Advancing in your career starts with embracing how good you are. Don’t be scared to show the world who you really are.

This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen discusses embracing how good you are and the challenges that come with that.


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About the Episode:

The doors to the She’s LinkedUp program were recently opened where new participants signed up for the course. The course is designed to help people achieve their business goals through the help of LinkedIn marketing.

One of the biggest challenges course participants face is embracing how good they are.

Embrace How Good You Are

Who do you view yourself as? Do you view yourself as an expert or someone who doesn’t measure up?

No matter how you view yourself, you’re an expert in your field, and you have to believe that! If that makes you queasy, you’re not alone. But changing your mindset and viewing yourself as the expert you truly are is the catalyst that will help you achieve your business goals.

It’ll be hard at first, but I believe in you, and I’m here to support you.

Don’t Be Concerned What Business Peers Think

A common excuse I hear from people who are nervous to embrace their true awesomeness is being concerned what others will think about them.

But what does it matter? When someone doesn’t like you for embracing yourself, they were never going to do business with you in the first place. When you show everyone how good you are, though, everyone else will also see and want to do business with you.

It shouldn’t be your concern which business peers won’t like you. But it should concern you that everyone else isn’t getting to see what you really have to offer.

Don’t Be Concerned What People In Your Personal Life Will Think

Sometimes the hardest part in letting yourself shine is worrying what the people in your personal will think. But again, what does it matter?

Your family and friends see you for who you are and love you for that. By embracing yourself, you’re not changing who you are. You’re simply grabbing ahold of your greatness and showing the world what you bring to the table.

Embracing yourself makes you get out of your comfort zone, but once you’re out of that zone, you’ll see a world full of more opportunities. 

Need help embracing your greatness? Join me for my next FREE LinkedIn Profile Challenge! Sign up now at

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  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode: com/108
  • Info about the She’s LinkedUp program (4:02)
  • A testament to the power of the She’s LInkedUp program (10:11)
  • View yourself as the expert you are. (13:33)
  • Don’t worry what people in your business life will think about you. (16:42)
  • Don’t worry what people in your personal life will think about you. (22:07)
  • Episode recap (26:25)
  • How to join the free Facebook group (29:11)

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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 108

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Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks. Hey there.

