because you know how they talk about, you know, how do you eat an elephant one bite at a time, even if it feels like an elephant right now. Just try to shift your mindset to that mermaid Empire mindset and know that if you learn how to get one of these things, then you can start to implement that strategy with ease to get some of the other things on that business plan so that you can ease through the upcoming 12 months, like a mermaid with flow and not having to fight your way through it like Wonder Woman. Does that make sense?

So let me just recap this a second. So, first thing I want you to do is make a list of everything you market in your business free and paid. Okay? And then add to that list. Other things you’ve been always wanting to market but you haven’t done yet because, you know, 24 hours in the day.

The next thing I want you to do is very creative, very basic business plan for the upcoming 12 months based on those services. Put some dollars associated with them. Put some quantities if I can do you know, don’t say I want I need if I oh my gosh, it would be amazing to get 10 $10,000 clients next month. Are there enough hours in the day for that? Because that surely doesn’t feel like a mermaid Empire. To me that sounds like a lot of friggin stress, right? So don’t don’t give me Don’t put numbers that when I say Dream Big I don’t want you to be to be putting yourself to the point we have to work 20 hours a day, I want you to put yourself in a place where you can you can abundantly support that business that will abundantly support you financially make sense. So create a very basic business plan that does that.

And then look at that list again, and see how it applies to your life. You know, are you creating services that allow you to be home with your kids at three o’clock if that’s what you want to do? are you creating services that allow you to travel and spend a month in Italy if that’s what you want to do? If that’s your case, you certainly don’t want to create a service that requires you to go physically to your flying in New York City once a week, right, that’s not going to work.

So see how this applies to your life. I’m always here to support you beyond this podcast and I had about, oh my gosh, 10 or 20 different ideas, this time for this podcast on what I could give you to supplement the work that you’ll be doing on this podcast. And what I decided on was something to help you dream bigger, because I know that Listen, you know, I don’t have a magic wand. There’s some work that’s associated with this, you’ve got to do some work.

But I do know that if you put your focus on the things that you love, and the work that you love, and the people that you love to support that and if you dream bigger around those things, that is the first step to building your mermaid Empire.

So what I’ve got is a download for you that I’ve done in my group programs. I might have even shared it here on this podcast before, but we’ve updated it and we’re going to share it again. And what it basically is is a download worksheet. That helps you list 100 things that you want to be do or have in the next 12 months that you’d love to acquire with ease mermaid style.

Okay, so download this worksheet print it, keep it with you. It’s not meant to do in a day, it’s meant to be with you for the next month or more so that you can add to it when something comes to mind. Remember, this is easy, not stressed to complete this, you can go to Karen Yankovich comm slash 100 download, to grab this.

I want you to have the life and the business of your dreams in 2020 and beyond. I want you to know that you can have it and not be superhuman to achieve it and you can be human and still and and do this mermaid style and still have an amazing life and an amazing business and I’m here to support you every step of the way.

That’s why I do this podcast so you’re going to hear a lot about having a mermaid and Fire in the upcoming months and year. So fun. Is that not fun? I love it. And I hope that you do too. And I can’t wait to share all my amazing fun ideas around this as soon as I, you know, can grab them and bring them in a little bit.

Before you go though, can you help me out? Can you take a quick screenshot of this episode on your phone, and share that on social media and tell the world that you’re ready for your mermaid Empire, you can use the hashtag mermaid empires, you can use the hashtag good girls get rich. tag me I’m at Karen Yankovich. And you know that I’m going to share that with my audience to help us both get more visibility. And that is how we start to support each other, to lift each other up supportively and abundantly and start to build our mermaid empires together.

The bottom line is I want this to be simple and have this done with ease. So let’s create our simple mermaid empires together. I’ll see you back here next week. As we move into the next 100 episodes of the good girls get rich podcast.

Thank you. I’m so grateful for you the listeners that have supported this podcast for the past 100 episodes and I’d love to hear from you on the link and speak pipe in the show notes about what you think about this podcast and what you think you’d like to hear moving forward. And of course any reviews on this episode or any other episode are welcome as well, but allows me to hear your voice and that’s always fun. And I’ll be back here next week for Episode 101