Growing your business doesn’t ALWAYS have to be a struggle and fight. I want to share with you how to grow your business with ease and exactly how I did so too!

This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen reflects on the past 100 episodes and how she niching down and simplifying her business has proven to grow her business exponentially with ease. Karen shares multiple personal accounts on how she got to be where she is at how she grew her business with ease and how you can get started with doing so too!



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About the Episode:


Wow! Can you believe we’re at episode 100 already?! 


I’ve learned SO much since episode 1 and that’s what I want to talk about today.


I do a ton of reflecting in my OWN business within this episode, that I wanted to give you the advice I have on how to grow your business with ease. 


I like to compare this to being like a mermaid! I tell the story in the podcast on how I went to my friends house and she had gone through a ton of stuff in her personal life, and she had multiple Wonder Woman mugs. I was pretty overwhelmed at the time and she gave me one of these mugs to keep my strength!


One day I was making myself tea in the morning and I was completely exhausted… I was burnt out, had a to do list 45 miles long, was late to a million things, and all of a sudden I look over and I see a mug that said “I want to be a mermaid”


So I put down my Wonder Woman mug and from there on out I decided that I wanted to be a MERMAID! I didn’t want to have to “fight’ for my job like Wonder Woman, I wanted to swim through my business like a mermaid!


Since then I have made it a priority to help women just like you grow your business with ease, however I know it can be tough to even just get started with that. So I wanted to give you a little boost in this episode and give you the basics on where to start on how to grow your business with ease so you can swim through your business and grow your Mermaid Empire just like I have!


Make a list of everything you market and sell in your business


When making this list, include absolutely EVERYTHING; both free and paid. This is where you can really see everything that you have to offer to clients.


When writing down this list, think to yourself…


  1. Does it flow with my business?
  2. Do I love everything on this list?
  3. Does the site of one of my projects stress me out?


Feel free to add things you want to bring to your business within the next 12 months as well! This is one of the crucial steps in growing your business with ease and building your mermaid empire.


Create a VERY basic business plan for each of your offers


And when I say basic, just know, we are brain dumping here, so no need to get into too much detail for each of these.


When outlining a basic business plan for each service make sure you include the following things:


  1. How much revenue does this plan to bring in?
  2. Cost associated with the product or service
  3. Do I need to adjust my pricing?
  4. Do I even love this/want to do this, or  should I let it go?


As you go on with creating a mini business plan for each of your products or services, this will allow you to really recognize what’s important to you and your mermaid empire and what you need to cut out. 


While looking at this list, it may not feel like your about to grow your business with ease, but like I mentioned in the podcast… 


“The more I niche my business down, the more successful my business is!”


Niching down and really understanding what you need to put your time and energy in, will free you up from those burdens that take away time from the ideal life you want to be living.


Apply your list to your life


At this point you should understand what direction you will be headed in the upcoming year, so now it’s time to apply them to your life!


Remember: I want you to grow your business with ease… but why? It’s because I want you to build a business that supports your dream life! 


We are building your Mermaid Empire here! Niching down and growing your business with ease will help support what’s important to you in your personal life, whether it be spending more time with your children, traveling more, etc. 


Each of your products or services should lead to supporting your ideal life. If it doesn’t, ask yourself why. Is it because it’s a new product that you need to put a ton of time into developing? Maybe it is, but once it’s developed and sold, that means you’ll get to live off the profit and allow your business to grow with you on the beach!


As we move into a new phase into your life, I want you to dream BIG! That’s why I wanted to give you this free download to help you get started with thinking big and growing your business with ease and creating your ideal life!


Join us at and share what YOUR ideal life looks like so I can support YOU in getting there!



Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Terry’s review of the podcast (1:32)
  • What Karen learned from starting her podcast to now (2:51)
  • How Karen discovered that niching down leads to more success (5:17)
  • What Karen is setting her intentions for in 2020 (10:10)
  • The effects on Karen’s personal life from niching down (16:42)
  • How to get started on simplifying your business with more success (19:42)
  • Make a general business plan for each business (22:57)
  • Figuring out the pricing associated with each task (25:00)
  • Having your business support your ideal and dream life (27:08)
  • What Karen teaches her clients to start this process (28:19)
  • Recap the plan to building your empire with ease (29:33)
  • Karens free tool that can help you dream bigger in 2020 (31:05)

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