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I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is Episode 108 of the good girls get rich podcast. And this podcast is brought to you by uplevel Media, where we teach simple relationship and heart based LinkedIn marketing. Because we want you on the phone that actual phone where you talk to people you’re that phone you have, you know, you can actually talk to people on it right? Well, that’s what we teach you how to do over here at uplevel media with our she’s linked up programs. We want you on the phone consistently with people that can change your business and your life forever clients, partners, sponsors, whatever, whatever is valuable to you. People that can hire you for new jobs, right people who use Can’t wait to have the opportunity to get on the phone with basically what we teach is digital marketing with the human touch. And because of that I love when I get to meet you in person. So I do I’ve got a commitment to do a lot more live events in 2020. So if you’re going over to my calendar, Karen slash events you can see what I’ve got coming up in the next few months and hopefully we can meet up at one of these events right? It would be so fun to meet you in person and take a selfie all the good stuff right so if you’ve listened before or if you love what you hear today, you know, we love your ratings and reviews, it helps us It helps us get more visibility on the podcast, which helps us continue to run the podcast right? But also it helps me understand the kinds of things you’d like to hear about not only can you leave me a rating and review on the wherever you’re listening to this apple podcasts, whatever, but we also have a link on in the show notes for this episode two speakpipe or you can go to Karen Yankovich comm slash speakpipe and you can leave us an audio review And then that audio review, not only can you leave us an audio review, but it’s like leaving us a voice message, you can just tell us, maybe you have a guest you think we should have on the show, or maybe you have a topic you’d love for me to cover. I’d love to hear that from you. So all of that is in the show notes for this episode, Karen Yankovich comm slash 108. And of course, we love when you share these on social media, take a quick screenshot, share it on social media tag me I’m at Karen Yankovich, that allows me to see it because if I see that you’re sharing this, I can then share it with my audience. And that’s how we lift each other up. Right, I can get you more visibility in return for you giving me more visibility. And that collaborative spirit is really the spirit. I’m moving into more in 2020. Lots of things going on with that I’ve actually started doing a weekly LinkedIn video LinkedIn TV series on Wednesdays at 1230. Eastern where I’m going to be interviewing people that support other women in business on LinkedIn. And what I’m calling it is like the anti affiliate movement. So if you want to know more about that tune in on Wednesdays to my LinkedIn profile at 1230. And you can catch one of those shows, and I’ll tell you a little bit more about that. But I really think that we spend, we entrepreneurs spend a whole lot of time in our heads of all the tech stuff we think we’re supposed to do, and not enough time just lifting each other up. Right, if I if you share my episode with more people, that helps me right. And I in turn, I’m happy to help you by getting you more visibility in front of my audience. And those little things are how we’re going to grow our businesses and change make the change in the world that we want to make. So I’m all about that this year. I’d love your ideas on how we could do more of those kinds of things. Because that’s really what I want to lean more into this year. So remember also at Karen, slash 108. You can see the blog for this episode. And we can you know, you can you can read some of the stuff Just get a quick, you know, a quick overview of this as well. So we just finished up a launch of our she’s linked up program. And that is our digital program that takes you step by step through creating a very simple process, that that that process that I said earlier that gets you on the phone with your people that have you dancing around the kitchen, when you see them on your calendar, we teach you how to do that process. That process in the she’s linked up program. It’s we’ve done everything we can to make it as affordable as possible. I love that we got it in the hands of so many people again, we will be opening the doors to it again at some point this upcoming year. But because we’re just on the other side of it, what we did this time and we’ll maybe we’ll do it again. We ran a LinkedIn profile challenge that led to and now the next step is to to get some strategy help right. And when I from every step of the way in this launch, from the first day of the challenge to the day, we close the doors of the program. We didn’t we embrace the fact that your LinkedIn strategy is not just tactical, okay? Sure, it’s important that you know, the kinds of things you need to put in your headline, who you are, who you help and how you help them, right? every step of the way, we teach those things, I want these, these tactical pieces to build on each other in a very simple way. So by the time I’m done with you, you don’t even realize it, you’ve created a great profile. And you’ve got a great strategy by implementing simple steps every step of the way. But it’s not just tactical. We also from the very first day of the challenge, we hit you in your mindset, because LinkedIn success doesn’t just come from the tactical piece. It comes from the mindset piece. And let me tell you what I mean about that. You know, basically you you need to, you know, You may have heard me say on this podcast, that your your LinkedIn profile is not your resume, your resume is who you used to be all the things you used to do, right? All the things that brought you where you are today. And sure, we’re going to talk about some of that on your LinkedIn profile. But the big value of your LinkedIn profile is that it shining a light and shining a light and telling the world about the person you are becoming. You know, we’ve heard the saying dress for the job you want, not the job you have? Well, that’s kind of what I want you to do with your LinkedIn profile as well. I want you to create a profile for the person that you are becoming for the person that you step into. And we take you through a an actual like, almost like a meditation process. In the challenge in the free challenge. We do a lot of this stuff in the program as well. But in the free challenge, we take you through a process that kind of puts you in the person you are a year from now looking back at the year of success, because I know if you’re listening to this when the podcast comes out, it’s still January 2020. Right, so, so I know you have big plans for this year, right. But I also know that that the business plans important, but the mindset plan is where we get hosed sometimes and having the success we want to get. So I want you to kind of imagine who you are at the end of the year. And then go back to your LinkedIn profile and infuse the energy of that person into the work you do on your profile. And it’s not easy, it is not easy it all this crazy crap comes up in in certainly comes up in me, I have to tell you, we do that we do all of this live every every month, or every time we run this challenge. And I actually went back and listened to that process a couple times as I was going through the launch because I had to remind myself of the person that the goals that I have for 2020 and the person I need to be now if I think those goals, I’m going to achieve those goals right. So I had to go listen to my own mindset that Right. So it’s not just what so you’re not alone if you’re having these challenges, right, can you relate to to getting a little nauseous at the thought of really letting the world know how good you are? Right? how great you are? Does that make you a little queasy? I mean, that is why we do this podcast, right? Good girls get rich when you tell people how good you are. That’s where the abundance comes into your life. But it’s not always easy. And and when you know, it’s really easy to kind of pull the shade down between the Pete the person you want to become and your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is all business. This is I mean, I’m not saying this is. This is what I hear a lot. This is not what I think LinkedIn is all businesses where we need to be professional. And, you know, we just talked about the skills and the traits we have. No, no, no, no, no, no. LinkedIn is the place that you shine a light on your genius, right. And sometimes that makes us a little queasy to say those kinds of things about ourselves. Let me just tell you something. I did my programs, by the way, they’re called she’s linked up. But we have lots of men that take this program, you are welcome to take it, but it is a very right brained approach to LinkedIn marketing to lead generation. So and I also do I also brand it that way, because it’s not the men that I need to be convincing of this very often. It’s the women that I need to say, you know, say you gotta tell people this, you can’t just think they’re going to, you know, figure out that you were this good. You have to tell them this, right. So we have somebody that actually is gone through the challenge. It actually has gone through the she’s linked up program. And the people that went through the she’s linked up program that registered in November of 2019. are finishing it up now that it’s the end of January 2020. And we had a call the day before I’m recording this where we did you know we’ve only got a couple clothes left. So we had a call where I’m always I always had the cause was Tell me about your wins. Well, I have to literally stop stop. In the calls that way, because now at the end of his program, that people have gone through weeks of building, the building blocks, right of all the things that are that they need to do to have these wins, they’re having crazy amazing wins. But somebody said something to me yesterday on the call, Teresa said this to me yesterday on the call, and I want to tell you what it is because I think it made me want to do a whole podcast around this topic, right? And she said, once you start writing about yourself, the way you teach us to write about yourself, you start to think about yourself as that person and that helps you achieve the goals that you had going into this. And that is that was so I loved hearing that, of course. But it’s not easy to start writing about yourself. Right and thinking about yourself as the person that’s actually achieving the things I know you want to achieve. Right? Because all those little Gremlins come up and say yeah, but yeah, but yeah, but yeah, but right. So, so that’s what you know, I wanted to share that with you. And by the way, Teresa took the program because she’s got some she does some freelance work, but she’s also looking to, you know, to move into a bigger career in a bigger paycheck job right. And she’s getting, she just she said initially her first week, about a week ago, she got her first. Her first offer from a recruiter for a position that was $28,000 more than she’s ever made in her life. And then this week, she had a recruiter reached out to her for a position that’s $65,000 more than she’s ever made in her life. And it came in and it came, and she attributes it to the fact that that she’s now starting to think about herself as that person that she’s been writing about herself as in her LinkedIn profile. But it’s not but but the point of this show, is to take you back to the beginning to let you know that you’re not alone. If it’s a feels a little vulnerable, to kind of open yourself up like that and talk about yourself like that, right? We were we, I might have talked about this before, but we do LinkedIn profiles. We write LinkedIn profiles here. And one of the things one of the we had a, somebody that we wrote a profile for years ago, crazy, accomplished person. She is, you know, probably in the top 10 women who lives somewhere in Forbes or somewhere, I mean, crazy, amazing person. And when we finished her profile, she looked at me, she said, I feel like I’m bragging. I was like, You gotta be kidding me. You did all this stuff, right? Like she felt a little vulnerable. This person who is incredibly accomplished, probably makes, you know, our salaries probably in the millions, okay. Felt vulnerable on her LinkedIn profile, just talking about the things that she has already accomplished. And I’m telling you this because I want you to know that no matter who you are, what level you’re at, you’re not alone. Okay? You’re not alone. This is something that is, you know, that is is is common, especially for us women. So let’s talk a little bit about why LinkedIn, so Sometimes is the is the Poke to that vulnerability space. And, and it’s really easy again to pull the shade down and not go there. But when you let that shade up, and you shine the light in on you and the achievements you have, and the work that you do and the good that you can do for your community and for the world. That’s where it changes everything as we move ahead. And we’ve got to embrace that. Okay, so I want to help you embrace that a little bit. And that’s why we’re doing this show today. I want you to step into the greatness that can help you make the change that I know you can make in the world. And the first part of that is comes from you. Right? You really have to see yourself as that expert. And I know that there isn’t anybody that’s listening to this show that thinks that they are there is nobody better than them at what they do. We learn from I learned from gurus all the time from experts from people that train different things I am always learning. I mean, that’s just who I am. I’m the book buyer and the course taker and You know, I’m always and that’s how I that works for me. Because I know that I need, there’s always a better I can always get better at this right? And there’s people that teach LinkedIn marketing that I look up to, right. I do I think that I’m one of the best in the world I do. And let me just tell you, it gives me a little bit of a pit in my stomach when I say that, because it is not easy for me to say that. But I know it’s true. Because I know because I see the change the transformation that happens when I work with people, whether it’s people on a, you know, people that are just getting started, or corporations that bring me in to transform their marketing and their visibility in this space, right. I know that they’re seeing successes, and I know that I do this better than almost everybody on the planet. Maybe it may be better than everybody on the planet. I there’s my vulnerability poking, right. I know that I’m good at this. But I gotta tell people this or they’re not going to hire me, right. So you have to see yourself as that expert and and certainly in the beginning and still to this day. I learned things to this day. Last week on the show. We had brown And fans Oh, who does not teach LinkedIn marketing and I had a page notes of the way he does things. So I, you know, I, if you haven’t listened to that show, you want to go back and listen to that. It’s not that I think that I’m the best in the world and nobody can ever teach me things about this all the time. It’s not that at all, I still can learn every single day on how to get better at this for me, and how when I get better at it for me, it makes me better at helping you, right? But I also know that that I also can own the fact that, you know, I am I am peers, with the most influential people in this industry. And that’s what I want you to understand. And that’s how I want you to position yourself. So even if you feel like, you know, like, you’re like you’re like you’re a sixth grader in in in this and there’s all these high schoolers and college students and and you know, experts at this, the people you are helping our fourth graders and to a fourth grader, a sixth graders a big deal, right. So that’s the place I I want you to be in the mindset I want you to be in, you have to really start to see yourself as that expert and create the brand of you that positions you as amazing at this. And I know you are I know you’ve had successes and the people that have that you have transformed in the with the work you do, regardless of what that work is, I know they see you that way. You’ve got to see yourself that way. Right? And, and it’s and it takes practice, you have to practice that muscle, kind of just like what my client Teresa said, once you start writing about yourself like that, you start to think about yourself like that. And that’s that, so So know that that’s the first challenge that I think you need to overcome, but I think you can. The second thing is now, you’re putting this out to the world, right? So your LinkedIn profile is getting put out to the world and you, you, your boss, right, your colleagues, the people that you work with They all see now the way you’re talking about yourself. Right? And you, they probably see you that way already. But you are like, Oh my gosh, what are they going to think when I write this stuff? I hear this. I’m not making this up. I hear this stuff all the time. You know, like, my boss doesn’t even talk about themselves that way. I don’t care frankly. Right? I don’t care. I’m not worried about your boss’s personal brand. I’m worried about your personal brand. Okay, so there’s a little vulnerability there right in creating yourself putting yourself out there as an expert. I can think of somebody that I worked with that does shaman work, right and freakin amazing freakin amazing. And, but she felt uncomfortable using words that even her teacher weren’t using about wasn’t using about themselves. To this day. I don’t know that she’s ever gotten past that because I couldn’t get past it. So but the reality is, just because we get really good at this and we we understand how to talk about our Sounds like we are the amazing people that we are. It doesn’t mean, you know, we have to do it in a way that we don’t really worry about what it’s going to do to the egos of the people that are teaching us. Because it’s going to hold us back. It will hold us back. If we don’t do that. And I don’t want you to get hold yourself back because of what you’re worried about the people that have taught you are thinking about this, okay. I actually saw an exchange on Facebook the other day, and it was somebody that was it was a woman, of course, a woman Facebook group, because these are where these conversations happen where women don’t step into their power. And this is a woman that was saying she does freelance work, and she does freelance work, contract work for like several different companies. I don’t know what the companies are, but let’s say let’s call them you know, whatever, IBM, Apple and, you know, American Express, and she’s like, Can I use those on my profile as I work for those companies? And she really can’t because she’s not an employee for those companies. And all of these people were giving her all this advice and I jumped in and said, Why aren’t you just creating The brand of you, you are running a business, right? You have contract, you get contract work from multiple corporations, you are running a business. So what and you as such, can position yourself as the CEO of Mary Smith International, or Mary Smith enterprises. And Mary Smith enterprises is who American Express apple and you know, whatever contract with to get this work done, you can start to position yourself like the CEO of Mary Smith enterprises. And there was somebody that pushed back on that with me. And she’s like people see right through that fake CEO be BS. I was like, fake what fake CEO BS. I’m not asking her to do something she’s not just because you’re not the CEO of Apple, doesn’t mean you’re not the CEO. I actually had a challenge with that myself. I teach people how to do this. And on my LinkedIn profile, somebody called me out and said, Why does your LinkedIn profile say you’re the president of uplevel media? I was like, that’s a really good question. You know, and I Change it to the CEO of uplevel Media. Let me tell you something, I manage bookkeeping, I manage the books, I manage my virtual assistants that work for me, I manage the processes that get the work out to people, right? So even if you don’t have a team that supports you, and it’s just you doing contract work, you are still the CEO of that business. And I can tell you, I don’t know if I made an impact on anybody in that group. But I can tell you, that woman that pushed back at me is never going to achieve what she wants to achieve, because she has put that block in her head. That, that, that it’s that when I say I’m the CEO, I’m I’m faking it. I am so not faking it. Let me just tell you, I am so not faking it. Okay? And I, I need you to start thinking that as well. I don’t care what the people around me think. And she’s like, what people gonna think you’re, you know, you’re fake. You’re fake. I don’t care because it’s the people that I think I’m a fake. They’re not gonna hire me then it’s the people that I can embrace this. The people like Teresa that’s now getting job offers for $85,000 more than she’s ever made before in her life, okay that embrace this, this way of thinking, that’s who I know, I help. I can’t help you if you don’t get out of your own way. And that person that was pushing me back in that Facebook group couldn’t get out of your own way. I had to get in my own way. Right? I got called out by somebody that said, Why does your LinkedIn profile say you’re the president, not the CEO. my LinkedIn profile now says I’m the CEO, right? So so I get it, it feels a little vulnerable. When the people in your current business environment, start to see the way you’re shining. But I got to tell you something. I’m not worried about the people that have a problem with you. I think the people that see that you are going to inspire to do the same thing. And that’s how we start to lift each other up and have more success in our life. The people that get triggered by that not my problem, not your problem. Okay? So, so that I but I get Get that is vulnerable. All right, I, I hope you know hope you know that I’m here to support you with this. Okay. And the last piece of this is and this is sometimes the hardest piece, how about the people in your personal life? Your family, your friends, your ex, right? Like, what if they start to see your talk about yourself this way? Like, all they know is your this, you know, like, I mean, not that they don’t love you. Right? Not that they don’t love you. But, you know, you’re positioning yourself and now you’re, you know, like, even when you like when I started this podcast, you know, I don’t talk a lot about my personal I mean, frankly, the people in my personal life, it’s not my place to tell their stories, right? So it’s not like I hide that business, but it’s not my place to be taught telling their stories, right. I so I don’t tell a lot of stories about my you know, I mean, if it relates to my business I do. And now here’s me, here’s me feeling all right. This is where the vulnerability is coming up me. So I’m going to share this so you can see where this is. I’m going to give you an example of this. Here we go. So my, my parents love me I’m sure I know they do. I love them and they’re very supportive. My dad was very successful in his career. And I know that he doesn’t get me at all. Like, he doesn’t get me at all because I’m an entrepreneur and nobody in my family is an entrepreneur, they get paychecks, so they don’t understand me at all right? Plus, you know, plus, there’s, there’s, there’s dinner there. My dad’s sad so I’m not trying to. I’m not trying, I miss I guess I’m making excuses for him. But there’s a there’s a little bit of a gender thing, right? I’m a girl, right? And I know he supports me. I know he’s proud of me. And I know he loves me. But they have somebody that’s a neighbor of theirs who is a consultant. And he, he’s a speaker, right? I’m a speaker. So I have literally never met this guy yet. I need to meet him at some point. So he, I said my dad was telling me about him at one point, and I was like, oh, wow, that’s really cool. I wonder if we’ve ever talked at the same events because he’s a business speaker and my turn looks at me. And he’s like, he started laughing. He’s like, Oh, come on. And I just was like, You have no idea. Like he they have. So for me, that was, you know, so that’s so. So for me to have to say like for him, they don’t get it right, they don’t get it, and they will never get it. So, but I have to overcome that there’s a little vulnerability there cuz I have to say to any idea that kind of audiences I’ve talked in front of, you know, because all he’ll say is, well, how much did they pay you to do that, like, I just got in front of an audience of 10,000 people, I made, you know, a solid five figures in business from that, you don’t get that sometimes it’s not that I need to get a big paycheck from the organization for that to be. And I don’t need to explain that to him. But there’s vulnerability around all of that, right. There’s vulnerability around all of that. So sometimes when you’re speaking about yourself, or you’re getting on stage, or you do a video where your family and your friends see it, you you there’s a vulnerability there, right? So when your LinkedIn profile is owning all of these things, and you You’re positioning yourself like you are peers, with freaking Oprah. Right? Sometimes it’s not just the people in your business life, that you have to kind of overcome the vulnerability around. But sometimes it’s the people in your personal life, too. Right? So, you we kind of do it we’ve but we’ve got to do it because because what will who can’t we have to like we really, truly Honest to God have to say who cares? Who cares? I know that I am on the path to do this. And I know that I probably have speaking engagements that may be even more prestigious than the guy next door has right? I don’t need my dad to know that. And I’m not saying that to trash him. It’s just there’s a, if there’s no way for him to understand it, and there’s no need for me. There’s no need for him to understand it, frankly, right. I don’t need to continually defend myself around those things. But sometimes it makes me vulnerable when the topics come up, right to the people in my life who love me the most So I’m telling you this, because this is because when they see on your LinkedIn profile, the kinds of things you say about yourself to be that person that gets those job offers for $85,000 more than they’ve ever gotten before in their life. You have to be vulnerable and pushed through those things. Okay, so that is why I’m here. All right, and I hope that this episode makes sense. Let me just recap that a little bit. The first thing you really need to do is do it the internal work, right? And I’m not talking about 10 years of therapy, I’m talking about really seeing yourself as an expert and and finding that space that where you can shine the light on the fact that you are peers with the most influential people in your industry. I know you are. Your current, the current people in your life, you’ve got to you’ve got to push through that vulnerability. Who What are they going to think when they see you’re talking about yourself like this on your LinkedIn profile? Is it going to trigger them who cares if it triggers them, right? And I get sometimes you have care if it’s your boss but honestly, we can work through that. I and I’m going to tell you a little bit about how no no charge here and then your family and friends the people that love you the most the people you love the most right you know or you they don’t you know when you go to them and say hey, I need this favor I want you to do this for me and they look at you like you’re not qualified to do that because they have no idea you got to push through that you got to tell you gotta let you got to shine the light on your greatness regardless of what the people around you with, regardless of whether or not triggers that people around you. Okay? So I hope that that makes sense for you. I’m not asking you to lie or be inauthentic or be a fake CEO like that person was was pushing back at me yet. I’m asking you to embrace the fact that you’re a real CEO, if that’s what you are, if that’s what you’re you know you created in your life. I mean, I want you to embrace the fact that you are a real expert in this that you are the best At what you did what you do, right, I want to read your racist words to you again, once you start writing about yourself, the way you tell us to talk about yourself, as you start to think about yourself as that person and that helps, that helped me to get these job offers. So I need you to embrace the vulnerability, know that you’re not alone. But those of us who face their fear and work through it are the ones that are creating change in the world and change in our lives and in the lives of our families. Right? Because success has a ripple effect, right? So that pebble if you are that pebble, right? That that in that lake, it has the ripple effect. But if you do not, you know, and when you have the kind of success in your life, that you can leave generational wealth to your children, okay, that’s the ripple effect I’m talking about here. But that starts with you understanding that you can create this and sometimes to do that you have to be vulnerable and you have to push through it a little bit hopefully you know by now that I’m here cheering you on, we have I have a free Facebook group if you go to Karen slash Facebook group the links in the show notes as well you can join us and that we are there I’m there all the time cheering you on helping you along the way. I would love to have you in the Facebook group The link will be in the show notes as well. As I mentioned before, a rising tide lifts right lifts all boats right? If you are lifting people up and if you lift me up by sharing this episode, I will lift you up by by sharing that your your tweet or what your Instagram post with my audience. And we get we all get more visibility to our, to our greatness that way, right? I do this podcast to support you. And now you know, now I want I want to I want you to step into into your greatness and hopefully this podcast let you know you’re not alone. I’m here to help you with this. There’s lots of people in that Facebook group to support you in this. It’s the podcast is my gift to you. The Facebook group is my gift to you, I want to I want to be able to support you in this every way that I can. So let’s let’s lift each other up, help me help you share this podcast, take a quick screenshot, tag me, leave us a rating or review all of these things help me and then let me know how I can help you in return. I am happy to do that collaboration. 2020 Let’s do this together. I will see you back here again next week for another episode of the good girls get rich podcast.